Global Day of Overshoot

August 13th was Earth Overshoot Day. The correct date, if calculated precisely, would come earlier and earlier each year, the current choice is just an approximation. This year, the year 2015, by sometime around August 13th, humanity had consumed as much of what we require from the lands and seas as our planet can sustainabley … Continue reading Global Day of Overshoot

Experts, “plebs” and hope.

A very good video on the gulf that exists between the climate science experts and the general population in terms of awareness and alarm regarding anthropogenic climate change: (from a comment on a P3 thread) The essence of this impending calamity is, more than anything else, a story of betrayal: betrayal of a naively trusting … Continue reading Experts, “plebs” and hope.

“The universe is expanding at an alarming rate!”

Okay, sorry about that is an actual quote from a History Channel documentary on, well, the universe.  I nearly spat out my cool beverage with laughter when I heard it the first time and have really wanted to share it since then.  I have yet to finish watching that series on the huge DVD … Continue reading “The universe is expanding at an alarming rate!”

Chinese corporate hackers, the Chamber of Commerce, Fakegate

What do they have in common?  Apparently some methodologies, uncovered by the hacktivist group Anonymous. Details can be found in an interesting, if dense, article at The Nation, which describes how Anonymous revealed dealings the Chamber of Commerce was having with a Cyber Security firm that did not limit itself to defensive measures. Attorneys for … Continue reading Chinese corporate hackers, the Chamber of Commerce, Fakegate

Ever wonder…?

Did you ever wonder just how it can be possible that the same, thousand times debunked, climate "skepticisms" keep re-emerging, month after month, year after year? Obviously, there are those individuals (like Singer and Soon), organizations (like HeartlessLand), and media outlets (like Faux News) who deliberately lie and misinform with no concern for scientific or … Continue reading Ever wonder…?