A “Science Blog of the Year” voter speaks!

“I agree. This is real science. But I have no idea what it means.”

There is a reason science is not a democracy.

If you don’t (understandably) want to wade through that whole “analysis”, here is the crux of the (surprise, surprise!) conclusion that climate sensitivity to CO2 is almost nothing:

If we accept the IPCC/AGW paradigm and grant the climatological purity of the early 20th century, then the natural recovery rate from the LIA averages about 0.05 C/decade. To proceed, we have to assume that the natural rate of 0.05 C/decade was fated to remain unchanged for the entire 130 years, through to 2010.

Assuming that, then the increased slope of 0.03 C/decade after 1960 is due to the malign influences from the unnatural and impure human-produced GHGs.

Granting all that, we now have a handle on the most climatologically elusive quantity of all: the climate sensitivity to GHGs.

I think he is trying to make an ASS out of U and ME just a bit too much!

Garbage in, garbage out.

(h/t to Open Mind, who also saw not much need to elaborate!)

4 thoughts on “A “Science Blog of the Year” voter speaks!

  1. well for me the science blog of the year is illconsidered, i am now a regular reader of this blog therefore my all vote goes to illconsidered and ill see if i can add a voting link on my Surgical Blog so that more vote can be for illconsidered 😉


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