Inside the Corporate Media Pressure Machine

While this is not strictly relevant to climate (nor a new story), it is a very compelling and interesting illustration of why corporate media in general, and Fox in particular, can not be trusted with news stories where science intersects with an industry’s profitability.

As mentioned in the video, this is the incident which prompted Fox News to argue in court that they have no obligation to tell the truth, an argument they won.  Also, keep in mind the small percentage of people who would actually choose to lose their jobs and careers rather than just go along and how many buried and important stories that represents.

69 thoughts on “Inside the Corporate Media Pressure Machine

  1. “Not surprising when dealing with raging lefties ”

    Thereby proving that you were never hear to listen to what people say, only to judge based on your theories about what people are.

    You, like fredski, are a rightwingnut and have simplified everything to

    You like it == Good And Proper

    You don’t like it == leftie rubbish


  2. Wow, Wow, you tools keep proving everything I say every time you open your mouths. Its too bad you can’t appreciate the irony since most of this flies over your small pin-like head.


  3. No, Todd, the only tool here are you and freddy.

    You’re not necessarily incapable of thought, it’s just that you find that thinking about things doesn’t produce the answer you want, so you avoid it at every turn.


  4. I note that it doesn’t really matter what anyone says, you will just proclaim “[you] keep proving everything I say every time you open your mouths”.

    Nothing there about what was “proved”. Nothing there about what was said that did the “proving” and nothing there about how this “poof” happened.

    Just proclamations.

    But the right wing nuts are extremely fond of authoritarianism. It Is Said, Saith The Lord. And It Was Done. RWNC mantra to a T.


  5. coby, how badly inferior must you feel in front of climate idiocy contrarians that you have in such a poor way. Instead of banning wow you ban the person who had been offended by wow in every post. do you consider yourself fair? probably not. Not even dare you to say why you ban me fom your blog. What a coward you are! May god forgive you your sins.


  6. Yes, if you don’t give idiots a place to stand in your property, IT IS CENSORSHIP!!!

    Really, you’re such a girly whiner, fredski.

    Go make your own website. Publish on that.


  7. “Instead of banning wow you ban the person who had been offended by wow in every post. ”

    How do you know someone is banned? Is it you under a false name, freddie? Well, that’s sockpuppetry and you’re still able to post here under one name, not pretend you’re a horde all on your lonesome.

    And since this isn’t this unnamed person who is so offended by truth’s blog, they don’t get to say who is banned or not, do they. They can make their own web blog and ban me from that.


  8. Todd,

    Thanks for your rational response and your reasoned arguments. “Raging lefties” huh? Since you have no idea what my political views are, I guess you must be following your normal modus operandi and just making shit up.

    Typical for a right wing nut job I guess. But please, tell us all what your views on climate science are. No real need I guess – given your original post where you bemoaned people attacking “climate change sceptics”. You won’t find me attacking climate change sceptics – I am one myself. But then, I am sceptical of everything until I see the evidence.

    Unlike you and your denier mates who don”t have a sceptical bone in your body.


  9. Thanks Marco, I wasn’t aware of this. Reassuring to know my bullshit detector is still 100% accurate.

    How pathetic to even bother impersonating yourself, especially when the “self” is so plainly lacking in any redeeming qualities 🙂


  10. Hilarious Marco,

    Just checked the link. Freddy asks a question, then Kai demands an answer to his (Freddy’s) question, thereby proving he is in fact Freddy. You can’t make this up!

    What an idiot!


  11. And he likely does so so that he can have multiple goes at the same time.

    Since coby has asked him to cut back, he’ll probably try some more socks to up his annoyance count.


  12. @Debunker,

    I am also unable to perceive any distinctive difference between kai and Freddy. Freddy’s diction, the language mistakes he makes and above all his utter stupidity all point in the direction of kai.


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