Another week of GW News, MArch 6, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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Another week of Global Warming News

Sipping from the Internet Firehose…

March 6, 2011

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    Here’s a chuckle for ye:

  1. 2011/03/03: TI:CF: (cartoon – Roberts) Love Thy Neighbour
  2. 2011/03/02: TI:CF: (cartoon – Roberts) Transition 11
  3. 2011/02/28: TI:CF: (cartoon – Roberts) Transition 10
  4. 2011/03/04: uComics: (cartoon – Toles) Green Water
  5. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: A gas station sign of the times
  6. 2011/02/28: ClimateP: Groucho Marxist Bill McKibben takes on Glenn Beck

    And for those who enjoy challenging Poe’s Law:

  7. 2011/03/02: TPL: Harry Potter and Climate
  8. 2011/02/28: Wonkette: Earth-Raping Dictator-Supporting House GOP Brings Styrofoam Back

    Oh No! I need a category for the ridiculous lengths some fundamentalists reach:

  9. 2011/03/02: Guardian(UK): No, this wasn’t an Onion headline — Fetus Set to ‘Testify’ in Favor of Ohio Abortion Bill

    Looking back at Cancun:

  10. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: U.N. Climate Talks Seen Missing Aid Plan Deadline
    A plan by almost 200 countries to step up efforts to fight climate change is set to miss a March deadline for starting work on a green fund to help developing nations, delegates said on Wednesday. Groups of Asian, and Latin American and Caribbean countries have yet to decide who will gain early influence in designing the “Green Climate Fund” by attending 40-nation U.N.-led talks due in Mexico City on March 14 and 15. The fund, under which aid flows are meant to reach $100 billion a year by 2020, was agreed by governments in December as part of a deal that the United Nations said reignited “a beacon of hope” for tackling global warming. John Ashe of Antigua and Barbuda, who represents the Latin American and Caribbean group where 14 countries are vying for seven seats in the fund planning committee, said it looked unlikely the matter could be resolved by mid-month.
  11. 2011/03/01: UN: UN climate change chief urges governments to quickly implement Cancún accords

    Looking ahead to COP17 and future international climate negotiations:

  12. 2011/03/02: PlanetArk: China Sets Out Disputes Facing “Arduous” Climate Talks
    China, the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, wants rich nations to vow bigger cuts to emissions as part of a new international deal on fighting global warming, Beijing’s top climate negotiator said on Tuesday. The negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, said he expects “arduous” wrangling about that and other issues facing governments seeking to settle on the key parts of a comprehensive climate change pact at talks in Durban, South Africa, in late 2011. Above all, Xie said in a policy-setting essay in China’s official People’s Daily, Beijing will not budge from demanding a second lease of life for the Kyoto Protocol, the greenhouse gas emissions pact which Japan, Russia, Canada and other critics have said does too little to curb the fast-growing emissions of China and other big developing countries.
  13. Here’s something to consider:

  14. 2011/03/01: Straight: David Suzuki: Politicians who reject science are not fit to lead

    Tim DeChristopher was found guilty this week. Sentencing is in June:

  15. 2011/03/04: DemNow: Environmentalist Tim DeChristopher Found Guilty of Sabotaging Oil and Gas Auction; Faces up to 10 Years in Jail
  16. 2011/03/04: DeSmogBlog: Tim DeChristopher stands tall despite guilty verdict
  17. 2011/03/04: ClimateP: Tim DeChristopher aka Bidder 70: Game changer in the fight against global warming
  18. 2011/03/03: Grist: Tim DeChristopher found guilty, shows power of nonviolent civil disobedience
  19. 2011/03/03: Grist: As climate crime continues, who are we sending to jail? Tim DeChristopher?
  20. 2011/03/04: TreeHugger: Jurors Not Allowed To Hear That DeChristopher Tried to Pay For His Bids & Feds Rejected His Money
  21. 2011/03/04: TreeHugger: Bill McKibben: Tim DeChristopher “Should be Getting a Medal, Not a Sentence” (Video)
  22. 2011/03/03: HuffPo: Bidder 70 by Robert Redford
  23. 2011/03/03: SLTrib: The DeChristopher case from auction to conviction
  24. 2011/03/03: Time:Ecocentric: Eco-Injustice: Tim DeChristopher Is Convicted
  25. 2011/03/03: HuffPo: Tim DeChristopher’s Speech After Guilty Verdict for Climate Civil Disobedience (video + transcript)
  26. 2011/03/03: Casavaria: Tim DeChristopher Speech, after Guilty Verdict (video + transcript)
  27. 2011/03/03: CCP: Utah jury finds activist Tim DeChristopher guilty of interfering with an onshore oil and gas leasing act and making a false representation to the federal government
  28. 2011/03/04: PSinclair: DeChristopher Guilty: Sentencing to Follow
  29. 2011/03/02: CCP: “Utah activist, Tim DeChristopher, goes on trial for disrupting oil auction”; Judge Dee Benson will not permit important evidence to be heard by the jury
  30. 2011/03/01: SEasterbrook: Climate Heroes: Tim DeChristopher
  31. 2011/02/28: Grist: Climate activist Tim DeChristopher goes to trial in Salt Lake City
  32. 2011/02/28: DeSmogBlog: Tim DeChristopher Trial Commences in Salt Lake City
  33. 2011/02/28: Guardian(UK): Tim DeChristopher on trial for sabotaging oil and gas land auction

    The launch of the Glory climate satellite failed on Friday:

  34. 2011/03/04: Guardian(UK): Taurus rocket carrying Glory climate satellite falls back to Earth
  35. 2011/03/04: GreenGrok: Blaze of Glory! Climate Science Takes Another Hit
  36. 2011/03/04: KSJT: AP : Another NASA setback — New enviro satellite splashes near Antarctica after launch mishap
  37. 2011/03/04: NatureTGB: Glory probe crashes
  38. 2011/03/04: NatureN: NASA satellite crashes to Earth — The loss of Glory is the second in two years for NASA’s troubled Earth-observation programme
  39. 2011/03/04: ScienceInsider: All-Too-Familiar Rocket Failure Dooms NASA Climate Mission
  40. 2011/03/04: RealClimate: Glory (not to) be
  41. 2011/03/04: EarthTimes: NASA satellite fails to reach orbit
  42. 2011/03/04: BBC: NASA Glory mission ends in failure
  43. 2011/03/04: CBC: NASA satellite [Glory] crashes into ocean
  44. 2011/03/04: NASA: NASA’s Glory Satellite Fails To Reach Orbit
  45. 2011/03/04: SFN: NASA science satellite [Glory] lost in Taurus launch failure
  46. 2011/03/01: Eureka: NASA’s Glory Satellite scheduled for launch March 4

    The New York Times series on fracking is causing a stir. See also:

  47. 2011//: NYT: Drilling Down – Series
  48. 2011/03/03: NYT: Pressure Limits Efforts to Police Drilling for Gas
  49. 2011/03/01: NYT: Wastewater Recycling No Cure-All in Gas Process
  50. 2011/02/27: NYT: Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers

    The Barnosky paper on the sixth extinction got a few people talking:

  51. 2011/03/02: Nature: (ab$) Has the Earth’s sixth mass extinction already arrived? by Anthony D. Barnosky et al.
  52. 2011/03/02: BBC: Refining the sixth great extinction
  53. 2011/03/02: DM:80B: Species Census: Yes, the 6th Mass Extinction Is Happening Now
  54. 2011/03/02: NSF: Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction: Is It Almost Here? Steep decline of many animal species warns that Earth is on the brink
  55. 2011/03/02: SciNow: Are We in the Middle of a Sixth Mass Extinction?
  56. 2011/03/02: Eureka: Has the Earth’s sixth mass extinction already arrived? Rate of extinction higher, but intensity lower, today compared to past 5 mass extinctions

    Carbon Tariffs are back. This time in Australia:

  57. 2011/03/04: ABC(Au): Unions are calling on the Government to consider imposing tariffs on imports from countries without a carbon price

    Subsidies, tax exemptions, loan guarantees & grants weave a difficult to penetrate web:

  58. 2011/03/03: ClimateP: Time for fossil fuel companies to pay their fair share

    Delving into the laws of thermodynamics this week:

  59. 2011/03/05: MTobis: Spot the Denialist Bug

    John Cook and friends continue their counterpoint articles:

  60. 2011/03/05: SkeptiSci: Blaming the Pacific Decadal Oscillation by Riccardo
  61. 2011/03/04: SkeptiSci: A Real-World Example of Carbon Pricing Benefits Outweighing Costs by dana1981
  62. 2011/03/04: SkeptiSci: Icing the Medieval Warm Period by Daniel Bailey
  63. 2011/03/04: SkeptiSci: Putting a new finger on climate change by Daniel Bailey
  64. 2011/03/03: SkeptiSci: Crux of a Core, part 1b: J Storrs Hall on WUWT by Rob Honeycutt
  65. 2011/03/02: SkeptiSci: No Illusions podcast interview (and elocution lessons from an 11 year old)
  66. 2011/03/02: SkeptiSci: Climate Sensitivity: The Skeptic Endgame by dana1981

    Post CRU theft, controversy & inquiry:

  67. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: Climategate: The greatest nonstory ever sold
  68. 2011/02/28: Grist: What we have and haven’t learned from ‘Climategate’

    The Arctic melt continues to garner a lot of attention:

  69. 2011/03/05: ASI: TOPAZ data by Cryosphere Today regions
  70. 2011/03/04: QuarkSoup: On the Repeating JAXA Data
  71. 2011/03/01: QuarkSoup: Why the Repetition in Sea Ice Data?
  72. 2011/03/04: KSJT: Climate Central: Earth’s warmer? Well how come the Bering Sea is so much colder?
  73. 2011/03/04: Wunderground: Greenland update for 2010: record melting and a massive calving event
  74. 2011/03/03: TreeHugger: February Arctic Sea Ice Ties For Record Low As Global Snow Cover Remains High
  75. 2011/03/03: Eureka: Shrinking tundra, advancing forests: how the Arctic will look by century’s end — Study estimates climate change’s impact on Arctic regions by 2099
  76. 2011/03/02: Eureka: Scripps oceanography researchers discover arctic blooms occurring earlier
    Phytoplankton peak arising up to 50 days early, with unknown impacts on marine food chain and carbon cycling
  77. 2011/03/02: QuarkSoup: Did February Sea Ice Extent Set a Record Low?
  78. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: February Arctic ice extent ties 2005 for record low
  79. 2011/02/28: Stoat: This year’s sea ice
  80. 2011/02/28: SkeptiSci: Various estimates of Greenland ice loss

    While in Antarctica:

  81. 2011/03/04: KSJT: Lots of Ink: Antarctica’s ice sheets add new (recycled) ice on the bottom too
  82. 2011/03/04: PlanetArk: Some Antarctic Ice Forms From The Bottom Up
  83. 2011/03/03: SciNow: Gigantic Remelted Ice Mass Discovered Below Antarctic Ice Sheet
  84. 2011/03/03: BBC: Antarctic ice sheet built ‘bottom-up’
  85. 2011/03/02: Eureka: New interpretation of Antarctic ice cores — Researchers at Alfred Wegener Institute expand prevailing theory on climate history

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  86. 2011/03/04: ProMedMail: Stripe rust, wheat – UK: (England), Claire strain
  87. 2011/03/04: TreeHugger: China’s Wheat Shortage Could Affect World Prices
  88. 2011/03/03: Eureka: Mapping food deserts
  89. 2011/03/01: BBC: China drought worsens in parched north
  90. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: Climate Change To Drive Up Food Prices
  91. 2011/03/02: Reuters: Analysis: Rising freight rates add to agflation worries
    Spiraling shipping costs for commodities threaten to drive food inflation even higher as nations from Asia to the Middle East and Africa scramble for supplies, stung by grain prices that have more than doubled in less than a year.
  92. 2011/03/03: TStar: Hunger on the rise in Canada, [Recession Relief Coalition] report warns
  93. 2011/03/02: TreeHugger: California Farmers Face Frightening Water Debt During Drought
  94. 2011/02/28: CBC: Water woes a wild card for western [Canadian] farmers

    Food Prices are still rising:

  95. FAO: World Food Situation – Food Price Indices
  96. 2011/03/03: CCurrents: World Food Prices Hit Record Highs Amid Oil Jitters
  97. 2011/03/05: PostMedia: Food prices on the way up, analysts predict — Shoppers should expect as much as a 7% jump in the cost of what they buy in the grocery aisles
  98. 2011/03/04: Grist: World’s dollar menu will now cost $1.50
  99. 2011/03/04: TreeHugger: As Food Prices Hit New Record Highs, Which Countries Are Most At Risk Of Hunger & Shortage?
  100. 2011/03/03: al Jazeera: Global food prices hit record high
    UN agency says food prices at highest point in 20 years, as a result of stockpiling and spikes in global oil prices.
  101. 2011/03/03: Guardian(UK): Food prices hit new record high
  102. 2011/03/03: CBC: World food prices hit record high: UN
  103. 2011/03/03: UN: Global food prices increase for eighth straight month, UN agency reports
  104. 2011/03/03: FAO: Tight cereal markets as food prices increase again — Recent oil price surge adds to concerns over high food prices
  105. 2011/03/03: ClimateP: Global food prices hit new record high
  106. 2011/03/03: TreeHugger: World Wide Sugar High [prices] Caused By Extreme Weather
  107. 2011/02/28: SEasterbrook: Oil Shocks and Food Prices
  108. 2011/02/28: CSM: Attention, shoppers! Food prices are rising.

    Regarding the food factor in ongoing revolutions:

  109. 2011/02/28: Independent(UK): The price of food is at the heart of this wave of revolutions — No one saw the uprisings coming, but their deeper cause isn’t hard to fathom

    There is a Food Aid Convention meeting going down in London:

  110. FAC: Food Aid Convention
  111. 2011/02/28: G&M: Canada ‘in position to be listened to’ in secretive world food-aid talks
    For the first time in more than a decade, an elite compact of the world’s richest nations will begin redrawing the historic international agreement that governs food-aid commitments to hungry countries. Canada, as chair of the talks, is uniquely poised to shape the secretive negotiations, which are held behind closed doors in London at quite a distance from the Rome-based nerve centre of global food politics. The treaty, called the Food Aid Convention, is so political that its signatories — including the United States, the European Union and Japan — have been unable to agree on updated terms since 1999. Their unwillingness to modernize the agreement has caused what could be one of the most important tools in the battle against global hunger to become ineffective and nearly invisible; it has also stalled several new countries from writing their food-aid commitments into the pledge. The timing couldn’t be worse: The food-aid sector is suffering from chronic fragmentation — the responsibility for feeding the world’s hungry is shared by a handful of overlapping humanitarian organizations with varying degrees of effectiveness — and panic is escalating over how to feed the one-billion-plus people in need of more food; unrelenting volatility has seized commodity markets; and food security is looming ever-larger on the global agenda, including that of the G20, as its connection to climate change, development and political instability grows clearer.
  112. So, are these land grabs Colonialism V2.0?

  113. 2011/03/02: EnergyBulletin: In field and for food, the return of structural adjustment

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  114. 2011/03/05: TreeHugger: California Court Overturns Order to Destroy GMO Beets
  115. 2011/03/04: NBF: China will roll out genetically modified rice and corn on a large scale from domestic seeds after 2013
  116. 2011/03/04: BBC: Flood-resistant rice ‘also has drought-proof trait’
    A gene that increases a rice plant’s resistance to floods also boosts its ability to recover from droughts, a study has shown.
  117. 2011/03/02: EnergyBulletin: Roundup Ready alfalfa — Monsanto’s big goof?
  118. 2011/03/02: Eureka: Flood-tolerant rice plants can also survive drought, say UC Riverside scientists
  119. 2011/03/01: PlanetArk: Scientist Warns On Safety Of Monsanto’s Roundup

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion?

  120. 2011/03/01: UN: Small enterprises ideal for producing quality seeds for farmers in poorer countries – UN [FAO]
  121. 2011/03/01: Grist: The Economist dismisses organic ag, while also making the case for it
  122. 2011/03/02: NatureN: Climate-smart agriculture is needed — Changes in use of nitrogen fertilizer are key to reducing greenhouse gases
  123. 2011/03/01: Eureka: Diversifying crops may protect yields against a more variable climate — Recommendations could suppress pest and pathogen outbreaks and benefit farmers economically
  124. 2011/02/28: EnergyBulletin: Food: Getting fossil fuels off the plate
  125. 2011/02/28: NatureTGB: Fight against [wheat stem rust Ug99] cereal killer receives $40 million boost
  126. 2011/02/28: TreeHugger: Norway’s Doomsday Seed Vault Has Third Anniversary, Welcomes Over 3,000 New Deposits

    It has been mercifully quiet this week in the hurricane wars:

  127. 2011/03/03: NOAANews: Hurricane Forecasters Bring Preparedness Message to Mexico and Caribbean — Public invited to tour Air Force Reserve “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft
  128. 2011/03/01: Eureka: NASA tracks the brief life of Tropical Cyclone Atu in the southern Pacific — NASA’s AIRS instrument covers Atu’s Life

    As for GHGs:

  129. 2011/03/04: TheIT: Accelerating CO2 Trend
  130. 2011/03/01: OpenDem: The UK isn’t reducing emissions; we’re outsourcing them
  131. 2011/03/01: PlanetArk: EU Industry CO2 Emissions Edge Up In 2010: Analysts
  132. 2011/03/01: Eureka: Measuring methane — Researchers develop technique to measure methane gas from cattle
  133. 2011/02/28: SkeptiSci: Visualizing a History of CO2 by Robert Way

    And in the carbon cycle:

  134. 2011/03/04: Eureka: Sink or source? A new model to measure organic carbon in surface waters
  135. 2011/03/03: Eureka: Rising CO2 is causing plants to release less water to the atmosphere, researchers say

    As for the temperature record:

  136. 2011/03/06: BNC: Correlates of global temperatures — part 2
  137. 2011/03/02: BNC: A toy model for forecasting global temperatures — 2011 redux, part 1
  138. 2011/03/05: JQuiggin: An above average performance

    Aerosols are making their presence felt:

  139. 2011/03/03: Eureka: Soot packs a punch on Tibetan Plateau’s climate — Polluted snow causes early runoff, stronger monsoons in Asia

    While in the paleoclimate:

  140. 2011/03/01: RealClimate: Requiem for the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis?
  141. 2011/02/28: KSJT: NatureNews — A sulphurous news story, or what happens when the press releases misses the point?

    Regarding the solar hypothesis:

  142. 2011/03/03: CBC: Solar study sheds light on sunspot doldrums
  143. 2011/03/03: ArsTechnica: New model explains how the Sun loses its spots
    At the surface of the sun, we can detect a poleward flow (it goes in opposite directions in the two hemispheres) that averages about 20 meters a second, although there are significant variations around that average.
    This deep flow is thought to be a key driver of the sunspot cycling, since it is thought to carry the magnetic disturbances that generate sunspots from the Sun’s magnetic poles. But there seems to be little direct correlation between the current rate of flow and the state of the solar cycle.
    Instead, it’s the flow speed during the cycle before that seems to dictate the number of sunspots. Having a fast flow from the poles while a cycle is ramping up, followed by a slow flow during its decline, results in a very deep minimum. In addition, a larger difference between the rates at these two times resulted in fewer sunspots.
  144. 2011/03/02: SciNow: The Mystery of the Absent Sunspots
  145. 2011/03/02: SciNews: Sun’s doldrums likely to last — Despite a recent flare, solar physicists project low activity for up to a decade

    Regarding Climate Sensitivity:

  146. 2011/03/02: TCoE: Climate sensitivity and the deniers’ last stand

    Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  147. 2011/03/04: NOC: Observing Arctic ice-edge plankton blooms from space
    Ongoing climate-driven changes to the Arctic sea-ice could have a significant impact on the blooming of tiny planktonic plants (phytoplankton) with important implications for the Arctic ecosystem, according to new research conducted by scientists at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC).
  148. 2011/02/28: CCP: Satellite data to show how changes in snow and ice (albedo) in the Northern Hemisphere have contributed to rising temperatures in the last 30 years

    More GW impacts are being seen:

  149. 2011/03/06: HotTopic: Riders on the storms
  150. 2011/03/06: CCP: Jeffrey K. Lazo et al., J. Amer. Met. Soc. (2011), U.S. Economic Sensitivity to Weather Variability
  151. 2011/03/03: Eureka: Will loss of plant diversity compromise Earth’s life-support systems?
    Meta-analysis and reflections on two decades of biodiversity research provide some answers and reveal new questions
  152. 2011/03/03: BBerg: Australian Building Approvals Slump, Exports Decline on Floods
  153. 2011/03/01: UCSUSA: Climate Change Makes Major Snowstorms More Likely — Heavy Snowpack, “Spring Creep” Raise Threat Of Record Floods
  154. 2011/03/02: TreeHugger: As Climate Warms We Can Expect More Snowfall… Until It’s Too Hot For Heavy Snows
  155. 2011/02/28: DerSpiegel: Best Served Chilled — Top French Wines at Risk from Climate Change
    Bordeaux wines are under threat from global warming, say industry experts, who warn that the southwestern French region may no longer be suitable for winemaking by 2050. Winegrowers are already switching to heat-resistant grape varieties as a precaution.
  156. 2011/03/01: CBC: Climate change could spark cholera return: water expert

    And then there are the world’s forests:

  157. 2011/03/04: Eureka: Tracking forest threats — insects, disease and wildfire
  158. 2011/03/05: CBC:Q&Q: (mp3) Pining for Lodgepoles?
  159. 2011/03/03: BBC: Brazil court reverses Amazon Monte Belo dam suspension
    A court in Brazil has approved a controversial hydro-electric project in the Amazon rainforest, overturning an earlier ruling. Last week a judge blocked construction of the Belo Monte dam, saying it did not meet environmental standards. But a higher court on Thursday said there was no need for all conditions to be met in order for work to begin.
  160. 2011/03/02: ADN: White spruce growth stunted as forests warm
    Study: Scientists combine satellite imagery with ground truth to confirm the findings.
  161. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): Scientists are warning that north Queensland’s rainforest areas will take decades to recover from Tropical Cyclone Yasi
  162. 2011/03/01: PostMedia: Climate change to drive lodgepole pine trees from B.C.
    Climate change is expected to drive lodgepole pine, the backbone of the central Interior forest industry, from most of its range in B.C. by 2080, says a study by researchers at the University of B.C. and Oregon State University. The study, to be published in the journal Climate Change, measures how trees respond physiologically to changes in their environment, resulting in precise forecasts for researchers Nicolas Coops at UBC and Richard Waring at OSU. Although lodgepole pine will be mostly gone by 2080, as early as 2020, its habitat will begin shrinking. It is expected to move northward into the Yukon.
  163. 2011/02/28: Eureka: Hotspots of carbon confusion in Indonesia threaten to warm the world more quickly
    Indonesia has promised to become a world leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2009, the president committed to a 26% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to below ‘business-as-usual’ levels. Of this total, 14% would have to come from reducing emissions from deforestation or forest degradation. Investments by foreign governments and other bodies are expected to raise total emission reduction from 26% to 41%. While international negotiations on rules about how to reduce emissions and slow global warming are slow but ongoing, the Indonesian and Norwegian governments signed a letter of intent under which up to US$ 1 billion is available to assist in setting up a ‘stop deforestation and forest degradation’ system that also addresses peatland emissions. Part of the agreement is that Indonesia will implement a moratorium or ‘two-year suspension on all new concessions for conversion of peat and natural forest’. Promising as this may sound, the devil is in the detail. A lot depends on how ‘peat’ and ‘natural forest’ are defined and how rights are agreed upon. Strong lobbies from the forest and tree-crop plantation industry argue that the economy will be harmed if ‘business as usual’ is interrupted. According to news sources, definitions of ‘natural forest’ and ‘peat’ differ between drafts prepared by the Indonesian Government’s emissions reduction taskforce and by the Ministry of Forestry.
  164. 2011/02/28: Eureka: Climate change causing demise of lodgepole pine in western North America

    Desertification looms as a threat:

  165. 2011/03/04: UNEP: Coordinating Global Action to Combat Desertification and Land Degradation

    This week in extreme weather:

  166. 2011/03/02: PlanetArk: Extreme Winter Weather Linked To Climate Change
  167. 2011/03/01: CBC: Hurricane-strength windstorm to hit B.C. coast
  168. 2011/03/01: CBC: West Coast windstorm cancels ferries, cuts power

    Tornado season is beginning in the alley:

  169. 2011/03/06: CBC: Deadly tornado hits [Rayne] Louisiana town [killing a woman & injuring 11]
  170. 2011/03/05: BBC: US ‘tornado’ smashes town of Rayne in Louisiana
  171. 2011/03/05: CNN: Mother killed protecting daughter during tornado, mayor says
    1 woman dies after tree falls on her house, a mayor says – At least 11 are hurt after the twister hits the Lousiana city of Rayne, a trooper says – Three are hurt after a tornado touches down in Crowley, the National Weather Service says – Heavy rains put a damper, force schedule changes for Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans
  172. 2011/03/01: al Jazeera: Tornado season begins — It generally runs from late winter through mid summer, but a twister can happen in any of the 12 months.
  173. 2011/02/28: CBC: Tornado, storms batter central U.S.

    As for heatwaves and wild fires:

  174. 2011/03/02: Wunderground: Fire season is here: wildfires scorch Florida, Texas
  175. 2011/02/28: CBC: Texas wildfires scorch nearly 36,000 hectares

    Acidification is changing the oceans:

  176. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): Ocean acidification threatens marine ecosystems

    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

  177. 2011/03/02: FuturePundit: US Southwest At Risk For Megadrought?
  178. 2011/03/03: ClimateP: Yes, “human-induced increases in greenhouse gases have contributed to the observed intensification of heavy precipitation events” over much of the NH
  179. 2011/03/02: CNN: Shrinking Lake Chad turning farmland into desert
    Lake Chad is just a twentieth of the size it was 50 years ago – The lake feeds between 20 million people in Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger – Local fishermen say they are catching fewer, and smaller, fish in the lake – Some people are planting trees to stop desertification of the surrounding land
  180. 2011/03/02: UN: Drought-hit Somalia on brink of humanitarian disaster, warns UN expert
  181. 2011/03/02: TreeHugger: Ancient Megadroughts in American Southwest Area a Snapshot of Area’s Dry Future
  182. 2011/03/01: Grist: Climate change and the Southwest water crisis: making a bad situation worse
  183. 2011/02/28: LANL: Dry lake reveals evidence of Southwestern ‘megadroughts’ — Cooling trend could be on the way unless thwarted by greenhouse gasses
  184. 2011/02/27: BBC: Floods and landslides hit Bolivia
    A landslide caused by intense rains has destroyed more than 300 homes in the Bolivian city of La Paz.
  185. 2011/02/27: Guardian(UK): La Paz landslide wrecks 400 homes [after prolonged heavy rains]

    Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

  186. 2011/03/03: CCurrents: Wetlands Are Not Wastelands!
  187. 2011/03/01: GreenGrok: Global Warming Mitigation: Smoke and Not Mirrors
  188. 2011/03/02: Eureka: Sustaining the biodiversity of the western Great Plains
  189. 2011/03/01: TreeHugger: Great Green Wall of Africa Given Green Light – Billions in Funding Pledged

    As for transportation & GHG production:

  190. 2011/03/05: TreeHugger: High Gas Prices Make Buses & Trains the Best Deal in Two Years
  191. 2011/03/05: RRapier: Electric Aviation is the Future of Transport
  192. 2011/03/03: Grist: Traffic-snarled LA goes bike-wild with 1,600 miles of lanes
  193. 2011/03/02: BBC: IATA cuts its airline profits forecast on high oil cost
    Airlines will see their profits almost halve this year because of the recent jump in oil prices, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) says.
  194. 2011/03/01: CalcRisk: General Motors: February U.S. sales increase 22% year-over-year
    …Ford U.S. February auto sales up 13.8% to 156,626
    …Chrysler sales rise 13% in Feb
    …Toyota U.S. February sales soar 41.8% to 141,846
  195. 2011/03/01: CalcRisk: U.S. Light Vehicle Sales 13.44 million SAAR in February
  196. 2011/03/01: Noahpinion: Why conservatives hate trains
  197. 2011/03/01: Grist: George Will thinks that high-speed rail is really a tool to control your mind
  198. 2011/02/28: TreeHugger: Quote of the Day: Warren Buffett On The Future of Rail
  199. 2011/02/28: TreeHugger: Cargill to Start Flying Kites Across the Ocean: SkySails Will Reduce Carbon Emissions of Shipping Vessels

    As for carbon sequestration:

  200. 2011/03/02: GEP: WorldStove Biochar Program Certified as Carbon Offset [CCS]
  201. 2011/03/02: NatureTGB: US carbon storage project chooses new ground
    The Department of Energy (DOE)’s ambitious but troubled flagship program to capture and bury carbon dioxide emissions, FutureGen, has picked the area where it will inject captured greenhouse gas underground: at Morgan County, Illinois.
  202. While on the adaptation front:

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  204. 2011/03/01: ClimateP: Conservatives oppose adaptation, too
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    An international team of researchers have tabled a range of engineering ideas that could help protect amphibians from future climate change.
  206. Meanwhile in the journals:

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    And other significant documents:

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    As for miscellaneous science:

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    More DIY science:

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    What’s new in models?:

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    Regarding Curry:

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    Regarding Muller:

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    Regarding Spencer:

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    While at the UN:

  277. 2011/03/04: UN: Transition to ‘green economy’ must aim at poverty eradication — UN official
    A senior United Nations official today cautioned that the failure to tackle poverty can only lead to rising social tensions, ecological pressures and economic crisis, stressing the importance of a transition to a “green economy” that fosters sustainable development and poverty eradication. “The sad truth is that despite two centuries of spectacular growth on our planet, we have failed to eradicate the scourge of poverty,” Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, told a news conference in New York, as preparations continue for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012.
  278. And on the carbon trading front:

  279. 2011/03/04: EarthTimes: Austria and Poland to be allowed back into EU emission trading
  280. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: Japan Wants New CO2 Offset Scheme To Complement U.N.
  281. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: EU Proposes New Carbon Registry Security Measures
  282. 2011/03/02: PlanetArk: GreenX To Resume CO2 Trade When Stolen Permits Known
    The New York-based GreenX exchange will resume spot carbon trading in the European Union when Austria identifies emissions permits stolen in January, its chief executive said on Tuesday.
  283. 2011/03/02: PlanetArk: Carbon Market Puts Brave Face On Headwinds

    The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

  284. 2011/02/24: BizInsider: It’s time for a gas tax
    Well, here we go again.
    Three years ago, when oil prices spiked over $100, Americans momentarily freaked.
    The world had changed forever! We had to build more efficient cars! We needed a green energy policy!
    But then the global economy crashed, oil prices fell back below $100, and we went right back to business as usual.
    And now the global economy is growing again, oil supply is steady or declining (because there’s just not enough oil out there to increase supply), the Middle East is descending into chaos, and oil prices are skyrocketing again.
    Enough. It’s time for this ridiculous shock therapy to end.
  285. The debate over the optimal strategy [carbon trading, carbon offsets, auction vs. allocation, cap and trade, cap and dividend, tradable energy quotas and/or a carbon tax] to use in dealing with GHGs continues:

  286. 2011/02/28: PI:B: Is there a “silver bullet” for climate change?
  287. 2011/03/04: TreeHugger: A Real-World Example of Carbon Pricing Benefits Outweighing Costs

    Meanwhile on the international political front:

  288. 2011/03/03: BBC: Japanese and Korean firms look to Brazil for rare earth

    Here’s an interesting example of how things get twisted:

  289. 2011/03/01: Guardian(UK): EU pledges 90m euros in climate funds for Pacific island states
    Funding for adaptation measures requires poor states to support Europe in international climate negotiations
  290. As for GW, energy & water security:

  291. 2011/03/02: SciAm: How National Security Depends on Better Lithium Batteries
    ARPA-e funds potential breakthrough work to make energy-dense batteries that enable long distance travel
  292. 2011/02/28: DeSmogBlog: Why The U.S. Department of Defense Should Fight A War Against Global Warming Instead Of People

    The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

  293. 2011/03/03: ABC(Au): Compensation claim against climate change activists dismissed
    A Court has dismissed a $500,000 compensation claim against seven activists who stopped coal loading in the Port of Newcastle last year. On September 26, 2010 seven activists from the group, “Rising Tide” dressed as Port Waratah Coal Services’ employees and broke into the company’s coal terminals at Kooragang and Carrington. Some chained themselves to boom cables attached to ship loaders more than 40-metres above the ground. PWCS was pursuing the group for $500,000 saying 140,000 tonnes of coal was not loaded and they are out of pocket. Magistrate Elaine Truscott today dismissed the victims compensation claim, criticising the reliability and accuracy of the prosecution’s figures about the actual loss to PWCS.
  294. 2011/02/28: CCurrents: Three Killed In Police Firing On People Protesting Against Thermal Power Project In Andhra Pradesh

    What are the activists up to?

  295. 2011/03/02: Guardian(UK): Climate Camp disbanded
    Climate activists decide to end annual camp and focus on tackling broader ecological, social and economic issues
  296. 2011/03/02: Guardian(UK): Climate Week is trying to galvanise the green movement — but it is splitting it
    The backing of Cameron, Clegg and Kofi Annan isn’t enough, say Climate Week’s critics, it is blinkered — and RBS-sponsored
  297. Polls! We have polls!

  298. 2011/03/04: UCSUSA: NBC-WSJ Poll: Majority of Americans Rank Nuclear Power Subsidies Top Target for Federal Budget Cuts
    New UCS Report Finds That Nuclear Industry, Which Wants Tens of Billions in New Subsidies, Has Never Been Economically Viable
  299. 2011/03/03: ClimateP: Wall Street Journal poll: Most popular spending cut is to subsidies for new nuclear plants

    Regarding Water Politics and Business:

  300. 2011/03/04: Guardian(UK): China’s dam-building will cause more problems than it solves
  301. 2011/03/04: EarthTimes: Environmentalists warn investors over Mekong dam plans
  302. 2011/03/03: EnergyBulletin: Using traditional strategies to address water problems
  303. 2011/03/03: TreeHugger: Will 7 Billion People Make Us Smarten Up About Water? A Look at Technology, Supplies, and Politics
  304. 2011/02/24: F&WW: Out of Sight, California’s Groundwater Disaster is Also Out of Mind
    Food & Water Watch Report Finds Regulators Turn Blind Eye to Central Valley Pollution from Large-Scale Dairies, Fail to Keep Groundwater, Communities Safe
  305. 2011/02/28: PostMedia: Canada will emerge as global leader in water -panel — Country home to world-changing technology
    Canada, with its abundance of water and expertise in managing the valuable resource, will be called on to help other nations struggling to deal with frequent drought, flooding and water quality concerns in just decades, according to a panel of experts. Demand for water in many countries will exceed supply by an estimated 40 per cent in 15 to 20 years and only one third of the world’s population will have half the water needed for life’s basics, global researchers have predicted. They forecast that by 2020, a $1-trillion market will exist for technologies and plans to discover, manage, filter, disinfect and distribute water -a process that Canadians are leading.
  306. As for SW tools:

  307. 2011/03/05: ClimateP: Climate video games
  308. 2011/03/03: QD: Fermilab releases new version of Scientific Linux
  309. 2011/03/02: SEasterbrook: New [computer] game: Fate of the World

    Who’s making predictions this week?

  310. 2011/02/28: CBC: Environment Canada forecasts colder than normal spring

    And on the American political front:

  311. 2011/03/06: ClimateP: Renewable energy standards: The health, security, and competitiveness benefits
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  317. 2011/03/03: AlterNet: New Findings Reveal the Clean Air Act Saved 160,000 lives in 2010 and Aided the Economy
  318. 2011/02/17: LCV: League of Conservations Voters Releases 2010 National Environmental Scorecard — Lowlights Include Dirty Air Acts, Failure to Address Oil Spill & Climate
  319. 2011/03/03: Grist: Traffic-snarled LA goes bike-wild with 1,600 miles of lanes
  320. 2011/03/02: ACLU: Unprecedented South Dakota Law Creates Major Obstacles For Women’s Health — State Legislature Approves Law That Creates Barriers To Abortion Care And Endangers Abortion Providers
  321. 2011/03/02: CSM: Republicans fear ‘war on the West’ in new wild lands protection
    Western Republican lawmakers and governors are up in arms over the Obama administration’s plan to consider whether millions of acres of federal land in the West should be protected as “wild lands.” Their outrage is setting the stage for a new round of the “sagebrush rebellion” over land use in the West — a battle that could have repercussions for Election 2012.
  322. 2011/03/02: DeSmogBlog: EPA Study Again Shows The Benefits Of The Clean Air Act To U.S. Economy
  323. 2011/03/02: Guardian(UK): No, this wasn’t an Onion headline — Fetus Set to ‘Testify’ in Favor of Ohio Abortion Bill
  324. 2011/03/02: IJISH: US Democrats make facepalm move on Team Themis; and a joke that is circulating
  325. 2011/03/02: NBF: More Air Pollution controls would save a lot of lives and money – Air pollution deaths similar to World War 2 military deaths each year
  326. 2011/03/01: DeSmogBlog: Pennsylvania [Republican] Governor [Tom Corbett] Ends Moratorium On Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling In Sensitive State Forests
  327. 2011/03/01: Guardian(UK): From freedom fries to freedom lighting
  328. 2011/03/01: ClimateP: Conservatives oppose adaptation, too
  329. 2011/02/28: SEasterbrook: Disinformation Works (for receptive audiences)
  330. 2011/03/01: ClimateP: House Democrats send clear message: Cut oil subsidies, invest in clean energy future
  331. 2011/03/01: PlanetArk: States In CO2 Pact Invest $404 Million In Efficiency
  332. 2011/03/01: AlterNet: Revealed: The Group [AUL] Behind the Bills that Could Legalize Killing Abortion Providers
  333. 2011/03/01: PSinclair: Brains vs Blowhard 2: Taking it to the Tweets
  334. 2011/02/28: Grist: If the GOP can’t destroy nature, they’ll at least make sure others can’t enjoy it

    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  335. 2011/03/01: ProPublica: First Deepwater Drilling Permit Since BP Spill Goes to … a Well Co-Owned by BP
  336. 2011/03/04: CSM: Baby dolphin die-off in Gulf: Cold water, not oil spill, the culprit?
  337. 2011/03/01: PlanetArk: Gulf Coast Dolphin Death Toll Rises To Nearly 60
  338. 2011/02/28: ScienceInsider: NIH Begins Study of Oil Spill’s Impact on Residents
  339. 2011/03/01: OilChange: [Deepwater] Drilling Resumes, but Doubts Remain
  340. 2011/02/28: BBC: US grants first deepwater drill permit since Gulf spill

    A sad sign of the times:

  341. 2011/03/01: NatureN: Budget woes sink marine archive — Oceanographic library could be a casualty of California’s $25-billion deficit.
    The fiscal crisis at the University of California looks set to engulf the world’s largest collection of research materials focused on marine sciences. On 11 February, Brian Schottlaender, librarian at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), proposed closing the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library, along with four other libraries affiliated with UCSD, including the Medical Center Library and the Science & Engineering Library.
  342. Oh wise spirit of Canute, will you remind these clowns you cannot legislate nature:

  343. 2011/02/28: ClimateP: Koch-Powered Tea Party pushes climate denial bill in New Hampshire: “Neither man nor cow is responsible for global warming.”

    The Keystone XL pipeline battle rages:

  344. 2011/03/02: Guardian(UK): Texas activists ready to fight over $7bn oil pipeline in the home of black gold
    US landowners along the proposed route — from Alberta to the Gulf coast — accuse oil firm TransCanada of bullying
  345. 2011/03/06: MTobis: Texas Tea Partiers vs Canadian Energy
  346. 2011/03/03: AlterNet: US Landowners Fighting Back Against Pipeline That Would Run From Alberta to the Gulf Coast
  347. 2011/03/03: CBC: Clinton quiet on cross-border pipeline proposal — U.S. Secretary of State ‘generally supportive’ of more oil from Canada
  348. 2011/03/02: OSun: Obama administration open to Canadian pipeline
    The Obama administration gave some tepid support to the idea of a pipeline running from northern Alberta to the US Gulf Coast, but stopped short of full support.
  349. The Obama chatter is nonstop:

  350. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: Relax, climate hawks, it’s not about the science. The White House is just lousy at messaging in general
  351. 2011/02/28: Guardian(UK): Barack Obama may be forced to delay US climate action

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  352. 2011/03/04: PlanetArk: DOE Approves $102 Million Loan Aid For Maine Wind Farm
  353. 2011/03/04: ScienceInsider: Bolden Defends NASA’s Earth Science Missions
  354. 2011/03/03: ScienceInsider: Major Reports Under Way at Energy Department
    Yesterday, Energy Secretary Steven Chu told the Senate Budget Committee that his agency has begun work on its portion of a national energy policy that may be assembled by the Obama Administration.
  355. 2011/03/03: TreeHugger: Dept. of Interior Ignoring Ethical Violations at BLM, Secret Dealings with Energy Industry
  356. 2011/03/01: Grist: Secretary Clinton stresses importance of international climate investments
  357. 2011/03/01: ScienceInsider: Clean Energy Research Summit Has a Shortage of Green…and the dearth of funding…
  358. 2011/03/01: NatureTGB: ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit upbeat, despite budget questions
  359. 2011/02/28: AutoBG: Sell unclean engines, pay a fine: EPA issued $2 million penalty to PowerTrain
  360. 2011/02/28: Grist: New EPA regulations better but not good enough
  361. 2011/02/28: Grist: EPA lets natural gas industry brazenly pollute my state’s drinking water

    As for what is going on in Congress:

  362. 2011/03/05: NatureTGB: Modest cuts for science in Senate compromise bill
  363. 2011/03/04: ClimateP: Congress, DOE’s loan guarantee program, and America’s Clean Energy Future
  364. 2011/03/04: PlanetArk: Republicans Launch Bill To Axe EPA Carbon Rules
  365. 2011/03/04: Grist: House GOP may actually be trying to poison us [defunding poison control centers]
  366. 2011/03/03: Grist: Minn. Rep. Collin Peterson’s crusade against climate policy rages on
  367. 2011/03/04: ScienceInsider: Senate Panel Proposes Smaller Cuts to Science Agencies Than House
  368. 2011/03/04: EarthTimes: Republicans look to limit Obama’s power to curb climate change
  369. 2011/03/03: ClimateP: House GOP passes “the most anti-environmental piece of legislation in recent memory.”
  370. 2011/03/01 ClimateP: House GOP all vote to protect Big Oil subsidies
  371. 2011/03/02: Grist: House Republicans will now toast their victories over decency using non-biodegradable cups
  372. 2011/03/01: NatureTGB: Science budgets win short-term reprieve from cuts
  373. 2011/03/01: CCP: House GOP agrees to hold climate science hearing at request of 10 Democrats, including Henry Waxman and Bobby Rush
  374. 2011/02/28: CitChall: Colorado Congressman Tipton – votes to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood
  375. 2011/02/28: CCP: Republicans’ Anti-environment and Anti-energy Actions Detailed in New Report
    “Dirty Work” Presents Comprehensive View of House Republican Attacks in Yearly Spending Bill
  376. 2011/02/28: CCP: [Rep.] Maurice Hinchey (D-NY): Feds Should Immediately Take Action to Protect Drinking Water from Radioactive Hydrofracking Waste, Congress Must Untie EPA’s Hands, Eliminate Natural Gas Industry Exemption from Safe Drinking Water Act
  377. 2011/02/28: Grist: Sen. Sherrod Brown and the Clean Air Act

    The Democrats are calling for an investigation of the Chamber of Commerce’s hacking contracts:

  378. 2011/03/01: AlterNet: Democrats Call for Probe Into Chamber’s Shady Plot to Sabotage Progressive Organizations
  379. 2011/02/28: WaPo: Democrats call for an investigation of law firm, 3 tech companies
    A group of House Democrats is calling on Republican leaders to investigate a prominent Washington law firm and three federal technology contractors, who have been shown in hacked e-mails discussing a “disinformation campaign” against foes of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In a letter to be released Tuesday, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) and more than a dozen other lawmakers wrote that the e-mails appear “to reveal a conspiracy to use subversive techniques to target Chamber critics,” including “possible illegal actions against citizens engaged in free speech.” The lawmakers say it is “deeply troubling” that “tactics developed for use against terrorists may have been unleashed against American citizens.”
  380. While in the UK:

  381. 2011/03/05: Guardian(UK): Oil prices: Urgent steps needed to wean UK onto other energy sources, MPs say
  382. 2011/03/04: OilChange: UK Gov: its “crazy” not to prepare a low-carbon future
  383. 2011/03/03: Guardian(UK): UK facing 1970s-style oil shock which could cost economy £45bn — [Chris] Huhne
    Climate and energy secretary says an oil price of $100 a barrel transforms the economics of climate change
  384. 2011/03/03: NatureTGB: Committee issues red alert on emergency science advice
  385. 2011/03/02: ScienceInsider: In Times of Crisis, U.K. Government Should Listen to Its Scientists, Says Report
  386. 2011/03/03: BBC: ‘People’s watchdog’ touted to keep UK green
    Sustainability experts are planning to set up a “people’s watchdog” on green government when the spending axe falls on the official body next month. The proposal was aired on Tuesday at a meeting of the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) whose 10-year Whitehall funding is about to end. The new body would use techniques such as crowdsourcing and social media to dissect data and lobby government. There is no funding for the new group, although conversations are underway.
  387. 2011/03/01: Guardian(UK): National Grid chief says 2011 is ‘pivotal’ year for UK energy market
  388. 2011/03/01: OpenDem: The UK isn’t reducing emissions; we’re outsourcing them

    And in Europe:

  389. 2011/03/04: DerSpiegel: Chaos at the Pumps — German Consumers Are Wary of New E10 Biofuel
    Germany recently began introducing gasoline containing a higher percentage of biofuels. But consumers have so far been skittish, leading to production chaos and shortages of traditional gasoline. Some politicians have called for laws mandating that biofuels be scrapped altogether.
  390. 2011/03/03: DerSpiegel: Stepping on the Gas — New Drilling Technologies [Fracking] Shake Up Global Market
    While the world fears a new oil price shock, the entire energy market is on the verge of a revolution. Companies are using increasingly sophisticated technology to tap new sources of natural gas. Drilling is also underway in Germany, where both the potential and the risks seem enormous.
  391. 2011/03/04: BBC: EU backs away from 30% emissions target, leak shows
  392. 2011/03/01: EUO: EU ministers blow cold on tougher energy efficiency targets
    EU energy ministers faced criticism on Monday (28 February) over a decision to ease up on tougher EU energy efficiency targets, even as turmoil in Libya kept oil prices hovering around the $100-a-barrel mark. Speaking at a hearing in the European Parliament on the same day, EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard added to pressure saying an EU pledge to cut carbon emissions by 20 percent over the next decade lacked sufficient ambition.
  393. 2011/02/28: PlanetArk: Spain Brings In Measures To Lower Oil Costs

    Meanwhile in Australia:

  394. 2011/03/05: ABC(Au): Acidic Murray-Darling water poses risk to livestock
    South Australian farmers are being warned that acid levels in the lower Murray-Darling River are so high that animals’ mouths may be burned if they drink the water. Water Minister Paul Caica says acidic water with PH levels of between two and four has been detected at nine salt drains between Mannum and Wellington.
  395. 2011/03/04: ABC(Au): Oakeshott calls for Commonwealth money for coastal erosion
    The Independent Lyne MP says the Federal Government needs to do more to help coastal communities deal with erosion issues. Robert Oakeshott says the Commonwealth should provide funding for offshore reefs and other measures to help control erosion at hotspots like Old Bar and Lake Cathie. He says a full government response is needed to address the impact of climate change on coastal communities.
  396. 2011/03/04: ABC(Au): The New South Wales Government has refused permission for a $600 million coal mine in a key central coast electorate
  397. 2011/03/04: ABC(Au): [Victoria] Councils get control of wind farm developments
    Planning Minister Matthew Guy has amended wind farm planning guidelines. The amendment requires new wind farm planning applications to identify homes within two kilometres of turbines. It also includes new noise guidelines and makes local government the responsible planning authority for wind farms of all sizes. Mr Guy says local councils will be offered assistance.
  398. 2011/03/03: ABC(Au): Government urged to adopt interim greenhouse targets
    Tasmania’s independent climate advisory council wants the state to reduce its green house gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020 Tasmania already has a target to reduce emissions by 60 percent by 2050, but the Tasmanian Climate Action Council has warned more interim targets are needed. The Climate Action Council says a reduction target of 25 per cent by 20-20 would help the government meet its main target of 60 per cent by 20-50.
  399. 2011/03/03: ABC(Au): Compensation claim against climate change activists dismissed
  400. 2011/03/03: ABC(Au): Environment Centre blasts ‘clean green’ claim
    Chief Minister Paul Henderson should stop claiming the Northern Territory’s gas-fired power generation is “clean and green”, the Environment Centre says.
  401. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: CO2 Farming Could Help Australia Brake Emissions
  402. 2011/03/03: BBerg: Australian Building Approvals Slump, Exports Decline on Floods
  403. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: Australia’s farms “particularly vulnerable” to climate change, adviser Ross Garnaut Says
  404. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): About 50 environment activists gathered outside Tasmania’s Executive Building to call on the Premier to stop logging in high conservation areas
  405. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): A residents’ group in southern Queensland’s South Burnett region says it believes Cougar Energy has no grounds to appeal against the decision to shut down its coal seam gasification (CSG) project at Kingaroy
  406. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): For the second time in Tasmania’s political history, a Labor Green State Government is being tested over forestry issues
  407. 2011/03/02: PlanetArk: Australian Farmers Key To Climate Change Fight: Adviser [Ross Garnaut]
  408. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): Resources company Cougar Energy has confirmed it is appealing against a State Government decision to shut down its trial underground coal gasification (UCG) plant in the South Burnett region of southern Queensland
  409. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): EC drought aid to go by April
    Riverina farmers will soon lose the interest rate subsidies and income relief that many have relied on for up to five years. The Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said natural disaster assistance will be enough to help Riverina farmers coming out of Exceptional Circumstances declarations.
  410. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Resistance grows to north coast coal-seam gas exploration
  411. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Queensland Urban Utilities says it will continue to pursue government assistance for $55 million worth of repairs to flood damaged water and sewerage infrastructure

    The tussle over pricing carbon is turning into a knock-down drag’em out free-for-all:

  412. 2011/03/07: ABC(Au): Abbott ‘running scare campaign’ against carbon tax
    The Federal Government says it will not be rushed into announcing the finer details of its carbon tax plan as it tries to counter the Opposition’s attacks. Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan yesterday acknowledged there is confusion over the Government’s plan to put a price on carbon by the middle of next year. He tried to reassure voters about a carbon price by reminding them big polluters will directly pay and not households. But Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the plan is effectively an increase to the GST.
  413. 2011/03/06: ABC(Au): Swan attacks Abbott’s carbon tax ‘lie’
    Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan has accused the Opposition of misrepresenting how the Government’s carbon tax will work.
  414. 2011/03/05: ABC(Au): Coal jobs safe under carbon scheme: Combet
    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has moved to reassure the coal industry that jobs will be protected under the Federal Government’s carbon tax scheme. A multi-party climate change committee is discussing the carbon price and examining compensation levels for heavy polluting industries. But some industry figures are worried the Greens will block any compensation deal.
  415. 2011/03/05: JQuiggin: Changing places
  416. 2011/03/03: ABC(Au):TDU: Gillard’s carbon-price politics
  417. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au):TDU: Climate change has changed the next election
  418. 2011/03/05: CCurrents: Climate Activists Support Australian Government CTETSIA [Carbon Tax-ETS-Ignore Agriculture] Climate Change Inaction Plan
  419. 2011/03/04: ABC(Au): Post-Kevinist Julia meets Howard-school expressionists
  420. 2011/03/04: ABC(Au): Unions are calling on the Government to consider imposing tariffs on imports from countries without a carbon price
  421. 2011/03/03: ABC(Au): Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has persisted with his strategy to censure the Government in Question Time over its proposed introduction of a carbon tax
  422. 2011/03/03: JQuiggin: Alarmists — My column from today’s Fin — Tax alert for real alarmists
  423. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): NT wants rebates if carbon tax increases costs
  424. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): The New South Wales Nationals are hopeful the Federal Government’s carbon tax will help the party’s chances at this month’s state election
  425. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): Swan appalled by Gillard-Gaddafi comparison
    Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan says he is “appalled” after an Opposition MP compared Prime Minister Julia Gillard to embattled Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi. As part of the heated carbon tax debate, Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella said Ms Gillard was as “deluded” as Mr Gaddafi, whose sanity has been questioned in recent days.
  426. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): [PM] Julia Gillard has launched a counter-offensive in the carbon tax debate, citing figures from a Government-commissioned review that show a “black hole” of at least $20 billion in the Coalition’s direct action climate policy, along with a large increase in greenhouse gas emissions
  427. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek says Premier Anna Bligh should resign as the federal ALP president to make a stand against the Federal Government’s proposed carbon tax
  428. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): Windsor calls for calm after death threats
    Independent MP Tony Windsor has called for restraint from talkback radio hosts and fellow MPs amid an increasingly vitriolic debate about the Government’s carbon tax plans.
  429. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): Muswellbrook Mayor, Martin Rush is urging the Federal Government to include his Hunter Valley council in the debate about the future introduction of a carbon price
  430. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): Alcoa says jobs could be cut at the Portland aluminium smelter if the Federal Government fails to choose the right price for carbon
  431. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the Coalition’s pledge to scrap her carbon pricing scheme is threatening Australia’s economic future
  432. 2011/03/02: ABC(Au): [The Australian Farm Institute] says the Federal Government needs to do more to help farmers reduce carbon emissions
  433. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): Give carbon price a chance: Garnaut
    Climate change expert Professor Ross Garnaut says he hopes the “noise” of Australian politics does not derail the plan for a carbon price.
  434. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): Both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her opponent Tony Abbott have issued a call to arms to their parliamentary parties over the Government’s proposed carbon tax
  435. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): Dairy farmers fear carbon price impact
    Dairy farmers say they are concerned about the effects on the industry of the Federal Government’s proposed introduction of a carbon price. The president of the United Dairy Farmers of Victoria, Chris Griffin, says dairy farming is electricity intensive
  436. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Green group says carbon pricing part of the solution
    The Sunshine Coast Environment Council’s (SCEC) campaigns manager says most Australians understand a carbon price is needed.
  437. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): The Uranium Association says the Federal Government’s announcement that it will implement a carbon tax could have benefits for the uranium industry
  438. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Gillard, Greens at odds on carbon tax
    The Opposition is stepping up its campaign against the Government’s proposed carbon tax, as Prime Minister Julia Gillard publicly slapped down the Greens’ calls for petrol to be included in the scheme. The Coalition has picked fuel prices as its first battleground, with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott talking to motorists at a service station on Sunday to suggest the charge will apply to petrol. And Ms Gillard was forced to publicly reprimand the Greens after Senator Christine Milne called for petrol to be included.
  439. 2011/03/01: ABC(Au): [Labor frontbencher Bill] Shorten insists carbon tax won’t be scary
    The Federal Government says as more details emerge about how its carbon price will work, the Opposition will find it harder to scare people.
  440. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull says he is in favour of an emissions trading scheme but does not say he will support the Federal Government’s current proposal
  441. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Leaders continue to trade insults over carbon tax
    The proposed carbon tax has again dominated Question Time, with both sides trying to paint the other untrustworthy on the issue.
  442. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): A north Queensland economic development group says the debate around a carbon price could be the catalyst for a proposed clean energy corridor from Townsville to Mount Isa
  443. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Premier Anna Bligh says Queensland industries and households would need some exemptions from a carbon tax
  444. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): High profile mid north coast Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has defended his support of the Gillard government’s proposed carbon tax
  445. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Climate change action can create power jobs: study
    New research suggests a carbon price could help to create about 34,000 new power sector jobs across Australia, with more than 6,000 flagged for Queensland.
  446. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Jobs for Tasmanians in carbon pricing
    Research out today suggests a carbon price may create more than 1,300 power sector jobs in Tasmania
  447. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has confirmed the Coalition will repeal the Government’s carbon tax if it wins the next election
  448. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Carbon tax ‘could create thousands of jobs’
    A new [Climate Institute] report says a price on carbon could create 34,000 new jobs in the renewable energy sector in regional Australia over the next two decades.
  449. 2011/02/28: ABC(Au): Gillard takes a risk on big hairy policies
    At least we can’t accuse this Labor Government of being automatons focused entirely on spin, unwilling to produce true reforms like those of the Hawke government in 1980s. Julia Gillard is attempting two of the riskiest, most challenging reforms ever undertaken in this country: the national broadband network (NBN) and taxing carbon emissions.
  450. While in China:

  451. 2011/03/05: Guardian(UK): China opens National People’s Congress — in pictures
  452. 2011/03/04: PlanetArk: Water, CO2 The Priorities For China’s 5-Year Plan
  453. 2011/03/02: PI:B: China’s climate challenges and opportunities loom large
  454. 2011/03/04: Guardian(UK): China’s dam-building will cause more problems than it solves
  455. 2011/03/04: NatureN: China announces energy-saving plans — Environment must not be sacrificed to unsustainable development, says nation’s premier
  456. 2011/03/03: NBF: China’s Energy Plan and discussion of a carbon tax starting in 2013-2016
  457. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: China’s coal policy is breathtakingly self-destructive
  458. 2011/03/01: NatureN: China faces up to ‘terrible’ state of its ecosystems — Wetlands hardest hit by land reclamation and pollution
  459. 2011/02/28: BBC: China pollution ‘threatens growth’
    The man in charge of protecting China’s environment has warned that pollution and the demand for resources threaten to choke economic growth. Environment Minister Zhou Shengxian said conflict between development and nature had never been so serious. He said if China meant to quadruple the size of its economy over 20 years without more damage, it would have to become more efficient in resource use. Otherwise, he said, there would be a painful price to pay.
  460. 2011/02/28: Guardian(UK): China to slow GDP growth in bid to curb emissions
  461. 2011/02/28: PlanetArk: China Vows To Cut Energy, Carbon Intensity By 2015

    And in Japan:

  462. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: Japan Wants New CO2 Offset Scheme To Complement U.N.
    Japan’s idea for a new carbon offset scheme would complement an existing U.N. mechanism and make it easier for developing countries to access clean-energy technology from Japan, a senior climate envoy said on Wednesday. Japan has pressed ahead with plans for bilateral deals in which it invests in clean energy projects in developing countries, in exchange for credits to meet part of targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home. The United Nations also runs a carbon offset scheme called the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), but it has been criticized for being too complex and rigid while taking too long to approve projects. Many developing countries have already expressed interest in Japan’s proposed bilateral scheme, which would be more user-friendly than the CDM, said Kenji Hiramatsu, director-general for global issues at Japan’s foreign ministry.
  463. While elsewhere in Asia:

  464. 2011/03/04: Guardian(UK): Warming oceans and human waste hit Tuvalu’s sustainable way of life
  465. 2011/03/03: NatureTGB: Malaysian university establishes ambitious biofuels research program

    In Canada, minority neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  466. 2011/03/02: DeSmogBlog: Major Cuts To Pollution Control Spending On The Horizon In Canada
  467. 2011/02/27: Impolitical: Sunday is cover off the environment PR blitz day

    The G20 controversy lingers:

  468. 2011/03/02: ACR: G20 Toronto. When Canada Criminalized dissent
  469. 2011/03/02: Rabble: People need to tell their story and the G20 was traumatic for so many
  470. 2011/03/01: CfC: G20 gag reflex
  471. 2011/03/01: OrwellsBastard: We ain’t gonna have no stinkin’ inquiry
  472. 2011/03/01: PaiD: Message to Premiers and Prime Ministers: Even the Right is Demanding a G20 Inquiry
  473. 2011/02/28: OrwellsBastard: How thoughtless of me
  474. 2011/03/01: TStar: G20 Abuses: Where’s the inquiry?
  475. 2011/03/01: PostMedia: Time for a G20 inquiry
  476. 2011/02/28: BBC: Toronto G20 unrest: Civil rights groups seek inquiry
    Canadian civil rights groups have called for a public inquiry into allegations of abuses by police during the G20 summit in Toronto last summer.
  477. 2011/02/27: TStar: Report details ‘shocking’ abuses at G20 summit
  478. 2011/02/28: PaiD: A New and Damning G20 Report
  479. 2011/02/25: CBC:5thEstate: G20: The Untold Stories
  480. 2011/02/28: CBC: G20 ‘rights violations’ require public inquiry: report
  481. 2011/02/27: CBC: G20 public inquiry needed: report
    A full-scale public inquiry is needed in light of the widespread and violent trampling of civil rights by police at last summer’s G20 summit in Toronto, a report concludes. The call for an inquiry is among recommendations in the report — by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and National Union of Public and General Employees — which is aimed at holding governments accountable and avoiding a recurrence.
  482. The C.D. Howe Institute dropped a report on water this week:

  483. 2011/02/28: CBC: Canada’s drinking water vulnerable: [C.D. Howe Institute] report
    A new report says Canada’s approach to drinking water management is fragmented and makes smaller communities vulnerable to future water-quality failures.
  484. The battle over the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines rages on:

  485. 2011/03/02: Guardian(UK): Texas activists ready to fight over $7bn oil pipeline in the home of black gold
    US landowners along the proposed route — from Alberta to the Gulf coast — accuse oil firm TransCanada of bullying
  486. 2011/03/06: MTobis: Texas Tea Partiers vs Canadian Energy
  487. 2011/03/03: AlterNet: US Landowners Fighting Back Against Pipeline That Would Run From Alberta to the Gulf Coast
  488. 2011/03/03: CBC: Clinton quiet on cross-border pipeline proposal — U.S. Secretary of State ‘generally supportive’ of more oil from Canada
  489. 2011/03/02: OSun: Obama administration open to Canadian pipeline
    The Obama administration gave some tepid support to the idea of a pipeline running from northern Alberta to the US Gulf Coast, but stopped short of full support.
  490. The Tories are still trying to privatize AECL:

  491. 2011/03/04: CBC: AECL is no ‘fire sale’: natural resources minister [Paradis]
  492. 2011/03/03: G&M: Bidders asked to take ‘leap of faith’ AECL viable without taxpayer bailouts

    With the Liberals choosing Clark and the NDP decision upcoming, how long until the election?

  493. 2011/03/03: CSC: Rafe on Christy Clark and Private Power
  494. 2011/03/03: BCLocalNews: Government agencies pay for carbon outputs
    This year School District 27 will have to purchase carbon offsets. In 2010, the district along with other provincial agencies, including health authorities, post-secondary institutions, and government offices across B.C. for the first time have had to quantify their carbon output and pay for it. It’s part of a government plan that requires its operations to be carbon neutral or reduce their carbon footprint to zero by 2010 or purchase carbon offsets as a way to achieve neutrality.
  495. 2011/02/28: CBC: The wild ride facing B.C.’s newest premier

    Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  496. 2011/03/05: CBC: Tarsands firms buoyed by North African crises
  497. 2011/02/28: CBC: Tarsands not charged enough for cleanup: NDP
    Leaked documents show the Alberta government is not making oilsands companies pay enough to reclaim the land they mine, the Alberta NDP said Monday. Edmonton MLA Rachel Notley said the documents show the Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government is planning to collect $6 billion from industry over 20 years, even though as much as $30 billion could be needed.
  498. In Saskatchewan the question is Potash?

  499. 2011/03/03: CBC: Sask.’s CO2 pipeline plan dead
    A multimillion-dollar proposal to pipe carbon dioxide from Saskatchewan and store it underground in Montana is officially dead. When the $270 million project was announced almost two years ago, Premier Brad Wall and Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer said they hoped to get big grants from their respective federal governments. But last summer, the Associated Press reported that the Montana portion of the money was not going to come through. At the time, the province said it was still possible to go ahead with a scaled-down project, using $50 million in provincial money. However, the project quietly died last fall when Ottawa told the province it wouldn’t kick in any cash.
  500. 2011/03/02: BuckDog: More Saskatchewan Voices Call For Potash Royalty Review
  501. 2011/02/27: PEF: PotashCorp, US Regulators and Bruce Johnstone
  502. 2011/02/27: BuckDog: Internationally Renowned Economist Challenges Regina Leader-Post Business Columnist Over Potash Numbers

    Ontario has it’s Green Energy Act, now comes the implementation:

  503. 2011/03/03: PI:B: Ontario’s transportation policies can protect against rising gas prices
  504. 2011/03/04: PostMedia: Grits win round in battle for wind power — Opponents’ legal challenge dismissed in court
    Ontario’s Liberal government scored a major victory in its plans to promote wind energy Thursday, after a Superior Court panel dismissed a legal challenge brought by opponents of the law. The case was the first major test of new regulations introduced in September 2009, which allowed power producers to place wind turbines 550 metres from the nearest home.
  505. 2011/03/03: CBC: Ontario court dismisses wind turbine challenge

    While in la Belle Province:

  506. 2011/03/01: DeSmogBlog: Shale Gas and Fracking In Québec Under Intense Scrutiny

    In the Maritimes:

  507. 2011/03/04: CBC: Wind-powered egg farm gets national attention
  508. 2011/03/04: CBC: N.L. to monitor caribou herds
  509. 2011/03/01: CBC: [New Brunswick Premier, David] Alward examines U.S. shale gas rules

    In the North:

  510. 2011/03/02: CBC: Yukon to encourage green energy generation
    The Yukon government says it plans to encourage citizens to sell their own solar and wind energy to the territory’s power grid, but critics say green energy generation is too costly to pay for itself. The territorial government announced a draft “net-metering” policy on Tuesday that would allow people who generate their own electricity from renewable sources to add their surplus energy to the grid.
  511. 2011/03/02: CBC: Taltson hydro expansion put on hold
    A major hydroelectric expansion project in the Northwest Territories is being put on hold because it is not viable at this time, says Premier Floyd Roland. Roland announced Wednesday that Dezé Energy Corp.’s proposed Taltson River hydroelectric dam expansion is not working out as planned.
  512. The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  513. 2011/03/02: AlterNet: Following the Pleasure Principle: How to Create a Sustainable Economy That Makes Daily Life Better
  514. 2011/03/04: EnergyBulletin: Earth’s limits: Why growth won’t return – water
  515. 2011/03/03: AlterNet: Vision: Fighting Privatization and Corporate Control By Taking Back the Commons
  516. 2011/03/02: EnergyBulletin: The time machine of the 1960s
  517. 2011/02/28: CCurrents: The Un-Sustainability Of Modern Capitalism
  518. 2011/02/28: CCurrents: Profit Pathology And Disposable Planet
  519. 2011/02/28: PS: Need Versus Greed by Jeffrey D. Sachs

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  520. 2011/03/04: AlterNet: Why the Right-Wing’s Insane Attacks on Women’s Health May be Backfiring
  521. 2011/03/02: ACLU: Unprecedented South Dakota Law Creates Major Obstacles For Women’s Health — State Legislature Approves Law That Creates Barriers To Abortion Care And Endangers Abortion Providers
  522. 2011/03/01: AlterNet: Revealed: The Group [AUL] Behind the Bills that Could Legalize Killing Abortion Providers
  523. 2011/02/28: CitChall: Colorado Congressman Tipton – votes to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood
  524. 2011/02/28: CBC: China population growth slows — Numbers climb to estimated 1.34 billion people, up from 1.33 billion at end of 2009

    As for how the media handles the science of climatology:

  525. 2011/02/28: CJR: Alternating Currents — Why reporters struggle to find the right angle for clean energy stories
  526. 2011/03/01: CJR: Has ‘Climate’ Become a Dirty Word? Despite audience fatigue, interest remains stronger than ever in the most vulnerable countries
  527. 2011/03/04: QuarkSoup: New Level of Limbaugh Inanity
  528. 2011/03/04: Deltoid: The Australian’s War on Science 60: Trolling
  529. 2011/03/03: MTobis: “Bad Media Advice”
  530. 2011/03/04: WtD: The Australian’s “War on Reality”: if Chris Mitchell doesn’t believe it, it mustn’t be real
  531. 2011/03/03: Guardian(UK): Why the BBC’s ‘impartial’ stance on climate science is irresponsible
    Sceptics too often go unchallenged when they make inaccurate and misleading statements on BBC programmes
  532. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: WashPost’s Milbank slams fawning, stenographic media in Issa scandal: “Rotten to the press corps” [media]
  533. 2011/03/01: Grist: George Will thinks that high-speed rail is really a tool to control your mind
  534. 2011/03/01: Grist: Glenn Beck says is part of a communist plot
  535. 2011/02/28: KSJT: NatureNews — A sulphurous news story, or what happens when the press releases misses the point?
  536. 2011/02/28: UCSUSA: Forbes Fails to Correct Misleading Story About Scientist Ben Santer recently published a column by book author Larry Bell that recycled a discredited, 15-year old myth about Benjamin Santer, a climate scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. When presented with evidence that directly contradicted Bell’s claims, Forbes refused to correct the story.
  537. While activists search for effective communication techniques:

  538. 2011/03/03: Maribo: Climate communication: Be aggressive or be humble?

    Here is something for your library:

  539. 2011/03/01: HotTopic: [Book Review] _Adapting to Climate Change: Thresholds, Values, Governance_ by editors Neil Adger, Irene Lorenzoni & Karen O’Brien

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  540. 2011/03/05: PSinclair: Climate Change Impacts on US Naval Operations – Admiral David Titley
  541. 2011/03/04: PSinclair: Potholer: Monckton Bunkum Part 4
  542. 2011/03/04: ClimateP: Carbon Nation is a great documentary on clean energy solutions
  543. 2011/03/04: Grist: TV’s ‘Mad Men’ are all about high-speed rail
  544. 2011/03/03: PSinclair: Climate Science in a Nutshell: Part 9 — How Bad Could it Get?
  545. 2011/03/02: PSinclair: Climate Science in a Nutshell: Part 8, Oceans
  546. 2011/03/02: PSinclair: Potholer: Meet the Scientists
  547. 2011/03/02: TreeHugger: Annie Leonard Derides Corporate Influences on American Democracy
  548. 2011/03/01: PSinclair: Climate Science in a Nutshell: Part 7
  549. 2011/03/01: PSinclair: The Portable Light Project: Luminous Fabrics light up Third World
  550. 2011/02/28: PSinclair: Reading Ice Cores
  551. 2011/02/28: Grist: Sympathy Rage: Watch Henry Blodget yell about this country’s complete lack of an energy plan
  552. 2011/02/27: CSW: Hertsgaard confronts the ‘climate cranks’ on Capitol Hill
  553. 2011/02/28: PSinclair: Warm Arctic, Cold Winter Paradox

    As for podcasts:

  554. 2011/03/06: SkeptiSci: The Climate Show Episode 8: Kevin Trenberth
  555. 2011/03/03: CCP: The Climate Show, No. 8: Kevin Trenberth and our shaky future
  556. 2011/03/03: TCoE: The Climate Show #8
  557. 2011/03/03: HotTopic: The Climate Show #8: Kevin Trenberth and our shaky future

    Meanwhile among the ‘Sue the Bastards!’ contingent:

  558. 2011/03/05: TreeHugger: California Court Overturns Order to Destroy GMO Beets

    Developing a new energy infrastructure is a fundamental challenge of the current generation:

  559. 2011/03/06: ClimateP: Renewable energy standards: The health, security, and competitiveness benefits
  560. 2011/03/06: OilDrum: Tech Talk – countries producing around 2 mbd – Nigeria, Angola, Libya and the UK
  561. 2011/03/04: Eureka: Simulating gasification — turning carbonaceous fuels — coal, petroleum, or biomass — into syngas
  562. 2011/03/02: CleanBreak: The Canadian connection: a roundup of Canuckish cleantech news
  563. 2011/03/04: EnergyBulletin: Future oil supply: The changing stance of the International Energy Agency (paper)
  564. 2011/03/04: OilDrum: Is “shale oil” the answer to “peak oil”?
  565. 2011/03/03: NBF: IEA World Oil supply report for Feb 2011 and China Oil Demand
  566. 2011/03/04: BRitholtz: Chart of the Day: Components of the Gasoline Price
  567. 2011/03/01: Eureka: Clean fuel worsens climate impacts for some vehicle engines: UBC study
    A pioneering program by one of the world’s largest cities to switch its vehicle fleet to clean fuel has not significantly improved harmful vehicle emissions in more than 5,000 vehicles — and worsened some vehicles’ climate impacts — a new University of British Columbia study finds. The study — which explores the impacts of New Delhi, India’s 2003 conversion of 90,000 buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws to compressed natural gas (CNG), a well-known “clean” fuel — provides crucial information for other cities considering similar projects. Of the city’s more than 5,000 auto-rickshaws with two-stroke engines — a common form of transportation in Asia and Africa — the study found that CNG produced only minor reductions in emissions that cause air pollution and an increase in emissions that negatively impact climate change.
  568. 2011/02/28: EnergyBulletin: Commentary: How much oil will be recoverable?

    There is still a lot of concern about oil supplies & prices while the Middle East & North Africa revolt:

  569. 2011/03/06: Grist: The collapse of the old oil order [Klare]
  570. 2011/03/04: BRitholtz: What Does Oil [Price] Doubling in 2 Years Mean?
  571. 2011/03/02: GreenGrok: Oil Prices and Political Unrest
  572. 2011/03/04: BBC: Crude oil rose by more than $1 as fighting in Libya intensified and amid reports of protests in Saudi Arabia’s oil-producing eastern region
  573. 2011/03/03: EnergyBulletin: Oilquake in the Middle East [Klare]
  574. 2011/03/03: Guardian(UK): UK facing 1970s-style oil shock which could cost economy £45bn — [Chris] Huhne
    Climate and energy secretary says an oil price of $100 a barrel transforms the economics of climate change
  575. 2011/03/03: Guardian(UK): Soaring oil price reignites fossil fuel vs renewables debate
    As pressure grows on the government to stabilise fuel prices via tax breaks, green campaigners say this may be the ideal time to reduce the UK’s dependence on oil and gas
  576. 2011/03/03: WiC: The collapse of the old oil order — How the petroleum age will end by Michael T. Klare
  577. 2011/03/02: BBC: Oil prices in Asia stick near their recent high levels
  578. 2011/03/02: CBC: Oil trades above $100 US
  579. 2011/03/01: Guardian(UK): Oil prices soared to more than $114 highest for two-and-half-years
  580. 2011/03/02: Rabble: The energy crunch looms closer, even the oil barons are noticing
  581. 2011/03/01: TreeHugger: Everytime Oil Hits $100, We Say It’s Time To Drive 55
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  583. 2011/02/28: TreeHugger: Nations React to Rising Oil Costs: Spain Lowers Speed Limit, US Whines
  584. 2011/02/28: OilDrum: Libya, oil production, OPEC responses, Saudi Arabian capabilities and the SPR

    Hey! Let’s contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It’ll be a fracking gas!

  585. 2011/03/04: DemNow: Natural Gas Industry Attacks Oscar-Nominated Film “Gasland” for Chronicling Devastating Impact of Hydraulic Fracking
  586. 2011/03/04: DemNow: Leaked EPA Documents Expose Decades-Old Effort to Hide Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction
  587. 2011/03/03: NYT: Pressure Limits Efforts to Police Drilling for Gas
  588. 2011/03/01: NYT: Wastewater Recycling No Cure-All in Gas Process
  589. 2011/02/27: NYT: Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers
  590. 2011//: NYT: Drilling Down – Series
  591. 2011/03/03: DerSpiegel: Stepping on the Gas — New Drilling Technologies [Fracking] Shake Up Global Market
    While the world fears a new oil price shock, the entire energy market is on the verge of a revolution. Companies are using increasingly sophisticated technology to tap new sources of natural gas. Drilling is also underway in Germany, where both the potential and the risks seem enormous.
  592. 2011/03/04: CJR: “Frack”-tious Reactions — Skirmishes follow recent coverage of shale-gas drilling
  593. 2011/03/04: KSJT: NYTimes: Fracking Part III — The EPA vs. an industry and its friends
  594. 2011/03/04: TreeHugger: Gasland’s Josh Fox on Three Big Lies of Natural Gas
  595. 2011/03/03: DeSmogBlog: Third Piece in NY Times Series Shows EPA Internal Battle Over Natural Gas Fracking Threats
  596. 2011/03/02: KSJT: NYTimes — Part II of the fracking water problems in PA and other Marcellus Shale country
  597. 2011/03/01: EnergyBulletin: ‘Fracking’ comes to Europe, sparking rising controversy
  598. 2011/03/01: DeSmogBlog: Pennsylvania [Republican] Governor [Tom Corbett] Ends Moratorium On Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling In Sensitive State Forests
  599. 2010/11/29: TEC: Gas: the bridge to nowhere?
  600. 2011/03/01: CBC: [New Brunswick Premier, David] Alward examines U.S. shale gas rules
  601. 2010/12/08: TEC: Big Gas fumbles GAO report on leaking methane….
  602. 2011/02/28: Grist: Pittsburgh’s drinking water is radioactive, thanks to fracking. Only question is, how much?
  603. 2011/03/01: DeSmogBlog: Shale Gas and Fracking In Québec Under Intense Scrutiny
  604. 2011/02/28: ProPublica: Natural Gas Drilling Debate Heats Up: Read Our Guide
  605. 2011/02/28: KSJT: NYTimes: Fracking for gas pollutes streams and rivers — including radioactivity. Does it get dilute enough to drink?
  606. 2011/02/28: Grist: EPA lets natural gas industry brazenly pollute my state’s drinking water
  607. 2011/02/27: ClimateP: NY Times on natural gas fracking: “The dangers to the environment and health are greater than previously understood.”
  608. 2011/02/27: EnergyBulletin: When the believers stop believing: Chesapeake dumps shale gas assets
  609. 2011/02/27: Guardian(UK): What the frack? US natural gas drilling method contaminates water
    Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, uses pressure blasts to release natural gas but leaves highly toxic waste water
  610. The answer my friend…:

  611. 2011/03/06: PSinclair: Wind Energy Without Turbines — Is this the Model T of Wind?
  612. 2011/02/28: CBC: $69M wind farm opens near Moosomin

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  613. 2011/02/28: PlanetArk: Major SunPower Plant Gets Local Approval
  614. 2011/02/28: PlanetArk: Saudi Arabia Signs Solar Deal With South Korea

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  615. 2011/03/02: RRapier: Setting the Record Straight on Cello Energy and E3 Biofuels
  616. 2011/03/03: Eureka: New study to look at economics, groundwater use of bioenergy feedstocks
  617. 2011/03/02: Eureka: Sugarcane bioethanol: Environmental implications
  618. 2011/03/01: Eureka: Turning bacteria into butanol biofuel factories — Transplanted enzyme pathway makes E. coli churn out n-butanol
  619. 2011/03/02: AutoBG: Ethanol industry claims the biofuel directly supports 70,000 jobs
  620. 2011/02/28: Eureka: Scientists identify new implications for perennial bioenergy crops
    Research shows a conversion from annual to perennial bioenergy crops has broader implications beyond just the impact on carbon
  621. The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  622. 2011/02/28: WSJ: A Window Into the Nuclear Future — TerraPower – with the backing of Bill Gates – has a radical vision for the reactors of tomorrow

    More people are talking about the electrical grid:

  623. 2011/03/01: Guardian(UK): National Grid chief says 2011 is ‘pivotal’ year for UK energy market

    And then there is the matter of efficiency & conservation:

  624. 2011/03/03: GreenGrok: Energy Efficiency on the Rebound
  625. 2011/03/04: Eureka: Supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton Cycle turbines promise giant leap
  626. 2011/03/04: NBF: Supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycle developments at Sandia

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  627. 2011/03/04: FuturePundit: [Ford Motor Company Chairman] Bill Ford: Pace Of Electric Car Development Big Unknown
  628. 2011/03/05: AutoBG: Report: electric version of Mitsubishi’s Global Small Concept coming
  629. 2011/03/04: AutoBG: ZeroSports declares bankruptcy after Japan Post cancels EV contract
  630. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: Common Standards For Electric Cars Key To Mass Appeal
    Automakers will need broad, political support to come up with a common standard for plugs and infrastructure for electric cars if they are to become a convenient option for consumers, they said.
  631. 2011/03/02: AutoBG: Renault announces dirt cheap price for all-electric Twizy, just $9,700 U.S.
  632. 2011/03/01: BBC: Rolls-Royce launches electric car at Geneva motor show
  633. 2011/02/15: SierraClub: Electric Vehicles: Myths vs. Reality

    This week in the Gee Whiz File:

  634. 2011/03/02: Inhabit: Super Batteries Made From [Aerogel] ‘Frozen Smoke’ May be Here Soon

    As for Energy Storage:

  635. 2011/03/03: KSJT: Sci-Am, Reuters, etc: Lithium-ion batteries look good? Wait’ll the lithium metal ones arrive

    In the gas and oil biz:

  636. 2011/03/03: PlanetArk: Biofuels Only Major Way To Decarbonizes Road Fuel: BP

    Insurance and re-insurance companies are feeling the heat:

  637. 2011/02/28: PlanetArk: Severe Weather, Forecasting Could Prompt Force Majeure Rethink

    Meanwhile in the greenwashing chronicles:

  638. 2011/03/01: CCP: Chevron, Is Your Advertising Telling a Lie?
    The story in London’s Independent newspaper last week was unequivocal: Chevron has been fined more than $8 billion for causing an environmental disaster called by some “the Amazon’s Chernobyl” (it has also been fined another billion for reparations). Texaco caused the problem and fought tooth and nail for nearly a decade to avoid paying on the lawsuit. It became Chevron’s fight when it bought Texaco in 2001, and the company has already vowed to appeal the verdict. Its alleged victims are now preparing for the next round. This is the same Chevron that is running a glossy “We Agree” branding campaign that claims it’s in a conversation with people about saving the planet and, oddly enough, supporting communities. Every CMO should take note of this dichotomy: Both stories are true when presented separately. It’s only when you put them together — which is exactly what I think consumers are going to begin to do more of — that they add up to one big lie.
  639. Who’s fielding the FAQs?

  640. 2011/03/04: Guardian(UK): Are hurricanes getting worse because of global warming?
  641. 2011/03/02: Guardian(UK): When did we discover man-made climate change?

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  642. 2011/03/04: ClimateP: Climate and energy news for March 4…
  643. 2011/03/03: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for March 3…
  644. 2011/03/02: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for March 2…
  645. 2011/03/01: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for March 1…
  646. 2011/02/28: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for February 28…

    Other (weekly) lists:

  647. 2011/03/05: RBroberg: Climate News and Blog Recap
  648. 2011/03/03: Grist: The Climate Post: Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, including Fox News, goes carbon neutral

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  649. 2011/03/06: ClimateP: Join the effort to expose the pollutocrat Koch brothers’ climate-destroying agenda
  650. 2011/03/06: JQuiggin: Sock puppet alert
  651. 2011/03/05: ClimateShifts: The limits of doubt-mongering
  652. 2011/03/05: JQuiggin: An above average performance
  653. 2011/03/04: ClassM: Wanted: A sense of humor for climateers
  654. 2011/03/04: ClimateP: Anthony Watts urges WattsUpWithThat readers to disrupt Forbes blog: “shout them down in the comments section”
  655. 2011/03/04: Grist: Before George Will was against high-speed rail, he was for it
  656. 2011/03/04: JQuiggin: Bolt vs the Bureau
  657. 2011/03/03: Tamino: Where’s the Global Warming?
  658. 2011/03/03: ClassM: Why it’s hard to change a climate denier’s mind
  659. 2011/03/03: Grist: Is climate denialism postmodern?
  660. 2011/03/02: WtD: Carbon wars: it’s only going to heat up, but we can remain civilised
  661. 2011/02/28: SEasterbrook: Disinformation Works (for receptive audiences)
  662. 2011/02/28: ArsTechnica: If climate scientists are in it for the money, they’re doing it wrong
  663. 2011/03/01: Guardian(UK): Transparency International on oil companies and corruption: who is the most open?
  664. 2011/03/01: SkeptiSci: Monckton Myth #15: Tragedy of the Commons by dana1981
  665. 2011/02/27: IJISH: Kimball Rasmussen’s irrational look at climate change

    As for climate miscellanea:

  666. 2011/03/05: Tamino: Snow
  667. 2011/03/05: GFW: A Greenhouse effect has cooled the climate of Almería
  668. 2011/03/04: ClimateSight: Self-Taught Climate Science
  669. 2011/03/04: IJISH: PR isn’t the problem, rule of law is: response to Michael Tobis
  670. 2011/03/03: APSmith: I live in the future
  671. 2011/03/02: IdiotTracker: New addition to blog list: AGWobserver
  672. 2011/03/02: ClassM: Star Trek lives!
  673. 2011/03/01: HotTopic: Zero net emissions by 2050 — preferably sooner
  674. 2010/11/14: TEC: Stewart Brand: Fearless Follower of Lovelock, not science

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  675. NERC: The sixth great extinction
  676. Wiki: Holocene extinction
  677. LCV: 2010 National Environmental Scorecard
  678. CO2 Scorecard
  679. SEI-US: U.S. Center of the Stockholm Environment Institute
  680. Food & Water Watch
  681. FAC: Food Aid Convention
  682. UNEP: News Centre
  683. Wiki: Precautionary principle
  684. NSIDC: Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis
  685. Cryosphere Today
  686. LSU: Earth Scan Laboratory
  687. Wiki: List of Atlantic hurricanes
  688. NIFC: National Interagency Fire Center
  689. FPT: Free Public Transit
  690. CB: Clean Break

    Low Key Plug

    My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.


    P.S. Recent postings can be found in the week archive and the ancient postings can be accessed here, which should open to this.

    “The creature that wins against its environment destroys itself.” -Gregory Bateson

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