Prominent climate skeptic defends Phil Jones

Roy Spencer, darling of the climate skeptic community, says he is not very organized, as Phil Jones said of himself, and that "if you asked me to find original data from 20 years ago I'd have great difficulty too. We just didn't realise in those days how important and controversial this would all become - … Continue reading Prominent climate skeptic defends Phil Jones

Climate Scientist Sues National Post

Via DeSmogBlog comes the news that Andrew Weaver is suing Canada's National Post for libel and defamation. You can read the press release here and the Statement of Claim is here [PDF]. While I think the basic aspect of holdinng a newspaper accountable for outright lies or reporting so irresponsible it is virtually indistinguishable from … Continue reading Climate Scientist Sues National Post » Debate with Steve Easterbrook

Here is a fascinating exchange between George Monbiot and Steve Easterbrook exploring the larger issues behind the recent Swifthacking of CRU email (aka ClimateGate). Steve makes an excellent presentation of the case for what happens to be my personal view on this mess, namely that the media has failed in a major and tragic way … Continue reading » Debate with Steve Easterbrook

Katrina victims seek to sue greenhouse-gas emitters

This is interesting. I have mixed feelings about it but it is probably a necessary step in forcing the reality of this issue into the correct legal and political context. Actions have consequences and actors have responsibilities. The only question I have is that the respnsibility is really shared by all of us as consumers … Continue reading Katrina victims seek to sue greenhouse-gas emitters