Another Week in the Planetary Crisis, March 31, 2013

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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March 31, 2013

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    Here’s a chuckle for ya:

  1. 2013/03/31: uComics: (cartoon – Wiley) The News

    Looking ahead to COP19 and future international climate negotiations:

  2. 2013/03/26: RTCC: EU report: markets hold key to 2015 climate deal
    A greater emphasis on pricing carbon and fewer United Nations summits could speed progress towards a legally binding climate deal in 2015, a European Commission (EC) report recommends.
  3. 2013/03/26: RTCC: Small island states secure climate talks funding
    Small island states at acute risk from climate change will have a stronger voice at the international climate talks after the European Union agreed to help cover some of their costs. The EU will also provide the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) with policy experts and ensure delegates can attend UN climate negotiations.
  4. 2013/03/25: RTCC: Nine steps to unlock climate finance flows
  5. 2013/03/25: RTCC: World’s poorest nations plan to ‘take lead’ at climate talks
    The planet’s Least Developed Countries (LDC) say they have lost patience with the glacial pace of the UN climate change talks and plan to set their own agenda.
  6. Ecological collapse in North Korea?

  7. 2013/03/06: PBS: Inside North Korea’s Environmental Collapse
    North Korea has been hiding something. Something beyond its prison camps, its nuclear facilities, its pervasive poverty, its aching famine, its lack of energy — electrical, fossil, or otherwise. What the hermit kingdom has been covering up is perhaps more fundamental than all of those: an environmental collapse so severe it could destabilize the entire country. Or at least, it was hiding it.
  8. The World Social Forum met this week in Tunis:

  9. Wiki: World Social Forum
  10. FSM: Forum Social Mondial Tunis 2013 – World Social Forum
  11. 2013/03/30: CCurrents: ‘Together, We Can Change The Course Of History’: World Social Forum In Tunis
  12. 2013/03/27: al Jazeera: World Social Forum opens in Tunisian capital
    Thousands mark opening of five-day anti-globalisation event, the first to take place in an Arab country.
  13. Apparently there was a Pacific Energy Summit in Auckland this week. No mention in North American media that I noticed:

  14. 2013/03/26: ABC(Au): Pacific urged to look to renewables
    New Zealand’s foreign minister says Pacific nations should be able to halve their reliance on non-renewable energy within the next four years. Murray McCully has hailed this week’s Pacific Energy Summit in Auckland as a significant success.
  15. All of a sudden temperature trends and climate sensitivity are all in vogue:

  16. 2013/03/29: JEB: Economist in making sense shocker
  17. 2013/03/28: TP:JR: As Scientists Predicted, Global Warming Continues
  18. 2013/03/28: SkS: Making Sense of Sensitivity – and Keeping It in Perspective by dana1981
  19. 2013/03/28: WtD: Shock! Prediction about global warming made in 1999 stunningly accurate
  20. 2013/03/27: Economist: A sensitive matter
    The climate may be heating up less in response to greenhouse-gas emissions than was once thought. But that does not mean the problem is going away
  21. 2013/03/27: NBF: Doubling CO2 May Cause 20-50% Less Warming
  22. 2013/03/27: Guardian(UK): Global warming predictions prove accurate

    The missing heat:

  23. 2013/03/29: P3: Hiatus Paper # 1: Doubling down on our Faustian bargain – Hansen
  24. 2013/03/29: P3: Hiatus Paper # 2: Distinctive climate signals in reanalysis of global ocean heat content
  25. 2013/03/30: SimpleC: Diving deep into ocean data uncovers ‘missing heat’ treasure
  26. 2013/03/29: CPW: Global Warming Speeding Up, New Research Shows — Scientists find ‘missing heat’ in deep ocean waters

    That Marcott paper is still drawing comment:

  27. 2013/03/31: RealClimate: Response by Marcott et al.
  28. 2013/03/30: TheCanadian: 4,000 Years of Global Warming in 2 Decades: New Study
  29. 2013/03/27: VanObs: WTF? We just experienced 4,000 years of global warming in two decades
  30. 2013/03/27: ERabett: Bernard J Has Another Suggestion
  31. 2013/03/26: SkS: The two epochs of Marcott and the Wheelchair by JosHag
  32. 2013/03/25: ASI: Melting of the Arctic sea ice by Jos Hagelaars
  33. 2013/03/25: BVerheggen: Melting of the Arctic sea ice by Jos Hagelaars

    What do we have for warnings this week?

  34. 2013/03/25: BBC: Prof Sir John Beddington warns of floods, droughts and storms
    The UK government’s chief scientist has said that there is already enough CO2 in the atmosphere for there to be more floods and droughts over the next 25 years. Prof Sir John Beddington said there was a “need for urgency” in tackling climate change. He said that the later governments left it, the harder it would be to combat.
  35. Subsidies, tax exemptions, loan guarantees & grants weave a difficult to penetrate web:

  36. 2013/03/29: TP:JR: Bombshell IMF Study: United States Is World’s Number One Fossil Fuel Subsidizer
  37. 2013/03/27: TheHill:e2W: IMF: End fossil fuel subsidies, tax carbon
    In 2011, nations doled out roughly $480 billion of “pre-tax” incentives, which are “when consumers pay less than supply cost of energy,” Lipton explained. They are generally found in emerging economies, according to an IMF report released Wednesday. And “post-tax” subsidies – the sum of pre-tax and tax incentives – hit $1.9 trillion. About 40 percent of those subsidies were awarded in advanced economies, with the U.S. leading the way at $502 billion.
  38. 2013/03/28: Grist: IMF says global subsidies to fossil fuels amount to $1.9 trillion a year – and that’s probably an underestimate
  39. 2013/03/28: CCP: David Roberts: IMF says global subsidies to fossil fuels amount to $1.9 trillion a year … and that’s probably an underestimate
  40. 2013/03/28: P3: International Monetary Fund calls missing carbon tax “Fossil Fuel Subsidy”
  41. 2013/03/28: CSM: IMF: End energy subsidies
  42. 2013/03/27: WaPo:B: IMF: Want to fight climate change? Get rid of $1.9 trillion in energy subsidies

    What are the global financial institutions up to?

  43. 2013/03/27: Grist: Giant investment bank taken over by hippie alarmists

    John Cook and friends continue their point-counterpoint articles:

  44. 2013/03/31: SkS: The Scientific Method by rockytom
  45. 2013/03/30: SkS: 2013 SkS Weekly News Roundup #13 by John Hartz
  46. 2013/03/29: SkS: Earth Encounters Giant Speed Bump on the Road to Higher Sea Level by Rob Painting
  47. 2013/03/28: SkS: Making Sense of Sensitivity – and Keeping It in Perspective by dana1981
  48. 2013/03/27: SkS: To frack or not to frack? by gws
  49. 2013/03/27: SkS: 2013 SkS News Bulletin #5: Alberta Tar Sands and Keystone XL Pipeline by John Hartz
  50. 2013/03/26: SkS: The two epochs of Marcott and the Wheelchair by JosHag
  51. 2013/03/25: SkS: New Research Confirms Global Warming Has Accelerated by dana1981
  52. 2013/03/24: SkS: Enhanced SkS Graphics Provide New Entry Point into SkS Material by LarryM
  53. 2013/03/24: SkS: 2013 SkS Weekly Digest #12 by John Hartz

    A note on theFukushima disaster:

    It is evident that the Fukushima disaster is going to persist for some time. TEPCO says 6 to 9 months. The previous Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, said decades. Now the Japanese government is talking about 30 years. [Whoops, that has now been updated to 40 years.] We’ll see. At any rate this situation is not going to be resolved any time soon and deserves its own section.
    It is very difficult to know for sure what is really going on at Fukushima. Between the company [TEPCO], the Japanese government, the Japanese regulator [NISA], the international monitor [IAEA], as well as independent analysts and commentators, there is a confusing mish-mash of information. One has to evaluate both the content and the source of propagated information.
    How knowledgeable are they [about nuclear power and about Japan]?
    Do they have an agenda?
    Are they pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear?
    Do they want to write a good news story?
    Do they want to write a bad news story?
    Where do they rate on a scale of sensationalism?
    Where do they rate on a scale of play-it-down-ness?
    One fundamental question I would like to see answered:
    If the reactors are in meltdown, how can they be in cold shutdown?

    Not much good news coming out of Fukushima:

  54. 2013/03/28: AR&I(via doi): (ab$) Observation of gamma-rays from fallout collected at Ibaraki, Japan, during the Fukushima nuclear accident by Jun Saegusa et al.
  55. 2012/08/17: Springer:JR&NC: (ab$) Airborne gamma-ray emitters from Fukushima detected in New York State by Michael E. Kitto et al.
  56. 2013/03/30: EneNews: Japan PM discusses restarting Fukushima Daiichi reactors — Safety to be confirmed?
  57. 2013/03/28: Grist: You can tour a Fukushima ghost town on Google Street View
  58. 2013/03/28: TreeHugger: Fukushima ghost town now on Google Streetview
  59. 2013/03/27: GoogleBlog: Imagery on Google Maps of Fukushima Exclusion Zone Town Namie-machi
  60. 2013/03/27: Asahi: Rock shells disappearing on coast near Fukushima nuclear plant
  61. 2013/03/27: Express(UK): Two years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster is Japan facing a cancer time bomb?
  62. 2013/03/25: EneNews: Study: Air in New York after Fukushima disaster exceeded 3,400 ?Bq/m³ of Iodine-131 gas – Health impacts ‘minimal’ (map)
  63. 2013/03/25: EneNews: Tepco: Animal caused extended power outage at Fukushima Daiichi – Nearly a foot long (photo)

    The Arctic melt continues to garner attention:

  64. 2013/03/31: Dosbat: Eurasian Snow Cover and Atmospheric Impacts
  65. 2013/03/30: ASI: Looking for winter weirdness 6
  66. 2013/03/29: IOTD: Extensive Ice Fractures in the Beaufort Sea
  67. 2013/03/29: Tamino: Easy Question
  68. 2013/03/29: Guardian(UK): Google Street View braves Canadian Arctic to chart little-known territory [Iqaluit]
  69. 2013/03/27: ERW: Satellite data give new insights into snow-melt dynamics
    Ice layers, caused by short-lived melting and then re-freezing of snow, are having a marked effect on ecology and biology in Alaska’s Yukon River Basin, according to researchers in the US and Austria.
  70. 2013/03/27: CCurrents: Arctic Sea Ice Extent Sixth Lowest And Tomatoes Grow In The Arctic Circle
  71. 2013/03/26: CCentral: Arctic Ice Hits Annual Max and it’s 6th Lowest on Record
  72. 2013/03/26: CCP: NSIDC: Arctic Sea Ice Report, March 25, 2013
  73. 2013/03/25: NSIDC: Annual maximum extent reached

    As for the charismatic megafauna:

  74. 2013/03/27: BBC: Polar bears: An uncertain future
    The great white bears of the frozen north may face a difficult future. Each summer, the sea ice on which they rely to hunt seals is getting thinner and smaller in extent – threatening to upset their way of life.
  75. 2013/03/27: UFlorida: New bone survey method could aid long-term survival of Arctic caribou

    As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  76. 2013/03/29: TheCanadian: Mother Nature, US Govt Chase Shell Out of Arctic
  77. 2013/03/28: CDreams: Despite ‘Enormous Risk’ White House Reaffirms Commitment to Arctic Drilling
  78. 2013/03/27: Guardian(UK): Greenland halts new oil drilling licences
    Government reluctant to hand out new permits while exploration under existing licences will be subject to more scrutiny
  79. 2013/03/25: BBerg: Russia Lets China Into Arctic Rush as Energy Giants Embrace
    Russia’s decision to give China a share of prized Arctic exploration licenses as part of a “breakthrough” deal signals how the world’s largest oil and gas producer and the biggest energy consumer are redrawing the global energy map.
  80. While in Antarctica:

  81. 2013/03/30: CCurrents: Longer Antarctica Summer Increases Ice Melting And Africa Farmers Face Slashed Yields
  82. 2013/03/27: RTCC: Summer melt increasing on the Antarctic Peninsula

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  83. 2013/03/29: WSWS: US food stamp use swells to a record 47.8 million
  84. 2013/03/28: RealEconomics: The bill for the 2012 corn belt drought disaster
  85. 2013/03/28: ProMedMail: White nose syndrome, bats – North America (07): update
  86. 2013/03/28: ProMedMail: Schmallenberg virus – Europe (16): UK (Scotland) update
  87. 2013/03/27: BBC: Madagascar hit by ‘severe’ plague of locusts
    A severe plague of locusts has infested about half of Madagascar, threatening crops and raising concerns about food shortages, a UN agency says.
  88. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): NZ drought could expose Pacific economies: ANZ
    New Zealand’s worsening drought could expose the Pacific region to food price inflation according to a report from the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. The ANZ bank’s latest forecast suggests Fiji and Samoa are the most likely to be affected by the New Zealand drought, the country’s worst in 30 years.
  89. 2013/03/27: BPA: Sixty-Eight Percent of U.S. Enrolled School Children Qualify for Free or Reduced-Rate Lunches
  90. 2013/03/26: UN: Over $41 million needed to end locust plague in Madagascar, says [FAO] UN agency

    The state of the world’s fisheries is a concern:

  91. 2013/03/26: EnvEcon: Quote of the Day: That about sums it up
  92. 2013/03/25: CSM: A better way to prevent overfishing
  93. 2013/03/25: Eureka: Predictions of climate impacts on fisheries can be a mirage
    New mathematical tool developed by a Scripps scientist can help avoid misleading conclusions for species management
  94. The conflict between biofuel and food persists:

  95. 2013/03/27: BBerg: Corn Supply Slumps Most Since ’75 on Ethanol Profit: Commodities
    Corn supplies in the U.S., the biggest grower, are shrinking at the fastest pace in almost four decades as improving demand from ethanol refiners drains reserves already diminished by drought.
  96. Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  97. 2013/03/31: ABC(Au): GMO ban debate
  98. 2013/03/30: CCP: Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) backroom deals Monsanto Protection Act into appropriations bill
  99. 2013/03/29: FDL: Monsanto Gets Its Very Own Law
  100. 2013/03/29: Eureka: Multi-toxin biotech crops not silver bullets, scientists warn
  101. 2013/03/29: Denialism: Anti-GMO writers show profound ignorance of basic biology and now Jane Goodall has joined their ranks
  102. 2013/03/29: Grist: Monsanto flirts with disaster, owns the world anyway
  103. 2013/03/28: S&R: Monsant-Oh No!
    With every bill passed in Congress, there is good news and bad news. The good news of HR 933 passing the House: we avoided a government shutdown (for now). The bad news: Congress authorized a provision known as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” protecting the agricultural giant from litigation.
  104. 2013/03/27: Salon: How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law
    A provison that protects the biotech giant from litigation passed Congress without many members knowing about it
  105. 2013/03/26: UCSUSA:B: Biotech Rider a Threat to Farmers and the Environment
  106. 2013/03/26: RT: ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ slips silently through US Congress
    The US House of Representatives quietly passed a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 last week – including a provision protecting genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks. The rider, which is officially known as the Farmer Assurance Provision, has been derided by opponents of biotech lobbying as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” as it would strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.
  107. 2013/03/26: BBC: Uganda’s genetically modified golden bananas

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion, 10 billion, 15 billion?

  108. 2013/03/27: FAO: Netting flies and mosquitoes protects livestock, boosts milk yields — Insecticide-treated nets control pests in animal shelters, reduce mosquitoes in homes
  109. 2013/03/26: FAO: Madagascar needs more than $41 million to end locust plague — Half of the country infested by locusts – food production seriously at risk
  110. 2013/03/25: FAO: FAO Director-General praises trend toward small-scale local food production — Says that sustainability depends on the way food produced and consumed
  111. 2013/03/25: al Jazeera: Wasted food could feed billions
    Wasted food around the world costs countries in excess of $600bn, and could feed billions if properly utilised.
  112. 2013/03/25: NakedCapitalism: Pioneering Permaculture in Cyprus, Parts I and II
  113. 2013/03/24: JFleck: in praise of Juan Murrieta
  114. 2013/03/24: Eureka: Losing wetlands to grow crops

    Another relatively quiet week in the hurricane wars with just some old news:

  115. 2013/03/26: Modis: Tropical Cyclone Tim (20P) in the Coral Sea [on March 17]

    While elsewhere in the hurricane wars:

  116. 2013/03/26: AFTIC: Dr. Jeff Masters: Katrina-level storm surges have more than doubled due to global warming
  117. 2013/03/25: Wunderground: Katrina-level storm surges have more than doubled due to global warming

    This week in notable weather:

  118. 2013/03/30: Guardian(UK): Spring: where has it gone?
    This long and bitter winter has tested the resilience of life all across the land, from lambing ewes to hatching birds and buds. But what of its toll on us?
  119. 2013/03/28: DerSpiegel: White Easter: Germany Faces Coldest March Since 1883
    Complaining about the weather has reached epidemic proportions in northern Germany this “spring.” And with good reason. With Easter just around the corner, meteorologists are telling us this could end up being the coldest March in Berlin and its surroundings since records began in the 1880s.
  120. 2013/03/28: al Jazeera: Digging out UK’s livestock
    UK farmers are scrambling to rescue any livestock that has survived this past week’s heavy snowfall
  121. 2013/03/28: al Jazeera: Frigid UK weather lights gas supply fears
    Freezing temperatures mean storage tanks have only two days worth of gas supplies left, causing political anxiety.
  122. 2013/03/25: BBC: Ukraine army tackles snow chaos amid Kiev emergency
  123. Armoured personnel carriers are being used in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, to drag buses and other vehicles out of snowdrifts, amid a state of emergency.
  124. 2013/03/25: al Jazeera: Winter drags on
    British summer time starts this weekend, but winter remains in place, for the UK and much of the northern hemisphere
  125. This week in the New Normal — extreme weather:

  126. 2013/03/28: TheConversation: More angry, more often: March heatwave signals a new normal
  127. 2013/03/27: WtD: More angry, more often: March heatwave signals a new normal

    Rossby Waves? Blocking Patterns? Arctic Oscillation? What is the Arctic melt doing to our weather?

  128. 2013/03/29: ERabett: Melting Ice and Cold Weather
  129. 2013/03/29: CCP: Stefan Rahmstorf: Arctic sea ice and cold weather in Northern Europe and Northeastern U.S.
  130. 2013/03/28: KSJT: (Updated*) Lots of Obscure Ink: Ice loss in Arctic is hitting US and Europe with more snow and cold? How’s that work again?
  131. 2013/03/27: KSJT: Lots of Obscure Ink: Ice loss in Arctic is hitting US and Europe with more snow and cold? How’s that work again?
  132. 2013/03/26: CCurrents: Arctic Sea Ice Loss Creates Frozen Spring In Europe And North America
  133. 2013/03/31: TP:JR: Must Read: Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral And Cold Weather
  134. 2013/03/25: TMoS: A Warming Ocean and Albion Freezes
  135. 2013/03/26: ABC(Au): Northern blizzards linked to Arctic sea ice decline
    Climate scientists say the massive snow storms to hit North America and Europe this year were linked to shrinking sea ice levels in the Arctic. Satellite pictures reveal the sea ice levels were the sixth lowest since satellite records began over 30 years ago. National Snow and Ice Data Centre’s Walt Meier says the thickness of the sea ice is also a concern
  136. Meanwhile on the GHG front:

  137. 2013/03/28: Guardian(UK): UK’s CO2 emissions up 4.5% in 2012 – Huge jump in coal use
  138. 2013/03/28: TP:JR: Are Exploding Manhole Covers In Washington DC Caused By Shocking Levels Of Leaking Natural Gas?
  139. 2013/03/27: QuarkSoup: US 2012 CO2 Emissions Down Almost 4%
  140. 2013/03/27: RTCC: US emissions decline, coal exports rise
  141. 2013/03/24: EconBrowser: Declining U.S. carbon dioxide emissions
  142. 2013/03/25: AutoBG: Volkswagen to use CO2 as future refrigerant for air conditioning systems

    And in the carbon cycle:

  143. 2013/03/28: NatureN: Fungi and roots store a surprisingly large share of the world’s carbon
    Symbiotic organisms that envelope tree roots may play a bigger role in carbon cycle than decomposing leaves.
  144. 2013/03/28: SciNews: Fungi pull carbon into northern forest soils
    Organisms living on tree roots do lion’s share of sequestering carbon
  145. As for the temperature record:

  146. 2013/03/28: CCurrents: Global Warming Forecasts Proven Accurate
  147. 2013/03/27: RawStory: Climate change models predict remarkably accurate results
  148. 2013/03/26: WtD: Warming, not cooling: three recent graphs that conclusively show the planet heating

    Aerosols are making their presence felt:

  149. 2013/03/27: IOTD: Dust Storm on the Arabian Peninsula

    While in the paleoclimate:

  150. 2013/03/28: SciNews: Kansas was unbearably hot 270 million years ago
    Temperatures soared to nearly 74 degrees Celsius, research suggests
  151. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Croc extinction led to dinosaur domination [200 mya]
  152. 2013/03/27: Eureka: CU study provides new evidence ancient asteroid caused global firestorm on Earth — Fires would have burned every twig, bush and tree on Earth
  153. 2013/03/25: SciNow: Scientists Gauge Ancient Die-Off of Pacific Birds
  154. 2013/03/24: TP:JR: Doubling Of CO2 Levels In End-Triassic Extinction Killed Off Three Quarters Of Land And Sea Species

    And in historical times:

  155. 2013/03/26: CCP: The characteristics and likely causes of the Medieval megadroughts in North America
  156. 2013/03/26: Resilience: Climate and the Khans

    Regarding the solar hypothesis:

  157. 2013/03/29: GreenGrok: Update: Sunspot Cycle Approaches Halfway Point – An impressive cycle for its unimpressiveness

    And the State of the Oceans:

  158. 2013/03/30: EneNews: CBS Los Angeles: “Dead sea lions everywhere” – Rescuer: I’ve never seen anything like this… we never would have imagined the numbers – Expert: No oceanographic explanation for what we’re seeing (video)
  159. 2013/03/29: EneNews: “Manatees Dying in Droves on Both Coasts of Florida” – Deaths of pelicans, turtles, dolphins also increasing – “Scientists fear this is the beginning of a devastating ecosystem collapse”
  160. 2013/03/29: EneNews: TV: Dead dolphin spike in Gulf of Mexico – “We have been advised not to discuss our findings” – Mostly babies washing up (video)
  161. 2013/03/28: EneNews: Federal gov’t declares rare Unusual Mortality Event in So. California – 70% of all newborn sea lions may be dying – Testing for toxins, infectious agents (video)
  162. 2013/03/28: EneNews: NBC: Sea mammal epidemic worsens in So. California – Now almost 1,000 have washed ashore – “Such an alarming rate” – Mostly born last summer
  163. 2013/03/27: NOAA:NMFS: FAQs on the California Sea Lion UME in California
  164. 2013/03/27: NOAA:NMFS: 2013 California Sea Lion Unusual Mortality Event in California
  165. 2013/03/20: WWLTV: Spike in marine mammal strandings documented along La., Miss. coast

    What’s new in Biodiversity?

  166. 2013/03/26: SciAm:RP: Two new species of mouse lemur found in Madagascar

    And on the extinction front?

  167. 2013/03/30: SciAm:EC: Links from the Brink
  168. 2013/03/30: BBC: Black rhino threat: Poachers target Kent wildlife parks
    Rare rhinos in wildlife parks may be under threat from poachers, police in Kent have warned.
  169. 2013/03/29: al Jazeera: Diminishing ray of hope
    We explore how the demand for manta gill plates is threatening the existence of one of the most graceful marine species.
  170. 2013/03/29: ProMedMail: Undiagnosed die-off, manatee – USA: (FL) toxic algae suspected
  171. 2013/03/28: TheConversation: Australian endangered species: Red-finned Blue-eye
  172. 2013/03/27: ProMedMail: Devil facial tumor, Tasmanian devil – Australia : (TS) update
  173. 2013/03/27: Grist: China’s finless porpoises are going extinct
  174. 2013/03/27: Grist: Man presumptuously kidnaps 13 percent of an entire turtle species [Astrochelys yniphora or ploughshare turtles]
  175. 2013/03/27: SciAm:EC: ‘Extinct’ Indian Gecko Rediscovered After 135 Years
  176. 2013/03/26: Grist: Scientists: To save the lions, fence them in
  177. 2013/03/26: Guardian(UK): Butterflies suffer devastating year after UK’s wet summer
  178. 2013/03/26: Guardian(UK): Rare Australian possum could be continent’s first climate change victim
  179. 2013/03/26: ABC(Au): Humans wiped out Pacific island birds
    Mass extinction Human colonisation of the Pacific led to the loss of at least 1000 species of land birds or 10 per cent of global bird biodiversity.
  180. 2013/03/26: BBC: Butterflies suffered in cold and wet 2012, says charity
    Butterflies suffered in last year’s wet and cold weather, having their worst year since 1976, a charity says. Only four of the 56 species studied in the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme saw an increase in population size. The relentless rain and cold of 2012 meant that in particular summer species struggled to find food, shelter and mating opportunities.
  181. 2013/03/25: Eureka: What a bunch of dodos!
    A catastrophic mass extinction of birds in the Pacific Islands followed the arrival of the first people
  182. 2013/03/24: BBC: Why such a fuss about extinction?
    What is wrong with extinction? I realise this question is the conservation equivalent of a landmine – or an elephant trap. And that it is likely to ruffle a lot of fur.
  183. 2013/03/24: al Jazeera: Can shark conservation salvage the blue economy?
    As long as there is a continuous demand for shark fin soup, the shark population will remain in danger.
  184. The bees and Colony Collapse Disorder are a constant concern:

  185. 2013/03/29: Grist:Pesticide makers want you to save the bees
  186. 2013/03/29: CCP: Another disastrous year for honey bees: colony collapse disorder likely due to excessive use of neonicotinoid pesticides
  187. 2013/03/29: TCoE: On the educational value of a kick in the teeth
  188. 2013/03/29: HuffPo: Bee Deaths From Colony Collapse Disorder On The Rise As Researchers Point To Pesticides
  189. 2013/03/28: Reuters: Pesticide makers, facing ban, propose plan to help bees
    Syngenta and Bayer, top producers of the pesticides blamed for a sharp fall in bee populations around the world, have proposed a plan to support bee health to try to forestall a European Union ban on the products.
  190. 2013/03/28: NYT: Mystery Malady Kills More Bees, Heightening Worry on Farms
    A mysterious malady that has been killing honeybees en masse for several years appears to have expanded drastically in the last year, commercial beekeepers say, wiping out 40 percent or even 50 percent of the hives needed to pollinate many of the nation’s fruits and vegetables.
  191. 2013/03/28: TreeHugger: Common pesticides cause brain-damage in bees
  192. 2013/03/28: NatureNB: UK study casts doubt on insecticide link to bee declines
  193. 2013/03/27: BBC: Neonicotinoid pesticides ‘damage brains of bees’
    Commonly used pesticides are damaging honey bee brains, studies suggest. Scientists have found that two types of chemicals called neonicotinoids and coumaphos are interfering with the insect’s ability to learn and remember. Experiments revealed that exposure was also lowering brain activity, especially when the two pesticides were used in combination.
  194. 2013/02/04: JEB: Exposure to multiple cholinergic pesticides impairs olfactory learning and memory in honeybees by Sally M. Williamson & Geraldine A. Wright
  195. 2013/03/27: Nature:Comm: (ab$) Cholinergic pesticides cause mushroom body neuronal inactivation in honeybees by Mary J. Palmer et al.

    What’s up with volcanoes this week?

  196. 2013/03/25: al Jazeera: Thousands flee Indonesian volcano [Sinabung]
    Authorities issue “red alert” as Sumatra volcano erupts for first time in 400 years.
  197. More GW impacts are being seen:

  198. 2013/03/31: Guardian(UK): A glorious winter, but the Alps face a warmer world — bringing huge change
  199. 2013/03/29: Grist: Climate change will give more people diarrhea

    And then there are the world’s forests:

  200. 2013/03/30: Tyee: ‘Everywhere the Trees Were Dead’
    Fuelled by climate change, the devastating pine beetle outbreak is a non-stop forest killer, shows new doc.
  201. 2013/03/27: TheConversation: Which of our forests should be managed for carbon?
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    Indigenous groups claim they have not consented to oil projects, as politicians visit Beijing to publicise bidding process
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    The main group representing supermarkets in Brazil says it will no longer sell meat from cattle raised in the rainforest.
  208. Climate refugees are becoming an issue:

  209. 2013/03/29: DerSpiegel: Imprisoned, Tortured, Killed: Human Trafficking Thrives on Sinai Peninsula
    The Sinai Peninsula has become a prison and grave for thousands of African refugees. They are kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured to death even after their families have paid hefty ransoms. But Egypt refuses to act.
  210. Changes in natural cycles are showing up:

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    On the tornado front:

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    As for heatwaves and wild fires:

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    Wednesday is looking like the last really hot day for a while in Victoria…
  220. Corals are a bellwether of the ocean’s health:

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    The grounded U.S. Navy minesweeper was removed from a Philippine reef Saturday – The Guardian is estimated to have damaged about 4,000 square meters of the reef – The USS Guardian ran aground on January 17
  222. Sea levels are rising:

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    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

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    At least 10 people have died after sudden rains caused flooding in the Mauritian capital Port Louis on Saturday, officials have said.
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    Current climate-induced drought is slipping into a trend that scientists say resembles some of the worst droughts in U.S. history, like the Dust Bowl.
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  231. 2013/03/26: al Jazeera: Deadly landslide hits Indonesia
    Days of heavy rain have led to another landslide in Indonesia. There have been over 50 landslides here so far this year
  232. 2013/03/24: McClatchyDC: In drought-ravaged plains, efforts to save a vital aquifer
    Threatened by another summer of crop-shriveling drought, Kansans are watching a bold experiment unfold in Sheridan County, population 2,556, a sliver of the state’s northwest corner. On lands dominated by agriculture, locals have agreed to across-the-board cuts to water use.
  233. 2013/03/24: SeattlePI: Drought contributes to Neb. climate change debate
  234. 2013/03/25: CBC: Indonesia landslide kills at least 6 — 18 missing after slide on main island of Java A government official says a landslide triggered by torrential rain has killed at least six people and left 18 others missing on Indonesia’s main island of Java.

    First, stop subsidizing fossil fuels
    Second, put a price on carbon
    And elsewhere on the mitigation front:

  235. 2013/03/29: TCoE: On the educational value of a kick in the teeth
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    Consider transportation & GHG production:

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  238. 2013/03/27: NYT:PK: Subways Pay
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    While in the endless quest for zero energy, sustainable buildings and practical codes:

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    As for carbon sequestration:

  244. 2013/03/28: Eureka: Study: ‘Waste heat’ may economize CO2 capture — Rice U. team seeks to optimize CO2 removal from power plant emissions

    Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

  245. The History of Weather Control
  246. 2013/03/20: EI-EU: Proposals on the International Governance of Geoengineering
  247. 2013/03/27: FA: The Truth About Geoengineering – Science Fiction and Science Fact
  248. 2013/03/27: CBC: Controversial ocean fertilization project defended by B.C. village
    Dumping of iron-rich soil off Haida Gwaii still being investigated by Environment Canada The head of a small First Nations community in British Columbia plans to go ahead with a second controversial iron fertilization project in the North Pacific, despite an international outcry and ongoing investigation by Environment Canada. Ken Rea, chief councillor of the village of Old Massett in Haida Gwaii, told the fifth estate’s Gillian Findlay in an exclusive interview that despite two UN resolutions banning iron fertilization and anti-dumping legislation in Canada, he would like to do it again and make it sustainable.
  249. 2013/03/22: FTMag: Undercover economist: Geoengineering, a monster of our own making?
    The core case against the science is a radical uncertainty about its consequences but it would likewise be irresponsible to turn our backs on it
  250. What’s new in restoration?

  251. 2013/03/25: Grist: Baby chicken whose father is a duck is either a new hope for extinct species or a sign of the End Times

    While on the adaptation front:

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    As for miscellaneous science:

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    Making sense of science at any age is an effort best created by the citizens who actively engage into science-doing.
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    What developments in the ongoing struggle for Open Science?

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    Publishers demanded $2,995 for each open-access article
  322. Regarding Mann:

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    Attacks on my work aimed at undermining climate change science have turned me into a public figure. I have come to embrace that role.
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    Regarding Abraham:

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    Regarding Borlaug:

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    Meanwhile at the UN:

  328. 2013/03/29: UN: UN calls Canada’s pullout from drought convention ‘regrettable’

    On the international political front, tensions continue as the empire leans on Iran:

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  330. 2013/03/27: EarlyWarning: Iranian Oil Production

    South [& East] China Sea tension persists:

  331. 2013/03/27: BBC: China ‘fired flares’ at Vietnam boat in South China Sea
    China says it fired flares, not weapons, at a Vietnamese fishing boat in the South China Sea last week. The defence ministry said the flares were fired after four boats near the disputed Paracel islands did not heed warnings to leave, Xinhua reports.
  332. 2013/03/27: al Jazeera: Chinese navy exercises ‘surprise’ neighbours
    Exercises in James Shoal include the landing of amphibious craft on Beijing’s most southern territorial claim.
  333. 2013/03/27: al Jazeera: China hunts for energy in stormy waters
    Territorial disputes in the South China Sea likely to escalate after Beijing’s recent expansion of deepwater assets.
  334. 2013/03/24: Telegraph(UK): The dangerous drift towards world war in Asia

    In the global competition for Rare Earths and other natural resources:

  335. 2013/03/25: NBF: Japan has found rare earth reserves in the Pacific Seabed that are 1000 times all land based deposits
  336. 2013/03/24: Telegraph(UK): Japan breaks China’s stranglehold on rare metals with sea-mud bonanza
    Japanese scientists have found vast reserves of rare earth metals on the Pacific seabed that can be mined cheaply, a discovery that may break the Chinese monopoly on a crucial raw material needed in hi-tech industries and advanced weapons systems.
  337. And in miscellaneous international political jousting:

  338. 2013/03/31: al Jazeera: Philippines wants US payment over reef damage
    US naval ship finally removed from reef ten weeks after running aground, but Manila demands financial compensation.
  339. 2013/03/28: BRICS: Joint statement of the BRICS Business Forum 2013
  340. 2013/03/27: McClatchyDC: Iraqi oil: Once seen as U.S. boon, now it’s mostly China’s
  341. 2013/03/25: RTCC: China pulling away from EU in low-carbon competitiveness race
    Asia is on track to replace Europe as the world’s largest clean energy investment region, with more than one third of the world’s clean energy investment in 2012. The latest Climate Institute/GE Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index ranks Japan, China and South Korea as three of the top countries for low-carbon development.
  342. 2013/03/26: al Jazeera: BRICS wrangle over new development bank
    Leaders of world’s emerging economies gather in South Africa to discuss proposal to challenge World Bank domination.
  343. Climate Change is a threat multiplier exacerbating existing conflicts in food, energy, water, race, resources, religion, ideology … etc.:

  344. 2013/03/28: RTCC: Security risks of climate change prompt military review
    Over 100 countries now regard climate change as a national security concern and are taking steps to assess their ability to manage new threats.
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  346. 2013/03/25: TreeHugger: A drier Middle East means future water wars

    What are the activists up to?

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    Polls! We have polls!

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    How you ask the question skews the results when it comes to public opinion on global warming, finds an analysis of hundreds of polls. The public mostly agrees on global warming’s reality, it says. U.S. majorities have agreed on global warming being real for three decades, poll analysis says – Poll question wording has skewed survey answers, in some cases – After a dip in 2009, public agreement on climate change has resumed climbing toward 75%
  355. Regarding Water Politics and Business:

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    China’s burgeoning demand for water is having a big impact on its waterways.
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    And on the groundwater front:

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    Regarding science education:

  366. 2013/03/25: al Jazeera: Tinkering knowledge sharing, or why we need to hack science
    Making sense of science at any age is an effort best created by the citizens who actively engage into science-doing.
  367. Statistics? You want to argue about statistics?

  368. 2013/03/29: QuarkSoup: The Australian: How to Lie With(out) Statistics
  369. 2013/03/27: CCP: Jeff Masters: How to abuse statistics — the false claim that global warming stopped in 1998
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    While in the UK:

  371. 2013/03/30: al Jazeera: Aldermaston: the UK’s nuclear legacy
    As the British government looks to cut its spending, little sense exists in developing a new Nuclear weapons program.
  372. 2013/03/29: BBC: Cash shortage stretches to sea bed
    The government has admitted moving slowly to protect wildlife in the seas because of the cost. The environment minister Richard Benyon said that in the current financial squeeze he cannot designate as many areas for protection as he would like.
  373. 2013/03/28: BBC: The Met Office has admitted issuing advice to government that was “not helpful” during last year’s remarkable switch in weather patterns
  374. 2013/03/28: Guardian(UK): John Hayes move follows public rows at troubled [DECC] energy department
  375. 2013/03/28: Guardian(UK): How the government could end this long winter at a stroke
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    The new [DECC] energy minister can make a real impact by announcing his support for a 2030 decarbonisation target
  377. 2013/03/28: Guardian(UK): Energy minister John Hayes switches to No 10 role in surprise reshuffle
  378. 2013/03/28: EurActiv: Big shale gas deal may not spark EU energy revolution
    A major UK energy firm has struck a deal hailed by Prime Minister David Cameron as a step towards energy security but as the European Commission launches discussions on 2030 climate and energy policies opinions are divided as to which direction the EU should take the unconventional fossil fuel.
  379. 2013/03/27: Guardian(UK): Rising energy bills will be reduced with climate policies, [UK Energy Secretary] Ed Davey says
  380. 2013/03/27: Guardian(UK): Will the UK’s climate policies really help to lower energy bills?
  381. 2013/03/27: TMoS: Will Climate Change Drive Britain Back Into Recession?
  382. 2013/03/27: BBerg: Bulgaria to Suspend Up to 40% of Wind, Solar Power Capacity
    Bulgaria may suspend as much as 40 percent of wind and solar power capacity as part of its effort to stem oversupply and stabilize electricity generation About 40 percent of wind and solar power producers aren’t providing real-time information to the country’s central electricity dispatcher, jeopardizing the safety of Bulgaria’s transmission network, Energy Minister Asen Vasilev said in a document posted on the ministry’s website. They will be temporarily disconnected, he said.
  383. 2013/03/26: ScienceInsider: U.K. Report Offers Nuclear Research Road Map
  384. 2013/03/26: BBC: North Sea oil bonanza ‘unlikely’, says think tank CPPR
    A think tank has rejected suggestions that Scotland could be on the brink of another oil bonanza. The Scottish government claimed that North Sea production could generate a great deal more in tax revenues than had been estimated. But a report by the Centre for Public Policy for the Regions (CPPR) said a return to the boom years was unlikely. It added that a more realistic scenario was that revenues would remain flat or fall slightly in real terms.
  385. 2013/03/26: CCP: US shale gas to heat British homes within five years.
    Deal struck by Centrica will see the first major exports of controversial shale gas
  386. 2013/03/26: Guardian(UK): Key Cameron adviser blocks climate change from G8 agenda
  387. 2013/03/26: RTCC: Key Cameron advisor blocks climate change from G8 agenda
    Reports that the UK’s lead G8 negotiator is blocking efforts to add climate change to the agenda have struck another blow to David Cameron’s ambition to lead the country’s ‘greenest government ever’. RTCC understands that the UK Prime Minister’s Adviser for Europe and Global Issues Ivan Rogers has rejected moves from Germany and France to make the issue one of the meeting’s key talking points.
  388. 2013/03/26: BBC: Consent for a wind farm off Aberdeen which is opposed by Donald Trump has been granted by the Scottish government…
  389. 2013/03/26: BBC: Government to plant 250,000 trees to beat ash dieback
  390. 2013/03/25: LoE: Why we will probably fail to prevent catastrophe

    And in Europe:

  391. 2013/03/29: EurActiv: Campaigners mourn missing heat in 2030 Green Paper
    Efficiency campaigners have been left fuming after the EU’s Green Paper on 2030 climate targets almost completely failed to address the role that heat savings can play in reducing carbon emissions.
  392. 2013/03/28: EurActiv: Oettinger calls for no new taxes as talks begin on 2030 climate targets
    There should be no new taxes on energy within the EU, and current taxes should not be raised, if prices are to be kept competitive with rivals fuelled by cheap shale gas in the US, the EU’s energy chief has told the Guardian.
  393. 2013/03/27: EurActiv: EU urged to fuel investment in carbon capture technology
    The European Commission has been urged to start forcing energy-intensive industries to invest in carbon capture and storage (CCS) as it prepares to unveil plans to scale up the fledgling technology.
  394. 2013/03/27: Guardian(UK): EU energy chief calls for no new taxes as talks begin on 2030 climate targets
  395. 2013/03/27: RTCC: EU proposes 40% emissions cut for 2030
  396. 2013/03/27: RTCC: Live reaction: EU 2030 climate targets
    The EU today proposed increasing its emissions reductions target to 40% by 2030.
  397. 2013/03/25: EurActiv: Poland unsure about its energy mix
    Speakers at a conference held recently in Warsaw criticised EU energy policies especially those favouring expensive green energy, but also admitted that the country was not sure what kind of energy mix it wants. EurActiv Poland reports.
  398. 2013/03/25: EurActiv: Ministers block EU proposal to limit some biofuels
    Several European ministers are blocking the EU’s proposal to curb the use of conventional biofuels, while some dispute claims the demand for crop-based oils drives deforestation and food insecurity in other parts of the world.
  399. Meanwhile in Australia:

  400. 2013/03/31: ABC(Au): Critical report on bushfire crisis
    The first emergency agency to report on Tasmania’s bushfire crisis has found communication failures and a lack of coordination and planning all contributed to the disaster.
  401. 2013/03/31: ABC(Au): GMO ban debate
    Tasmania’s dairy farmers are warning the state’s ban on genetically-modified organisms, or GMO’s, could disadvantage the sector over the next few years. The Tasmanian moratorium on GMO’s was extended five years ago. It’s due to expire next year, and will be put up for review in the next few months.
  402. 2013/03/29: TheConversation: Save now, pay later: the hidden costs of lower electricity bills
  403. 2013/03/28: ABC(Au): Cows rescued from island two months after flood
    A two-month ordeal full of mud, sweat and tears has finally drawn to a close. Four of five Charolais cows stuck on a small island surrounded by deep mud near the Bundaberg port have been rescued. Floodwaters washed them about three kilometres from their home property and all efforts to recover them, including ferrying them out, failed. A novel plan to create a 25-metre bridge of carpet allowed the cattle to walk out to dry land at low tide.
  404. 2013/03/28: ABC(Au): Tornado disaster declaration takes one week
    There is dismay in southern New South Wales at the delay in announcing disaster relief for victims of tornadoes a week ago today. Severe storms left a path of damage in Mulwala and Barooga on the Murray River and tornados almost destroyed two caravan parks.
  405. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Solar leasing project pushes Australia towards capacity
  406. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Firefighters injured, property lost in Vic fire
    Four firefighters have been injured and at least one home has been destroyed as an out-of-control grass fire burns at Dereel, in western Victoria. The 1,300-hectare blaze is travelling in a southerly direction and is expected to burn through another 300 hectares tonight.
  407. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Solar leasing plan to fuel new industry boom
    An Australian community group has launched a solar leasing initiative aimed at helping consumers avoid the often hefty upfront costs of converting to solar energy. It will allow customers to avoid the initial expense of installing solar panels and is designed to push Australia closer to achieving its solar energy target.
  408. 2013/03/25: GReadfearn: Australia’s new energy minister Gary Gray – a brief climate history
  409. 2013/03/25: TheConversation: States of decay: complementing the federal carbon policy
  410. 2013/03/25: TheConversation: Napthine should revisit Victoria’s wind farm planning laws
  411. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): [WA] Business lobby calls for electricity deregulation
  412. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): [WA] Study to examine emissions from tractors
  413. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): Perception of carbon tax hits more than hip pocket
    A survey has revealed that most people believe the carbon tax is hitting their hip pockets far harder than official analysis suggests is actually the case. It is the latest evidence that the tax is damaging the Federal Government’s re-election chances.
  414. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): Gray rules out changes to mining tax
    The new Federal Resources Minister, Gary Gray, says the introduction of the mining tax could have been handled better, but has ruled out making any changes. With only five months in the job before the election, Mr Gray says it will be “business as usual”.
  415. 2013/03/28: ABC(Au): Fullerton Cove CSG gets go ahead [NSW]
  416. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): Fears [NSW] councils may opt out of CSG rules

    After the spill:

  417. 2013/03/28: ABC(Au):TDU: When you understand hate, you understand Rudd’s fall
  418. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): New-look Climate Change Department: What’s ahead?
  419. 2013/03/26: ABC(Au): ‘Appalling week’ to blame for poll numbers
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard says today’s Newspoll showing the Labor Government is heading for a disastrous electoral defeat is the consequence of an “appalling week”. Labor’s primary vote has fallen to 30 per cent and satisfaction in Ms Gillard’s performance has crashed six points to a 19-month low of 26 per cent. “I don’t need a poll to tell me that last week the Labor Party had an appalling week,” she told AM.
  420. 2013/03/26: ABC(Au): Does a leadership spill ‘clear the air’?
    Simon Crean became the Federal Government’s ‘air freshener’ last Thursday. “We needed clear air,” he said. “We needed to bring these matters to a head.” But will the leadership spill give Labor the clear air it needs to sell its message? Or will the subsequent resignations of competent, senior ministers contribute to its demise?
  421. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): Gillard keeps Albanese in Cabinet reshuffle
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a new frontbench she hopes will help the Government move on from last week’s “appalling” and “self-indulgent” leadership dispute.
  422. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): Julia Gillard’s reshuffle: Who’s going where?
  423. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): Combet issues warning on backstabbing as Gillard shuffles pack
    As Prime Minister Julia Gillard prepares to announce her reshuffled frontbench today, her ally and senior minister Greg Combet has issued an angry warning to Labor MPs to stop the backstabbing.
  424. It’s a long way to the September election:

  425. 2013/03/28: ABC(Au): Carbon tax fears unfounded: Gujurat NRE
  426. 2013/03/26: NatureNB: Australian science embroiled in government leadership row
  427. 2013/03/26: WSWS: Australian PM announces new cabinet
  428. 2013/03/25: JQuiggin: Saving the Senate

    After years of wrangling the Murray Darling Basin plan is in place. Now the real fight begins:

  429. 2013/03/29: ABC(Au): Basin plan delayed by lack of direction
    The Murray Darling Basin Plan is being delayed by a lack of ideas on how to put it into practice, a report has found. The multi-billion-dollar plan for the river system was signed into law by the Federal Government in November and involves boosting environmental flows by up to 3200 gigalitres. But a report by the National Water Commission has found little work was done in mapping out how the plan will be delivered.
  430. 2013/03/28: ABC(Au): SA-Victorian border zone still an issue for Draft Allocation Water Plan
  431. 2013/03/28: ABC(Au): Renewable energy drives up desal cost
    A parliamentary committee has heard it will cost about $15 million more each year to power Adelaide’s desalination plant with renewable energy than it would with fossil fuel.
  432. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Fears basin plan implementation slowing at outset
    It took a century to reach agreement on the management of the Murray-Darling Basin but it’s now feared the implementation of the plan might be faltering just as it begins. It’s the role of the National Water Commission to audit the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and the commission has just released its first report. It makes interesting reading. The report doesn’t use the word ‘stalled’ but says the negotiating process has become ‘fatigued’.
  433. 2013/03/26: ABC(Au): Desalination plant opening renews debate
    Adelaide’s desalination plant has been officially opened 18 months after it started producing drinking water and almost six years after it was proposed.
  434. While in the Indian subcontinent:

  435. 2013/03/29: CSM: India won’t be ‘the world’s largest democracy’ until it upholds human rights

    And in China:

  436. 2013/03/30: al Jazeera: Dead animals in Chinese rivers raise alarm
    Thousands of decaying pig carcasses have been scooped out of rivers, with the mystery setting off consumer concerns.
  437. 2013/03/29: AutoBG: China will re-start plug-in vehicle subsidies, says BYD chair
  438. 2013/03/27: al Jazeera: Hundreds of dead ducks found in China river
    Carcasses found in Nanhe river days after discovery of thousands of dead pigs dumped in waterway in Shanghai.
  439. 2013/03/26: AutoBG: China mandates strict fuel-economy increase to 47 mpg by 2020
  440. 2013/03/26: TreeHugger: China increases 2020 fuel economy standard to 47 MPG
  441. 2013/03/26: IndiaTimes: Over 1,000 ducks found dead in Chinese river – cause of death unknown

    And elsewhere in Asia:

  442. 2013/03/25: ABC(Au): Economic hopes as Kiribati signs solar deal
    The President of Kiribati says an Australian-funded solar energy project could lead to a turnaround in the economic fortunes of the small Pacific nation.
  443. While in Africa:

  444. 2013/03/25: Guardian(UK): UN report urges Africa’s leaders to put environmental health policies first
    Environmental factors contribute to 30% of Africa’s disease burden and hinder the continent’s development
  445. 2013/03/25: EurActiv: Eastern Africa to become major player in energy geopolitics
    Recently discovered gas in Mozambique could transform the country into a major player in the world LNG market, speakers said at a public event in Brussels. But some of them warned against high expectations of prosperity and warned that revenues won’t come fast.
  446. In Canada, neocon PM Harper, aka The Blight, pushes petroleum while ignoring climate change:

  447. 2013/03/31: PaiD: More On Harper’s Dereliction of Environmental Responsibilites
  448. 2013/03/30: NI: Dangerous charity caught in Harper Government web
  449. 2013/03/30: NorRe: The Emperor Of The North
  450. 2013/03/29: PostMedia: Federal environment policy may not be helping the oilpatch
  451. 2013/03/28: CBC: Chris Hall: Abortion politics masquerading as free speech — Harper’s ‘rogue’ MPs show caucus rift
  452. 2013/03/27: CBC: Anti-abortion motion reviewed in secret
    Committee’s decision on Mark Warawa’s sex-selective abortion motion could be released Thursday
  453. 2013/03/27: Rabble:DS: Does selling off our resources make us an energy superpower?
  454. 2013/03/26: NatPo: Backbench revolt the closest thing to a revolution Harper’s seen yet
  455. 2013/03/24: BCLSB: Free the Canadian Archivist!

    The IdleNoMore movement is still here:

  456. 2013/03/30: al Jazeera: Canada’s indigenous thirsty for water rights
    Plans to build port and sell lake water enrage First Nations community, who say they will not share in the benefits.
  457. 2013/03/26: DeSmogBlog: Indigenous Rights are…Hey Look! A Panda!
  458. 2013/03/25: BBC: Seven Native Canadians finish arduous protest trek
    Seven young Native Canadian men have finished a 1,600km (1,000-mile) trek to the Canadian capital in protest against living conditions on reserves.
  459. 2013/03/25: CBC: Cree youth on final leg of Idle No More trek to Ottawa
    Welcome ceremony scheduled this morning before final walk to Parliament Hill A group of young people from the James Bay Cree community of Whapmagoostui, Que., is expected to arrive in Ottawa today, marking the end of their 1,600-kilometre trek to the nation’s capital.
  460. 2013/03/24: CBC: Cree youth near Ottawa, end of Idle No More journey
    22 walkers sought medical attention in Kitigan Zibi reserve in west Quebec, 3 more to hospital A group of young people from the James Bay Cree community of Whapmagoostui, Que., has arrived in the Ottawa-Gatineau region as they near the end of a 1,600-kilometre trek to the nation’s capital. Six young people and a guide left their community in January to snowshoe to Ottawa in support of the Idle No More movement. They called the trek “The Journey of Nishiyuu,” which means “The Journey of the People” in Cree. The group now numbers about 270, according to volunteers, after other children and youth from Cree and Algonquin communities joined them along the way.
  461. The Harper gang find it easy to slip into “don’t tell them what we are doing” mode:

  462. 2013/03/26: CBC: Ottawa nixes former environment panel’s data-sharing plan — Environment Canada, not Sustainable Prosperity, to take over research data
    Environment Minister Peter Kent asks that no new information be added to the website of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, even though two new documents were ready to be published.Environment Minister Peter Kent asks that no new information be added to the website of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, even though two new documents were ready to be published. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press) The people who are winding down the controversial National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy say Environment Minister Peter Kent has nixed their plan to keep all their research public. The government pulled funding from the roundtable a year ago, giving the advisory body until this Friday to shut down. Acting chairman Robert Slater says the group had planned to hand over 25 years of research and analysis to think-tank Sustainable Prosperity to ensure it remained public. But he says Kent sent him a letter last week telling him that Environment Canada would take over the information instead.
  463. 2013/03/26: DeSmogBlog: Leaked: National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy’s Final Farewell Report
  464. 2013/03/28: PI:B: Farewell to National Round Table on Environment and Economy

    The Blight struck again:

  465. 2013/03/30: TStar: [Editorial] Why is Canada the only country to quit UN anti-drought convention?
    The Harper government’s hostility to international co-operation and environmental science make quitting a UN convention on fighting drought a dubious distinction.
  466. 2013/03/30: WpgFP: Desertification group laments losing Canada — ‘Regrettable’ decision makes it only country not in the UN body
  467. 2013/03/29: ScienceInsider: Canada Pulls Out of U.N. Treaty to Combat Desertification
    Any doubts that Canada is an “outlier” on climate change were dispelled this week, say critics, after the Conservative government announced it is withdrawing from a U.N. convention to combat desertification signed by 194 other nations. Green Party leader Elizabeth May decried the move as another sign of the Conservative’s indifference to environmental protection. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is “making us a rogue nation. The North Korea of environmental law,” she tweeted.
  468. 2013/03/29: CBC: Canada’s pullout of UN drought convention called ‘regrettable’
  469. 2013/03/29: UN: UN calls Canada’s pullout from drought convention ‘regrettable’
  470. 2013/03/28: CBC: Conservatives defend withdrawal from UN drought ‘talkfest’
  471. 2013/03/28: Global: Canada stands alone as only country outside of UN droughts and deserts convention
  472. 2013/03/29: MSimon: The Harper Cons Shame Canada Again
  473. 2013/03/29: CPW: Elizabeth May: Harper making Canada the North Korea of environmental law
  474. 2013/03/28: RTCC: Canada could leave UN climate talks after UNCCD exit
  475. 2013/03/28: TMoS: Turning Canada’s Back on Our Warming World
  476. 2013/03/27: CBC: Canada quietly pulls out of UN anti-droughts convention
    Canada is now only country not part of agreement
  477. 2013/03/28: TStar: Canada saw bureaucracy and inefficiency in UN convention on deserts
  478. 2013/03/28: TStar: Canada stands alone on the environment – again: Tim Harper
    As Canada tries to convince the U.S. it is a responsible environmental steward, it walks away from UN environmental convention.
  479. The Liberal party leadership vote is scheduled for April 14th:

  480. 2013/03/28: WpgFP: Follow the leadership money: Murray emerges as primary challenger to Trudeau
  481. 2013/03/26: TStar: Liberal leadership candidate Joyce Murray: “Our numbers are higher than anyone else’s”
    The so-called cooperation candidate told the Star’s editorial board she’s going into the Liberal leadership race’s final stretch with a lead in registered supporters.
  482. The battle over the Northern Gateway pipeline rages on:

  483. 2013/03/29: al Jazeera: “It cannot happen here”: Pipeline pushback attends Exxon Valdez anniversary
    The Canadian government has joined oil giant Enbridge in a push for approval of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.
  484. 2013/03/26: CBC: B.C. First Nation takes Trans Mountain expansion to court
    A First Nation from British Columbia’s southern Interior is taking the federal government and an oil company to court over plans to almost triple the capacity of an oil pipeline that crosses its reserve. Documents filed in Federal Court by the Coldwater Indian Band argue the minister of Indian affairs is ready to consent to a plan that would see Kinder Morgan increase the amount of oil in the Trans Mountain pipeline near Merritt, B.C.
  485. 2013/03/26: TStar: Exxon Valdez anniversary sparks renewed pipeline debate in B.C.: Tim Harper
    National Resources Minister Joe Oliver courts controversy with blanket claim that Exxon Valdez-type spill could never happen here.
  486. 2013/03/25: TheCanadian: International Indigenous Alliance Joins Forces to Battle Multiple Planned Tar Sands Pipelines
  487. 2013/03/25: TheCanadian: Harper Govt. Floats New Tanker Spill Response Measures, Oil Traffic Critics Unconvinced
  488. 2013/03/25: Grist: Protests against tar-sands pipelines heat up in U.S. and Canada
  489. 2013/03/25: CBC: Federal ad campaign driven by Northern Gateway criticism — Document acknowledges negative media attention
    One of the key concerns for the federal government in a multimillion-dollar Natural Resources advertising campaign was the negative publicity around the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, according to internal government documents. In particular, the statement of work provided to the ad company a year ago noted that media coverage had been critical of legislative changes that gave the federal cabinet power to override the National Energy Board recommendations on project approval.
  490. 2013/03/24: CBC: Anti-tanker ad marks anniversary of Alaskan oil spill
    The Exxon Valdez oil spill created an environmental disaster in Prince Wiliam Sound in 1989 The Exxon Valdez disaster of March 24, 1989 was one of history’s worst oil spills, and twenty-four years later, a B.C. First Nations group is pointing to the tragedy as proof the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project should not go forward.
  491. And the Kinder Morgan expansion:

  492. 2013/03/26: TheCanadian: BC First Nation Takes Govt, Pipeline Operator to Court Over Proposed Tripling of Trans Mountain Line

    The ISA/PRV/IHN/Alpha virus in Canadian waters is potentially disastrous:

  493. 2013/03/28: WCEL: Privatizing Salmon Protection: The Failure of the Riparian Areas Regulation
  494. 2013/03/27: CBC: Money for aquaculture, but not wild salmon, critics note
    MPs say federal budget fails to respond to Cohen report on B.C. salmon decline Money in this year’s federal budget for aquaculture has critics wondering when Ottawa plans to speak up for wild salmon on the west coast. The government gave the Department of Fisheries and Oceans $57.5 million over five years “to enhance regulatory certainty” in the aquaculture industry, but it has yet to respond to the final report of the $26-million Cohen Commission, which was set up to look into the decline of sockeye salmon in the Fraser River. “How do you respond to the recommendations of Mr. Justice [Bruce] Cohen, specifically that there be a moratorium on new aquaculture development near the Discovery Islands [B.C.],” asked Green Party Leader Elizabeth May outside the House of Commons after Tuesday’s question period. May added that there is a great deal of concern in B.C. that farmed salmon are harming the survival of wild stocks.
  495. 2013/03/25: TheCanadian: Liberals Vow to Cap Salmon Farms in Discovery Islands; NDP Says Too Little, Too Late
  496. 2013/03/24: AlexandraMorton: AlexTalks #4
  497. 2013/03/23: CBC: Salmon farms near Campbell River capped for 7 years
    Province agrees with intent of eight recommendations from the Cohen Commission
  498. 2013/03/25: CBC: B.C. salmon-farm critics say committee will be upstream battle — National aquaculture advisory committee to meet Wednesday in Richmond, B.C.
    Critics of British Columbia’s salmon-farming industry fear they could be “shouted down” and that their concerns will disappear into a “black hole” when a new committee meets to advise federal fisheries officials on aquaculture issues. The advisory committee, which is being set up by Fisheries and Oceans Canada as part of its Integrated Management of Aquaculture Plan, is expected to hold its first meeting on Wednesday in Richmond, B.C.
  499. In BC, the stage is set for the May 14th election. Now what will Clark and Dix do?

  500. 2013/03/30: NI: BC Auditor General site down Mar 29-30
    Since the website of the British Columbia Auditor General is inaccessible early morning March 30, and was down late March 29, I provide this access to recent reports from the Auditor General.
  501. 2013/03/28: PEF: Closing the Loop: Zero Waste, GHG Emissions and Green Jobs in BC
  502. 2013/03/28: CCPA: [link to 2.1 meg pdf] Closing the Loop – Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Zero Waste in BC by Marc Lee et al.
  503. 2013/03/28: TheCanadian: Auditor General Fights Back Over Attempts to Derail Audit of Carbon Offset Scheme
  504. 2013/03/28: PI:B: Driving forward with electric vehicles in British Columbia
  505. 2013/03/27: TheCanadian: Oil Pipeline, Tanker Spills not a ‘Risk’ but a Certainty
  506. 2013/03/27: Tyee: Let My Report Go Free: Auditor General
    Pacific Carbon Trust part of ‘orchestrated campaign’ to delay findings on offset issues: AG Doyle.
  507. 2013/03/27: PostMedia: John Doyle blasts Pacific Carbon Trust over ‘orchestrated’ opposition to audit
    Auditor general John Doyle blasted the management of the Pacific Carbon Trust Wednesday, saying the public organization at the centre of his damning audit on carbon neutrality actively worked to undermine his efforts. “Of all the reports I have issued, never has one been targeted in such an overt manner by vested interests, nor has an audited organization ever broken my confidence, as did the senior managers at PCT by disclosing confidential information to carbon market developers and brokers,” Doyle wrote in a scathing introduction to his report.
  508. 2013/03/27: CBC: Controversial ocean fertilization project defended by B.C. village
  509. 2013/03/27: NI: Failure perfectly OK with BC Liberals
  510. 2013/03/27: NI: From the audit of carbon neutral government
  511. 2013/03/25: NI: Torstar’s 20% of Black Press valued at zero [BC pol]

    Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  512. 2013/03/30: TheCanadian: The Bitumen Cliff
  513. 2013/03/29: PostMedia: Governments to publish long-awaited environmental data on oilsands [next Wednesday]
  514. 2013/03/29: PostMedia: Pentagon officials tour oilsands as part of effort to recruit veterans to jobs – the “Helmets to Hard Hats” program
  515. 2013/03/29: P3: Oil Sands Limited by Transportation – We Should Keep It That Way
  516. 2013/03/28: BBerg: Total to Take $1.65 Billion Loss on Canada Oil-Sands Project
  517. 2013/03/27: TheCanadian: Suncor Downplays Impact of Industrial Waste Leak into Athabasca River
  518. 2013/03/27: CCP: Opposition To Keystone Pipeline, Stigmatization Of Tar Sands Increasing (Pictures)
  519. 2013/03/27: CBC: Suncor cancels proposed Voyageur upgrader
  520. 2013/03/27: CBC: Oil patch takeovers reach record
    The value of takeovers in Canada’s oil and gas industry hit a record high of $54.1 billion last year, according to Calgary-based mergers and acquisitions consultants Sayer Energy Advisors.
  521. 2013/03/27: CBC: Wastewater leak from oilsands plant enters Athabasca River
    Suncor has now confirmed that a wastewater leak from an outfall pond at its oilsands plant north of Fort McMurray, Alta., did enter the Athabasca River.
  522. 2013/03/26: G&M: Alberta tests Athabasca River to gauge Suncor site leak’s toxicity
    More than a day after industrial waste water leaked from a Suncor Energy Inc. site into the Athabasca River, the oil-sands giant and the province were still trying to determine which, if any, toxic materials were carried into the major Alberta waterway. On Monday, staff at the Suncor oil-sands base plant north of Fort McMurray discovered a pipe carrying water that had been used in bitumen extraction and upgrading had frozen, cracked and was leaking into an outfall pond near the river for at least several hours. They were able to halt the flow at 4 p.m. the same day.
  523. 2013/03/26: P3: Keeping the Cork in the Oil Sands Bottle
  524. 2013/03/25: PI:B: New oilsands mine to go ahead despite lack of promised Athabasca River protection

    Also in Alberta:

  525. 2013/03/29: CBC: Alberta’s Ralph Klein dead at 70 – Nil nisi bonum
  526. 2013/03/30: Tyee: ‘Pipeline Company Bullies’ — A farmer’s plea for protections against petro firms who ‘take our lands.’
  527. 2013/03/29: Tyee: Alberta’s Top Judge to Hear High Profile Fracking Case
    Flaming tap water lawsuit by Jessica Ernst faced delay after previous judge promoted.
  528. 2013/03/26: PI: New report shows health and climate impacts from coal power cost Alberta millions
  529. 2013/03/26: CBC: Coal plants cost Alberta $300M in health costs: report — Report says Alberta burns more coal than the rest of Canada combined
  530. 2013/03/26: KSJT: Globe and Mail, etc: New report says Alberta’s coal industry kills, public pays bills. But where are the questions?
  531. 2013/03/24: DeSmogBlog: Marking Up the Alberta Government’s $30,000 Keystone XL Ad

    In Manitoba, flooding is definitely possible. There is a lot of snow. It all depends on how fast it melts:

  532. 2013/03/26: CBC: Manitoba foresees moderate to major flood potential — Water levels expected to be around 2009 levels, forecast says
  533. 2013/03/26: CBC: Manitoba communities ramp up flood prep ahead of forecast — Province of Manitoba to release flood forecast on Tuesday
  534. 2013/03/21: CBC: Fargo forecast to have one of top 5 floods in its history — U.S. National Weather Service says Red River could top 11.6 metres

    Wynne is struggling to establish herself. Energy still looms large:

  535. 2013/03/28: BCLSB: Hudak Tories In Wind Waffle

    While in la Belle Province:

  536. 2013/03/28: Tyee: Testing the Right to Frack
    NAFTA investor lawsuit against shale gas moratorium adds reason to fear FIPA.
    Last year, a U.S.-owned energy firm Lone Pine Resources sued Canada using investment rules in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The firm is challenging Quebec’s 2011 moratorium on fracking in the St. Lawrence Valley, which was extended indefinitely by the new Parti Quebecois government
  537. As for miscellaneous Canadiana:

  538. 2013/03/28: DtPB: ON NDP Stance on Funding for Public Transit

    And on the American political front:

  539. 2013/03/15: Science: [Editorial] Am I Wrong? by Bruce Alberts
  540. 2013/03/28: NotEvenWrong: Are they wrong? US research funding
  541. 2013/03/28: OPS: He’s Not Wrong: The US and Science Research
  542. 2013/03/27: QuarkSoup: The Building of Momentum on the Climate Issue
  543. 2013/03/26: G&M: U.S. Defence Department stands by its oil sands fuel
    The U.S. Defence Department has rebuffed an environmentalist campaign to stop it from using fuel processed from oil sands crude, saying there would be no environmental benefit and such a move would be impractical.
  544. 2013/03/28: TP:JR: Republican Mayor Leads City To First-Ever Solar Energy Mandate
  545. 2013/03/28: MWEN: Study: U.S. biofuels policy pushes GHG emissions overseas
  546. 2013/03/29: KSJT: What constitutes “industry ties”?
  547. 2013/03/28: Grist: Colorado lawmakers want to jack up ridiculously low oil-spill fines
  548. 2013/03/28: CSM: IMF: End energy subsidies
  549. USDA: SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  550. 2013/03/29: WtD: The Billionaire’s Tea Party: Video of the week
  551. 2013/03/27: RTCC: US plans major climate change awareness drive
  552. 2013/03/24: SeattlePI: Drought contributes to Neb. climate change debate
    A harsh summer drought that threatened Nebraska farms and ranches has prompted lawmakers to take a fresh look at climate change, an issue that has gotten little traction in the Legislature.
  553. The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  554. 2013/03/27: TheConversation: Two years on: the legacy of the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill

    Post-Sandy commentary and news:

  555. 2013/03/30: TMoS: Property Sales Heat Up Post-Hurricane Sandy
  556. 2013/03/28: Grist: How much is a beachfront home in the Sandy-ravaged Rockaways?

    The Keystone XL saga grinds slowly. And it grinds woe:

  557. 2013/03/30: CPW: In Texas, An Activist Climbs Flagpole, Hangs Banner Denouncing Alberta Tar Sands
    LyondellBasell recently announced its plans to nearly triple its tar sands refining capacity from the Keystone XL pipeline as protests escalate across the continent
  558. 2013/03/29: CSW: Where are the Keystone XL pipeline whistleblowers?
  559. 2013/03/28: TP:JR: A National Security Pipe Dream, Part 1
  560. 2013/03/28: Grist: Keystone komics: The incredible, illustrated history of the Keystone XL oil pipeline
  561. 2013/03/27: CCP: Opposition To Keystone Pipeline, Stigmatization Of Tar Sands Increasing (Pictures)
  562. 2013/03/27: BBerg: State Department Won’t Release Comments on Keystone Study
  563. 2013/03/26: CSM: Kansas House pushes for approval of Keystone XL pipeline
  564. 2013/03/26: CPW: 10 KXL Amendment Co-Sponsors Took $8 Million from Fossil Fuel Industry
  565. 2013/03/26: BCLSB: Sutter Strikes Out
  566. 2013/03/26: DeSmogBlog: State Department’s Keystone XL Contractor ERM Green-Lighted BP’s Explosive Caspian Pipeline That Failed To Live Up to Jobs Hype
  567. 2013/03/26: Macleans: Darryl Sutter [hockey coach]: Canada’s newest oil sands ambassador
  568. 2013/03/25: Grist: Protests against tar-sands pipelines heat up in U.S. and Canada
  569. 2013/03/23: SLTrib: Utah protesters decry tar sands in Chevron refinery march
  570. 2013/03/25: ICN: Keystone Public Comments Won’t Be Made Public, State Department Says
  571. 2013/03/25: TreeHugger: State Department hid ties between Keystone XL report and TransCanada

    With the deficit hawks panicking about the fiscal cliff, there has been talk of a carbon tax solution:

  572. 2013/03/25: NYT:EconoMix: Our Carbon, Our Climate, Our Cash

    The GOP War on Women continues. See also:

  573. 2013/03/30: PSinclair: Idahoans Threaten Science Teacher Who Teaches Science. He Said “vagina”…and “Climate change”
  574. 2013/03/29: WSWS: North Dakota enacts most restrictive abortion laws in US
  575. 2013/03/29: TP:JR: High School Science Teacher Investigated For Using Word ‘Vagina’, Showing Clip Of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’
  576. 2013/03/29: RawStory: Mississippi governor [Phil Bryant (R)] appoints anti-choice activist to state health board
  577. 2013/03/28: Guardian(UK): North Dakota anti-abortion activists attempt to re-open Roe v Wade debate
    America has no ‘culture war’ about legal abortion rights: only an extreme minority wants to replay the issue in the supreme court
  578. 2013/03/27: RawStory: Idaho teacher investigated for saying ‘vagina’ during biology lesson
  579. 2013/03/26: BBC: North Dakota introduces toughest abortion law in US
    North Dakota has banned abortion once a foetal heartbeat can be detected – as early as six weeks – in the most restrictive law of its kind in the US. Governor Jack Dalrymple [R] signed a second law banning abortions based on genetic abnormalities. He approved a third law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have hospital-admitting privileges. Correspondents say the laws are in part an effort to close the state’s only abortion clinic, in the town of Fargo. The measures, which take effect on 1 August, make no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother. Gov Dalrymple said: “Although the likelihood of this measure surviving a court challenge remains in question, this bill is nevertheless a legitimate attempt by a state legislature to discover the boundaries of Roe v Wade.”
  580. 2013/03/26: al Jazeera: Violence Against Women Act reauthorised – what took you so long?
    The VAWA will not solve every issue, but ensures that remedies are there when a woman makes a desperate plea for help.
  581. The NorthWest coal export debate remains heated:

  582. 2013/03/26: QuarkSoup: Governors Cite Climate Change for Coal Export Review
  583. 2013/03/25: CCP: Washington governor Jay Inslee and Oregon governor John Kitzhaber ask Obama administration for full review of coal leasing and [export] on air quality and greenhouse gases

    The impacts of the sequestration are starting to come home:

  584. 2013/03/27: Ph&Ph: 2013 US Spending Bill
  585. 2013/03/27: TP:JR: Sequestration Cuts Hit The National Parks Hard
  586. 2013/03/26: P3: NASA Clams Up Altogether
  587. 2013/03/25: QuarkSoup: NASA Suspends All Public Outreach [seq]

    Surely this can’t be the end of the Monnett saga:

  588. 2013/03/25: CCP: Charles Monnett permitted to return to his old job with a minor reprimand for following what was common practice (and signed off on by his superiors)

    The EPA has finally proposed new Tier 3 emission rules:

  589. 2013/03/29: CSM: Clean fuel regulations: EPA, oil industry vie over effect on gas prices
  590. 2013/03/29: CSM: EPA further limits sulfur. Will higher gas prices follow?
  591. 2013/03/29: AutoBG: EPA proposes new Tier 3 emission rules, requiring cleaner cars and gasoline in 2017
  592. 2013/03/29: UCSUSA:B: Smog, Soot, and Sulfur, Oh My!
  593. 2013/03/29: UCSUSA: Lower Tailpipe Emissions Will Lead to Cleaner Air, More Jobs — Wide Support for Reductions of Smog-Forming Exhaust
  594. 2013/03/29: TreeHugger: Obama’s EPA to require better gasoline, cleaner air
  595. 2013/03/29: Grist: New gasoline rules are good for your lungs and bad for Big Oil
  596. 2013/03/29: TP:JR: New EPA Rules Would Make Your Car Run Better And Cleaner
  597. 2013/03/29: USAToday: EPA rule would cut smog-causing sulfur in gas
    The Environmental Protection Agency proposed new rules today that will require lower-sulfur fuels to help reduce smog-causing emissions from cars and trucks beginning in 2017. The long-awaited rule would increase the price of gas by a penny a gallon or up to 9 cents, depending on whether analyses cited by EPA and environmental groups or the oil industry are to be believed.
  598. Now that he doesn’t need their vote any more, how will Obama treat liberals and their policy issues?

  599. 2013/03/28: CDreams: Despite ‘Enormous Risk’ White House Reaffirms Commitment to Arctic Drilling
  600. 2013/03/28: ScienceInsider: Mixed Reactions to White House Science Advisers’ Suggestions for Obama’s Climate Agenda
  601. 2013/03/26: TP:JR: Some Other Items for The President’s Public Lands To-Do List

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  602. 2013/03/31: TP:JR: Administration Outlines Plan To Help Wildlife Adapt To Climate Change
  603. 2013/03/28: Bradenton: Court: EPA can stop some power plant modifications
    Government regulators can try to halt construction projects at power plants if they think the companies didn’t properly calculate whether the changes would increase air pollution, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday, marking the latest twist in a decades-long fight over the Clean Air Act. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sued Michigan-based DTE Energy in 2010, because the company was replacing key boiler parts at its Monroe Unit 2 coal-fired power plant without installing pollution controls. The EPA said the controls were required because the utility was performing a major overhaul, but DTE argued the $65 million project was only routine maintenance and was therefore exempt. A federal judge threw out the suit, saying the EPA went to court too soon. But the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that decision in a 2-1 ruling, saying the law doesn’t block the EPA from challenging suspected violations of its regulations until long after power plants are modified.
  604. 2013/03/27: Grist: Energy secretary nominee Ernest Moniz has deep ties to oil, gas, and nuclear industries
  605. 2013/03/26: DemNow: Energy Nominee Ernest Moniz Criticized for Backing Fracking & Nuclear Power; Ties to BP, GE, Saudis
  606. 2013/03/26: ERabett: Inside Baseball Memo War
  607. 2013/03/25: TheHill:RW: New panel to advise EPA on ‘fracking’
  608. 2013/03/26: NOAANews: National strategy will help safeguard fish, wildlife and plants in a changing climate
  609. 2013/03/25: CCP: Leaked EPA Documents Expose Decades-Old Effort to Hide Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction
  610. 2013/03/25: TP:JR: Interior Department Finishes Look-Before-You-Leap Oil Shale Plan
  611. 2013/03/25: ICN: Analysis: Obama’s climate agenda may face setbacks in federal court
    President Barack Obama’s plan to use federal agencies, and the Environmental Protection Agency in particular, to drive his second-term climate change agenda might be in peril if he cannot fill vacant seats on the federal court that has jurisdiction over major national regulations, legal experts say.
  612. 2013/03/25: GCC: US DOI finalizes plan for oil shale and oil sands research, demonstration and development
  613. 2013/03/25: NOAANews: With support from NOAA, Woods Hole scientists see moderate spring, summer red tide for Gulf of Maine
  614. 2013/03/0: DemNow: Leaked EPA Documents Expose Decades-Old Effort to Hide Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction/A>
  615. 2013/03/13: GTM: FERC Proposes Reforms to Speed Interconnection of Renewables, Solar
    Some hope for lowering the soft costs of solar projects by easing interconnection
  616. 2013/03/21: WVGazette: Feds OK coal slurry dam expansion — MSHA approves height taller than Hoover Dam
    Federal regulators have approved Alpha Natural Resources’ plan to expand one of the nation’s biggest coal slurry impoundments to a height taller than the Hoover Dam. The plan will also increase the volume of waste it holds to 8.5 billion gallons. The Mine Safety and Health Administration confirmed the approval this week and provided The Associated Press a copy of a letter giving Virginia-based Alpha permission to expand the Brushy Fork impoundment near Whitesville in southern West Virginia.
  617. As for what is going on in Congress:

  618. 2013/03/30: CCP: Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) backroom deals Monsanto Protection Act into appropriations bill
  619. 2013/03/29: FDL: Monsanto Gets Its Very Own Law
  620. 2013/03/29: UCSUSA: Ohio Senator [Bill Seitz] Opposes Renewable Energy Standard He Once Supported…
  621. 2013/03/28: S&R: Monsant-Oh No!
    With every bill passed in Congress, there is good news and bad news. The good news of HR 933 passing the House: we avoided a government shutdown (for now). The bad news: Congress authorized a provision known as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” protecting the agricultural giant from litigation.
  622. 2013/03/28: GreenGrok: Congress’s Affair With Ethanol: Love Gone Wrong?
  623. 2013/03/28: TP:JR: [Senator Ted] Cruz (R-Texas) Gets Senate To Censor Innocuous Mention Of ‘Changes In Climate’ In Resolution For International Women’s Day
  624. 2013/03/28: RealEconomics: The bill for the 2012 corn belt drought disaster
  625. 2013/03/27: Salon: How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law
    A provison that protects the biotech giant from litigation passed Congress without many members knowing about it
  626. 2013/03/26: ScienceInsider: Congress Completes Work on 2013 Spending Bill
    U.S. research agencies finally know what they have to spend for the rest of the 2013 fiscal year after Congress completed work today on a bill to fund the government through 30 September.
  627. 2013/03/26: UCSUSA:B: Biotech Rider a Threat to Farmers and the Environment
  628. 2013/03/24: TP:JR: 7 Deadly Amendments That Would’ve Protected Dirty Energy And Trashed The Climate
  629. 2013/03/25: CPW: ‘Senate’s Big Oil Benefactors’ Slammed for Keystone XL Vote

    The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  630. 2013/03/28: GaianEcon: Ecuador Leads the World
  631. 2013/03/27: OilDrum: Our Energy Predicament in [19] Charts
  632. 2013/03/26: Resilience: Three glimmers of hope for an economic transformation
  633. 2013/03/26: AlterNet: Why Is Socialism Doing So Darn Well in Deep-Red North Dakota?
    North Dakota’s thriving state bank makes a mockery of Wall Street’s casino banking system — and that’s why financial elites want to crush it.
  634. 2013/03/25: DemNow: Capitalism in Crisis: Richard Wolff Urges End to Austerity, New Jobs Program, Democratizing Work
  635. 2013/03/25: Resilience: The gross domestic problem
    My question was: if GDP has so many flaws and numerous attempts were made at finding ‘better’ numbers, then why are we are still using GDP? Is it possible that there are specific interests supporting the nexus between GDP and policymaking? What are the political dimensions of this almighty number? So I set out to do my research on the history of GDP and realized that this story needed to be told. The story of GDP is the story of how we built the type of society we live in. It is the story of how economics took over all other sciences to become the servant of power.
  636. 2013/03/24: P3: The 100 Year Starship

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  637. 2013/03/27: al Jazeera: State signs strictest abortion ban in US
    Pro-choice groups vow to challenge North Dakota’s controversial foetal heartbeat abortion law in court.
  638. 2013/03/27: P3: Malthusianism from the Ehrlichs Redux
  639. 2013/03/27: CCurrents: Social Control In The 21st Century: Eugenics, The GM Sector And The Ideology Of The Rich
  640. 2013/03/26: SciAm:PI: What an 18th century treatise on population can teach us about energy resources
  641. 2013/03/25: Xinhuanet: Immortality in pill no longer science fiction: researcher

    Apocalypso anyone?

  642. 2013/03/28: Stoat: Apocalypse perhaps a little later?
  643. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Doomsday survival odds improve … slightly
  644. 2013/03/25: RTCC: Why Russian doomsday climate predictions may prove prophetic

    How do the media measure up?

  645. 2013/03/29: QuarkSoup: Spencer/Schmidt Not-a-Debate on John Stossel’s Show
  646. 2013/03/29: QuarkSoup: More About Stossel’s Set-Up
  647. 2013/03/29: QuarkSoup: The Australian: How to Lie With(out) Statistics
  648. 2013/03/28: FAIR: For NPR, Fracking Fight Is Between Farmers & Movie Stars
  649. 2013/03/27: RTCC: UK climate panel shreds Mail on Sunday ‘great green con’ story [by David Rose]
  650. 2013/03/25: CleanBreak: Clean Break column in Toronto Star ends a 10-year run…
  651. 2013/03/25: PSinclair: WSJ: Solar a “Mortal Threat” to Utilities
  652. 2013/03/25: WtD: Cut and cherry-paste: The Australian shamelessly cherry picking the words of scientists

    Here is something for your library:

  653. 2013/03/25: EneNews: New Book: Shocking Hanford radiation experiments on prisoners — Columbia River called most radioactive in world

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  654. 2013/03/30: PSinclair: The Weekend Wonk: Sea Level Potholes and Speedbumps
  655. 2013/03/30: NI: “Humans have never dealt with nature’s complexity…”
  656. 2013/03/30: Tyee: ‘Everywhere the Trees Were Dead’
    Fuelled by climate change, the devastating pine beetle outbreak is a non-stop forest killer, shows new doc.
  657. 2013/03/29: PSinclair: IceBreakers Might Rescue Ice – Mike MacCracken on Mitigating Arctic Melt
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  661. 2013/03/27: TP:JR: Video: Hunters And Anglers See First-Hand The Impacts Of Manmade Climate Change

    Meanwhile among the ‘Sue the Bastards!’ contingent:

  662. 2013/03/29: Tyee: Alberta’s Top Judge to Hear High Profile Fracking Case
    Flaming tap water lawsuit by Jessica Ernst faced delay after previous judge promoted.
  663. 2013/03/28: RT: Koch Block: Alleged Anonymous hacker charged with shutting down billionaires’ website
  664. 2013/03/28: RT: Fracking chemicals to stay ‘trade secrets’
  665. 2013/03/27: DeSmogBlog: Another Judge Agrees: Atmosphere Should Be Protected As a Public Trust
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  668. 2013/03/26: CNBC: Exxon fined $1.7 mln over Yellowstone River oil spill
  669. 2013/03/25: Time: Judge Sides with Wyoming in Fracking Chemical Suit
    A judge in Casper has sided with the state of Wyoming and ruled against environmentalists who sought to make public the lists of ingredients that go into hydraulic fracturing fluids.
  670. Developing a new energy infrastructure is a fundamental challenge of the current generation:

  671. 2013/03/28: Grist: How to power America with renewables on the cheap: Build a shit ton of wind and solar capacity
  672. 2013/03/27: TP:JR: Learning From The German Transition To Renewable Energy
  673. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Asia overtaking Europe in clean power [says Climate Institute report]
  674. 2013/03/26: Slate: Blue Sky Thinking
    The entirely serious plan to collect solar energy by spaceship and beam it back to Earth with lasers.
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  676. 2013/03/26: CSM: Fuel from carbon dioxide: Is it too good to be true?
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  678. 2013/03/25: Grist:Can we shift to renewable energy? Yes. As to how …
  679. 2013/03/23: NYT: Life After Oil and Gas

    What do you have in energy comparisons and transitions?

  680. 2013/03/26: PSinclair: German Renewables Still Busting Gas and Nuclear
  681. 2013/03/25: NBF: Uranium from Seawater is over 3000 times the energy of Methane Hydrate in the Ocean

    Hey! Let’s contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It’ll be a fracking gas!

  682. 2013/03/30: CCP: Fracking’s Latest Scandal? Earthquake Swarms Caused by Wastewater Injection Wells
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  692. 2013/03/27: NBC: Oil extraction wastewater caused Oklahoma’s biggest quake
  693. 2013/03/27: CCP: Oklahoma’s largest ever earthquake found to be fracking related [Prague, OK, Nov 6, 2011, 5.7 magnitude, destroyed 14 homes, injured 2 people]
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  695. 2013/03/27: Grist: Oil industry likely triggered big 2011 Oklahoma earthquake, scientists find
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    Scientists say wastewater injection from hydraulic fracturing was linked to a magnitude-5.7 earthquake that struck the US state of Oklahoma in 2011.
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  704. 2013/03/21: CoB: Study: Shale Gas Fracking Taints Rivers in Pennsylvania

    On the coal front:

  705. 2013/03/29: TP:JR: New EIA Data Reveal U.S. Coal Use Rising Again
  706. 2013/03/28: USGS: Proximity to Coal-Tar-Sealed Pavement Raises Risk of Cancer, Study Finds

    On the gas and oil front:

  707. 2013/03/29: BBerg: Closing oil prices Friday
    OIL (US$/bbl)
    Dated Brent Spot….110.02
    WTI Cushing Spot…..97.23
  708. 2013/03/29: EarlyWarning: Iraqi Oil Production
  709. 2013/03/27: EarlyWarning: Iranian Oil Production
  710. 2013/03/27: BBC: BP and partners announce $500m Clair field appraisal
    A consortium of oil companies is to invest more than $500m (£330m) in an appraisal drilling programme which could lead to further development of a giant North Sea field. The BP-led consortium said drilling had already started on the first of five wells planned over the next two years at Clair, west of Shetland.
  711. 2013/03/27: McClatchyDC: Iraqi oil: Once seen as U.S. boon, now it’s mostly China’s
  712. 2013/03/26: TP:JR: World’s Most Powerful Private Supercomputer Won’t Cure Cancer, But Will Find Oil Super Fast
  713. 2013/03/31: OilDrum: Tech Talk – Future Natural Gas Supplies and Cyprus
  714. 2013/03/31: al Jazeera: Gas from Israeli Tamar field starts flowing
    Production could save Israel billions of dollars in annual costs and eventually turn country into an energy exporter.
  715. 2013/03/25: OilDrum: Tech Talk – The ExxonMobil Future: A Review

    Regarding oil and the economy:

  716. 2013/03/30: CSM: How high oil prices lead to financial collapse
  717. 2013/03/29: Resilience: Falling Gasoline Use Means United States Can Just Say No to New Pipelines and Food-to-Fuel
  718. 2013/03/25: NBC: Energy boom begins to ripple through US economy

    And in pipeline news:

  719. 2013/03/31: LoE: Happy Easter from Exxon
  720. 2013/03/31: al Jazeera: ‘Major spill’ after Exxon pipe ruptures in US
    Company shuts 1400km pipeline after thousands of barrels spill near the town of Mayflower in state of Arkansas.
  721. 2013/03/30: CCP: Exxon/Enbridge Canadian tar sands dilbit Pegasus pipeline ruptures in Mayflower, Arkansas, forcing evacuation of 22 homes…
  722. Wiki: Shah Deniz gas field
  723. 2013/03/29: EurActiv: Communication crossfire signals high tension in pipeline race
    Nabucco West and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the two companies competing for Azerbaijani gas projects, have issued simultaneous statements today (29 March) that they have submitted the final package supporting their bids. The Shah Deniz consortium will chose between the two in June.
  724. 2013/03/27: ICN: Cleanup of 2010 Mich. Dilbit Spill Aims to Stop Spread of Submerged Oil
    Enbridge agrees to comply with EPA order to dredge Kalamazoo River. Final cleanup costs could top $1 billion.
  725. 2013/03/28: DeSmogBlog: Oil On The Tracks: Canadian Pacific Rail Spills 30,000 Gallons of Crude in Minnesota
  726. 2013/03/27: CBC: Crews bring CP Rail oil spill in U.S. under control
    The 94-car train headed near Minnesota lost air pressure, went into emergency braking mode before 14 cars derailed – an estimated 75,600 to 113,400 litres of oil spilled
  727. 2013/03/25: OilChange: “An oil spill is ‘the sound of silence'”
  728. 2013/03/25: CfC: Hello darkness — the powerful anti-pipeline commercial

    A rush of American triumphalism pervades the energy independence PR campaign. Think it will last?

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  735. 2013/03/25: Resilience: Awash in Misinformation: America’s Domestic Tight Oil ‘Bump’
  736. 2013/03/24: Resilience: Will the final blow for America’s shale gas ‘revolution’ be high prices?

    Yes we have a peak oil sighting:

  737. 2013/03/29: BizInsider: Peak Oil Is Dead
  738. 2013/03/26: HuffPo: The Reward for Being Right About Peak Oil: Scorn Heaped With Derision
  739. 2013/03/26: Resilience: The peak oil crisis: The Beijing Syndrome
  740. 2013/03/20: SP: Oil majors are whistling past the graveyard
    The world’s “supermajor” independent oil companies — BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, and Total — project a rosy future, assuring us that oil will be abundant for decades to come. But in fact they’re spending record amounts to keep oil flowing, while their production is actually falling.
  741. Biofuel bickering abounds:

  742. 2013/03/29: LBL: Making Do with More: Joint BioEnergy Institute Researchers Engineer Plant Cell Walls to Boost Sugar Yields for Biofuels
  743. 2013/03/28: GreenGrok: Congress’s Affair With Ethanol: Love Gone Wrong?
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  745. 2013/03/26: BPA: Revisiting the Energy Return and Merits of Soybean Biodiesel
  746. 2013/03/26: TP:JR: Heating Homes With Switchgrass Pellets Could Save Northeasterners Billions And Cut Their Carbon Emissions
  747. 2013/03/26: AutoBG: Renewable Fuels Association president makes ethanol case to environmentalists

    The answer my friend…:

  748. 2013/03/28: TP:JR: Wind Power In The UK And Ireland: Growing, Reliable And Making Donald Trump’s Hair Stand Up
  749. 2013/03/27: TP:JR: We’re Number One: U.S. Installed Most Wind Power In 2012, U.S. Company GE Wind Is #1 Supplier
  750. 2013/03/27: Grist: Cape Wind wins billions in backing, launches offshore wind in the U.S.
  751. 2013/03/26: MWEN: In Iowa, another view on how to solve wind’s variability
    A groundbreaking renewable energy study is on the agenda this week at an annual gathering of the wind power industry in Iowa. The analysis, which was published in the Journal of Power Sources, challenges the common notion that wind and solar power need to be paired with fossil fuel or nuclear generators, so utilities can meet electricity demand when it’s not windy or sunny.
  752. Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  753. 2013/03/27: TheConversation: What’s going on with Chinese solar?
  754. 2013/03/27: ABC(Au): Solar leasing project pushes Australia towards capacity
  755. 2013/03/27: TreeHugger: 300,000 mirrors: World’s largest thermal solar [Ivanpah] plant (377MW) under construction in the Mojave
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  757. 2013/03/26: CSM: Will nanowires provide a breakthrough for solar power efficiency?
  758. 2013/03/26: Grist: What does the collapse of solar-panel giant Suntech mean? Pricier panels, probably
  759. 2013/03/26: TreeHugger: Philadelphia’s solar-powered trash cans: Great green idea or flawed design?
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  761. 2013/03/25: NBF: Nanowires are improving quantum dot solar cell efficiency towards minimum commercial viability
  762. 2013/03/24: TP:JR: Rising Solar Power Production In U.S. Likely To Make It Second-Largest New Source In 2013
  763. 2013/03/25: TreeHugger: Solar cells ‘hairy’ with nanowires could push back efficiency limits
  764. 2013/03/24: Eureka: Nanowire solar cells raise efficiency limit

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  765. 2013/03/29: NBF: New Nuclear Reactor Completions Expected Worldwide from 2013 to 2017
  766. 2013/03/28: PSinclair: Intermittent Power from “Baseload” Nuclear Plant Raises Prices for Consumers
  767. 2013/03/25: GreenGrok: Gnawing Concerns About Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Other Musings
  768. 2013/03/25: IndiaTimes: China defends deal to build 1000 MW nuclear plant for Pakistan

    Like a mirage, the dream of a Hydrogen Economy shimmers on the horizon:

  769. 2013/03/28: Eureka: Picking apart photosynthesis — New insights from Caltech chemists could lead to better catalysts for water splitting

    More people are talking about the electrical grid:

  770. 2013/03/29: NBF: China Spending $269 billion on High Voltage Direct Current Grid Construction from 2011 to 2015 as part of a massive Smart Grid and Home Automation Plan
  771. 2013/03/29: NBF: European High Voltage Direct Current Supergrid Roadmap
  772. 2013/03/29: Grist: Distributed energy: Driving the ghosts out of the machine
  773. 2013/03/29: Grist: Country’s biggest utility power provider gets into the distributed-energy game
  774. 2013/03/27: NBF: Nebel making DC Transformer which can enable a worldwide electrical grid and eliminate energy storage for solar and wind power
  775. 2013/03/26: Reuters: France’s electric car push presents power grid challenge
    France’s power grid, already under strain at peak periods, could struggle to cope if growing numbers of electric car owners all recharge their batteries when they sit down for dinner, power sector executives say.
  776. And then there is the matter of efficiency & conservation:

  777. 2013/03/25: TP:JR: LED Light Bulbs Are Increasingly Cheaper, Greener And Controllable
  778. 2013/03/24: Grist: The worst way to measure energy efficiency

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  779. 2013/03/28: AutoBG: SAE wants Combo fast charging, Nissan remains committed to CHAdeMO
  780. 2013/03/27: TP:JR: For Powering Cars, Solar-Electric Is ‘Orders Of Magnitude’ More Efficient Than Biofuels
  781. 2013/03/27: TreeHugger: Wireless charging for e-cars and buses is arriving
  782. 2013/03/25: TreeHugger: Getting to the bottom of Ford’s hybrid fuel economy controversy

    As for Energy Storage:

  783. 2013/03/30: NBF: Solid State Batteries will be the successor to Lithium ion Batteries
  784. 2013/03/29: CBC: Cheaper green energy storage solution invented by Calgary profs
    Chat over beer generates lower-cost way to make hydrogen from water
  785. 2013/03/29: AutoBG: Phinergy aluminum air battery good for 1,000-mile range
  786. 2013/03/27: BBC: Bacteria power ‘bio-battery’ breakthrough
    Bacteria could soon be acting as microscopic “bio-batteries” thanks to a joint UK-US research effort.
  787. 2013/03/24: TP:JR: New Ultra-Thin Solar Cell Could Massively Boost Battery Life Of Personal Mobile Devices
  788. 2013/03/24: NBF: First Commercial Products for Telecomm towers for rechargeable metal-air batteries

    The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

  789. 2013/03/25: CSM: Why Google is spending billions on renewable energy

    Insurance and re-insurance companies are feeling the heat:

  790. 2013/03/28: BBerg: Insurance Industry Weathers Historic 2012 Disaster Losses
    Natural catastrophes and human-induced disasters caused $186 billion in economic losses in 2012 and $77 billion in insured losses, making it the third-costliest year on record for insurers, according to a March 27 report by the reinsurance firm Swiss Re. Nine of the 10 most expensive events, in terms of insured losses, occurred in the United States in 2012, with Hurricane Sandy ranking as the most expensive event, according to Natural Catastrophes and Man-Made Disasters in 2012: A Year of Extreme Weather Events in the U.S.
  791. 2013/03/28: FDL: Natural Disasters Cost Insurers $77 Billion In 2012

    Who’s fielding theFAQs?

  792. 2013/03/26: TheConversation: Explainer: what is photovoltaic solar energy?

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  793. 2013/03/29: TP:JR: March 29 News…
  794. 2013/03/28: TP:JR: March 28 News…
  795. 2013/03/27: TP:JR: March 27 News…
  796. 2013/03/26: TP:JR: March 26 News…
  797. 2013/03/25: TP:JR: March 25 News…

    Other (weekly) lists:

  798. 2013/03/24: BPA: Agricultural News from this Past Week

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  799. 2013/03/27: GLaden: Climate Change Denialism
  800. 2013/03/28: HotWhopper: On Plain Denial: Watts Dismisses His Own Evidence That is Counter to His Viewpoint
  801. 2013/03/27: ERabett:BSD: Laughing at those who laugh at science
  802. 2013/03/30: HotWhopper: Willis’ Motivated Rejection of Science
  803. 2013/03/26: P3: “It is not science if it is established by consensus”
  804. 2013/03/26: HotWhopper: Watt a whopper of religious fervour
  805. 2013/03/30: AutoBG: Utah Earth Day poster contest dares ask, “Where would you be without fossil fuels?”
  806. 2013/03/30: CChallenge: Anthony, Watts Up With Those WUWT HotWhoppers? An Index
  807. 2013/03/31: HotWhopper: More denier weirdness for light relief
  808. 2013/03/30: DeSmogBlog: Utah’s Students Forced to Push Fossil Fuel Propaganda for Earth Day
  809. 2013/03/25: DeSmogBlog: Dirty Energy Lobby Looking To NRA For Guidance

    As for climate miscellanea:

  810. 2013/03/28: CCentral: Two Key Climate Change Concepts Are ‘Misunderstood’ – irreversibility & warming already in the pipeline
  811. 2013/03/26: TP:JR: Today’s Quote, Via Jonathan Swift: “It Is Useless To Attempt To Reason A Man Out Of A Thing He Was Never Reasoned Into”
  812. 2013/03/30: JQuiggin: Another encouraging graph
  813. 2013/03/29: QuarkSoup: As They Say, Nature Always Bats Last
  814. 2013/03/25: TP:JR: Why We Must Put Nature Back To Work, Part 1
  815. 2013/03/26: TP:JR: Why We Must Put Nature Back to Work, Part 2
  816. 2013/03/26: ERabett: Should Eli Believe His Lying Eyes or Makarieva
  817. 2013/03/26: al Jazeera: Carbon footprint of my global justice soul
    Climate has changed us already – we are not the same people anymore, “we learn to enjoy spending time, not wasting it”.
  818. 2013/03/30: Stoat: Unlocking the secrets of tomorrow’s weather?
  819. 2013/03/25: Guardian(UK): Earth Hour 2013 celebrations around the world – in [18] pictures
  820. 2013/03/25: Wunderground:RR: Setting Up the Discussion: What Can I Do? (1)
  821. 2013/03/24: P3: Quote of the Week

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  822. The History of Weather Control
  823. Wiki: Shah Deniz gas field
  824. Wiki: RNA interference
  825. CAEPLA: Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations
  826. Wiki: World Social Forum
  827. FSM: Forum Social Mondial Tunis 2013 – World Social Forum
  828. USDA: SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  829. Wiki: Eostre
  830. Wiki: Endling
  831. CITES: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
  832. The Daily Climate
  833. TIRN: Turtle Island Restoration Network

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    “I could sum it up as: we need to fish less and in less destructive measures, waste less, pollute less and protect more.” -Callum Roberts

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