AFTIC Has Moved


Scienceblogs has shut down and A Few Things Illconsidered has relocated to

Scienceblogs says they will redirect from the old address to here only until November 30, 2017 so update your bookmarks and RSS feeds etc.


The export/import process seemed to go smoothly, but please report any broken links as you find them.

Thanks, and I may just begin blogging again, and we’ll see if anyone reads it.

3 thoughts on “AFTIC Has Moved

  1. Hello Coby

    I was very impressed with your climate confusion conclusion that climate skeptics require a mechanism for the alleged past climate cycles.

    Please could you respond in The Conversation online because I’ve started a discussion with Professor Mark Maslin amongst others.

    Kind regards
    Alan Lowey


  2. Hey G’day Coby,
    Just checkin’ in to see how you’re getting along.
    I’d love to hear from you too, WOW, if you’re still there. (I know you’ll only attempt ridicule and ad homs, but I’d like to hear from you anyway)

    Coby and/or Wow,
    Do you still believe that human emissions of CO2 are causing warming of the earth’s climate?
    I’m only asking because it really seems to me that the entire LIE of anthropogenic climate change is finally fading away, and I’m wondering if your thinking has changed on the subject at all?

    The lack of actual evidence, and the fact that every single *peer-reviewed* paper you can name, depends SOLELY on alarmist extrapolations from computer models for the “settled science” of AGW, seems to be part of the problem for this lie.
    Greta seems to be struggling to get her message heard, and the UN IPCC is losing credibility, along with all the entire UN organisation.

    Just recently, Michael Moore gave us another gift!

    Have you watched the new Michael Moore movie called “Planet of the Humans”?
    It’s spot on when it exposes the corruption and lies of the renewables industry, but it is grossly wrong to blame capitalism for the Corporatism and fascism involved in the climate lie. The CCP is the very definition of fascist government right now)

    I used to really enjoy the heady days here on this blog, back in 2009 when the climate argument was in full swing.
    AGW was a lie back then and it’s still a lie now, of course, and the fact that it seems to be falling apart is why I’m asking whether you have changed your opinion at all, or if you still believe that human emissions of CO2 are causing warming of the planet?

    Please let me know what you think of Michael Moore’s new movie too.
    I look forward to your reply.

    P.S. I’m also wondering if you are aware of a documentary called “Fall of the Cabal”?

    Please take the time (2hrs 40mins) to watch this.
    I promise it’s worth it.
    Warning: it does get very dark in some parts of the story, but it’s very much worth watching to the end.
    The ending is a fantastic surprise!

    Please watch


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