“The universe is expanding at an alarming rate!”

Okay, sorry about that title…it is an actual quote from a History Channel documentary on, well, the universe.  I nearly spat out my cool beverage with laughter when I heard it the first time and have really wanted to share it since then.  I have yet to finish watching that series on the huge DVD disk set I bought because, despite the fascinating topic and the decent information content, they tried so hard to be dramatic in every aspect it just became tedious.  Every topic seemed to turn into some new graphic simulation of Planet Earth being devoured, exploded, ice-balled, drowned, bombarded what-have-you’d into oblivion, as often as possible complete with screaming people and ruined cities.

The underlying problem they are trying to solve is the central problem of science out-reach and communication.  Basically, it is a real challenge to make scientific information relevant and intuitive.  Hence every large volume is converted into numbers of olympic sized swimming pools, every height measured in stacks of elephants.  But lets face it, that still doesn’t work.

Which brings me to the actual topic of this post:


I don’t really like it.  Eli disagrees. I won’t explain why, it just so happens that this guy has already explained it to my satisfaction.  But I’m not against it, or outraged or calling for its digital destruction, I just don’t think it is useful in the end.

Mind you, I really don’t have any better way to get the danger and the urgency across to an apathetic general population so kudos to SkS for trying. The climate change emergency really is an emergency but it is a dumbfoundingly different kind of emergency.

74 thoughts on ““The universe is expanding at an alarming rate!”

  1. wow, so reference it please:

    title of paper: xxx

    authors: xxx

    journal: xxx

    volume: xxx

    pages: xxx

    year: xxx

    come on, don’t be so lazy


  2. i wish all the agw creationists a happy cool New Year 2014 that shows that global temperature decreases and agw turns out what it is: fake.


  3. wow, from a strictly scientific point of view all “determinations” of “global air temperatures” are terrible methodological crap, a pure shame for honest research. of course you have no feeling for this as you are no scientist and do only copy / paste what pleases your prejudices.

    happy new year and take it easy


  4. Ah, so your claims of a cooling trend are from a terrible methodology and therefore completely worthless, then, kaibot.

    So your claim even from your own point of view was bullshit.


  5. wow, reading comprehension problems or intentional misreading? in #60 i expressed one of my wishes for 2014, not a global temperature projection. read better, please, before drawing wrong bullshit


  6. Nope, I read fine and comprehend your idiocy quite adequately.

    You’ve expressed immense idiocy and complete lack of any humanity in yourself.

    But you pretend that all you’ve said is “Happy new year” when that wasn’t what you’d said.


  7. nope, you said, kaibot, and I quote:

    that shows that global temperature decreases and agw turns out what it is: fake.

    NOTHING about wishing well there.


  8. Oh, hang on, I get it now, you’re wishing for this year to be “proof” that AGW doesn’t exist.

    Well, science isn’t helping, I guess magic is all you’ve got left to save your ideology, huh.


  9. What arrogance, kaibot?

    Is it arrogant to say “you said this” and then quote what you said now? When was that changed? Why did YOU get to redefine it?


  10. wow, your arrogance is that you think and behave as if you knew something about climatology and meteorology, despite the fact that you are no expert at all in this field.


  11. See, kaibot, that right there is arrogance.

    Where did your “fact” come from if not from your own profound and utter ignorance requiring that your version MUST be truth because your arrogance will not condone you being in error.


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