Global Day of Overshoot

August 13th was Earth Overshoot Day. The correct date, if calculated precisely, would come earlier and earlier each year, the current choice is just an approximation. This year, the year 2015, by sometime around August 13th, humanity had consumed as much of what we require from the lands and seas as our planet can sustainabley … Continue reading Global Day of Overshoot

TED – Gavin Schmidt on climate modeling

In the video below Gavin Schmidt gives a "TED Talk" on climate models, taking us from an overview of their construction to the resulting emergent processes and their skill at reproducing much more than a global average temperature trend. Gavin is an excellent communicator and a true hero in humanity's fight against itself over the … Continue reading TED – Gavin Schmidt on climate modeling

Peter Sinclair interviewing Maureen Raymo

Another good video from Peter Sinclair on his YaleClimateForum YouTube channel: Maureen Raymo is an expert in paleo-climates.  This is probably the most informative climate science specialty when it comes to anticipating the final outcome of our global experiment in climate disruption.  The rapidity of the current change is outside the realm of anything previously … Continue reading Peter Sinclair interviewing Maureen Raymo

(OT) What happens when you drop your video camera

Not related to anything really, but I find it a good laugh when this GoPro camera falls out of an airplane.  There are a couple of surprising things... Just because it's Friday. Note: It seems there is some skepticism as to whether this is real or not, I personally don't find anything implausible about it … Continue reading (OT) What happens when you drop your video camera

Experts, “plebs” and hope.

A very good video on the gulf that exists between the climate science experts and the general population in terms of awareness and alarm regarding anthropogenic climate change: (from a comment on a P3 thread) The essence of this impending calamity is, more than anything else, a story of betrayal: betrayal of a naively trusting … Continue reading Experts, “plebs” and hope.

Too cold for you in Texas? Move to Alaska!

Some remarkable weather in North America recently as most of you probably know.  Check out Jeff Masters for some of the details. Record warmth and precipitation in Alaska As of January 26, 13.83" of precipitation had fallen in Valdez during the month of January. This is more than 8" above average for this point in … Continue reading Too cold for you in Texas? Move to Alaska!