Study: Researchers discover that they can’t stand each other

One of the shocking revelations of the Swifthacking of CRU one year ago (aka Climategate) was the fact that scientists can be downright nasty. Contrary to all previous indications, scientists are not always shy, reserved and polite, prefering the inside of a lab to any possibility of confrontation. On the heels of the discovery of … Continue reading Study: Researchers discover that they can’t stand each other

GMUniversity investigating Wegman

It seems that substantial evidence compiled by John Mashey has helped lead to an investigation into Edward Wegman's possible academic misconduct in the production of his very prominent report to Congress [PDF] on the Hockeystick. See DesmogBlog for background, USA Today for the story, and Deep Climate for the details. I will only add a … Continue reading GMUniversity investigating Wegman

Expertise, Elitism and Credibility

A few random items on expertise, elitism and credibility. The first is from an interview with the late Stphen Schneider about the recent PNAS paper on the relative expertise of "convinced" and "unconvinced" climate science activists, an interesting read: About the 'elitist' part: Scientists are really stuck. It's exactly the same thing in medicine, it's … Continue reading Expertise, Elitism and Credibility