16 years

Global warming stopped [insert random number of years] ago is probably the most common and mainstream of all the climate denier arguments out there.  It is shallow and wrong and there are many refutations of it out there.  I think this video from Skeptical Science is about as clear and straightforward as it gets.

If someone watches that and still thinks the argument holds water, then they can not be reached with reason.

If attribution arguments are too complicated, there is always this excellent graphic:

(click to enlarge)

207 thoughts on “16 years

  1. mandas, why are you ALWAYS wrong and don’t appear able to read. You maintain that I have refused to read literature about the early spring stuff from coby. You are a liar and have committed injustice because I have started reading the literature and given already feedback on one of the studies. what drives you so to lie? Is this a major part of your character?

    Yes – it’s a character flaw of mine. I don’t tolerate fools very well.

    Freddy, please help us all out by reducing global warming be ceasing to breathe out CO2.


  2. Mandas, instead of writing BS you could demonstrate your knowledge on suspected AGW by answering the following question:

    What is the single most specific piece of evidence for anthropogenic global warming?


  3. Freddy/Kai, I see that after you got your answer on stoat, but didn’t like it, you now try here. If any of us believed you were honest in your desire to gain knowledge, we might answer. However, I don’t think anyone even considers you anything other than a troll.


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