Another week of GW News, June 12, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

Information is not Knowledge…Knowledge is notWisdom

June 12, 2011

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    It’s always nice to start with a chuckle:

  1. 2011/06/11: BRitholtz: (cartoon – Fitzsimmons) Climate Change: Fact or Fraud Conference (postponed)
  2. 2011/06/10: uComics: (cartoon – Toles) Question Box

    And for those who enjoy challenging Poe’s Law:

  3. 2011/06/09: Wonkette: Rick Perry Resigns Control Of Texas: God In Charge As of August 6

    The UNFCCC conference in Bonn is running June 6 to 17th:

  4. 2011/06/11: TP:JR: News Roundup from Bonn Climate Talks: The Future of the Kyoto Protocol is in Peril
  5. 2011/06/10: Yahoo:AP: Poor countries say rich evade new climate pledges
    Developing countries said Friday that rich nations are refusing to negotiate an extension of their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, charging that they sought to “maintain their privileges and levels of consumption” at the expense of the poor. Two-week climate negotiations among 183 nations in Bonn, Germany, which reached their halfway point Friday, were stalled for three days this week in a fight over the agenda. Structured in four bodies, formal talks only began in two of them on Thursday as countries haggled over what should be discussed.
  6. 2011/06/09: DailyKos: Bonn Day 4: Agenda Finally Set As Talks Begin
  7. 2011/06/10: CCP: Canada receives Fossil of the Day Award in Bonn (worst country in the world award)
  8. 2011/06/09: PostMedia: Harper government receives diplomatic spanking over climate policies
    Foreign diplomats bombarded Canadian climate change negotiators with questions Thursday in Bonn, Germany, as they challenged the Harper government’s transparency and policies to fight global warming. In the wake of media coverage highlighting missing and conflicting information in an Environment Canada submission to the United Nations, officials from Australia, China, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and the Philippines questioned government policies regarding fossil fuel subsidies and the Alberta “tarsands,” a lack of investment in clean energy and the scientific evidence used to determine its greenhouse gas emissions target. The not-so-diplomatic discussion took place during a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiating session. Canada is one of about 200 members of the treaty, which calls on its members to stabilize the concentration of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere to prevent dangerous changes to the earth’s climate and ecosystems. Representatives from other countries pounced on Canada after Michael Keenan, an assistant deputy minister at Environment Canada, delivered a presentation suggesting that the government was showing “significant ambition” in its proposal to crack down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  9. 2011/06/10: Maribo: Canada upsets other countries at climate negotiations
  10. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: Island States Hint At Climate Talks Compromise
    Small island states, at risk from rising seas due to climate change, hinted on Tuesday at a compromise in order to kick-start U.N. talks on reaching a binding deal to curb global warming. The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), which represents 43 countries, said it could consider pledges on emissions cuts made voluntarily by rich nations if they were made into legally-binding targets.
  11. 2011/06/07: EurActiv: UN says climate talks will miss Kyoto deadline
    UN talks have run out of time to meet a December 2012 deadline to put in place a binding successor to the Kyoto Protocol on curbing greenhouse gases, the UN’s top climate official [UNFCCC head, Christiana Figueres] said on Monday (6 June).
  12. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: Robin Hood in Reverse: Developing Countries Pledge Bigger Climate Emissions Cuts than World’s Richest Nations
  13. 2011/06/06: Guardian(UK): Bonn climate talks: Developing nations question funding commitment
    Money promised 18 months ago to help countries adapt to climate change has not been made available
  14. 2011/06/06: UN: At Bonn talks, [UNFCCC chief Christiana Figueres] urges progress towards low-emissions future

    Not much good news coming out of Fukushima:

  15. 2011/06/10: DemNow: Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks
  16. 2011/06/10: CNN: Japan adds four new areas to radiation threats
  17. 2011/06/10: CBC: Japan nuclear agency reprimands plant operator — 2 workers exposed to dangerous radiation levels
  18. 2011/06/08: APR: Fukushima Daiichi: Wednesday update
  19. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): Fukushima nuclear plant may have suffered ‘melt-through’, Japan admits
    Fuel rods have probably breached containment vessels — a more serious scenario than core meltdown — according to report
  20. 2011/06/07: CBC: Japanese radiation leak worse than thought
    Japan admitted Tuesday it was unprepared for a severe nuclear accident like the tsunami-caused Fukushima disaster and said damage to the reactors and radiation leakage were worse than it previously thought. In a report being submitted to the U.N. nuclear agency, the government also acknowledged reactor design flaws and a need for greater independence for the country’s nuclear regulators. The report said the nuclear fuel in three reactors likely melted through the inner containment vessels, not just the core, after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant’s power and cooling systems. Fuel in the Unit 1 reactor started melting hours earlier than previously estimated.
  21. 2011/06/07: CNN: Japan doubles estimates of initial Fukushima leak
  22. 2011/06/07: NatureN: Fukushima deep in hot water — Rising levels of radioactive liquid hamper clean-up effort
  23. 2011/06/07: TreeHugger: Radiation At Fukushima Twice As High As Reported Immediately After Disaster
  24. 2011/06/07: APR: Fukushima Daiichi update: Tuesday
  25. 2011/06/07: BBC: Japan ‘unprepared’ for Fukushima nuclear disaster
  26. 2011/06/06: BRitholtz:WashingtonsBlog: Japan Finally Admits TOTAL Meltdown at 3 Nuclear Reactors Within Hours of Earthquake — And More Than DOUBLES Estimate of Radiation Released After Accident
  27. 2011/06/06: EnergyBulletin: What the Fukushima is going on?
  28. 2011/06/06: CNN: 3 nuclear reactors melted down after quake, Japan confirms
    Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant experienced full meltdowns at three reactors in the wake of an earthquake and tsunami in March, the country’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters said Monday. The nuclear group’s new evaluation, released Monday, goes further than previous statements in describing the extent of the damage caused by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11. The announcement will not change plans for how to stabilize the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the agency said. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 experienced a full meltdown, it said.
  29. Post Fukushima, nuclear policies are in flux around the world:

  30. 2011/06/10: EurActiv: Italians brace for nuclear vote
  31. 2011/06/07: CSM: Germany to phase out nuclear power. Could the US do the same?
  32. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: Japan Makes New Nuclear Safety Vows After Quake
  33. 2011/06/08: CBC: Swiss to phase out nuclear power — Parliament follows Germany, votes to shut down 5 reactors
    Swiss lawmakers have approved a government-backed proposal to phase out the use of nuclear power. A majority of parliamentarians in Switzerland’s lower house voted in favor of the plan to shut down the country’s five nuclear power reactors in the medium term. The ballot passed the National Council on Wednesday with 101 votes in favor, 54 against and 30 abstentions.
  34. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: German Cabinet Backs Nuclear Exodus By 2022
  35. 2011/06/07: Grist: Germany can phase out nuclear by 2017
  36. 2011/06/07: BBC: Ministers urge nuclear safety tests after Japan crisis
    Ministers from nearly 30 nuclear energy-producing countries have called for safety tests on all reactors in the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan.
  37. 2011/06/05: SwissInfo: Survey backs slow shift from nuclear power
    Most Swiss favour shutting down nuclear power stations but do not want to act too hastily, according to a Swiss Business Federation commissioned survey. Bern found 67 per cent of respondents would vote for ending nuclear power, while 84 per cent agreed that a solution guaranteeing the power needs of Switzerland should not be rushed through.
  38. And of course, the pundits. lobbyists and politicians have a lot to say:

  39. 2011/06/11: CDreams: Japan Marks Three Months Since Tsunami with Anti-Nuclear Protests
  40. 2011/06/09: Gawker: Mutant Bunny from Fukushima Freaks Everyone Out, Adorably
  41. 2011/06/08: BBC: Fukushima ‘lessons’ may take 10 years to learn
    Learning all lessons from the accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power station could take a decade, according to France’s top nuclear safety officer. But all nuclear countries should carry out safety tests within a year, said Andre-Claude Lacoste. The chairman of the French nuclear safety agency (ASN) was speaking at a forum in Paris organised by the OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). Regulators said international control of nuclear safety would be “difficult”.
  42. 2011/06/06: BBC: Shares of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) have plunged to a record-low on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

    The Equinox Summit went down in Waterloo this week:

  43. WGSI: Equinox Summit: Energy 2030
  44. 2011/06/10: NBF: [link to 177k pdf] Plans for Decarbonizing Sources of Electricty over the next twenty years
  45. 2011/06/10: NatureN: [Equinox] Summit plots route to clean electricity — Interdisciplinary talks call for investment in nuclear and geothermal power
  46. 2011/06/09: NatureNB: Equinox Summit: communiqué outlines vision for electrification in 2030
  47. 2011/06/08: NatureNB: Equinox Summit: From organic chemistry to rural electrification
  48. 2011/06/07: NatureNB: Equinox Summit: Amid the deliberations, a gloomy forecast
    As participants capped day one of the Equinox Summit with their initial assessments of various low-carbon technologies, one of the energy field’s great thinkers and most notable skeptics offered a chilling talk that helped crystallize the scale of the problem ahead. In what felt more like a spontaneous stand-up routine at a wonky night club, Vaclav Smil, a professor at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, sought to systematically knock down common beliefs, hopes and assumptions about how humanity came to be where it is and what comes next in terms of energy. A professor at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Smil countered peak everything with a lesson in economics (prices will drive change long before resources run dry) and poked fun at a long — and ongoing — series of clean energy movements…
  49. 2011/06/05: NatureNB: Equinox Summit: developing a modular approach for low-carbon electricity

    The C40 cities conference didn’t get much coverage:

  50. 2011/06/10: Grist: Why do cities get so little respect from state and national governments?

    The level of denier intimidation has shocked some ‘innocent’ journalists:

  51. 2011/06/07: Crikey:Rooted: Emails reveal nature of attacks on climate scientists
  52. 2011/06/10: ScienceInsider: Threats Sent to Australian Climate Scientists Fuel a Debate
  53. 2011/06/10: TCoE: Yet more denier thuggery
  54. 2011/06/10: ClimateShifts: “What part of this email is not abusive and threatening?” Skeptically threatening public debate and democracy.
  55. 2011/06/07: IrishTimes: Climate scientists receive death threats
  56. 2011/06/07: HotTopic: Mad, bad and dangerous
  57. 2011/06/07: NatureNB: Australian climate scientists face death threats
  58. 2011/06/06: CSW: Australian climate scientists targeted by death threats – the dark underside of right-wing sociopathy and the global warming denial machine
  59. 2011/06/06: DD: Climate of fear: Australia scientists face death threats
  60. 2011/06/06: Guardian(UK): Australian climate scientists receive death threats
  61. 2011/06/04: HAT: What happens when the unscrupulous tell lies about scientists?
  62. 2011/06/06: Deltoid: Australian Climate Scientists get death threats
  63. 2011/06/12: Grist: Death threats for Australian climate scientists

    BP published their yearly Statistical Review of World Energy this week:

  64. 2011/06/08: BP: Statistical Review of World Energy 2011
  65. 2011/06/08: Economist: Energy statistics — The world gets back to burning
    Not since 1973 has world energy use increased by as much, in percentage terms, as it did in 2010. According to BP’s annual Statistical Review of World Energy, published today, 2010’s energy consumption was up by 5.6% on the year before. In part this is thanks to recovery from the economic crisis; in part it is down to the longer-term shift in economic activity towards emerging economies, which are less efficient in their energy use.
  66. What are the global financial institutions up to?

  67. 2011/06/07: OilChange: Report Finds World Bank’s Energy Lending Fails to Target the Poorest

    Delving into the laws of thermodynamics this week:

  68. 2011/06/12: TSoD: Paradigm Shifts in Convection and Water Vapor?

    John Cook and friends continue their point-counterpoint articles:

  69. 2011/06/12: SkeptiSci: Examining Dr. John Christy’s Global Warming Skepticism by dana1981
  70. 2011/06/11: SkeptiSci: The Critical Decade – Part 3: Implications for Emissions Reductions by dana1981
  71. 2011/06/10: SkeptiSci: Climate Consensus on a T-shirt
  72. 2011/06/10: SkeptiSci: Ocean acidification: Some Winners, Many Losers by Rob Painting
  73. 2011/06/09: SkeptiSci: Impacts of a melting cryosphere — ice loss around the world by Verity
  74. 2011/06/09: SkeptiSci: Geologists and climate change denial
  75. 2011/06/09: SkeptiSci: Imbalance in US TV Media Coverage of Greenhouse Gas Regulation by dana1981
  76. 2011/06/08: SkeptiSci: There’s no room for a climate of denial by Dr Haydn Washington
  77. 2011/06/08: SkeptiSci: History Matters: Carbon Emissions in Context by Stephan Lewandowsky
  78. 2011/06/08 SkeptiSci: Websites for Watching the Arctic Sea Ice Melt by michael sweet
  79. 2011/06/06: SkeptiSci: SkS Weekly Digest – First Edition by Badgersouth
  80. 2011/06/07: SkeptiSci: Christy Crock #6: Climate Sensitivity by dana1981 & James Wight
  81. 2011/06/06: SkeptiSci: Poleward motion of storm tracks by Ari Jokimäki

    The Arctic melt continues to garner a lot of attention:

  82. 2011/06/06: CCP: NSIDC, Arctic Sea Ice Report of June 6, 2011: Low ice extent in May, but summer melt will depend on weather

    As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  83. 2011/06/07: BBC: Russia and Norway agree deal over oil-rich Barents Sea
    Russia and Norway have agreed a deal to divide up their shares of the Barents Sea. The deal follows decades of negotiations between the two sides over how to divide the region.
  84. The food crisis is ongoing:

  85. 2011/06/09: FAO: Climate change: major impacts on water for farming
    New FAO survey sums up current scientific understanding of impacts, highlights knowledge gaps and areas for attention
  86. 2011/06/09: UN: Climate change-related water scarcity to affect global food production – UN [FAO]
  87. 2011/06/08: UN: Drought-hit Kenyan herders appeal for help to salvage emaciated livestock – UN
  88. 2011/06/09: TreeHugger: 5 Arrested for Feeding the Homeless
  89. 2011/06/07: TP:JR: FAO: Besides Worsening Malnutrition, Massive Food Loss Causes Economic Harm and “Unnecessary CO2 emissions”
  90. 2011/06/07: BBC: East Africa faces ‘world’s worst food security crisis’
    The world’s worst food security crisis is continuing in the eastern Horn of Africa, a US agency has warned. The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (Fewsnet) said areas of particular concern were in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. It said large-scale emergency assistance was urgently needed “to save lives and treat acute malnutrition” in the region. It also stressed that the current humanitarian response was “inadequate”.
  91. 2011/06/07: TCoE: Doc alert: FAO Food Outlook
  92. 2011/06/05: TP:JR: NY Times Bombshell: “The latest scientific research suggests” climate change is “helping to destabilize the food system”
  93. 2011/06/06: Grist: Take a look at what we’ve done to fish populations

    On the food corp. front:

  94. 2011/06/09: AlterNet: The Same Financial Firms Responsible For Our Economic Crisis Are Driving Us Toward a Global Food Disaster

    Food Prices are still problematic:

  95. FAO: World Food Situation – Food Price Indices
  96. 2011/06/07: FAO: World food prices set to remain high — Record crops only just expected to meet consumption
  97. 2011/06/07: UN: World food prices set to remain high into next year, says UN report
  98. 2011/06/07: BBC: Food prices set to stay high, says UN food agency
    Global food prices will remain high and volatile throughout this year and into next despite record food production. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) twice yearly Food Outlook analysis says rising demand will absorb most of the higher output. It says its index of food prices in May was at 232, only six points below February’s record high of 237.
  99. 2011/06/07: CBC: World food prices ease off highs: UN
  100. 2011/06/05: BBerg: Wheat Rallying 20% as Parched Fields Wilt From China to Kansas
    The worst droughts in decades are wilting wheat fields from China to the U.S. to the U.K., overwhelming Russia’s return to grain markets and driving prices to the highest levels since 2008.
  101. 2011/06/05: Guardian(UK): UN report calls for regulation to curb speculators pushing up food prices
    Investment in commodity funds has reached $270bn – Speculators blamed for putting staples out of reach of poor
  102. Note in passing there are theories out there that all those hungry people aren’t really hungry…:

  103. 2011/06/06: VoxEU: Was the global food crisis really a crisis? Simulations versus self-reporting by Derek Headey
    Have rising food prices hurt the world’s poorest? The broad consensus, which is based on simulation analyses, is that they have. This column begs to differ. Self-reported food insecurity data from the Gallup World Poll contradict the consensus, and this column argues that the FAO and the World Bank need to do a much better job of measuring the impacts of higher food prices on the poor.
  104. So, are these land grabs Colonialism V2.0?

  105. 2011/06/07: OaklandInstitute: Press Release: Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa
  106. 2011/06/08: BBC: Hedge funds ‘grabbing land’ in Africa
    Hedge funds are behind “land grabs” in Africa to boost their profits in the food and biofuel sectors, a US think-tank says. In a report, the Oakland Institute said hedge funds and other foreign firms had acquired large swathes of African land, often without proper contracts. It said the acquisitions had displaced millions of small farmers. Foreign firms farm the land to consolidate their hold over global food markets, the report said.
  107. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): US universities in Africa ‘land grab’
    Institutions including Harvard and Vanderbilt reportedly use hedge funds to buy land in deals that may force farmers out
  108. 2011/06/07: al Jazeera: The great land grab: India’s war on farmers

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  109. 2011/06/06: DVoice: GM Foods Cannot Be Linked to Falling US Birth Rate
  110. 2011/06/06: AllAfrica: FinancialGazette: Zimbabwe: Resistance to Genetically Modified Foods Persists
    Each time debate on genetically modified (GM) foods surfaces, it is heated and emotional. What usually generates the heat is the fact that the subject of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is little understood and many in Africa wonder why a technology that has been resisted by the very countries propagating it is being offered to them as a solution to Africa’s increasing food crisis.
  111. And how are we going to feed 9 billion?

  112. 2011/06/10: NBF: New Super Varieties of Wheat is Rust resistant and can boost yield by 15%
  113. 2011/06/08: CCurrents: Lost In The Din: Baba Ramdev’s Plan To Save Agriculture
  114. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: Billions Needed To Boost Food Production, Says DuPont Committee

    The northern hemisphere’s oceans are warming and multiple storms are threatening around the world:

  115. 2011/06/10: Eureka: Eye say, Adrian is still a powerful hurricane on NASA satellite imagery
  116. 2011/06/10: Eureka: NASA sees the low that won’t quit: System 94L
  117. 2011/06/10: Eureka: NASA sees heavy rainfall in Tropical Storm Sarika
  118. 2011/06/10: PlanetArk: Hurricane Adrian Becomes Category 4, Moves Out To Sea
  119. 2011/06/10: Wunderground: Arizona’s fire danger to increase Saturday; Adrian hits Category 4
  120. 2011/06/09: Eureka: Stretched-out low soaking the Caribbean in GOES-13 satellite imagery
  121. 2011/06/09: PlanetArk: Tropical Storm Adrian Builds In Pacific Off Mexico
  122. 2011/06/09: Eureka: NASA catches system 92W become fifth NW Pacific tropical depression
  123. 2011/06/09: Eureka: NASA’s infrared image of major Hurricane Adrian reveals its stormy life’s blood
  124. 2011/06/08: Eureka: NASA imagery sees a reawakening of system 98A in the Arabian Sea
  125. 2011/06/08: Eureka: A double-satellite NASA-style view of the first tropical storm in eastern Pacific: Adrian
  126. 2011/06/09: CBC: Hurricane Adrian season’s 1st
    Hurricane Adrian is strengthening off the Pacific coast of Mexico and is now a major hurricane.
  127. 2011/06/08: CBC: Hurricane Adrian forms in east Pacific
  128. 2011/06/07: Eureka: NASA sees a hot tower in first tropical depression of the eastern Pacific [TD1E]
  129. 2011/06/06: Eureka: Possible first eastern Pacific tropical depression shaping up on NASA imagery
  130. 2011/06/06: Wunderground: Little change to 94L; exceptional heat in Texas, record rains in California
  131. 2011/06/05: Wunderground: Caribbean disturbance 94L dumping heavy rains on Jamaica

    As for GHGs:

  132. 2011/06/11: CCurrents: Country By Country Analysis Of Years Left Until Science-demanded Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  133. 2011/06/10: EnergyBulletin: Peak? What peak? Greenhouse emissions keep increasing
  134. 2011/06/06: CCurrents: US And Australia Must Stop Greenhouse Gas Pollution In 5 Years

    And in the carbon cycle:

  135. 2011/06/06: WiredSci: Waste Slime Turns Jellyfish Into Ecological Vampires
  136. 2011/06/11: CBC:Q&Q: Jellyfish Junk Food
  137. 2011/06/11: Guardian(UK): Explosion in jellyfish numbers may lead to ecological disaster, warn scientists
  138. 2011/06/08: Eureka: Jellyfish blooms transfer food energy from fish to bacteria — Impact on ocean food webs likely to increase in the future
  139. 2011/06/06: SciNow: How Jellyfish Poop Fouls Up the Food Chain

    As for the temperature record:

  140. 2011/06/11: TreeHugger: Global Warming, Now It’s Serious – Warming Since 1995 Statistically ‘Significant’
  141. 2011/06/11: TP:JR: Mother Nature is Just Getting Warmed Up: June 2011 Heat Records Crushing Cold Records by 13 to 1
  142. 2011/06/10: BBC: Global warming since 1995 ‘now significant’
    Climate warming since 1995 is now statistically significant, according to Phil Jones, the UK scientist targeted in the “ClimateGate” affair. Last year, he told BBC News that post-1995 warming was not significant – a statement still seen on blogs critical of the idea of man-made climate change. But another year of data has pushed the trend past the threshold usually used to assess whether trends are “real”. Dr Jones says this shows the importance of using longer records for analysis.
  143. 2011/06/09: NOAANews: U.S. slightly cooler and wetter than normal in May
  144. 2011/06/08: CCP: 2011 Temperatures breaking records in Minneapolis

    While in the paleoclimate:

  145. 2011/06/07: NOC: Carbon release and global warming now and in the [PETM] ancient past
  146. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: Study: Carbon release to atmosphere 10 times faster now than 56 million years ago, the PETM, a time of 10°F warming and mass extinction
  147. 2011/06/05: Eureka: Carbon release to atmosphere 10 times faster than in the past
    The rate of release of carbon into the atmosphere today is nearly 10 times as fast as during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), 55.9 million years ago, the best analog we have for current global warming, according to an international team of geologists. Rate matters and this current rapid change may not allow sufficient time for the biological environment to adjust.
  148. And in historical times:

  149. 2011/06/07: SciNow: Ancient Farmers Started the First ‘Green Revolution’

    In the attribution debate:

  150. 2011/06/08: Rabble: Making the connection between extreme weather and climate change
  151. 2011/06/06: Wunderground:RR: Changing the Conversation: Extreme Weather and Climate
  152. 2011/06/06: Grist: What’s the relationship between climate change and Arizona’s forest fires?
  153. 2011/06/05: ERabett: Eli is an Evil Bunny

    While on the ENSO front:

  154. 2011/06/10: PlanetArk: No El Nino, La Nina Weather Anomaly Seen For Summer 2011
  155. 2011/06/09: NOAA:NCEP: El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion
    Synopsis: ENSO-neutral conditions have developed and are expected to continue at least through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2011.
  156. Regarding the solar hypothesis:

  157. 2011/06/10: APOD: The Sun Unleashed
  158. 2011/06/08: NatureNB: Huge solar flare races towards Earth

    And the State of the Oceans:

  159. 2011/06/06: TreeHugger: [Mauve stinger] Jellyfish Invade Florida Beaches, Sting 1,600 in Memorial Day Attack

    Oh look! The Anthropocene came up again:

  160. 2011/06/11: WanderingGaia: Now we are gods: Welcome to the Anthropocene

    What’s new in proxies?

  161. 2011/06/09: STimes: Study of 800-year-old tree rings backs global warming
  162. 2011/06/10: Guardian(UK): Ice cores: archives of past climate

    What’s up with volcanoes this week?

  163. 2011/06/10: BBC: Chile volcano: Ash cloud grounds more flights
  164. 2011/06/10: ESA: Earth from Space: A gush of volcanic gas [sulphur dioxide]
  165. 2011/06/09: Eureka: NASA provides a 2-satellite view and video of the Chilean volcano eruption
  166. 2011/06/09: BBC: A cloud of ash spewed from a volcano range in Chile has grounded flights at airports in Argentina and Uruguay
  167. 2011/06/06: CleanBreak: Chilean volcano delivers must-see display of ash, lava and lightning — simply amazing to look at
  168. 2011/06/06: Eureka: 3 satellites see eruption of Puyehue-Cordón volcano from space
  169. 2011/06/07: BBC: Chile volcano ash cloud flight disruption spreads
  170. 2011/06/06: BBC: Chile volcano eruption: Alert remains for ash cloud

    Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  171. 2011/06/11: BBC: Aquarius ‘salt mapper’ satellite goes into orbit
  172. 2011/06/10: NatureNB: Sweet relief as salty satellite soars skywards
  173. 2011/06/10: CBC: Ocean watching [Aquarius] satellite launches — Canada participating in mission
  174. 2011/06/06: Eureka: First-of-its-kind fluorescence map offers a new view of the world’s land plants
  175. 2011/06/12: RealClimate: The age of Aquarius

    More GW impacts are being seen:

  176. 2011/06/10: MTobis: Joplin, Two Weeks After the Tornado
  177. 2011/06/09: TP:JR: Yes, Climate Change Will Harm Your Health and Your Children’s: Rising Temperatures Worsen Ozone Pollution, Asthma Attacks
  178. 2011/06/08: UCDavis: Can evolution outpace climate change?
  179. 2011/06/08: Eureka: Stable temperatures boost biodiversity in tropical mountains
  180. 2011/06/08: NatureNB: Climate change squashes the Earth
  181. 2011/06/08: Wunderground: Smoke, heat, and air pollution across much of the U.S.
  182. 2011/06/08: Eureka: Glaciations may have larger influence on biodiversity [than] current climate
  183. 2011/06/06: CCurrents: Global Temperature Rise Triggers Grave Dangers For Us
  184. 2011/06/07: TreeHugger: Amazing Tide Pool Creatures Face Looming Threat of Climate Change (Pics)
  185. 2011/06/07: Eureka: Glaciations may have larger influence on biodiversity than current climate
  186. 2011/06/06: AlterNet: 100 Amazing Places That Will Be Destroyed by Climate Change

    And then there are the world’s forests:

  187. 2011/06/10: KSJT: LA Times, VoA, etc: Ken dumps Barbia, Indonesia pulp mills lose customer, deforestation goes on…
  188. 2011/06/08: NatureNB: Agriculture omitted from deforestation plans
  189. 2011/06/09: ScienceInsider: Germany’s Withdrawal of Funding Threatens Plan to Save Ecuador [Yasuni] Forest
  190. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: Food Demand Eating Into Tropical Forests: Report
  191. 2011/06/08: TreeHugger: US & European Forests Become Much Denser, Storing More Carbon
  192. 2011/06/06: NatureN: Congo rainforest summit stops short of commitments
    Countries from ‘big three’ rainforest basins establish cooperation, but fail to firm up a forest protection pact
  193. 2011/06/05: UN: Spending more on forests could reap enormous benefits – UN report
  194. 2011/06/03: MongaBay: Brazil’s shame
  195. 2011/06/06: TreeHugger: Tiny Investment in Stopping Deforestation Has Huge Returns For Climate, Jobs, Biodiversity: UNEP
  196. 2011/06/06: Eureka: Higher density means world forests are capturing more carbon

    Note the feel good BS here. ITTO is talking about less than 10% of the world’s forests:

  197. 2011/06/07: BBC: Tropical forests ‘better managed’ says ITTO]
    The world’s tropical forests are better managed now than five years ago, concludes a survey by the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO). The area under some form of sustainable management plan increased by about 50% over the period; but about 90% of tropical forest lacks protection. The most significant improvements have been seen in Africa, the report says. The ITTO is a pro-sustainable use trade body whose 60 member countries account for 90% of the global timber trade.
  198. 2011/06/08: NatureN: Sustainable management of tropical forests has a long way to go
    Timber producers’ report finds increased protection for tropical forests, but continued gaps in management. Less than 10% of permanent tropical forests are under a sustainable management plan, according to a study by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)…
  199. Climate refugees are becoming an issue:

  200. 2011/06/09: PosrtlandTrib: Portland should brace for ‘climate refugees’
  201. 2011/06/06: UN: New tools needed to cope with climate change migrations, UN agency says
  202. 2011/06/06: CBC: Natural disasters displaced 42 million in 2010

    Desertification looms as a threat:

  203. 2011/06/10: FAO: Turning the tide on desertification in Africa — FAO pilot project in Senegal combats desertification

    Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

  204. 2011/06/10: CSM: Wichita, Kan., experiences bizarre ‘heat burst’

    This week in extreme weather:

  205. 2011/06/07: TP:JR: Hell and High Water: As wildfires and floods ravage the country, Masters says, “We Have Never Seen a Year Like This Before”

    On the tornado front:

  206. 2011/06/07: USGS: Landsat Tracks Long Tornado Swath in Massachusetts
  207. 2011/06/10: Eureka: Landsat satellite images compare before and after Massachusetts tornado
  208. 2011/06/10: CBC: Joplin tornado victims infected by rare fungus
    The death toll from the tornado that destroyed much of Joplin has risen to 151, and three of the latest victims suffered from a rare fungal infection that can occur when dirt becomes embedded under the skin, authorities said. Coroner Rob Chappel said Friday the three had been hospitalized with the unusually aggressive infection sometimes found in survivors of other natural disasters. He said it was difficult to identify the fungus as a cause of death since the people infected also suffered other severe injuries.
  209. 2011/06/08: CBC: Tornadoes reported as storms hit Ontario — Severe weather kills pilot, leaves tens of thousands without power

    As for heatwaves and wild fires:

  210. 2011/06/11: CBC: 10,000 flee Arizona wildfire — Fire could spread to neighbouring New Mexico
  211. 2011/06/10: BizInsider: Russian Wildfires Could Be Much Worse Than Last Year
  212. 2011/06/10: CNN: Crews may get a break from winds as Arizona blaze rages on
    Springerville and Eagar residents may be able to go home this weekend – The fire has destroyed 29 homes – The blaze is now 5% contained, officials say – A Friday forecast of calm winds could make it easier to fight the fire
  213. 2011/06/10: BBC: Arizona firefighters ‘making gains’ on Wallow fire
  214. 2011/06/09: CNN: Official: Arizona fire threatens power, phone lines
    Power firm prepares for ‘possible loss’ of electricity, spokeswoman says – If the fire reaches fiber-optic lines, “we’ll all be incommunicado,” an official says – Wallow Fire is ‘half mile’ from New Mexico, official says – The fire has burned about 389,000 acres and forced evacuations of thousands
  215. 2011/06/08: TP:JR: Eyewitness to a Firestorm: Arizona’s Rodeo-Chediski Fire and Wildfires in a Globally-Warmed World
  216. 2011/06/09: Wunderground: Winds diminish for Arizona’s fire; flooding from 94L kills 23 in Haiti
  217. 2011/06/09: CSM: Monster wildfire in Arizona: A glimpse of what climate change could bring
  218. 2011/06/09: CBC: Arizona fire crews scramble to protect towns
    Fire crews worked through the night to protect several Arizona mountain communities from a growing forest fire that has forced thousands from their homes and threatens transmission lines that supply electricity as far east as Texas. The 1,500-square kilometre blaze, the second largest ever in Arizona, is expected to reach the power lines as early as Friday. If the lines are damaged, hundreds of thousands in parts of New Mexico and Texas could face rolling blackouts.
  219. 2011/06/08: CBC: Last of Wollaston Lake evacuees heading home
  220. 2011/06/08: CBC: Ontario heat breaks records
  221. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): Arizona wildfires continue to burn – [14] in pictures
  222. 2011/06/08: CNN: More than 5,000 flee as winds stoke Arizona fires
  223. 2011/06/07: BBC: A huge wildfire in the US state of Arizona that has forced thousands from their homes, continues to grow as the blaze rages for a 10th day
  224. 2011/06/07: CNN: Arizona wildfire disrupts flights, threatens air quality in New Mexico
    The fire has scorched 311,481 acres in eastern Arizona – The blaze has destroyed 10 structures so far – At least 2,700 people are covered by evacuation orders, the Red Cross says – Forecasters warn of an elevated fire risk Tuesday and Wednesday
  225. 2011/06/07: Wunderground: Arizona wildfires spread smoke 1,000 miles; 94L little threat to develop
  226. 2011/06/07: CBC: Arizona wildfires force more evacuations
    Wind, lightning and continued dry conditions are expected to make matters worse in eastern Arizona, where a raging wildfire is forcing more residents to prepare to evacuate. The 365-square-mile Wallow fire has been burning for more than a week. Firefighters have managed to keep the flames from homes in some of the resort towns that have been evacuated, but the fire continued to march north Monday with the help of winds that gusted to more than 60 mph.
  227. 2011/06/06: BBC: Arizona Wallow Fire ‘uncontained’ and growing — Wildfires have spread across hundreds of square miles of forest
    An Arizona wildfire continued to grow on Monday morning, as firefighters contending with strong, dry winds remain unable to contain the blaze. The Wallow fire, the third-largest in the state’s history, has already consumed 301 sq miles (780 sq km).
  228. 2011/06/06: CBC: Massive wildfire spreads in Arizona
    One of the biggest wildfires ever in Arizona grew even larger Sunday and authorities ordered more people in White Mountain communities to abandon their homes as the 750-square-kilometre blaze burned closer to buildings. Fire officials said late Sunday night that the blaze expanded by several thousand acres during the day and had reached 75,000 hectares, the third largest in the state’s history.
  229. 2011/06/05: BBC: Arizona forest fire threatens town of Greer and others
    Fire crews are battling to contain a massive blaze in Arizona that is threatening mountain communities in the east of the state. The fire, covering 225 sq miles (583 sq km) is being described as the third largest in the state’s history.
  230. Glaciers are melting:

  231. 2011/06/06: SciNow: Mount Rainier Has Lost One-Seventh of Its Ice and Snow
  232. 2011/06/06: QuarkSoup: Mt Rainier is Melting

    Sea levels are rising:

  233. 2011/06/08: TP:JR: No More Jersey Shore: Leaving Our Children a World Without Beaches — Thanks to Warming-Driven Sea Level Rise

    These 100, 200, 500 year storms are becoming all too frequent:

  234. 2011/06/10: CBC: China flooding kills 41 after torrential rain — Record 300 mm [12 inches] of rain falls in 4 hours in central China

    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

  235. 2011/06/10: KSJT: ScienceNOW, NYTimes, Denver Post, etc: Rockies snowpack stops its see-saw ways. Now its down on both ends. Uh oh…
  236. 2011/06/10: DD: Europe prays for rain as drought worsens — Danube river level falls to 100-year low
  237. 2011/06/10: BizInsider: Europe’s Worst Drought In 100 Years Is Getting Worse
  238. 2011/06/11: CBC: Manitoba on alert for more flooding — Major rain storm predicted Sunday night
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  240. 2011/06/10: CSM: The new water wars? Study shows broad decline in Rockies snowpack
  241. 2011/06/11: al Jazeera: China flooding leaves dozens dead
    State media says more than 40 killed and over 10,000 stranded, as rainfall reaches record levels.
  242. 2011/06/09: STimes: Study of 800-year-old tree rings backs global warming
    The decline in recent decades of the mountain snows that feed the West’s major rivers is virtually unprecedented for most of the past millennium, according to new research published today.
  243. 2011/06/10: PlanetArk: Farmers Face Water Shortage As Climate Changes: FAO
  244. 2011/06/10: PlanetArk: Rockies Snow Decline Bad Sign For Water Supply
  245. 2011/06/10: CBC: Manitoba dike breach could reopen — Coming storm raises serious flood concerns
  246. 2011/06/10: BBC: Parts of England officially facing drought conditions
  247. 2011/06/09: CBC: Rockies snowpack loss foreshadows water woes
  248. 2011/06/09: KSJT: LA Times, SF Chronicle, Fresno Bee: Three ways to report there’s a LOT of snow in the Sierra Nevada
  249. 2011/06/09: PlanetArk: Parts Of Missouri River Closed To Traffic As Waters Rise
  250. 2011/06/09: SciNow: Drying Rockies Could Bring More Water Woes to Western U.S.
  251. 2011/06/08: Eureka: Mountain pine beetle activity may impact snow accumulation and melt, says CU-Boulder study
    Researchers see increase in snowpack under bare dead pine trees, earlier melt under dead trees with red needles
  252. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: Rains, Mudslides Kill 10 In Cholera-Stricken Haiti
  253. 2011/06/08: al Jazeera: Flash floods claim lives in southwest China
    At least 21 dead as heavy rains wreak havoc in Guizhou province, forcing the evacuation of about 45,000 people.
  254. 2011/06/07: BBC: Haiti flooding kills at least 23 people
  255. 2011/06/07: CBC: Flooding forces evacuations in Dauphin Lake [Manitoba]
  256. 2011/06/07: CBC: China floods kill 14, leave 53 missing
    Rain-triggered floods in southwestern China have killed 14 people and left 53 others missing while destroying roads, bridges and thousands of homes, officials said Tuesday. The 14 deaths were reported in Guizhou province’s Wangmo county, where 52 people were reported missing, state-run Xinhua News Agency reported, citing the provincial civil affairs authority. Another person was missing in the province’s Luodian county. Some 45,000 residents in worst-hit Wangmo county have been evacuated since flood waters inundated the area Monday, said Tang Quanshu of the county’s flood prevention office. She said another 3,000 people were still stranded. Meanwhile, the waters toppled 300 houses and left 2,400 submerged, while 5,500 hectares of farmland were under water, Tang said.
  257. 2011/06/06: PlanetArk: Rains Come To China Drought Provinces, Wen Warns

    Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

  258. 2011/06/08: BBC: Cow methane proof ‘is in the pat’
    Research suggests the amount of methane that ruminants such as cows produce is correlated to quantities of a molecule in their faeces called archaeol. Methane production by ruminants is a large unknown, and is relevant in climate science as it is a powerful greenhouse gas. Current methane measurement methods are labour-intensive or invasive.
  259. 2011/06/06: Eureka: Methane gas from cows…Scientists have discovered a new biomarker [archaeol] for methane production in the feces of cows

    Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation [REDD] has somehow seemed chimeric:

  260. 2011/06/08: Eureka: REDD+ strategies lack plan for agriculture
    Even as countries cite farm expansion as main cause of forest loss, research finds gap between climate ‘promises’ and farm policies
  261. Consider transportation & GHG production:

  262. 2011/06/10: CSM: Fuel surcharges on plane tickets soar. How long will it last?
  263. 2011/06/06: Guardian(UK): High-speed Euro train gets green boost from two miles of solar panels
    Tunnel on Paris-to-Amsterdam line topped with 16,000 solar panels to power Antwerp station and Belgian train network
  264. While in the endless quest for zero energy, sustainable buildings and practical codes:

  265. 2011/06/06: ABC(Au): Zero carbon house in the planning
    Designers and property developers are being challenged to create South Australia’s first zero carbon house. The winning design will be built in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs and there are hopes it will set an environmental benchmark for future housing in SA.
  266. As for carbon sequestration:

  267. 2011/06/11: ABC(Au): The South West town of Collie could become the home of WA’s first onshore carbon capture and storage project
  268. 2011/06/06: GEP: More Tools Available for CCS Policymakers

    Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

  269. 2011/06/10: NYT: Geo-Engineering Can Help Save the Planet
  270. 2011/06/07: GEP: CDR Raised at Bonn Climate Talks
  271. 2011/06/05: CCP: Global warming crisis may mean world has to suck greenhouse gases from air
  272. 2011/06/05: Guardian(UK): Global warming crisis may mean world has to suck greenhouse gases from air

    Meanwhile in the journals:

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    And other significant documents:

  302. 2011/06/09: PI: [link to 2.9 meg pdf] Full disclosure — Environmental liabilities in Canada’s oilsands: Perspective for investors
  303. 2011/06/10: NBF: [link to 177k pdf] Plans for Decarbonizing Sources of Electricty over the next twenty years [Equinox Summit]
  304. 2011/06/10: TCoE: Doc alert: Climate change, water, and food
  305. 2011/06/07: TCoE: Doc alert: FAO Food Outlook
  306. 2011/06/07: DEFRA: [link to 3.7 meg pdf] Natural Environment White Paper

    As for miscellaneous science:

  307. 2011/06/09: ABC(Au): Oceanographers expecting second buoy
    A climate mapping weather buoy has just completed its first deployment in the Southern Ocean almost 600 kilometres off Tasmania’s coast. The 1,300 kg Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) buoy has been relaying data to CSIRO offices in Hobart, showing how the ocean’s responding to a changing climate. The IMOS Director, Tim Moltmann, says the deployment was so successful, another buoy will be built in the United States.
  308. 2011/06/06: CCP: “Evidence for strengthening of the tropical Pacific Ocean surface wind speed during 1979-2001,” by Gen Li & Baohua Ren, Theoretical and Applied Climatology…
  309. 2011/06/12: Eureka: New study of storm generation could improve rainfall prediction in West Africa

    What’s new in models?

  310. 2011/06/05: Eureka: Columbia Engineering team makes major step in improving forecasts of weather extremes

    Regarding Mashey:

  311. 2011/06/09: DeSmogBlog: Science article recognizes John Mashey

    Regarding Hansen:

  312. 2011/06/06: SMandia: Dr. Hansen’s Comment to the Naysayers
  313. 2011/06/06: BCLSB: Dr. James Hansen…on the Keystone XL pipe-line
  314. 2011/06/05: TP:JR: James Hansen slams Keystone XL Canada-U.S. Pipeline…

    Regarding Lindzen:

  315. 2011/06/11: ERabett: WINO’s Lament

    Regarding Wegman:

  316. 2011/06/08: moyhu: Effect of selection in the Wegman Report
  317. 2011/06/07: DeepClimate: Mining new depths in scholarship, part 1
  318. 2011/06/05: DeSmogBlog: Wegman Report: Not just plagiarism, misrepresentation

    There is a steady dribble ofEarth Summit 2012news:

  319. 2011/06/09: BBC:RB: Big summit seeks big idea
  320. 2011/06/06 Guardian(UK): [Letter] Government pledges needed on Rio+20

    While at the UN:

  321. 2011/06/11: ERabett: Weiner and IPCC’s Pachauri: both pursued by ankle-biters, both possibly ineffective
  322. 2011/06/08: UN: UN marks World Oceans Day with calls to preserve seas for future generations
  323. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: U.N. Says Climate Talks Will Miss Kyoto Deadline
  324. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: World Needs Refugee Re-Think For Climate Victims: U.N.
  325. 2011/06/06: NatureNB: WMO agrees to provide climate services to poorer nations
  326. 2011/06/05: ClimateSight: Quality, Transparency, and Rigour

    And on the carbon trading front:

  327. 2011/06/06: ERW: Manufacturing emissions — is the producer or consumer nation accountable?
  328. 2011/06/08: G&M: North America’s largest forest carbon project launches, sells $4-million in credits
    The Nature Conservancy of Canada is receiving more than $4-million in what it says is the largest forest carbon project to date in North America and the first deal of its kind in Canada. The land conservancy organization announced in Vancouver Wednesday that it has sold carbon credits that are the equivalent of 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.
  329. The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

  330. 2011/06/06: Stoat: Carbon tax now
  331. 2011/06/06: Atmoz: Carbon Tax

    How will Carbon Labelling work?

  332. 2011/06/02: Economist: Following the [carbon] footprints
    Carbon-footprint labels, which indicate a product’s environmental impact, are quietly spreading. Consumers may not have noticed them yet, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes
  333. Meanwhile on the international political front:

  334. 2011/06/09: Guardian(UK): Wind direction unchanged by US trade victory over China
    Beijing ends subsidies for domestic turbine makers but Washington must be more proactive on renewables if it really wants to protect American jobs
  335. 2011/06/08: NYT: U.S. Is Falling Behind in the Business of ‘Green’
  336. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): US claims victory over ‘unfair’ Chinese wind power grants
  337. 2011/06/07: BBC: China ends wind power subsidies after US challenge
  338. 2011/06/08: BBC: China creates rare earth monopoly in Inner Mongolia
  339. 2011/06/07: TP:JR: Clean Energy Trade Wars: China Ends Preferential Subsidies to Domestic Wind Companies

    A tussle over the EU applying their ETS to airline travel is building. Soon we will see who is serious about reducing carbon emissions:

  340. 2011/06/09: EurActiv: France urges EU ‘rapid action’ in air carbon row
    The French government has sent Brussels a letter demanding “rapid action” to protect the integrity of the EU’s carbon market from countries such as China, which is demanding exemptions for its airlines. From 1 January next year, the EU’s flagship Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will be expanded to include carbon emissions from all planes passing through European airspace. But US airlines are challenging the move in the courts and China has threatened to retaliate against French planemaker Airbus if its airlines are forced to participate in the ETS.
  341. 2011/06/09: PlanetArk: EU’s Barroso Stands Firm In Airline Emissions Row
  342. 2011/06/07: PressEurop: Air travel — EU-China deadlock over CO2
  343. 2011/06/07: EurActiv: Paris and Berlin blink in aviation carbon row
    Germany and France have both complained to Brussels about an escalating row over bringing foreign airlines into the EU’s cap-and-trade scheme. Diplomats say Berlin will not rule out a challenge to the flagship EU legislation involved. “We’ve received letters from at least the French and German governments,” one official told EurActiv. “It’s been known since the measure was adopted that this was controversial. Now we’re nearing the 1 January deadline, it’s clear that there is some nervousness.” From the start of next year, the EU plans to make all airlines using European airports pay for their carbon pollution under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). But Chinese threats of trade retaliation against European airlines – and French plane-maker Airbus – have spooked the aviation industry and politicians alike.
  344. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: EU Insists On Right To Curb Airline CO2 Emissions
  345. 2011/06/06: Guardian(UK): Willie Walsh: ‘keep emissions trading scheme to European airlines only’
    BA and Iberia boss says making ETS global will lead non-European airlines increasing taxes or blocking flights
  346. 2011/06/06: Guardian(UK): China threatens trade war over EU emissions trading scheme
  347. 2011/06/06: EUO: China threatens EU with legal action in CO2 dispute
    Chinese airlines are resisting being included in the EU’s carbon emissions trading scheme from 1 January and are considering legal action, a move also being considered by their counterparts in the US. Buying carbon permits to fly into and out of Europe will be mandatory for all airlines from 1 January on, a move the Chinese Air Transport Association (Cata) estimates will cost its airlines 84 million euros a year. This sum is expected to almost triple by 2020. As with US airlines, which have threatened the EU with legal action, Chinese carriers say they are bound to do the same because of the “inappropriate” way Brussels is forcing airlines around the globe to comply with EU carbon emission rules.
  348. 2011/06/05: Guardian(UK): European airlines fear trade war over carbon emissions trading
    From January airlines flying through the EU will have to acquire credits to account for carbon emissions generated by their flights
  349. As for GW, energy & water security:

  350. 2011/06/07: CSM: Fukushima meltdown could be template for nuclear terrorism, study says
  351. 2011/06/06: TCoE: There will be (resource) wars

    The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

  352. 2011/06/10: CBC: Cairn Energy wins Greenland drilling injunction — Greenpeace to be fined when protesters disrupt drilling
  353. 2011/06/08: ABC(Au): Two protesters arrested after anti-gas hub blockade
    Two anti-gas hub protesters have been arrested after being forcibly removed from a road blockade in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. The men were attached to vehicles in a protest against a controversial gas hub site at James Price Point, north of Broome. About 70 protesters blocked the road to the site where Woodside and the State Government plan to build a $30 billion LNG precinct. They were trying to prevent Woodside workers from entering to clear 25 hectares of native vegetation.
  354. 2011/06/08: TreeHugger: Amsterdam Judge Joins Greenpeace in Asking Energy Company for Arctic Spill Response Plan

    What are the activists up to?

  355. 2011/06/07: Grist: Blair Mountain: A new milestone in the climate justice movement? by Tim DeChristopher
  356. 2011/06/07: CBC: Greenpeace halts Dutch train with nuclear waste
  357. 2011/06/06: PlanetArk: Arctic Protesters Force Cairn To Halt Drilling
  358. 2011/06/05: DeSmogBlog: Ralliers March To Preserve Blair Mountain And Stop Mountaintop Removal

    Polls! We have polls!

  359. 2011/06/06: CCP: Climate change sceptics are an endangered species in Australia, a national survey shows
  360. 2011/06/05: SwissInfo: Survey backs slow shift from nuclear power
    Most Swiss favour shutting down nuclear power stations but do not want to act too hastily, according to a Swiss Business Federation commissioned survey. Bern found 67 per cent of respondents would vote for ending nuclear power, while 84 per cent agreed that a solution guaranteeing the power needs of Switzerland should not be rushed through.
  361. Regarding Water Politics and Business:

  362. 2011/06/09: FAO: Climate change: major impacts on water for farming
    New FAO survey sums up current scientific understanding of impacts, highlights knowledge gaps and areas for attention
  363. 2011/06/08: Grist: What Dow Chemical doesn’t want you to know about your water
  364. 2011/06/06: JFleck: The Nine Percent Headline
  365. 2011/06/05: JFleck: JFleck’s big water adventure
  366. 2011/06/06: CBC: WikiLeaks shows bitter Canada-U.S. water tiff
    Manitoba’s “angry rhetoric” on a dispute with its U.S. neighbour embittered officials south of the border and made for a “terribly strained” relationship, American diplomatic documents released through WikiLeaks suggest. The documents shed new light on the longstanding spat between Canada and the U.S. over Devils Lake in North Dakota, calling it a “prime example of failed diplomacy.
  367. 2011/06/11: JFleck: A Dubious Title

    Among the world’s religions:

  368. 2011/06/09: UNEP: Faith Groups Call for Climate Justice in Africa

    Who’s making predictions this week?

  369. 2011/06/06: Eureka: Stanford climate scientists forecast permanently hotter summers

    And on the American political front:

  370. 2011/06/11: TP:JR: Progressive Utilities Support EPA Clean Air Regs: Five Truths about Power Plant Emissions Standards
  371. 2011/06/10: TreeHugger: Can the GOP Trick the Public Into Thinking Obama’s to Blame for High Gas Prices?
  372. 2011/06/10: QuarkSoup: No Gore Effect, Skeptics Silent
  373. 2011/06/10: Grist: Could climate change denialism tank the U.S. economy?
  374. 2011/06/09: CDreams: Hot, America? Climate Scientists Say, ‘Get Used to It’
  375. 2011/06/09: Yahoo:AFP: Republicans accused of undermining US environment
    A leading voice in America’s environmental movement slammed Republicans for their “assault” on the country’s public lands and water. Bruce Babbitt, who served as interior secretary from 1993 to 2001 under then president Bill Clinton, on Wednesday also chastised President Barack Obama for failing to “take up the mantle of land and water conservation… in a significant way.”
  376. 2011/06/09: TP:JR: [Former Interior Secretary] Bruce Babbitt Says Congress, Led By GOP House, Has ‘Declared War On Our Land, Water And Natural Resources,’ Then Slams White House ‘Munchkins’ For Bartering Away Public Lands
  377. 2011/06/09: TreeHugger: 5 Arrested for Feeding the Homeless
  378. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): A perfect storm of stupid
    The news is full of extreme weather headlines — floods, wildfires, droughts, tornadoes — but the US still doesn’t get climate change
  379. 2011/06/08: Grist: Chris Christie systematically destroys all environmental progress in New Jersey
  380. 2011/06/07: DVoice: The Age of Catastrophe
  381. 2011/06/07: TP:JR: Clean Energy Trainwreck: Why Most RECs are Bad, and How to Find the Good Ones
  382. 2011/06/07: UCSUSA: More Than 100 Economists Endorse Stronger Fuel Efficiency and Auto Pollution Standards
  383. 2011/06/07: TreeHugger: New York State’s Fracking Ban May Be Extended For Another Year
  384. 2011/06/07: TreeHugger: State Parks on the Chopping Block Across the Nation
  385. 2011/06/07: TreeHugger: As Extreme Weather Rocks Nation, GOP Blocks Climate Adaptation Efforts
  386. 2011/06/07: DeSmogBlog: Top Republican Wants To Weaken EPA, Fast Track Environmental Destruction
  387. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: Are Your Solar Panels Breeding Bolsheviks? Tea Party Congress Targets National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
  388. 2011/06/06: DeSmogBlog: Will Republicans Attack Climate Preparedness Even at the Cost of National Security?
  389. 2011/06/05: QuarkSoup: An Outbreak of Reality in the Republican Party?
  390. 2011/06/05: PSinclair: Are your Solar Panels Breeding Bolsheviks? Tea Party Congress targets National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
  391. 2011/06/12: TP:JR: Serious Nonsense Over Public Lands

    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  392. 2011/06/09: CDreams: Lots of Inconvenient Truths — Chemical Illness Epidemic in the Wake of the BP Blowout
  393. 2011/06/08: McClatchyDC: Oil slick spotted in Gulf: Weathered oil from last year?

    Do you want a corporate dweeb, or a sociopathic corporate dweeb? Your choice:

  394. 2011/06/10: FAIR: To WaPo, Planet’s Fate Is a ‘Second-Tier Issue’
  395. 2011/06/09: TP:JR: Romney alienates conservatives by embracing climate science, Washington Post alienates readers by ignoring science entirely
  396. 2011/06/09: Guardian(UK): Newt Gingrich team resign, leaving would-be president high and dry
  397. 2011/06/09: Guardian(UK): Sarah Palin snub by Margaret Thatcher aides infuriates US rightwing
    Rush Limbaugh joins supporters accusing Thatcher’s circle of disgracing former PM with ‘Palin is nuts’ comment
  398. 2011/06/09: CNN:B: Gingrich top aides abandon campaign
  399. 2011/06/09: Grist: Rick Santorum froths at the mouth about climate change
  400. 2011/06/09: DM:JW: Rush Says to Romney on Climate: “Bye Bye Nomination”
  401. 2011/06/09: TreeHugger: Santorum: Man Responsible for Climate Change is “Patently Absurd” [2012]
  402. 2011/06/08: Grist: Green — who, me? Top 10 brownwashing Republicans
  403. 2011/06/06: NYT:PK: The Monster Raving Loony Party
  404. 2011/06/07: AlterNet: GOP Hopeful Herman Cain: David Koch’s Stalking Horse?
  405. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: Romney-directional Mitt says it’s “important” to reduce greenhouse gases and “We’re going to use our coal resources”
  406. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: Run, Sarah, Run: Why a Palin Candidacy Would be Apocalypse Now for the GOP, but Good News for Climate Hawks
  407. 2011/06/05: TP:JR: Mississippi Gov. Barbour, a Former Dirty-Energy Lobbyist, Compares Being Drenched in Oil to Being Dipped in Chocolate
  408. 2011/06/05: TP:JR: Will Environmental Issues Matter in the 2012 Election?

    The CEO of GM raised a few eyebrows when he suggested raising the Gas Tax by a buck:

  409. 2011/06/09: TreeHugger: Let’s Raise the Gas Tax by $1: GM CEO
  410. 2011/06/07: AutoBG: CEO Akerson says higher gas tax would be good for environment, GM
  411. 2011/06/07: EnvEcon: GM joins the Pigou Club
    General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson wants the federal gas tax boosted as much as $1 a gallon to nudge consumers toward more fuel-efficient cars…
  412. The Obama chatter is nonstop:

  413. 2011/06/08: NPR: Obama Takes Heat From Some Environmentalists
  414. 2011/06/06: NewYorker: Storms Brewing
  415. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: The New Yorker’s Elizabeth Kolbert slams President Obama for fiddling with fossil fuels while the planet burns

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  416. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: U.S. EPA Demands Extensive Review Of Oil Sands [Keystone XL pipeline]
  417. 2011/06/07: DeSmogBlog: EPA Again Faults State Department Keystone XL Assessment as “Insufficient”
  418. 2011/06/07: CCP: EPA: State Department Analysis of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Oil Spill, Global Warming Risks Is ‘Insufficient’
  419. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: NY Times endorses Obama’s green pick for commerce secretary, John Bryson
  420. 2011/06/06: OilChange: Deadline Day for Comments on Keystone XL

    As for what is going on in Congress:

  421. 2011/06/10: TP:JR: Sen. Tom Carper (D-De) on EPA’s Proposed Air Quality Standards: “The Time to Act on Protecting Our Children’s Health is Overdue.”
  422. 2011/06/09: TP:JR: After Exxon Finds A Month’s Worth Of Oil In Gulf, GOP Rep. Claims It Proves We Have ‘Abundant’ Oil Reserves
  423. 2011/06/09: ScienceInsider: House Panel Slams Obama’s Decision to Shut Yucca Mountain

    What are the lobbyists pushing?

  424. 2011/06/08: TP:JR: Oil Companies (and Their Koch-Funded Front Groups) Run Campaign to Raise Ire at Gas Prices, Protect Profits

    While in the UK:

  425. 2011/06/10: NatureN: UK climate projects evaporate — British Council axes climate-change work to balance books
  426. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): Coalition on course to miss carbon emissions targets, says CBI [Confederation of British Industry]
    Powerful business lobbyist says ministers failing on 12 of 13 environmental indicators after series of policy U-turns
  427. 2011/06/07: BBC: Poorest pensioners face ‘heat or eat’ concern
    The poorest pensioner households cut their food spending during very cold spells of weather to cover the cost of heating, a report has said. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said that all retired households raised fuel spending by 7% during cold snaps. The poorest quarter of pensioner households also decreased their food spending by a similar proportion during the same period.
  428. 2011/06/07: Guardian(UK): Emissions rise at UK universities puts 2020 targets in doubt
  429. 2011/06/07: DEFRA: [Press Release on Natural Environment White Paper] New plans promise flourishing future for the natural environment
  430. 2011/06/07: NatureNB: UK publishes plans for protecting the natural environment
  431. 2011/06/07: BBC: Ministers bid to stem nature loss
    The government has published proposals aimed at curbing loss of nature across England and strengthening links between people and the wild.
  432. 2011/06/05: Guardian(UK): Crisis meeting is called as drought leaves crops dying in the fields
    Rising food prices and restrictions on power and water use are likely to result from a lack of rain in the south and east of the [UK], experts believe
  433. And in Europe:

  434. 2011/06/10: EurActiv: EU countries mull aid plans for drought-hit farms
    As farmers in northern Europe try to grapple with an unusually dry weather, France agreed yesterday (9 June) to spend between 500 million euros and 1 billion euros to help farmers affected by a spring drought that has parched fields and shrunk the supply of animal fodder.
  435. 2011/06/10: EurActiv: Italians brace for nuclear vote
    Campaigners are urging Italians living abroad to vote in a 12-13 June referendum on relaunching nuclear power. The poll will measure the popularity of a key plank in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s policy platform. A month after winning the last election, in September 2008, Berlusconi promised a new national energy plan involving “the start of nuclear energy production”. Opinion polls suggest a strong majority of Italians oppose reintroducing nuclear energy. But unless more than half of all eligible voters participate, the ballot will not count.
  436. 2011/06/09: PressEurop: Nuclear energy — Let Brussels look after it
    Leaving nuclear safety to Member States to deal with is no longer tenable. Joint surveillance would give credibility to proponents of nuclear energy and at the same time limit lobbying from the energy giants.
  437. 2011/06/10: BBC: France has pledged 1bn euros (£0.9bn, $1.5bn) in compensation for farmers after the EU’s top grain producer saw its worst spring drought in 50 years
  438. 2011/06/09: EurActiv: EU countries to start keeping ‘green balance sheets’
    The European Parliament has backed new legislation on Tuesday (7 June) requiring EU countries to harmonise national reporting data on air pollution, green taxes and raw material flows in order to build up Europe-wide “environmental economic accounts”.
  439. 2011/06/09: TreeHugger: Merkel Says Germany Needs 20GW of Fossil-Fuel Power Plants Over Next 10 Years
  440. 2011/06/08: EurActiv: EU to start taxing road freight to contain pollution
    EU member states have been given final approval to start applying the ‘polluter-pays’ principle when setting road tolls for heavy goods vehicles. But the freight sector is complaining of an additional burden as countries are not obliged to reinvest the tax revenues in greening road transport.
  441. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: EU Parliament Tells Hauliers: Polluters Should Pay
  442. 2011/06/07: EurActiv: Ukraine looks for ‘propaganda’ on energy savings
  443. 2011/06/07: NatureN: Hungarian natural history under threat
    Historical collections given marching orders as government plans military university at museum site.
  444. Meanwhile in Australia:

  445. 2011/06/10: ABC(Au):TDU: Conversations: Coal seam gas is ‘a disaster’
  446. 2011/06/07: ABC(Au): North coast MPs welcome solar bonus moves
    A mid north coast politician says the state government has done the right thing in axing retrospective laws to reduce solar bonus payments. The plan to cut energy generation tariffs from 60 cents per kilowatt hour to 40 cents drew a massive backlash. Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser says people who signed up to the solar bonus scheme before April, will get the full tariffs they were promised.
  447. 2011/06/08: PeakEnergy: Crazy Bob Katter’s Australian Party
  448. 2011/06/07: SkeptiSci: Tony Abbott denies climate change and advocates carbon tax in the same breath

    The Australian carbon war rages on:

  449. 2011/06/10: Crikey: PC [Productivity Commission] reveals the great greenhouse rip-off
  450. 2011/06/09: ABC(Au): Carbon price “cheapest option”: PC report
    The federal Independent MP for New England, Tony Windsor, says the latest report from the Productivity Commission shows a price on carbon is the cheapest way to tackle climate change.
  451. 2011/06/09: ABC(Au): Windsor accepts report’s global climate view
    The independent MP who might decide the fate of Labor’s carbon tax says the Productivity Commission report released Thursday proves the rest of the world is acting on climate change. Tony Windsor is a key member of the Multi-Party Climate Committee and was the one who requested the Productivity Commission crunch the global figures.
  452. 2011/06/09: ABC(Au): Productivity Commission backs Gillard on climate
    The Productivity Commission has backed the Federal Government’s claims that other world economies are taking significant measures to combat climate change. It says price-based mechanisms, such as the one planned for Australia, are the most effective and least costly way to reduce carbon pollution.
  453. 2011/06/08: ABC(Au): Economist [Warwick McKibbin] challenges Swan’s carbon tax modelling
  454. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: Australia Carbon Price To Have Small Impact On GNP: Government
  455. 2011/06/06: ABC(Au): Greenpeace targets BHP Billiton over carbon tax
    Greenpeace has unfurled a giant banner across the front of the BHP Billiton building in Melbourne’s CBD. The so-called “pollution tax invoice” for $338 million, was hung from the building early this morning. Greenpeace says it has targeted the mining company, saying it is working against the carbon tax behind closed doors.
  456. 2011/06/06: ABC(Au): Canberrans ‘Say Yes’ to carbon price — Thousands of people have taken part in a climate change rally in Canberra
  457. 2011/06/06: ABC(Au): New South Wales Treasurer Mike Baird has written to his federal counterpart expressing concern about the impact a carbon price could have on the state’s finances
  458. 2011/06/06: ABC(Au): Thousands of people turned out at rallies in support of action on carbon pollution yesterday, with former Liberal leader John Hewson attacking both sides of politics for their handling of the issue
  459. 2011/06/12: ABC(Au): The Federal Government will permanently boost payments to Australia’s 3.4 million pensioners, including up-front cash compensation to help them cope with the proposed carbon tax

    After a 10 year drought and recent massive flooding, water usage planning is controversial and difficult:

  460. 2011/06/06: ABC(Au): Basin plan ‘underestimates impact of dams’
    With the Murray-Darling Basin Authority only weeks away from unveiling its draft water-sharing plan, there are new questions about the figures being used to calculate the carve-up. A study published in an international journal Environmental Management suggests the modelling is inaccurate because it underestimates the impacts of water diversions and dams.
  461. And in New Zealand:

  462. 2011/06/09: HotTopic: Key contradictions

    While in the Indian subcontinent:

  463. 2011/06/08: CCurrents: Lost In The Din: Baba Ramdev’s Plan To Save Agriculture
  464. 2011/06/08: CCurrents: Halt Attack On Protesters At POSCO Project Area
  465. 2011/06/05: Guardian(UK): Arundhati Roy: ‘They are trying to keep me destabilised. Anybody who says anything is in danger’

    And in China:

  466. 2011/06/09: RRapier: Roundtable on China’s Energy Future
  467. 2011/06/06: PlanetArk: China Says To Deploy More Coal Trains To Ease Power Crunch

    In Japan:

  468. 2011/06/07: PeakEnergy: Japan May Tap Geothermal Power to Offset Atomic Loss, BNEF Says

    In Canada, minority neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  469. 2011/06/08: PI:B: New government report illustrates weakness of federal climate policy
  470. 2011/06/06: PI:B: Federal government backtracks on lightbulb regulations [incandescent bulb phase out postponed another 2 years]

    The G8/G20 controversy lingers:

  471. 2011/06/10: CBC: SIU charges officer in Dorian Barton G20 case
    A Toronto police officer has been charged in connection to injuries sustained by Dorian Barton, who claimed his arm was broken when he was assaulted by police during last June’s G20 demonstrations. Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit, which reopened the case last month, said there was sufficient information gathered from numerous interviews to lay charges almost a year after the incident at Queen’s Park in Toronto. Toronto Police Const. Glenn Weddell was charged Friday with assault causing bodily harm.
  472. 2011/06/10: CBC: Auditor general questions G8 funding defence
    Acting auditor general John Wiersema is questioning the government’s assertion that a border congestion fund is often used for projects that are not in border communities. Wiersema expressed his concern Friday, a day after he tabled former auditor general Sheila Fraser’s final report on G8 and G20 spending that put Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government on the defensive. His office’s report showed that Parliament was never told $50 million for a G8 legacy infrastructure fund was part of a submission to approve $83 million for the Border Infrastructure Fund. Wiersema didn’t go as far as to say that Parliament was misled, but said the government’s move wasn’t transparent. But opposition critics are accusing the Conservative government of misleading MPs and abusing public trust and money.
  473. 2011/06/10: TStar: Cop unmasked: Meet Const. Glenn Weddell, the officer ID’d in G20 assault
    Police Const. Glenn Weddell has been identified as the officer who allegedly slammed Dorian Barton with a riot shield and hit him with a baton during the G20, the Toronto Star has learned. Weddell is the subject officer at the centre of a Special Investigations Unit probe, which in turn is at the heart of a public bickering match between Toronto police and the civilian agency charged with overseeing them.
  474. 2011/06/09: G&M: G8 spending in Clement’s riding left ‘no paper trail’
  475. 2011/06/09: TStar: G8 legacy is deceit, pork barreling and promotions
  476. 2011/06/09: CBC: Ministers didn’t follow policies for G8 spending: AG
    Spending for summits lacked transparency, auditor general finds in critical report
    The government didn’t tell Parliament it was approving $50 million for a G8 legacy fund that doled out cash for projects in cabinet minister Tony Clement’s riding based on his advice, according to the auditor general, who could find no paper trail to explain how the projects were chosen. The findings are contained in the Spring 2011 report written by former auditor general Sheila Fraser who retired on May 30. Acting auditor general John Wiersema presented the report Thursday and said the government didn’t follow at least two policies designed to ensure the government is transparent and accountable, and that the report’s findings are “troubling.” The report contains highly-anticipated chapters on the costs associated with last summer’s G8 and G20 summits in Muskoka and Toronto and covers a number of other audits of government programs and services. It slams how the government managed the finances of the back-to-back summit meetings and its overall lack of transparency. Opposition parties were quick to react to the report and said Parliament was misinformed about the funds it was approving to be spent on the summits.
  477. 2011/06/07: TStar: Officers tell their side of Adam Nobody’s G20 arrest
    Three officers involved in the arrest of protester Adam Nobody during the G20 summit last year have publicly defended their actions for the first time, denying any wrongdoing in the high-profile case. Det. Consts. Luke Watson and Todd Storey revealed their version of events in Ontario Superior Court in April, during proceedings related to another case involving alleged excessive force. In the process, they denied the accusations by Nobody, who suffered a broken cheekbone and nose during his arrest at the G20 summit in June 2010. “We never kicked him, we never punched him,” Storey testified in late April.
  478. Canada is kiboshing Kyoto:

  479. 2011/06/09: Reuters: [Canadian] Government confirms it will reject new Kyoto Protocol
  480. 2011/06/08: Yahoo:Reuters: Canada confirms it will reject new Kyoto Protocol
  481. 2011/06/09: PlanetArk: Canada Confirms It Will Reject New Kyoto Protocol
    Canada confirmed on Wednesday that it would not support an extended Kyoto Protocol after 2012, joining Japan and Russia in rejecting a new round of the climate emissions pact. The current Kyoto Protocol binds only the emissions of industrialized countries from 2008-2012. Poor and emerging economies want to extend the pact, creating a deadlock at U.N. climate talks running from June 6 to 17 in Bonn, Germany. The confirmation makes it clear Canada is following the line its ruling party pursued ahead of last month’s election.
  482. Rob Stavins looks on the bright side:

  483. 2011/06/10: Belfer: Canada’s Step Away From the Kyoto Protocol Can Be a Constructive Step Forward
  484. 2011/06/11: Grist: Canada’s step away from the Kyoto Protocol can be a constructive step forward [Stavins]

    Canada has a certain reputation at Bonn:

  485. 2011/06/09: DailyKos: Bonn Day 4: Agenda Finally Set As Talks Begin
  486. 2011/06/10: CCP: Canada receives Fossil of the Day Award in Bonn (worst country in the world award)
  487. 2011/06/09: PostMedia: Harper government receives diplomatic spanking over climate policies
  488. 2011/06/10: Maribo: Canada upsets other countries at climate negotiations

    The battle over the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines rages on:

  489. 2011/06/10: DeSmogBlog: Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline Would Feature Woefully Inadequate Spill Detection System
  490. 2011/06/08: OilChange: Keystone Could Add a “Billion-Tons” of CO2
  491. 2011/06/07: CBC: EPA worried by TransCanada’s Keystone [XL] pipeline
  492. 2011/06/06: CBC: N.W.T. oil pipeline leak estimate grows — Up to 1,500 barrels may have spilled from Norman Wells pipeline…

    Another revelation from the Cohen Commission:

  493. 2011/06/06: G&M: Contaminant research fell through the cracks, Cohen Commission hears
    When the Department of Fisheries and Oceans stopped doing research on contaminants in ocean and freshwater environments several years ago, it was assumed Environment Canada would pick up the slack. But that never happened, the Cohen Commission heard Monday, and that oversight created a serious gap in federal research capabilities despite growing concerns that pesticides and other contaminants were threatening Pacific salmon.
  494. Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  495. 2011/06/10: Tyee: Gooey Oil Sands Lies PR Flacks Tell: Call BS!
  496. 2011/06/09: PI:B: Lemon or Lamborghini? Investors require the full picture on oilsands liabilities
  497. 2011/06/05: NewEurope: Canada talks dirty on trade

    In Saskatchewan:

  498. 2011/06/09: CBC: First Nations seek share of Sask. potash riches

    In Manitoba:

  499. 2011/06/11: CBC: Manitoba on alert for more flooding — Major rain storm predicted Sunday night
  500. 2011/06/10: CBC: Manitoba dike breach could reopen — Coming storm raises serious flood concerns
  501. 2011/06/08: CBC: Flood damage hits Manitoba economy
  502. 2011/06/07: CBC: Flooding forces evacuations in Dauphin Lake [Manitoba]

    In Ontario, upcoming election issues are appearing:

  503. 2011/06/08: CleanBreak: Is a solar PV moratorium coming in Ontario?
  504. 2011/06/10: PSinclair: Great Lakes Offshore wind: No impact on Tourism

    While in la Belle Province:

  505. 2011/06/11: CBC: Cleanup underway in Quebec flood zone — Thousands of volunteers on site to help Richelieu River communities

    The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  506. 2011/06/06: GreenGrok: When Greenware Breaks Down … on Its Eco-Friendly Promises
  507. 2011/06/08: ArsTechnica: Group dynamics key to avoiding tragedy of the commons
  508. 2011/06/08: CCP: Thomas L. Friedman: The Earth Is Full
  509. 2011/06/06: CCurrents: Corporate Profit Versus Life On Earth

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  510. 2011/06/08: TP:JR: “The Earth Is Full”: Tom Friedman on “The Great Disruption”
  511. 2011/06/07: NYT: The Earth Is Full
  512. 2011/06/07: SlashDot: Have We Reached Maximum Sustainable Population Size?
  513. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): Philippines birth control legislation opposed by church
    Surveys suggest majority of public support family planning bill’s passage, but influential Catholic church opposes law
  514. 2011/06/06: CCurrents: Feedback And Dis-Equilibrium In Human Overpopulation
  515. 2011/06/05: AlterNet: Anti-Choice Zealots Don’t Care About Depriving Poor and Minorities of Cancer Screenings, Birth Control

    As for how the media handles science:

  516. 2011/06/07: CJR: Environmental Journalism Associations Proliferating Worldwide — Members find strength — and challenges — in numbers
  517. 2011/06/07: DM:CCM: Fox’s Media Bias and Climate Change
  518. 2011/06/12: TP:JR: Must-see climate change video connects the dots, while a NY Times story on the record Arizona wildfires fails to

    Gee, you’d almost think corporations owned those networks:

  519. 2011/06/08: DeSmogBlog: Media Matters Report Shows Network TV Preference For Anti-Environment Guests
  520. 2011/06/08: Grist: EPA critics are hogging the air time
  521. 2011/06/07: CCP: Media Matters: Opponents of EPA Climate Action Dominate TV News Airwaves — only scientist interviewed was Patrick Michaels, noted liar before Congress
  522. 2011/06/07: MediaMatters: Report: Opponents Of EPA Climate Action Dominate TV News Airwaves
  523. 2011/06/07: TreeHugger: TV News Overwhelmingly Dominated by Oppenents of EPA: Report

    Here is something for your library:

  524. 2011/06/07: EnergyBulletin: [Book Review] _For All The People_ by John Curl
  525. 2011/06/07: HotTopic: [Book Review] _Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist_ by Ray Anderson
  526. 2011/06/12: SMandia: Review of Generation Us: The Challenge of Global Warming by Dr. Andrew Weaver
  527. 2011/06/12: HotTopic: [Book Review] _Generation Us: The Challenge of Global Warming_ by Andrew Weaver

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  528. 2011/06/11: BPA: Trailer: Urban Roots
  529. 2011/06/10: PSinclair: BTW, per Phil Jones, warming since 1995 now “significant”…
  530. 2011/06/09: PSinclair: From Al Jazeera – Record Emissions Rise: What the Numbers Mean
  531. 2011/06/07: Grist: Watch the ad that made Australian climate scientists get death threats
  532. 2011/06/07: InformedComment: What if Everything Ran on Gasoline?
  533. 2011/06/06: SkeptiSci: Irregular Climate podcast 20: Dead trees make for good reading
  534. 2011/06/06: MoD: Irregular Climate Episode 20: Dead trees make for good reading
  535. 2011/06/06: NakedCapitalism: On the Shortcomings in US Nuclear Emergency Plans
  536. 2011/06/12: PSinclair: Potholer: Why the Media Screws up Science, #1

    This take on McKibben’s oped generated a bit of a buzz:

  537. 2011/06/10: ClassM: Sometimes, even television has its uses [McKibben]
  538. 2011/06/09: AFTIC: Watch this [YouTube – A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!]
  539. 2011/06/09: TreeHugger: Don’t Ever Think of Blaming Extreme Weather on Climate Change … (Video)
  540. 2011/06/08: CCP: Don’t Miss this Video: “A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never.”
  541. 2011/06/08: Tamino: Must-Watch [McKibben] Video
  542. 2011/06/09: HotTopic: The illustrated McKibben
  543. 2011/06/08: DeSmogBlog: Bill McKibben’s Recent Op-Ed On Climate and Severe Weather Remixed Into Video
  544. 2011/06/08: PSinclair: Don’t Miss this Video: “A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never.”
  545. 2011/06/11: Grist: The most powerful climate video you’ll see all week

    Meanwhile among the ‘Sue the Bastards!’ contingent:

  546. 2011/06/10: ABC(Au): Environment groups challenge new power plant
    Environment groups will launch legal proceedings in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) today to stop the construction of a new coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley.
  547. 2011/06/10: PlanetArk: Groups Sue Obama Administration Over Drilling Approval
  548. 2011/06/09: PlanetArk: Judge Upholds Environmentalist Lawsuit Against Exxon
    A federal judge on Tuesday said two environmental groups’ could sue for enforcement of federal pollution standards at Exxon Mobil Corp’s Baytown, Texas, refinery, the nation’s largest. Exxon, the largest U.S. refiner, had asked federal Judge David Hitner to throw out the lawsuit because the Baytown refinery is already subject to federal Clean Air Act enforcement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Sierra Club and Environment Texas brought the lawsuit in December under a provision of the Clean Air Act that allows private individuals to seek enforcement of federal pollution standards when the federal agency fails to do so. “Congress specifically allowed for citizen enforcement suits because sometimes government agencies fall down on the job, and this case is a perfect example of that,” said Luke Metzger, executive director of Environment Texas. Citing notices filed by Exxon with state and federal regulators, the groups said the Baytown refinery and adjoining chemical plant have released more than 8 million pounds (3.6million kilograms) of pollutants in the last five years beyond the levels permitted under the Clean Air Act. An Exxon spokesman said the company would continue to defend itself in court.
  549. 2011/06/07: ERabett: A Locke on environmental protection and takings
  550. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: U.S. Court Rejects GE Challenge [to] EPA Cleanup Orders
  551. 2011/06/05: DeSmogBlog: Arkansas Families Launch Lawsuits Against Southwestern For Polluting Their Water; New Brunswick Is Open For Drilling

    Wrestling over a new energy infrastructure continues unabated:

  552. 2011/06/11: DeSmogBlog: Post Carbon Institute Debunks False Hope Of Gas As ‘Bridge Fuel’
  553. 2011/06/06: FuturePundit: Most Expensive Offshore Ship For LNG Production
  554. 2011/06/10: NBF: Oregon develops thermally activated cooling system to use 80% of waste heat
  555. 2011/06/10: OSU: Prototype demonstrates success of advanced new energy technology [Thermoelectric]
  556. 2011/06/10: EnergyBulletin: Saudis still planning more nukes. Do they know something we don’t?
  557. 2011/06/10: EnergyBulletin: China’s Energy Future
  558. 2011/06/10: PeakEnergy: GE Promoting Combined Natural Gas, Wind and Solar Power Plant
  559. 2011/06/08: PressEurop: Renewable energy — Desertec to take over from nuclear power
    The end of nuclear power in Germany and Switzerland and reduced tolerance for this energy source in many countries in Europe has given a new lease of life to projects based on renewable energy, like the one backed by a German consortium in North Africa.
  560. 2011/06/08: NYT: The Gas Is Greener
  561. 2011/06/09: ClassM: Yet another clean energy disinformation campaign
  562. 2011/06/09: EnvEcon: High energy prices and incentives
  563. 2011/06/08: CBC: A new report released Wednesday by oil company BP said China overtook the United States to become the world’s biggest energy consumer in 2010
  564. 2011/06/06: CCurrents: The Global Energy Crisis Deepens
  565. 2011/06/07: EnergyBulletin: ‘A Golden Age of Gas’…with caveats…according to the IEA
  566. 2011/06/07: TP:JR: IEA’s “Golden Age of Gas Scenario” Leads to More Than 6°F Warming and Out-of-Control Climate Change
  567. 2011/06/07: OilChange: A Pro-Poor, Pro-Climate Energy Strategy
  568. 2011/06/07: OilChange: Gas is No “Panacea” For Climate Change
  569. 2011/06/07: BBC: International Energy Agency says gas in golden age
    Increasing gas supply and demand for the fuel could set off a “golden age of gas”, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said. An IEA report claimed that demand for gas could outstrip coal by 2030, and get close to demand for oil by 2035.
  570. 2011/06/06: EnergyBulletin: Can renewable energy outshine fossil fuels?
  571. 2011/06/06: Guardian(UK): Natural gas is no climate change ‘panacea’, warns IEA
  572. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: Stunner: New Nuclear Costs as Much as German Solar Power Today — and Up to $0.34/kWh in 2018

    Hey! Let’s contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It’ll be a fracking gas!

  573. 2011/06/10: ABC(Au):TDU: Conversations: Coal seam gas is ‘a disaster’
  574. 2011/06/09: CSM: ‘Fracking’ for natural gas is polluting ground water, study concludes
    A Duke University study finds high methane levels in ground water near where fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, has occurred. Fracking is a controversial practice to extract natural gas from shale.
  575. 2011/06/09: Grist: Mark Ruffalo wants you to stand up against hydrofracking
  576. 2011/06/09: DeSmogBlog: Gas Fracking War In British Columbia’s Wildlands
  577. 2011/06/07: TreeHugger: New York State’s Fracking Ban May Be Extended For Another Year
  578. 2011/06/05: DeSmogBlog: Arkansas Families Launch Lawsuits Against Southwestern For Polluting Their Water; New Brunswick Is Open For Drilling

    On the coal front:

  579. 2011/06/10: DeSmogBlog: Massey Energy Is Not The Only Mountaintop Removal Mining Villain
  580. 2011/06/10: TP:JR: American Electric Power Takes Workers Hostage to Stop Pollution Controls
    Yesterday, American Electric Power announced that it would close 21 coal fired electricity units rather than makes investments to reduce their toxic air pollution under the forthcoming EPA reduction requirements.
  581. 2011/06/10: PlanetArk: AEP To Retire 6,000 MW Of U.S. Coal Generation
  582. 2011/06/10: CSM: Blair Mountain II: The new battle over coal mining in West Virginia
  583. 2011/06/08: CSW: March on Blair Mountain

    On the gas and oil front:

  584. 2011/06/10: BBerg: Closing oil prices Friday
    OIL (US$/bbl)
    Nymex Crude Future…99.29
    Dated Brent Spot….118.20
    WTI Cushing Spot…..99.29
  585. 2011/06/10: CalcRisk: Saudi Arabia promises more oil production
  586. 2011/06/10: CBC: Oil drops on word Saudis to hike output
  587. 2011/06/10: OilDrum: TOTAL’s view on future oil production
  588. 2011/06/09: BBC: The price of oil jumped after the OPEC oil cartel failed to agree on increasing production, in an unusual show of tension between members
  589. 2011/06/08: EconBrowser: The significance of OPEC announcements
  590. 2011/06/08: EnergyBulletin: Who has time to worry about OPEC?
  591. 2011/06/08: CBC: OPEC impasse keeps quotas unchanged — Oil prices gain
  592. 2011/06/08: al Jazeera: OPEC fails to reach agreement on oil supply
    Group of oil-producing nations unable to reach consensus on Saudi-led plan to raise supply to calm world markets.
  593. 2011/06/08: Guardian(UK): Oil price rises sharply after OPEC meeting collapses in disarray
  594. 2011/06/08: G&M: Forget OPEC: Russia is key

    And in pipeline news:

  595. 2011/06/10: DeSmogBlog: Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline Would Feature Woefully Inadequate Spill Detection System
  596. 2011/06/08: PlanetArk: U.S. EPA Demands Extensive Review Of Oil Sands [Keystone XL pipeline]
  597. 2011/06/08: OilChange: Keystone Could Add a “Billion-Tons” of CO2
  598. 2011/06/07: CBC: EPA worried by TransCanada’s Keystone [XL] pipeline
  599. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: TransCanada Says Keystone Resumes Shipping Crude Oil

    Yes we have a peak oil sighting:

  600. 2011/06/09: MoJo: Yes, We’re Still Running Out of Oil
  601. 2011/06/09: EnergyBulletin: The peak oil crisis: the gathering storm
  602. 2011/06/06: EnergyBulletin: The US crude production peak is not symmetrical
  603. 2011/06/06: EnergyBulletin: A note on Hubbert’s hypotheses and techniques

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  604. 2011/06/08: BPA: Distillers Grains Exports are Slowing
  605. 2011/06/10: BPA: U.S. Ethanol Export Numbers and Trends
  606. 2011/06/06: RRapier: Taking Care of the Topsoil
  607. 2011/06/09: BBSRC: First wood-digesting enzyme found in bacteria could boost biofuel production
  608. 2011/06/07: BPA: Bob Dinneen is Exuberant over Ethanol Exports to Brazil
  609. 2011/06/07: PlanetArk: Brazil Seeks To Boost Stagnant Ethanol Industry
  610. 2011/06/06: TreeHugger: Is Burning Wood For Heat Really Green?

    The answer my friend…:

  611. 2011/06/10: Grist: The race to build the world’s most improbably gigantic — and efficient — wind turbine

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  612. 2011/06/10: CleanBreak: SunSaluter, developed by 19-year-old Canadian Eden Full, could lower cost of solar PV for world’s poorest
    [Solar tracker for Solar PV panels uses bimetallic strips that bend and twist in certain predictable ways when heated by the sun]
  613. 2011/06/10: Grist: Turning toward the sun for energy by Lester Brown
  614. 2011/06/09: MIT: ‘Artificial leaf’ moves closer to reality
    MIT researchers develop a device that combines a solar cell with a catalyst to split water molecules and generate energy
  615. 2011/06/09: BBickmore: Utah-Based Solar-Thermal Company
  616. 2011/06/09: TP:JR: Solar is Ready Now: ‘Ferocious Cost Reductions’ Make Solar PV Competitive
  617. 2011/06/09: EMPA: New superstrate material enables flexible, lightweight and efficient thin film solar modules
    Efficiency record for flexible CdTe solar cell due to novel polyimide film
  618. 2011/06/08: PSinclair: Fully Charged: Rooftop Solar and Your EV
  619. 2011/06/07: NBF: Hong Kong researchers produce inexpensive thin film solar cells with 17% conversion efficiency

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  620. 2011/06/07: GreenGrok: The Nuclear Option: Waste Plan or a Wasteland?
  621. 2011/06/10: PlanetArk: After Japan, Where’s The Next Nuclear Weak Link?
  622. 2011/06/07: Cryptome: Testing of Pressurized Water Reactors Emergency Core Cooling Systems

    Nuclear waste storage requires long term thinking:

  623. 2011/06/09: ProPublica: Electrical Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Nebraska Nuke Plant
  624. 2011/06/09: ScienceInsider: House Panel Slams Obama’s Decision to Shut Yucca Mountain

    The Rossi Energy Catalyzer keeps coming up:

  625. 2011/06/09: NBF: Rossi Energy Catalyzer — A Low Energy Nuclear Reactor updates
  626. 2011/05/25: JNP: A detailed Qualitative Approach to the Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions of H/Ni
  627. 2011/06/06: NBF: A detailed Qualitative Approach to the Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions of H/Ni

    And then there is the matter of efficiency & conservation:

  628. 2011/06/06: Grist: Why the next light bulb you buy will last 22 years

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  629. 2011/06/11: PeakEnergy: Ford to Triple Hybrid Production, Introduce Plug-In
  630. 2011/06/09: AutoBG: ZF [Friedrichshafen AG] debuts world’s first nine-speed transmission, promises 16% better fuel economy
  631. 2011/06/08: AutoBG: Report: Toyota to increase Prius Alpha production by 70%
  632. 2011/06/07: PSinclair: Fully Charged: Explaining Electric Cars
  633. 2011/06/07: Grist: Secret electric supercar to be unveiled in Korea by end of year
  634. 2011/06/06: AutoBG: In case of emergency: power home with Mitsubishi i-MiEV

    As for Energy Storage:

  635. 2011/06/08: Grist: No joke: This is the biggest battery breakthrough ever
  636. 2011/06/06: ExTech: Structural Power Technology Turns Car Doors into Batteries
  637. 2011/06/08: TP:JR: Hi-Tech Grid Storage Advances: Beacon Power Installs the Largest Flywheel Storage Plant in the World
  638. 2011/06/07: Eureka: The heat is on for sodium-manganese oxide rechargeable batteries
  639. 2011/06/07: NBF: Primus Power working on scaling up $500 per kilowatt hour flow batteries and has started a different $100 per kwh design
  640. 2011/06/06: MIT: New battery design could give electric vehicles a jolt
    Significant advance in battery architecture could be breakthrough for electric vehicles and grid storage.
  641. Meanwhile in the greenwashing chronicles:

  642. 2011/06/08: TreeHugger: Anna Lappe Calls Out Dow Chemical On Water Pollution and Greenwashing In Brilliant Move (VIDEO)
  643. 2011/06/07: CCP: Dow Chemical Greenwashing Campaign Exposed

    Who’s fielding the FAQs?

  644. 2011/06/07: Guardian(UK): What is the emissions trading scheme and does it work?

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  645. 2011/06/10: TP:JR: June 10 news…
  646. 2011/06/09: TP:JR: June 9 News…
  647. 2011/06/08: TP:JR: June 8 news…
  648. 2011/06/07: TP:JR: June 7 news,,,
  649. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: June 6 News…

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  650. 2011/06/09: Stoat: The Heartland Institute’s failed wiki
  651. 2011/06/07: ClimateShifts: Climate skeptics are an endangered species?
  652. 2011/06/08: HotTopic: The (un)principled sceptic
  653. 2011/06/07: JQuiggin: The innumeracy of the right
  654. 2011/06/12: Stoat: Its fun to snark

    Meanwhile in the ‘clean coal’ saga:

  655. 2011/06/10: TP:JR: Do You Live Near One of the Top 25 Dirtiest Coal Plants?
  656. 2011/06/06: TP:JR: Turns out Cleaning up Mercury and Coal Ash are Good for Health, Not Bad for the Economy. Go Figure! [clean coal]

    As for climate miscellanea:

  657. 2011/06/11: CDreams: The Perils of Ignoring Science
  658. 2011/06/11: JQuiggin: Reasons to be cheerful, part 2
  659. 2011/06/09: ClimateSight: Models and Books
  660. 2011/06/08: EnergyBulletin: Heeding the warnings of environmental Reveres
  661. 2011/06/07: BVerheggen: Venus battle resolved?
  662. 2011/06/06: KSJT: AP: Nations emitting CO2 at new record pace amid talk talk talk ; Reuters: Forests doing their part to soak it up
  663. 2011/06/06: WiC: Michael Klare: How to wreck a planet 101
  664. 2011/06/05: Guardian(UK): Britain’s hot spring could be result of shrinking Arctic – shifting jet streams
  665. 2011/06/05: AlterNet: 3 Massive World Events That Will Change Your Life [Klare] [continuing unrest in the Middle East, a grim outlook for nuclear power, and a severe electricity shortage in China due to drought]
  666. 2011/06/05: Guardian(UK): Climate change: self-interest may save us
  667. 2011/06/12: TP:JR: An Interactive History of Climate Science
  668. 2011/06/11: ERabett: Summer Reading List

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  669. Wandering Gaia
  670. NASA: Aquarius Mission Web Site
  671. Carbon Brief
  672. Earth Summit 2012
  673. CTC: Carbon Tax Center — Pricing carbon efficiently and equitably
  674. FPN: Earth Overshoot Day over time
  675. FPN: FootPrint Network
  676. WGSI: Equinox Summit: Energy 2030
  677. The Pembina Institute: Advancing Sustainable Energy Solutions
  678. Climate Shifts
  679. UNEP: News Centre
  680. Climate Tasmania
  681. Wiki: Long-term effects of global warming

    Low Key Plug

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    “There were multiple one-in-500 year or one-in-100 year flood events within a few years of each other. 1993, 2000, then again in 2008 and now in 2011.” -Peter Gleick, re the Mississippi

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