Expertise, Elitism and Credibility

A few random items on expertise, elitism and credibility. The first is from an interview with the late Stphen Schneider about the recent PNAS paper on the relative expertise of "convinced" and "unconvinced" climate science activists, an interesting read: About the 'elitist' part: Scientists are really stuck. It's exactly the same thing in medicine, it's … Continue reading Expertise, Elitism and Credibility

Only In It For The Gold: Roger at Face Value

An excellent article by Michael, again, and an interesting comment thread underneath. I have rarely seen RPJr more forthcoming and clear about his whole angle in the climate policy debate. I also have to confess I see very little value in the "honest broker" concept as he defines and advocates it (Eli is quite right) … Continue reading Only In It For The Gold: Roger at Face Value


I lived in Tampa Bay, Florida for 6 months or so. They say it is the lightning capital of the world, I don't know, but there was an awful lot. I loved it! This is not Tampa, but you get the picture: (from APOD)