Too cold for you in Texas? Move to Alaska!

Some remarkable weather in North America recently as most of you probably know.  Check out Jeff Masters for some of the details. Record warmth and precipitation in Alaska As of January 26, 13.83" of precipitation had fallen in Valdez during the month of January. This is more than 8" above average for this point in … Continue reading Too cold for you in Texas? Move to Alaska!

Hot day

So Tasmania is in the news, which is where I am living (see here for links).  The stories are about heat and bush fires.  So far, nothing as dramatic as "Black Saturday" four years ago has happened, thank goodness, but conditions are very similar. The post's "featured image" above is of the electronic weather station … Continue reading Hot day

RealClimate on the Australian bushfires

I recently wrote about the tragic bushfires in Australia and how it seems to me that it is reasonable to ask if this would have happened without anthropogenic climate changes. Real Climate has the details on this in their latest post: Bushfires and extreme heat in south-east Australia. The post is by David Karoly, Professor … Continue reading RealClimate on the Australian bushfires