Another week of GW News, June 5, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week’s Global Warming news roundup

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

Information Overloadis Pattern Recognition

June 5, 2011

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Low Key Plug

My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.


P.S. Recent postings can be found in the week archive and the ancient postings can be accessed here, which should open to this.

I notice moyhu has set up a monster index to old AWoGWN on AFTIC.

“We don’t want the West to go and find alternatives, because, clearly, the higher the price of oil goes, the more they have incentives to go and find alternatives.” –Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

2 thoughts on “Another week of GW News, June 5, 2011

  1. Came across this paper this morning, thought I’d share it with the group.

    CO2-mediated changes of plant traits and their effects on herbivores are determined by leaf age
    Ballhorn et al. (2011) Ecological Entomology 36

    Key finding: “Depending on leaf stage, CO2-mediated changes in leaf traits significantly affected larval performance and choice behaviour of adult beetles. We observed a complete shift from highest herbivore damage in mature leaves under natural CO2 to highest damage of young leaves under elevated CO2.”

    In other words young, vulnerable leaves become more vulnerable under high CO2 (at least as far as the study plant – Lima Bean – is concerned).


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