Another week of GW News, March 13, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

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March 13, 2011

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    It’s always nice to start with a chuckle:

  1. 2011/03/11: TI:CF: (cartoon – Roberts) Transition 14
  2. 2011/03/11: TI:CF: (cartoon – Roberts) Transition 13
  3. 2011/03/11: TI:CF: (cartoon – Roberts) Transition 12
  4. 2011/03/11: Seppo: (cartoon – Seppo) Plight of the Bumblebee
  5. 2011/03/09: ClassM: It’s (not) funny, because it’s true: Ignorance on Capitol Hill

    John Abraham et al. wrote a pointed letter about science in the US Congress:

  6. 2011/03/08: Politico: A science-free Congress? by John Abraham, Michael Mann, Michael Oppenheimer & Peter Gleick
  7. 2011/03/08: TCoE: A science-free Congress
  8. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: A science-free Congress?

    It will be interesting to see if Japan’s nuclear problems become a Three Mile Island-ish PR disaster:

    Japan’s disaster threatens to be a PR disaster for the nuclear industry. Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and now Fukushima?
  9. 2011/03/13: BBC: Thousands protest against Germany’s nuclear plants
    Tens of thousands of people have protested in Germany against the government’s plans to extend the life of its nuclear reactors. Demonstrators in Stuttgart formed a human chain reaching 45km (27 miles) for the protest, planned before the current nuclear crisis in Japan. Organisers said events in Japan had proved atomic power was an uncontrollable and risky technology.
  10. 2011/03/12: EconView: Is Nuclear Power Still the Answer?
  11. 2011/03/13: BNC: Fukushima Nuclear Accident — a simple and accurate explanation
  12. 2011/03/13: PSinclair: CNN: “Second, Separate” Reactor site Under Threat
  13. 2011/03/13: NatureTGB: Update: Japan’s nuclear crisis
  14. 2011/03/12: NYT: Danger Posed by Radioactivity in Japan Hard to Assess
  15. 2011/03/13: WaPo: Japanese nuclear plants’ operator scrambles to avert meltdowns
    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said officials were acting on the assumption that a meltdown could be underway at that reactor, Fukushima Daiichi’s unit 3, and that it was “highly possible” that a meltdown was underway at Fukushima Daiichi’s unit 1 reactor, where an explosion destroyed a building a day earlier.
  16. 2011/03/12: EarthTimes: Merkel promises inspection of German nuclear plants
  17. 2011/03/12: DerSpiegel: Reaction to Japan Catastrophe — Accident Triggers Nuclear Power Debate in Germany
    The nuclear accident in Japan has sparked a discussion about atomic power in Germany, where a massive anti-nuclear protest was already planned for Saturday. A senior Green Party politician has said that some German plants are vulnerable to the same kind of failure as happened at Fukushima 1.
  18. RegardingThe Question:

  19. 2011/03/11: Wunderground:RR: Perils and Pitfalls of Event Attribution
  20. 2011/03/10: Wunderground: Russian heat wave of 2010 due to natural causes: NOAA study
  21. 2011/03/09: NOAANews: Natural Variability Main Culprit of Deadly Russian Heat Wave That Killed Thousands

    WikiLeak revelations keep popping up:

  22. 2011/03/10: AutoBG: WikiLeaks reveals disturbing business practices of Buffett’s BYD
  23. 2011/03/08: CBC: U.S. targeted EU on GM foods: WikiLeaks
    Senior U.S. officials in Paris advised the George Bush administration to launch a military-style trade war against the European Union for resisting genetically modified foods, according to newly released WikiLeaks cables. The then U.S. ambassador to France, Craig Stapleton, asked the government to penalize the EU and particularly countries that banned the use of genetically modified (GM) crops. The move came in response to a 2007 French ban on a GM corn variety made by U.S.-based company Monsanto.
  24. 2011/03/01: Reuters: WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize — WikiLeaks, Internet in record Nobel Peace field

    And on the Bottom Line:

  25. 2011/03/07: Guardian(UK): Big Oil wins in the latest price spurt. So why don’t we take our share in tax?

    Delving into the laws of thermodynamics this week:

  26. 2011/03/12: TSoD: Understanding Atmospheric Radiation and the “Greenhouse” Effect – Part Nine
  27. 2011/03/07: TSoD: Understanding Atmospheric Radiation and the “Greenhouse” Effect – Part Eight

    John Cook and friends continue their counterpoint articles:

  28. 2011/03/13: SkeptiSci: Republicans to Repeal Laws of Physics by dana1981
  29. 2011/03/12: SkeptiSci: The name is Bond…Gerard Bond [the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2) record] by Rob Honeycutt
  30. 2011/03/09: SkeptiSci: Examining Hansen’s prediction about the West Side Highway by ClimateHawk
  31. 2011/03/09: SkeptiSci: The Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction May Be Underway by dana1981
  32. 2011/03/09: SkeptiSci: Crux of a Core, Part 2 – Addressing Dr. Bob Carter by Rob Honeycutt
  33. 2011/03/08: SkeptiSci: Climate Emergency: Time to Slam on the Brakes by James Wight

    Post CRU theft, controversy & inquiry:

  34. 2011/03/12: IJISH: A quick non-update on SwiftHack

    The Arctic melt continues to garner a lot of attention:

  35. 2011/03/12: ASI: SIE 2011 update 1: a new beginning
  36. 2011/03/11: CCP: E. Rignot et al., Geophys. Res. Lett., 38 (2011), Acceleration of the contribution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets to sea level rise
  37. 2011/03/11: CCP: Stuart Staniford: Latest Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Balance Stats (Take 2)
  38. 2011/03/10: ScienceInsider: Melting Accelerating, Satellites Report, But Data Flow May Cease
  39. 2011/03/09: RawStory: Pace of polar ice melt ‘accelerating rapidly’: study
  40. 2011/03/10: ClimateP: JPL bombshell: Polar ice sheet mass loss is speeding up, on pace for 1 foot sea level rise by 2050
  41. 2011/03/08: CCP: Andrew Freedman, Climate Central: Arctic Sea Ice Ties Another Record Low for February 2011
  42. 2011/03/07: ClimateP: Arctic ice loss moves phytoplankton peak up to 50 days early, could “lead to crashes of the food web”
  43. 2011/03/07: PSinclair: Graph of the Day: Arctic PhytoPlankton Blooming 50 Days Earlier

    As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  44. 2011/03/08: IMO: Expansion of World-Wide Navigational Warning System into Arctic waters marked by IMO, WMO and IHO chiefs
  45. 2011/03/11: PlanetArk: Norway Socialists Hold Firm On No Arctic Drilling
  46. 2011/03/10: Guardian(UK): Prepare for Arctic struggle as climate changes, US navy warned
    Climate change could upset the delicate security balance in the Arctic, warns National Academy of Sciences report
  47. 2011/03/10: PostMedia: We must stand up to China’s increasing claim to Arctic
    A new and fairly in-depth study of what Chinese academics, government personnel and media commentators are publishing in Chinese about the Arctic and Canada’s sovereignty over the Canadian Arctic Archipelago shows that China is now the latest major country to be annoyed with Canada over the Northwest Passage. There is at present quite a bit of room for discussion and debate in China over this issue, both in the halls of power in Beijing and, to a surprisingly open and public extent, in academic journals and popular news media. Beijing is still formulating its official Arctic policy, but what non-official observers are writing should worry Canadians.
  48. While in Antarctica:

  49. 2011/03/10: RealClimate: Under and over the ice
  50. 2011/03/09: KSJT: AFP, etc: Uh oh. Melting of Greenland, Antarctica is accelerating. A lot. So they say.

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  51. 2011/03/11: AllAfrica: IRIN: Zimbabwe: Dry Spell Ends Prospect of Good Harvest
    A dry spell that has persisted for over a month, adversely affecting crops in many parts of Zimbabwe, could mean a lean year ahead for farmers.
  52. 2011/03/10: ClassM: Peak Coffee? Could this be the wake-up call we need?
  53. 2011/03/09: IdiotTracker: A thousand cuts
  54. 2011/03/09: ProMedMail: Undiagnosed disease, cocoa – Cameroon: (SW) update
  55. 2011/03/09: ClimateP: Lester Brown: “We’re going to be living with tight food supplies and higher food prices through this harvest and the next”
    The causes are not temporary, but fundamental trends
  56. 2011/03/07: ClimateP: Time to act on food insecurity
  57. 2011/03/07: SkeptiSci: Interactive [flash] animation of the climate change impact on agriculture
  58. 2011/03/06: STimes: Climate change takes toll on coffee growers, drinkers too
    Shifting temperatures and erratic rainfall are taking a toll on the lucrative coffee crop in Costa Rica. Yields are way down, part of the reason coffee drinkers here are paying more for their morning cup.
  59. Food Prices are still rising:

  60. FAO: World Food Situation – Food Price Indices
  61. 2011/03/08: FAO: Responding to high food prices — FAO to hold high level seminars to help governments make informed policy decisions
  62. 2011/03/10: GG&G: Commodity Prices and the Fed
  63. 2011/03/10: TreeHugger: Why World Food Prices Are Poised to Keep Climbing by Lester Brown

    Regarding the food factor in the ongoing revolutions:

  64. 2011/03/11: RigZone: Food Not Facebook
  65. 2011/03/09: HeraldSun: Rising food prices could spark riots in the UK, senior economist warns
  66. 2011/03/09: CBC: Bye-bye cheap food, hello turmoil
  67. 2011/03/06: EconPrin: A Hierarchy of Problems — The turmoil that has been sweeping the Middle East…

    The conflict between biofuel and food persists:

  68. 2011/03/08: PlanetArk: Climate Change, Biofuels Threaten Food Security: FAO
  69. 2011/03/08: PeakEnergy: Grain$ of truth
  70. 2011/03/07: GG&G: Ethanol and food prices, again
  71. 2011/03/07: EnergyBulletin: Farm prices, food prices, and biofuels

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  72. 2011/03/10: EUO: EU states to discuss ‘reasons’ for national GMO bans [in Brussels meeting on Monday (14 March)]
  73. 2011/03/07: CCurrents: The Rice With Human Genes
  74. 2011/03/08: CBC: U.S. targeted EU on GM foods: WikiLeaks

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion?

  75. 2011/03/08: WFP: WFP Steps Up Response To Somalia Drought With New Food Distributions In Mogadishu
  76. 2011/03/11: FAO: Ministers commit to review the world crop gene pool
    Agriculture ministers and senior officials from more than 100 countries have committed to review the global crop gene pool of the International Treaty on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and urged those countries who have not signed the farming biodiversity treaty to do so as soon as possible. The ministers paved the way forward on the eve of a meeting of the Treaty’s Governing Body in Bali, Indonesia on March 14-18, adopting a lengthy declaration designed to steer the Treaty’s future course to face food insecurity and climate change.
  77. 2011/03/11: NatureN: Seed banks susceptible to sham samples — Genetic analysis calls into question the authenticity of older cultivars in seed collections
  78. 2011/03/11: Eureka: New commission confronts threats to food security from climate change
    Experts from 6 continents are set to produce policy recommendations for boosting food production in face of harsher climates, increasing populations, scarce resources Recent droughts and floods have contributed to increases in food prices. These are pushing millions more people into poverty and hunger, and are contributing to political instability and civil unrest. Climate change is predicted to increase these threats to food security and stability. Responding to this, the world’s largest agriculture research consortium [CGIAR] today announced the creation of a new Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. Chaired by the United Kingdom’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Sir John Beddington, the Commission will in the next ten months seek to build international consensus on a clear set of policy actions to help global agriculture adapt to climate change, achieve food security and reduce poverty and greenhouse gas emissions.
  79. 2011/03/10: Grist: Debunking the stubborn myth that only industrial ag can ‘feed the world’
  80. 2011/03/10: USDA:ARS: USDA and Russian Scientists Develop High-Tech Crop Map
  81. 2011/03/10: RedOrbit: ‘Agroecology’ Could Help Stave Off World Hunger
  82. 2011/03/09: UN: UN steps up food distributions to drought-hit Somali capital
  83. 2011/03/09: PlanetArk: Eco-Farming Can Double Food Output By Poor: U.N.
  84. 2011/03/08: CCurrents: ‘Eco-Farming Can Double Food Production’
  85. 2011/03/08: AlterNet: New UN Report on How to Feed the World’s Hungry: Ditch Corporate-Controlled Agriculture
  86. 2011/03/08: UN: UN expert makes case for ecological farming practices to boost food production
  87. 2011/03/08: NatureTGB: Green agriculture can boost crop yields, finds UN
  88. 2011/03/08: TreeHugger: Small-Scale Sustainable Agriculture Can Double Developing Nations’ Food Production in 10 Years: UN
  89. 2011/03/08: Eureka: Study shows no-till’s benefits for Pacific Northwest wheat growers
  90. 2011/03/07: EnergyBulletin: The future is organic: But it’s more than organic!
  91. 2011/03/07: UN: Women could feed millions more people if given access to means of production — UN

    Once again there were no major storms, but some cyclone related news:

  92. 2011/03/10: NatureTGB: Cyclone Yasi inflicted ‘patchy’ damage on Great Barrier Reef
  93. 2011/03/07: GBRMPA: Cyclone Yasi impacts on the Great Barrier Reef assessed
  94. 2011/03/08: Eureka: NASA infrared satellite data sees system 96P developing tropically near Vanuatu

    As for GHGs:

  95. 2011/03/10: SkeptiSci: What would a CO2-free atmosphere look like? by Chris Colose
  96. 2010/10/14: NASA:GISS: How Carbon Dioxide Controls Earth’s Temperature

    Aerosols are making their presence felt:

  97. 2011/03/08: SciNews: Soot hastens snowmelt on Tibetan Plateau — Study suggests black carbon pollution has greater effect than carbon dioxide on region’s ice

    While on the ENSO front:

  98. 2011/03/10: NOAA:NCEP: El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion
    Synopsis: ENSO-neutral conditions are expected by June 2011.
  99. 2011/03/10: CC&G: Comparison of GISS LOTAs During 5 El Nino — La Nina Cycles
  100. 2011/03/09: SciNow: A Warmer Climate May Not Mean El Niño Comes to Stay

    And the State of the Oceans:

  101. 2011/03/10: ABC(Au): Millions of dead fish discovered in marina
    A massive clean-up is underway in southern California where millions of dead fish washed up at Redondo Beach.
  102. 2011/03/09: CBC: Dead seals mystery not solved by scientists’ tests
    Scientists say they’ve been unable to solve the mystery of dead seals that washed ashore in Labrador between December and January. More than 200 harp seals turned up dead across remote beaches along the coast of the province. “It’s really one that’s got us baffled,” said Dr. Garry Stenson, a biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
  103. 2011/03/08: BBC: ‘One million’ dead sardines clog Redondo Beach marina
  104. 2011/03/08: CNN:B: Millions of dead anchovies float to surface in Redondo Beach

    Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  105. 2011/03/13: ABC(Au): Scientists pioneer satellite-linked ocean research
    Tasmanian scientists are using state-of-the-art GPS buoys to measure sea level rise. The buoys were deployed for the first time earlier this month about 30 kilometres off Bruny Island in Tasmania’s south-east. Christopher Watson from the University of Tasmania said the data collected would be critically important to understanding how oceans are responding to global warming.
  106. 2011/03/09: Eureka: NASA and other satellites keeping busy with this week’s severe weather
  107. 2011/03/07: SMandia: Loss of Glory: What it Means for Climate and Future of NASA
  108. 2011/03/07: KSJT: AFP: Strike two on a NASA-contracted launcher, while some in Congress give whole climate science program the squinty eye
  109. 2011/03/07: NatureN: Mourning Glory — NASA satellite crash will hamper solar monitoring and aerosol measurements vital to improving climate models
  110. 2011/03/07: CCP: Seth Borenstein: NASA climate research GLORY satellite plunges into the sea
  111. 2011/03/06: Tamino: Mission Failure

    More GW impacts are being seen:

  112. 2011/03/06: Discovery: Map Reveals Climate Change Injustice

    This week in extreme weather:

  113. 2011/03/10: al Jazeera: Snowstorm brings Turkey to a halt
    Even shipping in the Bosphorus has been brought to a halt by Turkey’s harsh weather and the heaviest snow in 10 years.
  114. 2011/03/08: CBC: Quebec digs out after monster storm — Montreal expects removal to cost $20 million

    Meanwhile in tornado alley:

  115. 2011/03/11: SciNews: Understanding storm spin-offs — Meteorologists probe tornado-spawning tempests

    Corals are dying:

  116. 2011/03/09: TreeHugger: Shell Offshore Oil Drilling Plans Threaten Australian World Heritage-Listed Coral Reef
  117. 2011/03/07: Guardian(UK): Case for saving coral reefs is economic as well as conservational
  118. 2011/03/07: ABC(Au): Cyclones wreak havoc on Barrier Reef
    Scientists say more than 10 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef has been damaged by cyclones Anthony and Yasi.
  119. Acidification is changing the oceans:

  120. 2011/03/09: NatureN: Environment: Earth’s acid test — As the oceans rapidly grow more acidic, scientists are scrambling to discover how marine life is likely to react

    Sea levels are rising:

  121. 2011/03/08: NASA:JPL: NASA Finds Polar Ice Adding More to Rising Seas
  122. 2011/03/10: TreeHugger: Melting Polar Ice Sheets Overtake Glaciers As Main Cause of Sea Level Rise – One Foot By 2050 Possible
  123. 2011/03/09: TCoE: Slip slidin’ awaaaaay…
  124. 2011/03/09: HotTopic: On an island: coping with sea level rise
  125. 2011/03/09: EarthTimes: Melt from Earth’s ice sheets raising sea levels faster than before
  126. 2011/03/09: BBC: Polar ice loss quickens, raising seas
    Ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland has accelerated over the last 20 years, research shows, and will soon become the biggest driver of sea level rise. From satellite data and climate models, scientists calculate that the two polar ice sheets are losing enough ice to raise sea levels by 1.3mm each year.
  127. 2011/03/06: TCoE: Deny and adapt, deny and adapt, deny and…
  128. 2011/03/06: Guardian(UK): Climate change ‘will wreak havoc on Britain’s coastline by 2050’

    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

  129. 2011/03/08: al Jazeera: Australia’s summer of rain
    Severe floods and tropical cyclones ensured this season was one of the wettest ever for Australia.
  130. 2011/03/07: PlanetArk: Heavy Rains Kill At Least 25 People In Angola
  131. 2011/03/07: EarthTimes: Australia has second-wettest summer on record

    Consider transportation & GHG production:

  132. 2011/03/10: EnergyBulletin: U.S. high-speed rail: Time to hop aboard or be left behind
  133. 2011/03/07: STimes: Airlines flying to Europe must cut their carbon emissions
    The European Union told airlines Monday to trim their carbon emissions by three percent on flights to the continent next year to fall within new pollution limits.
  134. 2011/03/07: CalcRisk: AAR: Rail Traffic increases in February compared to February 2010
  135. 2011/03/07: AlterNet: Hit Piece on Innovative NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan Shows She Gets Under Pols’ Skin

    And on the carbon sequestration front:

  136. 2011/03/10: PlanetArk: Carbon Capture Projects Up In 2010, Despite Costs
    The Global CCS Institute said 234 CCS projects were active or planned worldwide at the end of 2010, a net rise of 26 from 2009 despite cancellations including in the Netherlands and Finland.
  137. Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

  138. 2011//: EGU2011: Geoengineering techniques and what does volcanic activity tell us?

    Meanwhile in the journals:

  139. 2011/03/09: NERC:NORA: Late Quaternary ice sheet dynamics and deglaciation history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the Amundsen Sea Embayment: preliminary results from recent research cruises by Alastair G.C. Graham et al.
  140. 2011/03/09: NERC:NORA: Glacial dynamics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the southern Bellingshausen Sea during the last glacial cycle by Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand et al.
  141. 2011/03/11: NERC:NORA: Assessing the regional disparities in geoengineering impacts by Peter J. Irvine et al.
  142. 2011/03/11: ACP: Satellite observations of aerosol transport from East Asia to the Arctic: three case studies by M. Di Pierro et al.
  143. 2011/03/11: ACPD: The fate of Saharan dust across the Atlantic and implications for a Central American dust barrier by E. Nowottnick et al.
  144. 2011/03/11: TC: Retrieval of snow albedo and grain size using reflectance measurements in Himalayan basin by H. S. Negi & A. Kokhanovsky
  145. 2011/03/10: TC: Spatial and temporal variability in summer snow pack in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica by T. Vihma et al.
  146. 2011/03/09: TC: Mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet (2003-2008) from ICESat data — the impact of interpolation, sampling and firn density by L. S. Sørensen et al.
  147. 2011/03/11: TCD: Modelling the temperature evolution of permafrost and seasonal frost in southern Norway during the 20th and 21st century by T. Hipp et al.
  148. 2011/03/11: GMD: Simulation of polar stratospheric clouds in the chemistry-climate-model EMAC via the submodel PSC by O. Kirner et al.
  149. 2011/03/09: GMDD: Coupled atmosphere-wildland fire modeling with WRF-Fire version 3.3 by J. Mandel et al.
  150. 2011/03/10: CP: Initiation of a Marinoan Snowball Earth in a state-of-the-art atmosphere-ocean general circulation model by A. Voigt et al.
  151. 2011/03/09: CP: A new mechanism for the two-step ?18O signal at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary by M. Tigchelaar et al.
  152. 2011/03/08: CP: North Atlantic abrupt climatic events of the last glacial period recorded in Ukrainian loess deposits by D.-D. Rousseau et al.
  153. 2011/03/07: CPD: Distinct responses of East Asian summer and winter monsoons to orbital forcing by Z. Shi et al.
  154. 2011/03/11: AGWObserver: Papers on precipitation and global warming
  155. 2011/03/10: ACP: The 2009-2010 Arctic polar stratospheric cloud season: a CALIPSO perspective by M. C. Pitts et al.
  156. 2011/03/10: ACPD: Investigation of nucleation events vertical extent: a long term study at two different altitude sites by J. Boulon et al.
  157. 2011/03/10: ACPD: A new method to detect long term trends of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) total columns measured within the NDACC ground-based high resolution solar FTIR network by J. Angelbratt et al.
  158. 2011/03/09: ACPD: Artifacts in measuring aerosol uptake kinetics: the roles of time, concentration and adsorption by L. H. Renbaum & G. D. Smith
  159. 2011/03/09: ACPD: Evaluation of satellite-derived HCHO using statistical methods by J. H. Kim et al.
  160. 2011/03/09: ACPD: Combined retrievals of boreal forest fire aerosol properties with a polarimeter and lidar by K. Knobelspiesse et al.
  161. 2011/03/08: ACPD: Extremely large anthropogenic aerosol component over the Bay of Bengal during winter season by D. G. Kaskaoutis et al.
  162. 2011/03/07: ACPD: Northern Hemisphere atmospheric influence of the solar proton events and ground level enhancement in January 2005 by C. H. Jackman et al.
  163. 2011/03/04: GRL: (ab$) Acceleration of the contribution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets to sea level rise by E. Rignot et al.
  164. 2011/03/03: Science: (ab$) Widespread Persistent Thickening of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet by Freezing from the Base by Robin E. Bell et al.
  165. 2011/02/01: WOL:JoC: Effects of Unresolved Factual Disputes in the News on Epistemic Political Efficacy by Raymond J. Pingree
  166. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Recent warming by latitude associated with increased length of ragweed pollen season in central North America by Lewis Ziska et al.
  167. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Ammonia oxidation coupled to CO2 fixation by archaea and bacteria in an agricultural soil by Jennifer Pratscher et al.
  168. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (abs) Climate forcing due to optimization of maximal leaf conductance in subtropical vegetation under rising CO2 by Hugo Jan de Boer et al.
  169. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Global CO2 rise leads to reduced maximum stomatal conductance in Florida vegetation by Emmy I. Lammertsma et al.
  170. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Efficiency of the CO2-concentrating mechanism of diatoms by Brian M. Hopkinson et al.
  171. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Anthropogenic and environmental drivers of modern range loss in large mammals by Charles B. Yackulic et al.
  172. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Pulse of atmospheric oxygen during the late Cambrian by Matthew R. Saltzman et al.
  173. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Drought variability in the Pacific Northwest from a 6,000-yr lake sediment record by Daniel B. Nelson et al.
  174. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Fish as major carbonate mud producers and missing components of the tropical carbonate factory by Chris T. Perry et al.
  175. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Microbial alignment in flow changes ocean light climate by Marcos et al.
  176. 2011/03/08: PNAS: (ab$) Responses of wind erosion to climate-induced vegetation changes on the Colorado Plateau by Seth M. Munson et al.
  177. 2011/03/09: Nature: (ab$) Permanent El Niño during the Pliocene warm period not supported by coral evidence by Tsuyoshi Watanabe et al.
  178. 2011/03/08: TC: The surface energy balance of a polygonal tundra site in northern Siberia – Part 1: Spring to fall by M. Langer et al.
  179. 2011/03/07: TCD: The seasonal cycle and interannual variability of surface energy balance and melt in the ablation zone of the west Greenland ice sheet by M. van den Broeke et al.
  180. 2011/03/07: AGWObserver: New research from last week 9/2011

    And other significant documents:

  181. 2011/03/10: GarnautReview: [link to 840k pdf] Update Paper 5: The science of climate change
  182. 2011/03/09: Alberta: [link to 530k pdf] Water Monitoring Data Review Committee Report
  183. 2011/03/08: EC: [links to several pdfs] Roadmap for moving to a low-carbon economy in 2050
  184. 2011/03/: FAO:ESDD: [Links to various pdfs] The State of Food and Agriculture 2010-2011

    As for miscellaneous science:

  185. 2011/03/11: IsaacHeld: 4. Transient vs equilibrium climate responses
  186. 2011/03/10: Eureka: Earth’s biodiversity: What do we know and where are we headed? State-of-the-art review, synthesis, new analyses and future directions of biodiversity research
  187. 2011//: EGU2011: Geoengineering techniques and what does volcanic activity tell us?
  188. 2011/03/09: JEB: Phew … our paper on the CMIP3 ensemble and its mean has finally been accepted
  189. 2011/03/07: RealClimate: What we do not know in terms of adaptation

    More DIY science:

  190. 2011/03/09: RBroberg: SST Regions: Tropical West Pacific, 23N-23S, 120E-180E
  191. 2011/03/09: moyhu: Area weighted trends for Antarctica
  192. 2011/03/08: RBroberg: SST Regions: NorthEast Pacific 23N-65N, 120E-180E
  193. 2011/03/07: RBroberg: GISTEMP: Build Notes

    Regarding Arrhenius:

  194. 2011/03/07: GreenGrok: Svante Arrhenius: Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

    Regarding Dessler:

  195. 2011/03/07: TCN: TCN Interview — Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M: Climate scientist, science communicator
  196. 2011/03/08: CCP: Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M: Climate scientist, science communicator [interview]

    While at the UN:

  197. 2011/03/07: WMO: WMO adds gales to severe weather information website as site visitors soar
  198. 2011/03/08: UN: Rio 2012 a chance for agreement on ‘green economy’ to fight poverty — UN official
  199. 2011/03/07: Guardian(UK): Fridges in Mexico restaurant hold key to UN’s carbon emissions targets [UN]

    And on the carbon trading front:

  200. 2011/03/10: PlanetArk: Czech Government To Replace Stolen Carbon Permits
  201. 2011/03/08: Guardian(UK): [European] Airlines to spend estimated 1.4bn euros on carbon permits in 2012

    The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

  202. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au):TDU: How to sell a carbon tax

    Another sighting of the {{{dread}}}} Tobin Tax:

  203. 2011/03/10: BLongstaff: Europe moves toward a Robin Hood (Tobin) tax

    Meanwhile on the international political front:

  204. 2011/03/07: BBC:RB: China and EU share climate vision
  205. 2011/03/07: SwissInfo: Switzerland commits to long-term Pakistan aid
    Switzerland has repeated a commitment to continue long-term support for the vulnerable and needy in northwestern Pakistan, following last summer’s devastating floods.
  206. The energy race between China and the USA is on, or is it?

  207. 2011/03/11: Ph&Ph: China Doubles Basic Research Science Funding In 2 Years
  208. 2011/03/07: Grist: Why climate change is now irrelevant to clean energy

    As for GW, energy & water security:

  209. 2011/03/12: CSW: U.S. National Research Council: Climate Change Impacts “Call for Action by U.S. Naval Leadership”
  210. 2011/03/10: Grist: Nicholas Stern: Climate inaction risks a new world war

    The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

  211. 2011/03/11: CCurrents: Tim DeChristopher Is Convicted: We’re Blowing This Moment, Too
  212. 2011/03/10: Grist: Climate activist Tim DeChristopher talks about his guilty verdict
  213. 2011/03/09: DemNow: Naomi Klein: Tim DeChristopher Guilty Verdict Exposes “Double Standard” of How “Oil and Gas Companies Privatize Profits…Externalize the Cost”
  214. 2011/03/07: TreeHugger: Quiz: Is the Right Guy Going To Jail?
  215. 2011/03/06: EnergyBulletin: Support a hero [Tim de Christopher]

    What are the activists up to?

  216. 2011/03/05: LA Times: Stopping coal at the coast by Bill McKibben
    Plans to export more coal to China will only hurt efforts to combat climate change.
  217. 2011/03/07: AlterNet: Vision: Now Is the Time for Creative, Courageous, Nonviolent Action
    A group letter from Becky Tarbotton (Director, Rainforest Action Network), Phil Radford (Director, Greenpeace USA), and Bill McKibben (Founder, Inspired by recent events, the climate movement is reaching a pivotal turning point.
  218. Polls! We have polls!

  219. 2011/03/08: RawStory: Pew poll: Clear majority of Americans support legal abortion
  220. 2011/03/09: TreeHugger: Americans Believe in Climate Change More Than Global Warming
  221. 2011/03/08: Eureka: It’s all in a name: ‘Global warming’ vs. ‘climate change’
    Many Americans are skeptical about whether the world’s weather is changing, but apparently the degree of skepticism varies systematically depending on what that change is called. According to a University of Michigan study published in the forthcoming issue of Public Opinion Quarterly, more people believe in “climate change” than in “global warming.”
  222. 2011/03/08: PeakEnergy: Wall Street Journal poll: Most popular spending cut is subsidies for new nuclear plants

    Regarding Water Politics and Business:

  223. 2011/03/12: TreeHugger: Will Freshwater Pipeline Save Cyprus From Drought?
  224. 2011/03/09: EarthTimes:China ‘still considering’ controversial dams [on the Nujiang river]
  225. 2011/03/06: JFleck: Fighting for Atlanta’s water: what was it I was saying about lawyers?

    As for groundwater:

  226. 2011/03/07: Telegraph(UK): US farmers fear the return of the Dust Bowl
    For years the Ogallala Aquifer, the world’s largest underground body of fresh water, has irrigated thousands of square miles of American farmland. Now it is running dry
  227. 2011/03/03: AlterNet: Why Are California Regulators Turning a Blind Eye to Massive Groundwater Pollution from Dairies?

    And on the American political front:

  228. 2011/03/09: CSM: Budget hawks: Does US need to give gas and oil companies $41 billion a year?
  229. 2011/03/08: ProPublica: Pennsylvania Environment Gets the Axe — Environmental Permitting To Be Streamlined
  230. 2011/03/09: ProPublica: Pennsylvania Governor Gives Energy Executive Supreme Authority Over Environmental Permitting
  231. 2011/03/10: AutoBG: New study shows killed Florida High Speed Rail would have been money maker
  232. 2011/03/11: CrossCut: Tar sands oil: Northwest issues swirl
    Giant modules for petroleum production in Alberta are making their way through the Northwest. And raising questions about the environment.
  233. 2011/03/10: GG&G: Commodity Prices and the Fed
  234. 2011/03/10: EnergyBulletin: U.S. high-speed rail: Time to hop aboard or be left behind
  235. 2011/03/10: NYT:CW: With Spending Bills Dead, Clean Energy Supporters Brace Against Deeper Cuts
  236. 2011/03/09: AlterNet: Naomi Klein: Why Climate Change Is So Threatening to Right-Wing Ideologues
  237. 2011/03/08: ScienceInsider: NASA Satellite Crash Complicates Gloomy Climate Budget Picture
  238. 2011/03/09: DeSmogBlog: Do 110 Pennsylvania Legislators Not Read The New York Times?
    Are politicians willing to take responsibility for their debatably harmful actions? This Monday, Pennsylvania’s House lawmakers voted to reject a fracking wastewater amendment.
  239. 2011/03/08: AlterNet: Female Sexuality Still Terrifying to Conservative Lawmakers
  240. 2011/03/08: EnergyBulletin: Talking about oil — Complacency, panic and ignorance
  241. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: American Lung Association: We must clean up coal-fired power plants and close the ‘Toxic Loophole’
  242. 2011/03/08: Grist: California utilities (just) miss renewable energy deadline [18% not 20%]
  243. 2011/03/08: NatureN: US scientists in budget limbo — Researchers face anxious wait as negotiations continue in Congress over 2011 budget
  244. 2011/03/08: Eureka: It’s all in a name: ‘Global warming’ vs. ‘climate change’
  245. 2011/03/06: Olympian: Senate OKs bill to close coal plant — Centralia: Legislation approves continuing production until 2025
    The state Senate on Saturday approved a bill that would eventually shut down Washington’s only coal-fired power plant, a move that could help the state meet climate change goals set in 2008. The measure, Senate Bill 5769, was part of a deal negotiated among plant owner TransAlta, state officials and environmental groups. It would shut down one of the plant’s two boilers by 2020 and phase out coal-burning by 2025.
  246. 2011/03/07: AlterNet: GOP War on Women: Conservatives Are Intent on Curtailing Our Rights and Freedoms
  247. 2011/03/07: AlterNet: Hit Piece on Innovative NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan Shows She Gets Under Pols’ Skin

    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  248. 2011/03/12: MTobis: Some Hippie Punching of My Own
  249. 2011/03/10: NOAANews: Insights from Oil Spill Air Pollution Study Have Applications Beyond Gulf
  250. 2011/03/11: RSMAS: New Study Reveals Aerosol Plumes Downwind of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
    Scientists describe two distinct plumes of oily aerosols that traveled from sea surface to atmosphere
  251. 2011/03/09: al Jazeera: Gulf spill sickness wrecking lives
    Nearly a year after the oil disaster began, Gulf Coast residents are sick, and dying from BP’s toxic chemicals.
  252. 2011/03/07: HuffPo: NASA Data Strengthens Reports of Toxic Rain on the Gulf Coast From BP Spill
  253. 2011/03/09: TreeHugger: Toxins from BP Oil Spill Fell as Rain Over Populated Areas, According to NASA
  254. 2011/03/08: CCP: Ira Leifer: NASA data strengthens reports of toxic dispersant rain on the Gulf Coast from BP spill
  255. 2011/03/07: ClimateP: BP tries to wriggle off the hook
    While collecting windfall profits, oil giant backs away from its commitments to restore the Gulf Coast
  256. 2011/03/07: OilChange: BP Spill: 50% of Residents Suffered Adverse Health Effects

    A Congressional Hearing took testimony from scientists & deniers, gathering a lot of scorn and comment:

  257. 2011/03/12: AutoBG: Report: House panel attempting to block EPA from regulating tailpipe emissions
  258. 2011/03/11: TreeHugger: Rep. Ed Markey to GOP: Do You Plan on Repealing the Law of Gravity, Too? (vid)
  259. 2011/03/11: ClimateP: During climate hearing, Markey asks if anti-science GOP will repeal gravity, heliocentrism, relativity
  260. 2011/03/10: Grist: During climate hearing, Markey asks if anti-science GOP will repeal gravity
  261. 2011/03/10: MTobis: Ben Santer on Christy Testimony
  262. 2011/03/10: ClimateP: Should you believe anything John Christy says?
  263. 2011/03/09: CSW: House subcommittee plans March 10 vote to block EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions
  264. 2011/03/10: UCSUSA: UCS Blasts House Subcommittee Vote to Block EPA from Safeguarding Public Health and Environment
  265. 2011/03/10: SkeptiSci: Christy’s Unconvincing Congressional Testimony
  266. 2011/03/09: Maribo: Coverage of today’s congressional hearing on climate science
  267. 2011/03/08: NatureTGB: Climate scientists testify as Republicans prepare for attack on EPA
  268. 2011/03/08: DeSmogBlog: House Climate Hearings: Old Dogs, Old Tricks
  269. 2011/03/08: Guardian(UK): Democrats roll out climate change big guns, Republicans remain immune
    Climate hearing appears to fail to sway Republicans before Thursday’s vote on curbing Obama’s green ambitions
  270. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: House climate science hearing webcast now
  271. 2011/03/08: CSW: Upcoming March 8 Congressional hearing on “Climate Science and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations”
  272. 2011/03/08: MTobis: Congressional Hearing (yawn)
  273. 2011/03/07: RealClimate: Live-blogging the climate science hearings
  274. 2011/03/07: ClimateP: House GOP line up the usual disinformers for climate science hearing, John Christy and Roger Pielke Sr., plus a DDT-booster!

    The Obama chatter is nonstop:

  275. 2011/03/09: DerSpiegel: Ditching Cars for Bullet Trains — Can Obama Get High-Speed on Track?
    President Barack Obama wants to upgrade America’s transport system using high-speed trains, bringing a taste of what is a part of everyday life in Europe and Asia to the United States. But the car-obsessed nation is divided over the plans. Is the mammoth project doomed to failure?
  276. 2011/03/11: UCSUSA: Obama Emphasizes Fuel Efficiency in Press Conference on Energy Costs
  277. 2011/03/09: Salon:HTWW: Do rising gas prices spell doom for Obama?
  278. 2011/03/07: Grist: USDA chief flatters industrial ag while Obama honors its greatest critic, Wendell Berry

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  279. 2011/03/09: PlanetArk: EPA Tells Oklahoma Utilities To Clean Coal Plants
  280. 2011/03/09: ClimateP: Why American people of faith support the EPA
  281. 2011/03/09: NatureN: Risky energy research faces uncertain future — ARPA-E’s aggressive approach to managing research wins support – but perhaps not federal dollars
  282. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: Utility CEO support EPA’s new air-quality standards
  283. 2011/03/07: CSM: Farmers, EPA clash over Chesapeake Bay regulations — limits for nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment pollution

    As for what is going on in Congress:

  284. 2011/03/12: Grist: Why doesn’t Congress give a damn about climate? Hint: it’s not the messaging
  285. 2011/03/13: SkeptiSci: Republicans to Repeal Laws of Physics by dana1981
  286. 2011/03/03: Thomas: H.R.910 – Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011
  287. 2011/03/11: ScienceInsider: Bill Moving to Halt EPA Carbon Regs
  288. 2011/03/10: Yahoo:AFP: US Republicans assail Obama as gas prices rise
    US President Barack Obama’s Republican foes on Thursday blamed his energy policies and efforts to combat climate change for soaring oil and gasoline prices and called for boosting domestic production.
  289. 2011/03/09: GreenGrok: An EPA Potboiler: Clean Air Retreat?
  290. 2011/03/11: ClimateP: Risky business: Will facts ever drive the Congressional debate on climate change?
  291. 2011/03/11: PlanetArk: House Republicans To Push Series Of Energy Bills
  292. 2011/03/11: Grist: Oil-fattened Congress well on way to preventing EPA from regulating greenhouse gases
  293. 2011/03/10: NYT: House Panel Votes to Strip E.P.A. of Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gases
    A House subcommittee voted on Thursday to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its power to regulate greenhouse gases, chipping away at a central pillar of the Obama administration’s evolving climate and energy strategy. The sharply partisan vote was preordained by the Republican takeover of the House.
  294. 2011/03/10: ClimateP: Inhofe abandons reality: Mideast unrest isn’t causing gas price surge, a bill the Senate never voted on is!
  295. 2011/03/10: ClimateP: EPA finds an unlikely defender: Rep. Joe Barton
  296. 2011/03/10: Grist: Fred Upton pursues EPA down the rabbit hole
  297. 2011/03/10: DeSmogBlog: Upton’s Upcoming Pipeline Safety Legislation Is Next Favor To Koch Brothers
  298. 2011/03/09: ClassM: It’s (not) funny, because it’s true: Ignorance on Capitol Hill
  299. 2011/03/09: CCP: Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) begs corrupt plutocrat David Koch for more campaign money
  300. 2011/03/09: ClimateP: Waxman on GOP-led House: “All that seems to matter is what Koch Industries thinks”
  301. 2011/03/08: Thehill:e2W: GOP will move bill to block EPA climate rules despite Dem pleas for a delay
  302. 2011/03/09: KSJT: Beltway Ink: EPA and its pals from the halls of science get another drubbing in the halls of Congress
  303. 2011/03/09: ScienceInsider: Climate Science on Sidelines as EPA Bill Proceeds
  304. 2011/03/09: TreeHugger: “It No Longer Matters in Congress What Health Experts and Scientists Think”: Henry Waxman (Video)
    “All that seems to matter is what Koch Industries think.”
  305. 2011/03/09: DeSmogBlog: Congress Seeks to End Billions in Subsidies for Oil Companies
  306. 2011/03/08: TCoE: Update: Congress is still (mostly) science-free
  307. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: Video: Scott Brown begs David Koch for money
  308. 2011/03/07: Grist: Waxman rails against Koch’s influence on climate change efforts
  309. 2011/03/08: DeSmogBlog: Current GOP Is “Party of Science Deniers,” Waxman Says
  310. 2011/03/07: Wunderground: Senate committee proposes less drastic budget cuts for NOAA
  311. 2011/03/07: ClimateP: Henry Waxman on our “Moral Imperative to Act Now” on Climate Change
  312. 2011/03/07: ScienceInsider: More Details on Pending Senate Spending Bill
  313. 2011/03/06: ClimateP: Ignoring America’s doctors, Koch-backed Fred Upton calls public health threat of carbon pollution a ‘myth’

    While in the UK:

  314. 2011/03/11: Guardian(UK): Scrapping the fuel duty rise will hurt Britain economically
  315. 2011/03/11: Guardian(UK): Green-o-meter: Is the government keeping its green promises?
  316. 2011/03/11: PlanetArk: Industry Backs New UK Low-Carbon Heat Support
    Britain confirmed on Thursday overall funding for low-carbon heating of 860 million pounds ($1.39 billion) through 2014, a move welcomed by industry groups. Incentives would be likely to drop in line with falling costs as technologies matured, the department for energy and climate change said. The renewable heat incentive (RHI) is the world’s first to support low-carbon heating. Many governments already pay a premium for renewable electricity, such as solar and wind power. The scheme is meant to help businesses and homeowners emit less carbon dioxide than burning fossil fuels, for example by installing ground source heat pumps, solar thermal heating or biomass boilers.
  317. 2011/03/08: Ecotricity(UK): Ecotricity kickstarts Government plans for wind park Community Funds
    New community funds to encourage people to adopt wind energy could bring real benefits for budget-hit local communities, says the founder of Britain’s biggest independent green energy company. Dale Vince OBE, founder of Gloucestershire-based Ecotricity, says the initiative, agreed between the Coalition government and the wind energy industry last week, though designed to encourage people to support local wind projects, will actually also be a way to replace lost government funding for community facilities such as, libraries, youth projects, and sports halls. It could even mean communities could soon be seeking to attract wind energy projects to their area, as has already happened in other parts of Europe.
  318. 2011/03/11: BBC: Green Investment Bank must not be compromised, say MPs
    The UK could lose out on hundreds of billions of pounds in green investment and fail to meet climate change targets if the government compromises on its Green Investment Bank, MPs have warned. The Environmental Audit Committee said the bank must be free to raise additional capital from investors. The government has pledged to establish the bank with £1bn of capital to fund clean energy and low-carbon projects. Concerns are growing the coalition could water down its plans.
  319. 2011/03/10: Guardian(UK): Energy policy role at No 10 for former BP man
    Ben Moxham on shortlist of one for new adviser post, as David Cameron looks to bulk up policy unit
  320. 2011/03/10: PlanetArk: UK Government To Create Carbon Floor Price Rules In April
    Britain’s Treasury will set a legal framework next month to create a floor price for carbon emissions, the government said on Tuesday, whilst announcing a wider plan for encouraging low-carbon investments. The floor price is a substantial part of the government’s electricity market reform (EMR) proposal as it puts a minimum tax on carbon-intensive power generation, which indirectly rewards producers of greener energy.
  321. 2011/03/10: BBC: Renewable heating scheme unveiled
    Subsidies for renewable heating systems in England, Scotland and Wales have been announced by the UK government. Money will be given to those who choose technologies such as wood-chip burners instead of cheaper, but more polluting, fossil fuel heating systems. Some £860m of government cash will be spent over four years on the scheme.
  322. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au): UK lays ground for carbon price
    Britain’s Treasury will set a legal framework next month to create a floor price for carbon emissions, the UK government has announced. The floor price is a substantial part of the government’s electricity market reform (EMR) proposal as it puts a minimum tax on carbon-intensive power generation, which indirectly rewards producers of greener energy.
  323. 2011/03/08: BBC: The [UK] government will help pay to train 1,000 apprentices to insulate homes as part of its “green deal” energy plan.
  324. 2011/03/07: Guardian(UK): Flood catastrophe exercise to test Britain’s emergency services
    Exercise Watermark will involve 10,000 people from police to prison officers in testing emergency flood response
  325. 2011/03/07: Guardian(UK): Oil spike gives coalition’s green wing the opportunity it has been waiting for
    High oil prices have paved the way for a push on a ‘carbon plan’ by the government’s green-minded ministers
  326. 2011/03/07: Guardian(UK): Public sector to be told to cut carbon emissions by 25% by new campaign
  327. 2011/03/07: TreeHugger: [UK] Solar Farm U-Turn May Be Ideological, Not Fiscal

    And in Europe:

  328. 2011/03/10: EUO: EU states to discuss ‘reasons’ for national GMO bans [in Brussels meeting on Monday (14 March)]
  329. 2011/03/08: PressEurop: Germany — Biofuel E10 inflames motorists
  330. 2011/03/09: EUO: UK Tories lose leadership of parliament group
    A Czech climate sceptic, Jan Zahradil, has won the leadership of the UK Tories’ political grouping in the European Parliament, defeating a moderate British Conservative.
  331. 2011/03/09: PlanetArk: EU To Miss 2020 Efficiency Goal And Cull CO2 Permits
  332. 2011/03/09: DerSpiegel: The World from Berlin — ‘Gasoline Summit’ Solves Nothing as Biofuel Chaos Continues
    German politicians met Tuesday in a hastily arranged ‘Gasoline Summit’ to discuss public distrust over the introduction of higher concentrations of biofuels. Politicians pledged to better inform the public about which cars can use the new fuel, but German commentators and drivers remain wary.
  333. 2011/03/08: Guardian(UK): [European] Airlines to spend estimated 1.4bn euros on carbon permits in 2012
  334. 2011/03/07: Guardian(UK): Biofuel scepticism prompts German summit
  335. 2011/03/08: Guardian(UK): Connie Hedegaard wins battle for 25% carbon emissions cut
    EU climate change commissioner — with help from Chris Huhne — sees off lobbyists who opposed raising target from 20%
  336. 2011/03/08: EUO: Brussels drops plan to green its buildings [from 2050 low carbon economy ‘Roadmap’ and ‘Energy Efficiency Plan’]
  337. 2011/03/08: PlanetArk: Airlines To Get 213 Million EU CO2 Permits In 2012
    The aviation sector will receive nearly 213 million permits to emit carbon dioxide when it joins the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) next year, the EU’s Executive Commission said on Monday. From 2013 onwards the Commission will reduce the annual allocation to 208.5 million permits for the sector, based on a baseline of historic average annual emissions of 219.5 million tonnes from 2004 to 2006, it said.
  338. 2011/03/08: NatureN: France puts 260 million euros into research infrastucture — Stimulus cash aims to make national facilities world class
  339. 2011/03/08: EarthTimes: Fuel boycott in Germany: ministers refuse to drop alcohol mix
  340. 2011/03/07: STimes: Airlines flying to Europe must cut their carbon emissions
    The European Union told airlines Monday to trim their carbon emissions by three percent on flights to the continent next year to fall within new pollution limits.
  341. 2011/03/08: BBC: EU nations must invest more in energy efficiency and green technologies in order to retain economic advantages, the European Commission has urged
  342. 2011/03/07: EUO: Brussels sets emission targets for airlines
    The European Commission has said air fares are unlikely to rise substantially under new emissions targets set for the aviation industry from 2012 onwards. Airlines flying in and out of Europe in 2012 will be allowed to produce roughly 213 million tonnes of CO2, falling to 208.5 million tonnes from 2013 onwards, the commission said on Monday (7 March).
  343. 2011/03/07: TreeHugger: EU Won’t Increase Its Emission Reduction Target – Even Though It Could Be Met, Would Be Cost-Effective
  344. 2011/03/07: EarthTimes: EU to propose strict energy targets for government buildings

    Meanwhile in Australia:

  345. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au):TDU: Gillard in Washington: Using energy on climate is the big story
  346. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au):TDU: Abbott’s Tea Party on climate fears
    Tony Abbott’s decision to fight the next election in Tea Party mode is taking the Liberal Party – and Australia – towards a new kind of politics.
  347. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au): Climate change a mixed bag for farmers
    Tasmania’s rural sector is being told climate change could provide some unlikely benefits for a period of time. A new report builds on data released by the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) last October. Scientists found that Tasmania could expect a temperature rise of three degrees over the next century, half a degree less than the rest of the world.
  348. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au): Senior Liberal Nick Minchin says the globe is more likely to be cooling than warming and has slammed the Government’s key climate adviser, Ross Garnaut, as “on the Government’s payroll”
  349. 2011/03/10: HotTopic: Garnaut update on climate science: avoiding high risks will require large changes
  350. 2011/03/10: ABC(Au): Federal Government commits to tackling coastal erosion
    The Federal Government has agreed to do more to address coastal erosion and its impact on affected residents. The tenure of the Coasts and Climate Change Council has been extended by a year to ensure all issues, including liability and property rights are addressed.
  351. 2011/03/10: ABC(Au): Garnaut says climate science is stronger
    The Federal Government’s key climate adviser says the scientific case for climate change has been strengthened. On Thursday, Ross Garnaut released the fifth update to his 2008 report on climate change – specifically tackling climate science.
  352. 2011/03/09: TreeHugger: Shell Offshore Oil Drilling Plans Threaten Australian World Heritage-Listed Coral Reef
  353. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au): Upper Hunter Council will debate whether coal and gas mining should be banned in the shire
  354. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au): Documentary sparks concern about water supplies
    A Scone resident says she is now concerned for local water supplies after viewing the coal seam gas documentary ‘Gasland’.
  355. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au): Floods caused by mismanagement: Langbroek
    Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek says the State Government is trying to cover up the causes of Brisbane’s flood. Seqwater has released a report defending its releases from the Wivenhoe Dam, west of Brisbane, and blaming the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) for inaccurate forecasts.
  356. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au): ‘Weather forecast to blame’ for Brisbane flood
    The operator of Brisbane’s major dams has blamed weather forecasts for the devastating January floods in South-East Queensland. Dam operator SEQwater has released a report which it says vindicates its actions during the January floods, when thousands of Brisbane homes were inundated. The self-examination has found dam operators followed protocols and that it was the inability of the weather bureau to accurately predict the extent of the rain event that was to blame.
  357. 2011/03/07: ABC(Au): Murray-Darling chairman [Craig Knowles] won’t back board
    The recently appointed chairman of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has refused to express confidence in his fellow board members.
  358. 2011/03/06: ClimateShifts: Hoodwinking the public with faulty information

    The carbon pricing free-for-all is ongoing:

  359. 2011/03/12: ABC(Au): Rival tax rallies heat up Melbourne
    The debate on global warming heated up in Melbourne on Saturday, where rival rallies were held over the Federal Government’s proposed carbon tax.
  360. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au): Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says a carbon tax will have a devastating impact on mining and industry in central Queensland
  361. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au): Australia should ‘wait and see’ if climate changes
    Australia is “going out on a limb” by putting a price on carbon before other countries do, an environmental economist says.
    Australian National University Crawford School of Economics professor Jeff Bennett says the Government’s policy will disadvantage local exporters, while other countries are lagging on the issue.
  362. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au): Carbon price to benefit Tasmania: Garnaut
    The Federal Government’s key climate change adviser says Tasmania is set to benefit from moves towards pricing carbon. Professor Ross Garnaut has released another update on his 2008 climate change review.
  363. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au): Abbott’s tax strategy likened to Nazi propaganda
    A Labor MP has likened Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s campaign against the carbon tax to those run by a Nazi propaganda chief.
    In an opinion piece today, Labor MP Mark Dreyfus described Mr Abbott’s so-called “truth campaign” on carbon as Goebbellian.
  364. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au): Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has defended the Government’s handling of its carbon price plan, likening it to former prime minister John Howard’s approach to the GST
  365. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au): Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan has mounted an impassioned defence of the Government’s climate change policy and carbon tax, vowing Labor will not “run away” because opinion polls are poor
  366. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au): Opposition attacks carbon ads ‘slush fund’
  367. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au):TDU: How to sell a carbon tax
  368. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au):TDU: The carbon tax positions of the political players
  369. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au): Windsor savages carbon tax strategy
    Independent MP Tony Windsor has labelled the Federal Government’s carbon tax strategy a mistake and warned that a taxpayer-funded advertising campaign will only make things worse. In a blunt warning to the Government, Mr Windsor accuses it of “putting the cart before the horse” because of “pressure from the Greens”, and says a key reason Australians appear to have baulked at the plan is because it is too vague. And he warns the Government not to take his support for the tax for granted, saying there is not enough information for him to make an informed decision. His comments came after Tuesday’s Newspoll showed Labor’s support hitting an all-time low, Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s popularity taking a thumping, and a clear majority against putting a price on carbon.
  370. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au): The Federal Government has not ruled out running a taxpayer-funded advertising campaign to try to shift public opinion on its carbon tax plan
  371. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au): The carbon tax debate raged on in Canberra this morning as a visiting European Union carbon price expert declared people would see little impact on their cost of living under the scheme
  372. 2011/03/08: PlanetArk: Australia Expects Less Than 1,000 Companies To Pay Carbon Tax
  373. 2011/03/07: ABC(Au): Abbott ‘running scare campaign’ against carbon tax
  374. 2011/03/07: ABC(Au): Mining giant Rio Tinto has warned the carbon tax is “potentially disastrous” for industry unless a far more generous compensation package is offered than under Kevin Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
  375. 2011/03/07: ABC(Au): Westpac’s chief executive Gail Kelly has backed the Federal Government’s plan to price carbon but she wants it to move to emissions trading sooner
  376. 2011/03/07: ABC(Au): Combet talks up carbon tax compensation
    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has moved to reassure people they will be compensated for higher prices under a carbon tax, saying it is “not a tax on households or people”. He has also laughed off claims by Tony Abbott that the Opposition’s climate change policy will not increase electricity prices or put an additional burden on taxpayers. “Of course that is complete rubbish,” Mr Combet said.
  377. 2011/03/07: PlanetArk: Rio, Woodside Urge Australia government To Modify Carbon Tax

    And in New Zealand:

  378. 2011/03/12: HotTopic: Whispering wind #2

    While in China:

  379. 2011/03/10: Guardian(UK): In China, to get rich is not always glorious
    China is wealthier — but its people are unhappier. Its new five-year plan will hope to cheer them up
  380. 2011/03/09: NatureN: China unveils green targets — Premier vows to improve energy efficiency and curb pollution and carbon emissions
  381. 2011/03/09: TreeHugger: China Places Low-Carbon Growth, Green Development & Ecological Security At Front of Next Five-Year Plan
  382. 2011/03/07: Grist: How does China’s 12th Five-Year Plan address energy and the environment?

    In Canada, minority neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  383. 2011/03/09: G&M: A government in contempt, no doubt
  384. 2011/03/07: 6thEstate: Tory School of Clean Energy
  385. 2011/03/08: POGGE: Science is a stupid thing — So your federal government is going to protect you from it…

    The G20 controversy lingers:

  386. 2011/03/09: G&M: SIU reopens another G20-related investigation
  387. 2011/03/09: OrwellsBastard: SIU re-opens another G20 investigation. Stop me if you’ve heard this before
  388. 2011/03/06: PostMedia: AG’s G20 report could be delayed by federal election
    The auditor general plans to table a report in Parliament early next month on the controversial $1.24-billion federal expenditure on last summer’s G8 and G20 summits, plans that could be upset in the event of an election. If the March 22 budget is defeated, the election call would at least delay the release of the potentially critical report until after the election since the federal spending watchdog reports to Parliament and can’t table a report when the House isn’t sitting. The Commons Public Accounts committee, which will be responsible for scrutinizing the report after it is presented to Parliament, was informed last week of Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s plan to table it on April 5.
  389. 2011/03/05: TStar: Still waiting for inquiry into G20

    The Tories found something else to privatize:

  390. 2011/03/08: CBC: No more free access to Canadian science journals
    Privatization of NRC Research Press means public, scientists now pay $10 per article The public has lost free online access to more than a dozen Canadian science journals as a result of the privatization of the National Research Council’s government-owned publishing arm.
  391. The International Joint Commission released a report on the state of the Great Lakes this week:

  392. 2011/03/09: IJC: International Joint Commission 2011 Report
    Binational Panel Advises U.S, Canada to Focus on Human Health Concerns in Great Lakes 15th Biennial Report Stresses Need for an Updated Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
  393. 2011/03/09: CBC: Control Great Lakes phosphorus, report urges
  394. 2011/03/09: CBC: Great Lakes phosphorus levels rising, report warns — Lake Erie is the ‘poster child’ for eutrophication, says IJC U.S. co-chair
  395. 2011/03/08: CBC: Great Lakes water quality report to be tabled
    The International Joint Commission will issue its 15th biennial report on the quality of Great Lakes water in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday morning
  396. Oh what a surprise! The Tories approved the Mackenzie Valley pipeline:

  397. 2011/03/10: CBC: Mackenzie pipeline OK’d by cabinet, energy board
    The National Energy Board has granted final approval for the Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline after the federal cabinet signed off on the long-delayed $16.2-billion project.
  398. The Greens are struggling to be heard:

  399. 2011/03/07: G&M: ‘It doesn’t have to be like this,’ Greens say in meta attack ad

    The Cohen Commission on disappearing salmon is taking testimony:

  400. 2011/03/10: G&M: Study rules out usual suspects in decline of Fraser sockeye
    A federal judicial inquiry that is trying to find out why sockeye salmon in the Fraser River are in decline has been told that whatever is killing them, it is not one of the usual suspects. While mining, logging, hydro projects and other industrial developments in the watershed are degrading habitat quality, none of them can be blamed for the precipitous drop in sockeye stocks, states a science report done for the Cohen Commission of Inquiry Into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon. Marc Nelitz, lead author of a study that looked at the impact of a variety of human activities, said while the number of adult sockeye has dropped dramatically over two decades, the survival of juvenile salmon has remained stable.
    Bruce Cohen, a British Columbia Supreme Court justice, was appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper after only about one million sockeye returned to the Fraser in 2009, when more than 10 million fish had been expected. That marked the low point in 20 years of decline, although there was a dramatic and unexpected rebound last year, when more than 28 million sockeye returned, providing the biggest run since 1913. The Cohen commission, which has ordered a dozen scientific reports and is holding evidentiary hearings in Vancouver, is trying to figure out why sockeye stocks are so unstable, and why they have been declining for so long.
  401. 2011/03/08: G&M: Rising temperature in Fraser River affecting Salmon population
    The Fraser River is heating up because of climate change and an increasing number of salmon are dying in the warmer water from diseases or parasites or are simply dropping dead from cardiac collapse, a federal judicial inquiry has been told. Scott Hinch, an expert witness on aquatic ecology, told the Commission of Inquiry Into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River that sometimes 50 per cent of the salmon that return to the river die before they reach the spawning beds.
  402. With the Liberals choosing Clark and the NDP yet to decide, how long until the election?

  403. 2011/03/09: Tyee: How Smart Is ‘Power Smart’, BC Hydro’s Try at Saving Energy?
    Not very smart, says economist Mark Jaccard. But are we brave enough for California’s far more successful approach?
  404. 2011/03/08: CBC: Talisman, Sasol in second B.C. deal
    Calgary-based Talisman Energy Inc. announced a deal Tuesday with South African Chemical producer Sasol on a shale natural gas project in northeastern British Columbia. Sasol has agreed to pay $1.05 billion for half of Talisman’s Cypress A properties. The deal represented an expansion of their relationship, after Sasol in December paid the same amount for a half-stake in Talisman’s nearby Farrell Creek assets.
  405. 2011/03/08: DeSmogBlog: Liquefied Natural Gas Exports From Shale Drilling in British Columbia, Nearly A Reality
  406. 2011/03/08: PostMedia: Magma Energy, Plutonic Power team up — Deal will create firm with operations in geothermal, wind, hydro, solar sectors
    Vancouver geothermal energy company Magma Energy has agreed to buy Plutonic Power in a share-swap deal worth about $190 million. The purchase will create a new entity, to be named Alterra Power Corp., with diversified operations and better access to capital markets, two key ingredients to grow the company, Magma chief executive officer Ross Beaty said Monday in a conference call with financial analysts.
  407. 2011/03/07: Tyee: First to Profit from $1 Billion Smart Meter Program: Liberal Insiders
    Firm winning $73 million contract is connected to BC Hydro director, has close ties with Libs.
  408. Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  409. 2011/03/11: PlanetArk: Water Checks Deficient At Canada Oil Sands: Report
  410. 2011/03/11: CrossCut: Tar sands oil: Northwest issues swirl
    Giant modules for petroleum production in Alberta are making their way through the Northwest. And raising questions about the environment.
  411. 2011/03/10: ChronicleHerald: Oilsands polluting watersheds – panel
    A scientific panel has backed research that indicates oilsands development is releasing contaminants into northern Alberta watersheds. The panel also concludes that government monitoring programs weren’t even trying to determine if the industry was polluting the Athabasca River.
  412. 2011/03/09: Alberta: [link to 530k pdf] Water Monitoring Data Review Committee Report
  413. 2011/03/09: CBC: Canadian oil industry financings up 7% in 2010
    The Canadian oil and natural gas industry had a better year for financings in 2010, raising $19.9 billion in capital, according to a report released by Calgary-based Sayer Energy Advisors. That was up seven per cent compared with the $18.6 billion raised in 2009, and the highest level of financings since 2007 when a record $25.6 billion was raised.
  414. 2011/03/09: CBC: Monitoring of oilsands impact inadequate: panel
    The province must do a better job of monitoring the impact of oilsands mining on water quality in northeastern Alberta, concludes a scientific panel. Environment Minister Rob Renner appointed the six-member panel in September 2010 after a University of Alberta study concluded industry was responsible for increased levels of toxins in the Athabasca River, a claim contradicted by government scientists. The panel reviewed two U of A studies, and one each from Alberta Environment and the oilsands industry. It found industry and government monitoring is inadequate in determining the amount of toxins entering the environment.
  415. 2011/03/08: CBC: Libya unrest causes oilsands rethink

    In Saskatchewan the question is Potash?

  416. 2011/03/10: PEF: PotashCorp’s Fuzzy Math
  417. 2011/03/11: BuckDog: PotashCorp Starts To Come Clean On Massive Windfall Profits In Saskatchewan

    While in la Belle Province:

  418. 2011/03/10: PI:B: Shale gas decisions in Quebec raise questions about B.C.’s approach
  419. 2011/03/08: DeSmogBlog: Quebec BAPE Shale Gas Study Verdict Is In: Drill Baby Drill, But No Fracking For Now
  420. 2011/03/08: CBC: Quebec readies shale gas report release
  421. 2011/03/07: DeSmogBlog: New Scientific Community Will Hold Québec Government Accountable On Shale Gas

    In the Maritimes:

  422. 2011/03/11: CBC: No N.B. hydro-fracking moratorium: Northrup
    The New Brunswick government will not put a moratorium on shale gas development in the province, Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup said on Friday. The Quebec government imposed a moratorium on the practice earlier this week after receiving a major report. Northrup told CBC News in an interview on Friday that he is watching the developments in Quebec but he will not follow the same path.
  423. In the North:

  424. 2011/03/09: CBC: Northern food subsidies extended — Ice cream, toilet paper and other items restored to list

    The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  425. 2011/03/11: Grist: Mistakes economists make, climate/energy edition
  426. 2011/03/01: MR: Structural Crisis in the World-System: Where Do We Go from Here? by Immanuel Wallerstein
  427. 2011/03/08: EnergyBulletin: Good complexity, bad complexity
  428. 2011/03/07: EnergyBulletin: How you can become a commoner

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  429. 2011/03/12: Grist: The GINK videos — As we head toward 7 billion, what does a typical person look like?
  430. 2011/03/08: RawStory: Pew poll: Clear majority of Americans support legal abortion
  431. 2011/03/07: CCurrents: Gloomy Malthus Provides Food For Thought As World’s Appetite Builds
  432. 2011/03/08: AlterNet: Female Sexuality Still Terrifying to Conservative Lawmakers
  433. 2011/03/07: AlterNet: GOP War on Women: Conservatives Are Intent on Curtailing Our Rights and Freedoms

    Apocalypso anyone?

  434. 2011/03/11: CCurrents: Joseph Tainter: Talking About Collapse
  435. 2011/03/10: EnergyBulletin: Joseph Tainter: talking about collapse
  436. 2011/03/07: CCurrents: This Time We’re Taking The Whole Planet With Us
    This time when we go down it will be global. There are no new lands to pillage, no new peoples to exploit. Technology, which has obliterated the constraints of time and space, has turned our global village into a global death trap. The fate of Easter Island will be writ large across the broad expanse of planet Earth.
  437. As for how the media handles the science of climatology:

  438. 2011/03/12: MTobis: More Meta-Journalism
  439. 2011/03/12: ERabett: Obviously Eli Has Torched a Nerve
  440. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au):TDU: One newspaper, so much denial
  441. 2011/03/10: KSJT: Guardian op-ed: Why BBC’s ‘impartial’ stance on climate science is irresponsible
  442. 2011/03/10: JFleck: Science Communication
  443. 2011/03/10: ClimateP: [Dr. Robert J.] Brulle: NY Times article on climate science hearing “fails to inform the public, and plays into the strategy of the climate denial effort.”
  444. 2011/03/08: Eureka: Passive news reports may lead readers to feel they can’t find the truth [JoC]
  445. 2011/03/09: IrregularC: The journalism problem
  446. 2011/02/01: WOL:JoC: Effects of Unresolved Factual Disputes in the News on Epistemic Political Efficacy by Raymond J. Pingree
  447. 2011/03/09: BVerheggen: Science communication: Who is responsible (for its failing)?
  448. 2011/03/09: APSmith: NY Times John Broder can’t tell which side is which on climate
  449. 2011/03/09: Grist: People said stuff, reports New York Times’ John Broder
  450. 2011/03/08: Stoat: Journos again.
  451. 2011/03/08: UCSUSA: NewsCorp’s Environmental Hypocrisy
  452. 2011/03/07: ERabett: Blaming the Other Guy While Copying from the Guy Who Buys the Drinks

    Here is something for your library:

  453. 2011/03/11: EnergyBulletin: Censored scientists, dirty politics and the nuclear distraction
    [Book Review] _Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity_ by James Hansen
  454. And for your film & video enjoyment:

  455. 2011/03/10: Grist: ‘Mad Men’ star Vincent Kartheiser wants to sell the country on high-speed rail
  456. 2011/03/09: TreeHugger: Paul Hawken on the Environmental Movement and the Climate Problem
  457. 2011/03/08: PSinclair: The Tea Party Congress: A Science-Free Zone
  458. 2011/03/08: SEasterbrook: Visualizing the growth of CO2
  459. 2011/03/06: ERabett: Trenberth Lets Loose

    As for podcasts:

  460. 2011/03/07: TCoE: The Climate Show 8

    Meanwhile among the ‘Sue the Bastards!’ contingent:

  461. 2011/03/13: BBC: Chevron appeals against Ecuador Amazon pollution fine
    US oil giant Chevron has launched a legal appeal against a $9.5bn (£5.9bn) fine by an Ecuador court for polluting much of the country’s Amazon region.
    A statement by Chevron said the firm would pursue efforts at an international tribunal and in the US courts to prevent the ruling from being enforced.
  462. 2011/03/12: TreeHugger: RAN Labels Chevron’s Defense Team ‘Human Rights Hitmen’, Launches New Website
  463. 2011/03/11: PlanetArk: Nuclear Power Industry Sues U.S. Over Fee For Waste
    The U.S. nuclear industry this week sued the Energy Department to suspend a fee imposed by the federal government for managing the radioactive spent fuel produced by America’s nuclear power plants. Congress created the fee in 1982 to help pay for a central storage site for nuclear waste to be located underneath Yucca Mountain near Las Vegas. The Obama administration abandoned the project and the nuclear industry does not think the fee is still needed.
  464. 2011/03/10: BellinghamHerald: Environmentalists sue to reduce emissions at state oil refineries
    Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit attempting to tighten greenhouse gas emission regulation of Washington state oil refineries…
  465. 2011/03/08: G&M: Exxon Mobil wins court ruling in [Exxon Valdez] oil spill cleanup dispute
  466. 2011/03/08: Grist: …Chevron won’t be forking over $18B to Ecuadorian Indians
  467. 2011/03/06: AutoBG: Supreme Court strikes down Bloomberg’s hybrid taxi plan for NYC

    Wrestling over a new energy infrastructure continues unabated:

  468. 2011/03/13: OilDrum: Tech Talk – Oil producing countries around 1 mbd, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Indonesia and Azerbaijan
  469. 2011/03/11: CCurrents: Demanding Cheaper Oil Is Disastrous
  470. 2011/03/11: TreeHugger: Small-Scale Hydropower’s Low Eco-Impact Overrated
  471. 2011/03/11: Eureka: New method could improve economics of sweetening natural gas — ASSR could reduce amount of heat needed in purification process
    Natural gas extracted from the nation’s coal beds and methane-rich geologic features must first be purged of hydrogen sulfide before it can be used as fuel. Until now, processing methods have often proved to be inefficient, requiring large amounts of heat. But a team of Battelle researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has discovered a method that could dramatically cut the amount of heat needed during processing, reducing the amount of energy needed during a key processing step by at least 10 percent. The research team believes the discovery could ultimately lead to a more cost-effective way of tapping into extremely “sour” natural gas reserves –hose reserves that contain significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide and that may not have been economically viable to tap up to this point.
  472. 2011/03/10: PlanetArk: Algeria Eyes Huge Domestic Shale Gas Reserves
  473. 2011/03/09: ClimateP: Drill, baby, drill fails: Oil prices soar in spite of sharp increase in U.S. production under Obama
  474. 2011/03/09: EarthTimes: Jordan inks 1.8-billion-dollar oil shale deal with British firm
  475. 2011/03/07: SBO: Geothermal capacity could double in 10 years
  476. 2011/03/06: SeekingAlpha: Oil Price Spikes Often Precede or Coincide With Previous U.S. Recessions
  477. 2011/03/08: PostMedia: Magma Energy, Plutonic Power team up — Deal will create firm with operations in geothermal, wind, hydro, solar sectors
  478. 2011/03/07: NBF: Superconducting Magnets for Grid-Scale Storage and superconducting wire projection to 2016

    The Libyan revolution and Middle Eastern turmoil in general are driving up petroleum prices:

  479. 2011/03/11: EarthTimes: OPEC members boost output amid Libya disruption
  480. 2011/03/08: CSC: Oil Roller Coaster Gets Wilder
  481. 2011/03/10: PlanetArk: Analysis: Think $100 U.S. Oil Is Bad? It’s Really Much Worse
  482. 2011/03/10: AutoBG: Surging oil prices could lead to “significant” rise in offshore drilling in U.S.
  483. 2011/03/09: OilChange: OPEC’s “Fictional” Comfort Blanket
  484. 2011/03/08: CBC: Libya unrest causes oilsands rethink
  485. 2011/03/08: Guardian(UK): Libya’s revolt squeezing world oil supplies
    Oil companies predict dangerously thin reserve margins if Libyan oil supply is completely cut off
  486. 2011/03/08: PeakEnergy: The Collapse of the Old Oil Order [Klare]
  487. 2011/03/08: OilChange: “An oilquake that shakes our world to its core”
  488. 2011/03/07: OilDrum: Oman’s unrest may be a domino, not just to suppliers, but also to customers

    Hey! Let’s contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It’ll be a fracking gas!

  489. 2011/03/10: PI:B: Shale gas decisions in Quebec raise questions about B.C.’s approach
  490. 2011/03/10: HC:FuelFix: Pennsylvania admits flaws in attempts to track gas drilling waste
  491. 2011/03/09: ProPublica: Former Bush EPA Official Says Fracking Exemption Went Too Far; Congress Should Revisit
  492. 2011/03/09: DeSmogBlog: Do 110 Pennsylvania Legislators Not Read The New York Times?
    Are politicians willing to take responsibility for their debatably harmful actions? This Monday, Pennsylvania’s House lawmakers voted to reject a fracking wastewater amendment.
  493. 2011/03/09: USAToday: Wyoming is beset by a big-city problem: Smog [because of a boom in natural gas drilling]
  494. 2011/03/08: HuffPo: Wyoming Air Pollution Worse Than Los Angeles Due To Gas Drilling
  495. 2011/03/08: CCP: ‘Fracking’ Disposal Sites Suspended, Likely Linked To Arkansas Earthquakes
  496. 2011/03/09: ABC(Au): Upper Hunter Council will debate whether coal and gas mining should be banned in the shire
  497. 2011/03/08: ABC(Au): Documentary sparks concern about water supplies
    A Scone resident says she is now concerned for local water supplies after viewing the coal seam gas documentary ‘Gasland’.
  498. 2011/03/08: DeSmogBlog: Liquefied Natural Gas Exports From Shale Drilling in British Columbia, Nearly A Reality
  499. 2011/03/07: ClimateP: Frack this: More dangers to public health from natural gas hydraulic fracturing emerge

    The answer my friend…:

  500. 2011/03/11: TreeHugger: Community Wind Funds Spread Wealth from Renewables
  501. 2011/03/09: TStar: More wind than science in turbine debate
  502. 2011/03/10: TreeHugger: Engineer Writes: More Wind Than Science In Turbine Debate
  503. 2011/03/08: DerSpiegel: Wind Turbine Tycoon Tulsi Tanti — ‘We Should Not Fear China, But Learn from Them Instead’
    He is rich, Indian and head of the fast-growing wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon. Tulsi Tanti spoke with SPIEGEL ONLINE about his plans for wind energy in Germany, the future of nuclear energy and what the West can learn from China.
  504. Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  505. 2011/03/11: PlanetArk: U.S. Solar Grew Sharply In 2010, Still Lags Europe
  506. 2011/03/08: Eureka: Ultrafast laser ‘scribing’ technique to cut cost, hike efficiency of solar cells

    Feed-In-Tariffs are being variously implemented around the world:

  507. 2011/03/07: TreeHugger: [UK] Solar Farm U-Turn May Be Ideological, Not Fiscal

    On the coal front:

  508. 2011/03/08: Guardian(UK): China’s coal reserves ‘will make it new Middle East’, says energy chief
    Fred Palmer, World Coal Association boss, also says China technologically is ahead of US, and fossil fuels are here to stay
  509. 2011/03/07: Grist: Pacific Northwest sends coal a Dear John letter
  510. 2011/03/07: PlanetArk: UK’s Drax Coal Plant Eyes Biomass For Greener Future

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  511. 2011/03/09: RRapier: What You Aren’t Being Told About Ethanol and Corrosion
  512. 2011/03/09: AGWObserver: Carbon sink weakening undermines the climate benefits from forest energy
  513. 2011/03/09: PlanetArk: Biofuel Appeal Stokes Bullish Palm Price Outlook
  514. 2011/03/08: KSJT: MSNBC, small outlets: Goodby to ethanol, hello to isobutanol at the gas pump?
  515. 2011/03/08: NatureN: Counting the carbon cost of peatland conversion — A study has quantified emissions from clearing peat-swamp forest in Southeast Asia for palm-oil plantations
  516. 2011/03/08: EarthTimes: Finland’s Neste opens world’s biggest biodiesel plant in Singapore
  517. 2011/03/07: Eureka: UCLA engineers demonstrate use of proteins as raw material for biofuels, biorefining

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  518. 2011/03/11: BNC: IFR FaD 9 — Summary of non-proliferation advantages of the Integral Fast Reactor
  519. 2011/03/08: NatureN: Cable test raises fears at fusion project — Degradation of superconducting cables for the heart of the ITER fusion machine threatens to cause further delays

    It would be nice to see some independent verification of these claims:

  520. 2011/03/04: CFN: Edmund Storms on the Rossi device: “There will be a stampede.”
  521. 2011/03/11: NBF: Andrea Rossi starting a one year study of Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion technology at the University of Bologna and possible replication in the United States

    Yes we have peak everything:

  522. 2011/03/09: OFW: If Oil Supply Declines Quickly, How do We Deal with It?
  523. 2011/03/04: BFD: Peak Phosphorus: Is there enough for biofuels at scale?

    More people are talking about the electrical grid:

  524. 2011/03/11: TreeHugger: A Dirty Power Transmission Line Comes to Its End
  525. 2011/03/11: NBF: High Temperature Superconductor for energy storage, transformers, cable, generators and motors
  526. 2011/03/07: TreeHugger: One Quarter of China’s Wind Power Still Not Connected to Electricity Grid

    And then there is the matter of efficiency & conservation:

  527. 2011/03/10: TreeHugger: First Green ‘e-Watt Saver’ 7W LED Lightbulb (Product Review)
  528. 2011/03/10: TreeHugger: Monbiot Argues Lower Speed Limits Should Spread
  529. 2011/03/09: Guardian(UK): UK must follow Spain down the road to lower speed limits
  530. 2011/03/08: NYT: Making Every Oil Calorie Count [effic]
  531. 2011/03/08: TreeHugger: For Saving Energy, Like Real Estate, The Three Most Important Things Are Location, Location and Location

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  532. 2011/03/12: AutoBG: UK electric truck maker Modec falls into administration
  533. 2011/03/10: AutoBG: Study: Plug-in hybrids could reduce overall emissions of CO2, NOx
  534. 2011/03/09: WaPo: Conventional gas-powered cars starting to match hybrids in fuel efficiency
  535. 2011/03/09: AutoBG: National Automobile Dealers Association [NADA] says $4.50 gas is tipping point in U.S. (well, duh!)
  536. 2011/03/07: AutoBG: Why European electric vehicle range figures may be misleading

    The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

  537. 2011/03/09: UCSUSA: New Report Warns Against Investments in New or Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants

    Who’s fielding the FAQs?

  538. 2011/03/11: Guardian(UK): What is the Kyoto protocol and has it made any difference?
  539. 2011/03/09: Guardian(UK): What is carbon capture and storage?

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  540. 2011/03/11: ClimateP: Energy and climate news for March 11…
  541. 2011/03/10: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for March 10…
  542. 2011/03/09: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for March 9…
  543. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for March 8…
  544. 2011/03/07: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for March 7…

    Other (weekly) lists:

  545. 2011/03/10: Grist: A walk through the week’s climate news — The Climate Post: While Congress debates climate science, China and Europe move ahead

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  546. 2011/03/13: HotTopic: McLean’s folly and the climate clueless
  547. 2011/03/02: OurWorld: Silencing the scientists: the rise of right-wing populism by Clive Hamilton
  548. 2011/03/11: Tamino: Dishonor among deniers
  549. 2011/03/11: ClimateShifts: Silencing the scientists: the rise of right-wing populism
  550. 2011/03/11: ABC(Au): Senior Liberal Nick Minchin says the globe is more likely to be cooling than warming and has slammed the Government’s key climate adviser, Ross Garnaut, as “on the Government’s payroll”
  551. 2011/03/11: TreeHugger: [John Rowe] CEO Of Excelon Corp. Says Congress Should Do “Nothing” About Climate
  552. 2011/03/11: SkeptiSci: Wrong Answers dot com by dana1981
  553. 2011/03/11: HotTopic: Bob Carter: innumerate and irrational?
  554. 2011/03/08: Guardian(UK): Fred Palmer interview: ‘We’re 100% coal. More coal. Everywhere’
    The Peabody Energy chief on China, ‘clean coal’, and the US energy sector’s funding of climate scepticism
  555. 2011/03/06: Deltoid: Shorter Clive James

    Another tempest in a teapot from the creating controversy crew:

  556. 2011/03/09: SMandia: Lie by Usual Suspects Traveling Around the World — Demand Retraction
  557. 2011/03/09: ClimateP: Inhofe, Horner, McIntyre and Watts fabricate another phony “despicable smear” against Michael Mann
  558. 2011/03/09: RealClimate: Wahl-to-Wahl coverage
  559. 2011/03/09: ScienceInsider: Climatologist [Eugene Wahl ] Says He Deleted E-mails, But Not at [Michael] Mann’s Behest

    Meanwhile in the ‘clean coal’ saga:

  560. 2011/03/10: DeSmogBlog: Coal Power Plants Are Number One … Source of Toxic Air Pollutants in U.S.
  561. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: American Lung Association: We must clean up coal-fired power plants and close the ‘Toxic Loophole’

    As for climate miscellanea:

  562. 2011/03/09: AlterNet: Naomi Klein: Why Climate Change Is So Threatening to Right-Wing Ideologues
  563. 2011/03/09: Wunderground: A cool and snowly winter for the U.S.; severe weather hits Louisiana
  564. 2011/03/09: DemNow: “My Fear is that Climate Change is the Biggest Crisis of All”: Naomi Klein Warns Global Warming Could Be Exploited by Capitalism and Militarism
  565. 2011/03/08: ClimateSight: Technology as Communication
  566. 2011/03/08: ClimateP: Sandia Labs study: “It is the uncertainty associated with climate change that validates the need to act protectively and proactively.”
  567. 2011/03/08: NOAANews: U.S. Temperature and Precipitation Near-Normal in February
  568. 2011/03/07: moyhu: New Blogger – Isaac Held [also AWOGWN index (2009/04/12 – Present)]
  569. 2011/03/07: Eureka: USC California superstorm would be costliest US disaster [ARkStorm]
  570. 2011/03/07: HotTopic: Shake your berg thing

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  571. HEWS: Humanitarian Early Warning Service
  572. International Treaty on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
  573. Chevron’s Human Rights Hitmen
  574. CGIAR: CCAFS – Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
  575. Garnaut Climate Change Review
  576. GBRMPA: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  577. AgroAtlas
  578. Wiki: Steptoean positive carbon isotope excursion
  579. CIRES: Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
  580. TCN: Texas Climate News – A magazine about climate & sustainability
  581. Google:moyhuDocs: [hetaylorindex.htm] Index of Another Week of GW News on AFTIC (2009/04/12 forward)
  582. GFDL: Isaac Held’s Blog
  583. TWTB: The Way Things Break
  584. NASA:JPL: Global Climate Change: NASA’s Eyes on the Earth
  585. MGS: More [Robert] Grumbine Science
  586. MMAB Sea Ice Analysis Page
  587. Grida: Environmental Knowledge for Change
  588. Chris Colose

    Low Key Plug

    My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.


    P.S. Recent postings can be found in the week archive and the ancient postings can be accessed here, which should open to this.

    I notice moyhu has set up a monster index to old AWoGWN on AFTIC.

    “…climate change really is a profound threat to a great many things that right-wing ideologues believe in. So, in fact, if you really wrestle with the implications of the science and what real climate action would mean, here’s just a few examples what it would mean.

    Well, it would mean upending the whole free trade agenda […]
    You would have to deal with inequality. […]
    You would have to regulate corporations. […]
    You would have to have a really strong United Nations, because individual countries can’t do this alone. You absolutely have to have a strong international architecture.

    So when you go through this, you see, it challenges everything that they believe in. So they’re choosing to disbelieve it, because it’s easier to deny the science than to say, ‘OK, I accept that my whole worldview is going to fall apart.'” –Naomi Klein

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