Coal is Bad

Coal-fired electricity production is bad on so many levels. You'd think humans could learn from history, but sadly, no, and no.  The childhood asthma statistics alone should be enough.  Coal burning power plants are a leading producer of asthma causing pollution.  And then there's the mercury...and the mountain-top removal, and the waste products..and, well, when … Continue reading Coal is Bad

Anti-green economics – Paul Krugman

It`s kind of nice to hear an expert in the field making the same observation I often have about the economic arguments that swirl around the climate policy debates. Specifically, opponents to mitigation policy have no trouble relying on the magic of the market and technology to rescue us from any possible difficulty climate change … Continue reading Anti-green economics – Paul Krugman

Monbiot interviews Fatih Birol

...interviews who?? Fatih Birol is the Chief Economist for the International Energy Authority, the agency that the whole world (or at least the "official" part of that world) relies on for forecasts about energy production and demand. This is the organization that governments around the world like to cite when dismissing as crackpots people warning … Continue reading Monbiot interviews Fatih Birol