Another week of GW News, February 13, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week’s Global Warming news roundup

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

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February 13, 2011

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I am going to be sipping a little less from the internet firehose…for a couple of reasons.

I am just about to start looking for a publisher for _The Bottleneck Years_and I need more time for that process.

Also, I want to avoid feeling compulsive about my logging and so will take some time to enjoy the daffodils.

As a first step I have trimmed the list of sites I poll by about 50%. You will notice a difference in the link count.

    Live and direct from the laugh, it’s funny, damnit department:

  1. 2011/02/08: Grist: An incoherent joke — Climate deniers look out, see catastrophic storms, attack Al Gore

    Looking ahead to COP17 and future international climate negotiations:

  2. 2011/02/09: EUO: [Nicholas] Stern: West must end hesitation over climate change

    WikiLeaks caused a bit of a stir this week when they put the lie to Saudi oil reserve figures:

  3. 2011/02/09: WikiLeaks: US embassy cables: Saudi oil company oversold ability to increase production, embassy told
    1. (C) SUMMARY: On November 20, 2007, CG and Econoff met with Dr. Sadad al-Husseini, former Executive Vice President for Exploration and Production at Saudi Aramco. Al-Husseini, who maintains close ties to Aramco executives, believes that the Saudi oil company has oversold its ability to increase production and will be unable to reach the stated goal of 12.5 million b/d of sustainable capacity by 2009. While stating that he does not subscribe to the theory of “peak oil,” the former Aramco board member does believe that a global output plateau will be reached in the next 5 to 10 years and will last some 15 years, until world oil production begins to decline. Additionally, al-Husseini expressed the view that the recent surge in oil prices reflects the underlying reality that global demand has met supply, and is not due to artificial market distortions. END SUMMARY.
  4. 2011/02/12: EnergyBulletin: Oil ‘demand has met supply’ — Saudi Arabia (via Wikileaks)
  5. 2011/02/09: SStaniford: What did we Learn From the Saudi Cables?
  6. 2011/02/10: Aleklett: The Guardian, Wikileaks cables and oil production in Saudi Arabia
  7. 2011/02/10: TreeHugger: Peak Oil in 2012? Saudi Arabia’s Oil Overestimated by 40%, Wikileaks Reveals
  8. 2011/02/10: PeakEnergy: “Saudi oil reserves may be overstated by up to 40%”, US cables reveal
  9. 2011/02/08: EnergyBulletin: WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices
  10. 2011/02/09: EnergyBulletin: Digging out the truth about Saudi oil
  11. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): US embassy cables: US queries Saudi Arabia’s influence over oil prices
  12. 2011/02/09: ClimateP: WikiLeaks peak oil bombshell: Saudi Arabian reserves overstated by 40%, global production plateau immiment
  13. 2011/02/08: OilDrum: Wikileaks on Peak Oil
  14. 2011/02/09: OilDrum: Saudi Oil Production and Reserves – Reasons Behind Wikileaks Concerns
  15. 2011/02/09: AutoBG: Wikileaks: U.S. believes Saudi Arabia is running out of oil
  16. 2011/02/09: OilChange: Saudi Arabia’s “Inconvenient Truth”
  17. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): US embassy cables: Saudi Arabia tackles western shift towards energy independence
  18. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): US embassy cables: US concern over Saudi Arabia oil production
  19. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): US embassy cables: US queries Saudi Arabia’s influence over oil prices
  20. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): US embassy cables: Saudi oil company oversold ability to increase production, embassy told
  21. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices
    US diplomat convinced by Saudi expert that reserves of world’s biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40%
  22. 2011/02/09: CCurrents: Saudi Arabia Cannot Pump Enough Oil To Keep A Lid On Prices
  23. 2011/02/10: SMH: Saudi oil reserves may be overstated by up to 40%, US cables reveal

    The Sri Lankan floods are ongoing:

  24. 2011/02/08: UN: Humanitarian emergency persists as more floods ravage Sri Lanka — UN
  25. 2011/02/09: UN: UN agency planning long-term food support for flood-hit Sri Lankans
  26. 2011/02/08: EarthTimes: Sri Lanka flood damage bill estimated at 450 million dollars
  27. 2011/02/07: Wunderground: Renewed flooding in Sri Lanka kills 11, affects 1.05 million
  28. 2011/02/07: EarthTimes: Floods in Sri Lanka displace more than 1.2 million

    Looking back at the Pakistani monsoon flood:

  29. 2011/02/08: JFleck: Listening to the Forecast

    And on the Bottom Line:

  30. 2011/02/08: Grist: Costs of inaction: the price of ice

    Who’s getting the subsidies?

  31. 2011/02/10: OilChange: We Can Win the Fight to Eliminate Dirty Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  32. 2011/02/07: Grist: Life is hard, and then you subsidize — What Obama should know about ending oil subsidies

    What are the global financial institutions up to?

  33. 2011/02/11: ClimateP: The World Bank, droughts, and voodoo economics

    Delving into the laws of thermodynamics this week:

  34. 2011/02/13: APSmith: Temperature and Radiative Transfer – more things we know
  35. 2011/02/09: ERabett: Thoughts From the Chum Tank
  36. 2011/02/09: TSoD: Understanding Atmospheric Radiation and the “Greenhouse” Effect – Part Seven
  37. 2011/02/07: TSoD: Understanding Atmospheric Radiation and the “Greenhouse” Effect – Part Six — The Equations

    John Cook and friends continue their counterpoint articles:

  38. 2011/02/13: SkeptiSci: Meet The Denominator by Rob Honeycutt
  39. 2011/02/12: SkeptiSci: PMEL Carbon Program: a new resource
  40. 2011/02/12: SkeptiSci: Portuguese translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism
  41. 2011/02/12: SkeptiSci: Coral Reef Baselines
  42. 2011/02/11: SkeptiSci: Guardian article: Australia’s recent extreme weather isn’t so extreme anymore
  43. 2011/02/10: SkeptiSci: Smoking, cancer and climate change by Stephan Lewandowsky
  44. 2011/02/09: SkeptiSci: Dutch translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism
  45. 2011/02/09: SkeptiSci: Voicing values and climate change by Mark Edwards
  46. 2011/02/09: SkeptiSci: So, you think that learning about climate change needs to be tedious? by BaerbelW
  47. 2011/02/08: SkeptiSci: Climate Change Impacts on Ocean Ecosystems by John Bruno
  48. 2011/02/08: SkeptiSci: Crichton’s ‘Aliens Cause Global Warming’ by Alden Griffith
  49. 2011/02/07: SkeptiSci: Articgate: perpetuating the myth that Arctic sea ice has recovered
  50. 2011/02/07: SkeptiSci: How We Know Recent Global Warming Is Not Natural

    The Arctic melt continues to garner a lot of attention:

  51. 2011/02/08: CCP: The Arctic Oscillation
  52. 2011/02/09: NatureTGB: Arctic fish catches massively under-reported
  53. 2011/02/08: BDL: Hudson Bay Still Not Frozen Solid…
  54. 2011/02/08: CCP: NSIDC’s Walt Meier and Mark Serreze: Arctic Sea ice is not recovering…
  55. 2011/02/08: Wunderground: Arctic sea ice at a record low again; a warmer February for the U.S. coming

    As for the charismatic megafauna:

  56. 2011/02/10: PlanetArk: Polar Bears And Walruses At Risk As Arctic Ice Melts
  57. 2011/02/09: NatureTGB: Walrus must wait for endangered species protection
  58. 2011/02/09: Reuters: Walrus protection can wait: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    The Pacific walrus, hampered by vanishing sea ice in Arctic waters, deserves protection under the Endangered Species Act but must wait in line behind more imperiled animals, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman said on Tuesday.
  59. 2011/02/08: CBC: Polar bear births fall in warming climate: study
  60. 2011/02/08: Eureka: Polar bear births could plummet with climate change

    As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  61. 2011/02/09: CBC: Inuit eager to meet Baffinland’s new owners — Pond Inlet, Nunavut, located closest to Mary River iron site
  62. 2011/02/07: CBC: Arctic not overfished: Nunavut fishing group — UBC scientist agrees, but says accurate fishing numbers are important

    While in Antarctica:

  63. 2011/02/08: KSJT: Lots of Buildup, then pffft: Lake Vostok project decamps from Antarctica’s heart. Wait’ll next year.
  64. 2011/02/07: NatureTGB: No breakthrough to Antarctica’s Lake Vostok
  65. 2011/02/07: ScienceInsider: Sealed-Off Lake Still Tantalizingly Out of Reach

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  66. 2011/02/12: CCurrents: Food Crisis 2011? 14 Disturbing Facts That Make You Wonder If The Coming Global Food Shortage Has Already Begun
  67. 2011/02/11: BBC: Cold snap hits Mexico maize crop
    A spell of unusually cold weather in northern Mexico has severely damaged the maize crop in the state of Sinaloa. Officials estimate the losses could amount to four million tonnes of corn – 16% of Mexico’s annual harvest.
  68. 2011/02/11: Guardian(UK): China bids to ease drought with $1bn emergency water aid
  69. 2011/02/11: ProMedMail: Stripe rust, wheat – India: (PB)
  70. 2011/02/11: NatureN: Livestock plagues are spreading — As farming intensifies, researchers warn that the developing world is “dangerously behind” on controlling animal diseases
  71. 2011/02/09: CBC: Wild salmon sea lice linked to B.C. fish farms
  72. 2011/02/09: UN: UN agency planning long-term food support for flood-hit Sri Lankans
  73. 2011/02/09: ClimateP: UN food agency warns severe drought threatens wheat crop in China, world’s largest producer…FAO also warns floods and heavy rains in Southern Africa “threaten food security”
  74. 2011/02/08: AllAfrica: SW Radio: Close to Two Million Still Need Food Aid
    A new food assessment report says that close to two million Zimbabweans will still need food aid in the coming months, despite “better economic conditions.” The US-funded Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWSNET) reported this month that about 1.7 million Zimbabweans will be in need of food aid during the next two months. Both FEWSNET and the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) last year estimated that about 1.3 million rural households will be food insecure between January and March.
  75. 2011/02/08: UN: Winter drought threatens wheat harvest in north China plain as prices soar — UN
  76. 2011/02/07: BBerg: Sugar Shortage Looms as Storm Ruins Australian Crop
  77. 2011/02/07: UN: UN warns floods in southern Africa could lead to food shortages
  78. 2011/02/06: NYT: Droughts, Floods and Food
    We’re in the midst of a global food crisis — the second in three years. World food prices hit a record in January, driven by huge increases in the prices of wheat, corn, sugar and oils. These soaring prices have had only a modest effect on U.S. inflation, which is still low by historical standards, but they’re having a brutal impact on the world’s poor, who spend much if not most of their income on basic foodstuffs. The consequences of this food crisis go far beyond economics. After all, the big question about uprisings against corrupt and oppressive regimes in the Middle East isn’t so much why they’re happening as why they’re happening now. And there’s little question that sky-high food prices have been an important trigger for popular rage. So what’s behind the price spike? American right-wingers (and the Chinese) blame easy-money policies at the Federal Reserve, with at least one commentator declaring that there is “blood on Bernanke’s hands.” Meanwhile, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France blames speculators, accusing them of “extortion and pillaging.” But the evidence tells a different, much more ominous story. While several factors have contributed to soaring food prices, what really stands out is the extent to which severe weather events have disrupted agricultural production. And these severe weather events are exactly the kind of thing we’d expect to see as rising concentrations of greenhouse gases change our climate — which means that the current food price surge may be just the beginning.
  79. As for the agro-chem corps:

  80. 2011/02/09: CBC: Agrium has record fourth quarter
    Shares in Calgary-based fertilizer maker Agrium rose close to three per cent Wednesday after it reported record fourth quarter earnings.
  81. Food Prices are still rising:

  82. FAO: World Food Situation – Food Price Indices
  83. 2011/02/09: WFP: Rising Food Prices: 10 Questions Answered
  84. 2011/02/10: CSM: Rising global food prices squeeze the world’s poor
  85. 2011/02/10: NakedCapitalism: Why the Krugman “I See No Commodities Speculation” Analysis is Flawed
  86. 2011/02/09: CBC: Chinese drought could be ‘severe’ — Wheat prices continue climb
  87. 2011/02/09: BBC: ‘Parasitic’ sugar speculators blamed for volatility
    Leading sugar traders have blamed recent volatility in the price of sugar on “parasitic” speculators in a letter seen by the Financial Times. Sugar recently rose to its highest price in 30 years. The World Sugar Committee, which represents big traders, told the ICE Futures US exchange that high-frequency traders “enrich themselves at the expense of traditional market users”.
  88. 2011/02/08: CBC: Wheat soars on Mideast demand — Prices also boosted by UN warning of ‘serious’ Chinese drought
    U.S. wheat prices hit 2½-year highs Tuesday amid a spike in demand from Mideast and North African countries trying to increase inventories after soaring food prices helped spur unrest in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. March wheat finished up 1.8 per cent at $8.7425 US a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade after reaching $8.8075 earlier in the session.
  89. 2011/02/08: CSM: Brace yourself for the food-price bubble
  90. 2011/02/07: NYT:PK: Signatures of Speculation
  91. 2011/02/08: NakedCapitalism: Krugman, Commodity Prices, and Speculators
  92. 2011/02/06: ZeroHedge: Corn Prices To Soar As Chinese Imports Increase Ninefold Compared To Official Projections

    The question of food shortages triggering third world revolution disturbs the comfortable:

  93. 2011/02/12: MTobis: Egyptian Revolution and Climate Change
  94. 2011/02/11: CCurrents: Dignity, Bread And Liberty; The Start Of Peak Food Revolutions
  95. 2011/02/11: EnergyBulletin: Rising food prices and the Egyptian tinderbox: How banks and investors are starving the third world
  96. 2011/02/11: AFTIC: Mubarak Resigns: Is there a climate change connection?
  97. 2011/01/31: MercoPress: FAO, IMF anticipate more civil unrest and protests because of soaring food prices
  98. 2011/02/10: EnergyBulletin: Egypt’s warning: Are you listening?
  99. 2011/02/10: BBC: Bolivian President Evo Morales flees food price protest
    Bolivian President Evo Morales has abandoned a public event in the face of an angry protests over food shortages and price rises. Mr Morales was due to address a parade to commemorate a colonial-era uprising in the mining city of Oruro. But he and his team left the city to avoid a violent demonstration by miners throwing dynamite.
  100. 2011/02/11: Asia Times: Crisis in Egypt — Bread, dignity and lies
  101. 2011/02/10: TreeHugger: The Environment, Demographics, and the Threat of State Failure by Lester Brown
  102. 2011/02/09: Grist: Why do states break down? by Lester Brown
  103. 2011/02/09: PeakEnergy: Egypt and Tunisia usher in the new era of global food revolutions
  104. 2011/02/04: EricMargolis: For Egypt bread is as important as freedom
  105. 2011/02/07: ClimateP: The Economist: “The high cost of food is one reason that protesters took to the streets in Tunisia and Egypt.”
    Nobelist Krugman: “It sure looks like climate change is a major culprit” in the extreme weather that has run up food prices
  106. The conflict between biofuel and food persists:

  107. 2011/02/11: Grist: With global grain prices surging, corn ethanol looking dumber than ever
  108. 2011/02/10: TreeHugger: Monbiot: Biofuels for Electricity is “Eco Vandalism”

    So, are these land grabs Colonialism V2.0?

  109. 2011/02/09: NatureTGB: Land grabs intensify as local rights are disregarded
  110. 2011/02/08: TreeHugger: Indigenous Communities Fighting For Land Rights More Than Ever – Governments & Corporations Fighting Back

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  111. 2011/02/10: ScienceInsider: With the Greens Gone, Ireland Backs E.U. Liberalization of GM Crops
  112. 2011/02/07: PlanetArk: USDA Partially Deregulating Biotech Sugar Beets
    U.S. agricultural regulators on Friday said despite a court ban, they would allow commercial planting of genetically modified sugar beets under closely controlled conditions while they complete a full environmental impact statement. The move marks the second-such boost by the United States for contested biotech crops in a week, and underscores U.S. determination to expand the use of GMO crops amid rising global fears over food security and surging prices. After approving genetically altered alfalfa last week in the face of bitter protest and after court rulings against an earlier sugar beet approval, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it would allow Monsanto Co’s “Roundup Ready” sugar beets back in the fields this spring.
  113. And how are we going to feed 9 billion?

  114. 2011/02/10: FAO: Further action on responsible fisheries recommended — FAO Committee notes progress although major issues still need to be tackled
  115. 2011/02/11: UN: Record food purchases from developing nations helps UN agency [WFP] save more lives
  116. 2011/02/10: PlanetArk: Indonesia To Boost Rice Stocks Amid Global Food Fears
  117. 2011/02/10: ScienceInsider: Can the U.S. Farm Fish Offshore Safely?
  118. 2011/02/10: JQuiggin: Can we feed the world? Will we?
  119. 2011/02/09: Eureka: Putting trees on farms fundamental to future agricultural development
  120. 2011/02/08: Grist: On eco-architecture and urban farming: Are you kidding me with your f-ing farm skyscraper?
  121. 2011/02/07: TreeHugger: View From Above: Fertilizer Use Around the World

    A couple of storms spun up in the Indian Ocean. Zaka in the South West Pacific. Now Bingiza is threatening Madagascar:

  122. 2011/02/13: al Jazeera: [Cat 2] Cyclone set to hit Madagascar
    The full force of Bingiza is expected to strike near the town of Mananara Avaratra in the northeast.
  123. 2011/02/10: Eureka: 2 NASA satellites see a newborn tropical storm [Bingiza] near Madagascar
    Forecasters at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center were keeping a close eye on a low pressure area known as System 94S yesterday, and satellite data helped confirm that today it has strengthened into Tropical Storm Bingiza.
  124. 2011/02/10: Eureka: NASA infrared satellite data gives System 96S a fair shot at becoming a tropical cyclone

    As for GHGs:

  125. 2011/02/12: CCP: Greenhouse gas emissions set to double unless action taken
  126. 2011/02/10: PeakEnergy: Australia admits CO2 emissions will balloon
  127. 2011/02/08: TCoE: December 2010 CO2 numbers
  128. 2011/02/09: EarthTimes: Australia’s emissions to grow by nearly a quarter this decade
  129. 2011/02/08: ABC(Au): Carbon emissions on track to soar
    The Federal Government has released new figures showing carbon emissions are expected to increase sharply under current arrangements. The latest modelling shows emissions are on track to rise 24 per cent above 2000 levels by 2020 despite a range of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures already in place.
  130. As for the temperature record:

  131. 2011/02/11: QuarkSoup: January Temperatures
  132. 2011/02/11: Ph&Ph: Tackling Global Temperature Data
  133. 2011/02/08: NOAANews: U.S. Cooler and Much Drier than Normal in January

    While in the paleoclimate:

  134. 2011/02/11: USheffield: Researchers map out ice sheets shrinking during Ice Age
    A set of maps created by the University of Sheffield have illustrated, for the first time, how our last British ice sheet shrunk during the Ice Age.
  135. 2011/02/11: NOC: Arctic climate variation under ancient greenhouse conditions
    Tiny organisms [cretaceous diatom Stephanopyxis] preserved in marine sediments hold clues about Arctic climate variation during an ancient episode of greenhouse warming.
  136. 2011/02/10: PlanetArk: Past Antarctic Cooling May Help Global Warming Study
  137. 2011/02/07: BBC: Secrets of Antarctica’s fossilised forests
    It may be hard to believe, but Antarctica was once covered in towering forests. One hundred million years ago, the Earth was in the grip of an extreme Greenhouse Effect.
  138. While on the ENSO front:

  139. 2011/02/10: NOAA:NCEP: El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion
    Synopsis: ENSO-Neutral or La Niña conditions are equally likely during May-June 2011
  140. 2011/02/10: ABC(Au): La Nina the strongest in almost a century
    The weather bureau says the La Nina pattern affecting Australia is the strongest since 1917
  141. Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  142. 2011/02/11: NASA: NASA’s NPP Satellite Undergoing Flight Environmental Testing [National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) Preparatory Project (NPP)]
  143. 2011/02/10: ScienceInsider: Budget Impasse Delays Key Environment Satellite [Joint Polar Satellite System — JPSS-1]

    More GW impacts are being seen:

  144. 2011/02/03: NSF: Wolverines Threatened by Climate Change, Earlier Springs — Need snowpack that lasts through winter and well into spring
  145. 2011/02/07: WtD: Ross River virus hits Victoria: increased risk

    And then there are the world’s forests:

  146. 2011/02/12: EarthTimes: Brunei accuses Malaysians of tree poaching
  147. 2011/02/10: HotTopic: Russian roulette with a rainforest
  148. 2011/02/08: BBC: : Indigenous tribes protest against Amazon dam
    Hundreds of indigenous Brazilians have been protesting in the capital, Brasilia, against the construction of what will be the world’s third biggest hydro-electric dam. An indigenous leader delivered a petition opposing the project signed by more than half a million people. Environmentalists say the dam in the Amazon river basin will harm the world’s biggest tropical rainforest. Brazilian Energy Minister Edison Lobao said construction would begin soon.
  149. 2011/02/08: BBC: Palm oil deal aims to save forests and carbon
  150. 2011/02/08: ClimateP: Science: Second ‘100-year’ Amazon drought in 5 years caused huge CO2 emissions. If this pattern continues, the forest would become a warming source
  151. 2011/02/07: PSinclair: “We’re going to have just a big brushpile on our hands..”: The Amazon’s 3 “100 year droughts” in the Last 15 Years

    Climate refugees are becoming an issue:

  152. 2011/02/09: BBC:RB: Climate change: Contrary motion?
  153. 2011/02/08: PlanetArk: Asia-Pacific At Risk From Climate Migration: [ADB] Report

    This week in extreme weather:

  154. 2011/02/11: PlanetArk: North Australia Set To Face More Weather Extremes, Corals Show
  155. 2011/02/10: Wunderground: Coldest temperature on record in Oklahoma ; storm leaves 2 feet of snow
  156. 2011/02/09: CCP: Is severe winter weather related to global warming? Melting Arctic ice causing instability in the polar vortex

    As for heatwaves and wild fires:

  157. 2011/02/10: CCP: Sydney, Australia, heatwave breaks 150-year-old record
  158. 2011/02/07: CBC: Australia battles wildfires near Perth
    2 blazes have razed 1,600 hectares of forested land near Perth since Saturday
  159. 2011/02/06: BBC: Bushfires rage out of control near Perth, Australia

    Corals are dying:

  160. 2011/02/10: ClimateShifts: Coral Reef Baselines

    Glaciers are melting:

  161. 2011/02/10: GreenGrok: Ice on the Rocks: The Latest on Himalayan Glaciers

    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

  162. 2011/02/07: FAO: FAO raises alert on high flooding risks in parts of southern Africa — FAO helps governments prepare as rising waters threaten food security
  163. 2011/02/11: CCP: “The Last Drop: Climate Change and the Southwest Water Crisis” by F. Ackerman & E. A. Stanton
  164. 2011/02/10: Time:Ecocentric: Climate: A New Study Finds That Global Warming Could Dry Out the Southwest
  165. 2011/02/11: Guardian(UK): China bids to ease drought with $1bn emergency water aid
    World’s biggest wheat producer resorts to desperate measures in attempt to protect harvest from worst drought in 60 years
  166. 2011/02/11: TreeHugger: Climate Change to Worsen Severe Water Shortages in US Southwest
  167. 2011/02/11: Wunderground: Another amazingly snowy winter for the U.S.
  168. 2011/02/10: CCP: Southern Africa May Face Worst Flooding in Decades
  169. 2011/02/10: CNN: China spends $1 billion to tackle drought
    The government invests $1 billion to combat the drought – Some 2.57 million people suffering from drinking water shortages – China’s capital goes 108 days without rain or snow, a 60-year record – Authorities seed clouds to try to end the drought
  170. 2011/02/10: CBC: Snow falls in drought-plagued China
  171. 2011/02/09: Wunderground: WInter storm dumps 2 feet of snow on Oklahoma, Arkansas

    Elsewhere on the mitigation front:

  172. 2011/02/12: TreeHugger: New Food Carbon Emissions Calculator Pinpoints Your Diet’s True Footprint

    Consider transportation & GHG production:

  173. 2011/02/08: CalcRisk: AAR: Rail Traffic increases in January
  174. 2011/02/08: TreeHugger: White House Unveils 6-Year, $53 Billion High Speed Rail Plan

    While in the endless quest for zero energy, sustainable buildings and practical codes:

  175. 2011/02/07: PI:B: Province praises local government leadership on green buildings
  176. 2011/02/08: TreeHugger: The Passivhaus Had North American Ancestry
  177. 2011/02/03: Guardian(UK): Sustainable design is wearing thin
    Sustainability — all matronly browns and little green arrows — has drained the sexiness from design. If designers want to do some genuine good, it’s time to re-engineer their thinking
  178. 2011/02/07: Grist: Why sustainable design sucks

    As for carbon sequestration:

  179. 2011/02/11: ABC(Au): Carbon capture – pipedream or reality?

    While on the adaptation front:

  180. 2011/02/11: Guardian(UK): Climate change forces UK rare fish reintroduction further north
    Environment Agency has changed its plans for the reintroduction of the vendace because of predicted rise in water temperatures
  181. Meanwhile in the journals:

  182. 2011/02/08: NERC:NORA: Greenhouse gas emissions from European soils under different land use: Effects of soil moisture and temperature by G. Schaufler et al.
  183. 2011/02/08: NERC:NORA: The Effect of Emission from Coal Combustion in Nonindustrial Sources on Deposition of Sulfur and Oxidized Nitrogen in Poland by Maciej Kryza et al.
  184. 2011/02/09: NERC:NORA: Committed terrestrial ecosystem changes due to climate change by Chris Jones et al.
  185. 2011/02/10: NERC:NORA: Changes in the potential distribution of humid tropical forests on a warmer planet by Przemyslaw Zelazowski et al.
  186. 2011/02/10: NERC:NORA: Cumulative carbon emissions, emissions floors and short-term rates of warming: implications for policy by Niel H.A. Bowerman et al.
  187. 2011/02/10: NERC:NORA: Can the effects of climate change on British bryophytes be distinguished from those resulting from other environmental changes? by Jeffrey W. Bates et al.
  188. 2011/02/10: NERC:NORA: Greenhouse gas footprinting for small businesses — The use of input-output data by M. Berners-Lee et al.
  189. 2011/02/10: NERC:NORA: Estimation of spatial apportionment of greenhouse gas emissions for the UK using boundary layer measurements and inverse modelling technique by D. Polson et al.
  190. 2011/02/11: NERC:NORA: Geological storage of carbon dioxide by Nick Riley
  191. 2011/02/11: ACP: The ice nucleation ability of one of the most abundant types of fungal spores found in the atmosphere by R. Iannone et al.
  192. 2011/02/11: ACP: Solar irradiance at the earth’s surface: long-term behavior observed at the South Pole by J. E. Frederick & A. L. Hodge
  193. 2011/02/11: ACP: Deep convective clouds at the tropopause by H. H. Aumann et al.
  194. 2011/02/11: ACPD: Characterization of wildfire NOx emissions using MODIS fire radiative power and OMI tropospheric NO2 columns by A. K. Mebust et al.
  195. 2011/02/11: ACPD: Methane flux, vertical gradient and mixing ratio measurements in a tropical forest by C. A. S. Querino et al.
  196. 2011/02/11: ACPD: First space-based derivation of the global atmospheric methanol emission fluxes by T. Stavrakou et al.
  197. 2011/02/10: OSD: North Atlantic 20th century multidecadal variability in coupled climate models: sea surface temperature and ocean overturning circulation by I. Medhaug & T. Furevik
  198. 2011/02/11: CP: Sea-surface salinity variations in the northern Caribbean Sea across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition by S. Sepulcre et al.
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  200. 2011/02/10: ACP: Relating hygroscopicity and composition of organic aerosol particulate matter by J. Duplissy et al.
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    And other significant documents:

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    As for miscellaneous science:

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    More DIY science:

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    Regarding Dyson:

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    Regarding Lisbon, Curry & etc:

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    Regarding O’Donnell:

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    And on the carbon trading front:

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    The idea of a carbon tax is still bouncing around:

  245. 2011/02/08: EconView: Real Environmental Justice? Alan Blinder says a carbon [tax] is a “miraculous policy” that can cure all sorts of ills

    The energy race between China and the USA is on, or is it?

  246. 2011/02/10: Grist: Are we in a ‘clean energy race’ with China?

    The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

  247. 2011/02/12: CCP: George Monbiot: The real domestic extremists (environmentalists? NOT!) “Who threatens us most … peaceful campaigners or a private militia run by police chiefs?”
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  249. 2011/02/11: ABC(Au): Cundall vows to fight on despite court fine
    ABC gardening personality Peter Cundall has been found guilty of disobeying the direction of a police officer during a rally at Parliament House in Hobart. Cundall, 83, and 56 other protesters were arrested after refusing to move from the Parliament’s steps during an anti-pulp mill protest in November 2009. He and fellow protester, wheelchair-bound nurse Molly Taylor were today found guilty without conviction and were ordered to pay about $47 in court costs. Cundall says it is disappointing. “We’ve been found guilty of standing up for the truth and standing up for justice. It’s as simple as that,” he said. But he says he will continue to peacefully protest against Gunns’ proposed Tasmanian pulp mill.
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    What are the activists up to?

  254. 2011/02/12: TreeHugger: Greenpeace’s Coal Free Future Tour Begins a New Chapter of Climate Activism
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  256. 2011/02/11: Grist: Climate hawks can draw inspiration from the Egyptians [McKibben]

    Regarding Water Politics and Business:

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    Who’s making predictions this week?

  262. 2011/01/31: SeekingAlpha: Mexico Will Follow Egypt Into Collapse [within two years]

    And on the American political front:

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    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  285. 2011/02/12: PSinclair: Gulf Coast Update: You are Being lied to
  286. 2011/02/10: ClimateP: Moving the Gulf Coast toward a sustainable future

    Some of the Chamber’s machinations came to light this week:

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    The Republican war against the EPA, Obama and science has been engaged:

  296. 2011/02/12: CCP: GOP Proposes $1.6 Billion Cut to EPA Budget, Defends $4 Billion in Oil Subsidies
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  315. 2011/02/10: LA Times: EPA chief criticizes GOP assault on greenhouse gas regulation
    Republicans on the House energy committee have drafted a bill that would take away the agency’s ability to curb such emissions. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson says such a move is a threat to public health.
  316. 2011/02/10: BBC: New battle opens on US carbon emissions
    The opening salvoes have been fired in a new political battle in the US over greenhouse gas emissions. Having failed to pass legislation through Congress, President Obama wants the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate emissions. But draft measures before Congress seek to squash the EPA’s authority. Testifying to a congressional committee, EPA chief Lisa Jackson said the bill ran counter to science and counter to a 2007 Supreme Court ruling.
  317. 2011/02/09: CCP: Republicans Assail E.P.A. Chief
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  322. 2011/02/08: ClimateP: House Energy chair Fred Upton (R-MI) on global warming: “I do not accept that it is man-made”
  323. 2011/02/08: ClimateP: House Energy and Commerce “Committee from Koch” to conduct global warming witch trial
  324. 2011/02/09: ScienceInsider: House Spending Panel Would Cut Billions From Research Agency Requests
  325. 2011/02/09: ScienceInsider: New Science Subcommittee Chair [Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)] Plans Hearings to Challenge Climate Change Advocates
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  327. 2011/02/08: DeSmogBlog: Upton’s Show Trial To Attack EPA Carbon Controls Set For Wednesday Morning
  328. 2011/02/09: OilChange: Upton / Koch Committee’s Witnesses for Big Oil
  329. 2011/02/09: UCSUSA: 2500 Scientists Reject Attacks on Clean Air Act

    Then there was the Harrison Schmitt episode:

  330. 2011/02/10: ClimateP: Climate science “denier” Harrison Schmitt out as head of NM energy department
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  332. 2011/02/08: TCoE: Articgate update
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  341. 2011/02/07: DeSmogBlog: “ArticGate” – Heartland Backs Schmitt in Climate Misinformation — Incompetent or Dishonest – Either Way They’re Wrong

    The Obama chatter is nonstop:

  342. 2011/02/09: EconView: “White House to Cut Energy Assistance for the Poor” – Marc Ambinder reports
  343. 2011/02/08: TreeHugger: White House Unveils 6-Year, $53 Billion High Speed Rail Plan
  344. 2011/02/08: EcoPolitology: Obama Unveils US’ First Offshore Wind Energy Strategy
  345. 2011/02/07: Grist: Life is hard, and then you subsidize — What Obama should know about ending oil subsidies

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  346. 2011/02/11: ScienceInsider: Feds Propose Flexible Plans for Resilient Forests
  347. 2011/02/11: TreeHugger: Lisa P. Jackson’s Tough Birthday Week
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  351. 2011/02/09: TreeHugger: US Gov Announces $50.5 Million Offshore Wind Plan
  352. 2011/02/07: ScienceInsider: Was the Clean Air Act Intended to Cover CO2?
  353. 2011/02/07: PlanetArk: USDA Partially Deregulating Biotech Sugar Beets

    As for what is going on in Congress:

  354. 2011/02/12: AlterNet: Horrific Bill Takes the GOP’s War on Women to a Whole New Extreme
  355. 2011/02/10: Grist: Care about population? About women? Then you should care that GOP is taking aim at family planning
  356. 2011/02/10: ScienceInsider: Budget Impasse Delays Key Environment Satellite [Joint Polar Satellite System — JPSS-1]
  357. 2011/02/07: NYT:GW: House GOP Supporters of Renewable Electricity Standard in 2007 Will Now Face the Pressure

    While in the UK:

  358. 2011/02/11: BBC: Ministers halt some forest sales after public outcry
  359. 2011/02/10: Guardian(UK): Bristol’s biofuels plant must be refused planning permission
    Burning biofuels in power stations is environmental vandalism on a staggering scale — both in terms of emissions and habitat loss
  360. 2011/02/10: ScienceInsider: With the Greens Gone, Ireland Backs E.U. Liberalization of GM Crops
  361. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): Engineers urge government to act now to ‘climate-proof’ UK infrastructure
  362. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): The UK must own up to the full scale of its emissions problem
  363. 2011/02/08: Guardian(UK): Green thinktank warns against using tax cuts to stabilise fuel prices
  364. 2011/02/10: Guardian(UK): [Letters] We must end our dependence on oil
  365. 2011/02/09: TreeHugger: [UK] Government Department Slashes Emissions 20% in One Year
  366. 2011/02/09: BBC: Prince Charles: Climate sceptics gamble with the future
    The Prince of Wales has hit out at climate change sceptics for what he calls the “corrosive” impact they have on public opinion.
  367. 2011/02/09: BBC: The government will spend £2.1bn on flooding defences in England over the next four years – a cut of 8% from previous periods, Environment Minister Richard Benyon has told MPs
  368. 2011/02/08: TreeHugger: Solar Companies Consider Legal Action Against [UK] Government
  369. 2011/02/07: BBC: Preparing for climate change ‘will boost economy’
    Early preparation for climate change impacts would bring economic benefits to the UK, say engineers in a report commissioned by the government.
  370. 2011/02/06: Guardian(UK): Solar farms sucking up green subsidies as well as sun
    Government funding aimed at encouraging self-generated green power is being diverted to large-scale solar panel installations
  371. 2011/02/07: TreeHugger: Solar Subsidies Too Popular? [UK] Government Considers Review

    And in Europe:

  372. 2011/02/10: Guardian(UK): Hopes of 30% cut in greenhouse emissions dashed
    EU energy chief [Günther Oettinger] fears target would lead to a too-fast process of de-industrialisation as compared to current 20%
  373. 2011/02/08: ScienceInsider: E.U. Commissioner Seeks ‘Clean Break’ From Past Research Funding Strategy
  374. 2011/02/07: NatureTGB: EU’s overdue chief scientist to be appointed this year

    Meanwhile in Australia:

  375. 2011/02/11: ABC(Au): Cundall vows to fight on despite court fine
  376. 2011/02/10: ABC(Au): Flannery insists climate body is independent
    The head of the Federal Government’s new Climate Change Commission says he is saddened by the Opposition’s response to the body. Scientist Tim Flannery has been chosen to chair the commission, which will help build community support for putting a price on carbon. The Opposition says the Government is using the body to justify its plans to push up power prices. Coalition climate action spokesman Greg Hunt says the public will question what value for money they will get from the $5.6 million body.
  377. 2011/02/10: ABC(Au): Flannery to head climate change commission
    Former Australian of the Year Tim Flannery has been chosen to head a new climate change commission which has been set up to build community support for a carbon price. The Federal Government-appointed Commission is made up of climate experts and has held its first meeting today. The Government agreed to set up the commission, made up of climate experts, after dumping its election promise of a citizens’ assembly. Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says it will work independently of the Government.
  378. 2011/02/09: ABC(Au): The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is making changes to its planning scheme to deal with the impacts of climate change
  379. 2011/02/08: ABC(Au): Car giants cry foul over green fund cuts
    When the Government announced it was axing $400 million in the Green Car Innovation Fund to help pay for the flood recovery, the industry described it as an unwelcome surprise. The $6.2 billion fund was set up during 2008 to help car makers develop cleaner and greener cars.
  380. 2011/02/08: JQuiggin: Depressing …
  381. 2011/02/08: BBC: Australia MPs weep for victims of natural disasters
    Australia’s prime minister and other MPs have wept as they paid tribute to the thousands of people whose lives have been rocked by natural disasters. Julia Gillard struggled to hold back tears while speaking of the 35 killed in last month’s floods in Queensland. Powerful Cyclone Yasi compounded the misery of Queenslanders, and wildfires are still burning in Western Australia. She said Australia “watched in horror as day after day a new chapter in natural disaster history was written”. At the first parliament opening for 2011, Ms Gillard said the past few months would be “remembered for the force and scale of the natural disasters the nation has endured”.
  382. 2011/02/07: BNC: Keeping solid information on nuclear energy on the ALP’s discussion agenda by Luke Weston
  383. 2011/02/07: ABC(Au): Garnaut calls Australia ‘a drag’ on climate action
    The Government’s key climate change adviser, Ross Garnaut, says Australia needs to catch up to the rest of the world in its efforts to address climate change.
  384. 2011/02/07: ABC(Au): State Cabinet has met today at Airlie Beach, north of Mackay in the Queensland’s north, with Cyclone Yasi dominating discussions

    After a 10 year drought and recent massive flooding, water usage planning is controversial and difficult:

  385. 2011/02/09: ABC(Au): Coalition sets up Water Act inquiry
    The Coalition has succeeded in setting up a Senate inquiry into whether the Water Act forces the Government to put the environment first in its plan for the Murray-Darling Basin. The draft plan for the ailing river system calls for water usage to be cut by between 3,000 and 4,000 gigalitres to ensure sustainable flows. The Government says the Water Act allows it to give equal weight to social, economic and environmental factors as it forms its plan to cut water allocations in the Murray-Darling Basin. But the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s chair, Mike Taylor, resigned last year, saying the Act required him to put the environment first. The Opposition’s water spokesman, Barnaby Joyce, says the inquiry will establish whether the Act needs to be changed for the plan to give farming communities a fair go.
  386. 2011/02/10: ABC(Au): The Lord Mayor believes Hobart residents should not have to reduce their water usage to avoid higher bills
  387. 2011/02/10: ABC(Au): Govt to examine increasing size of water storages
    The State Government is looking at plans to expand several dams in regional Victoria.
  388. 2011/02/08: ABC(Au): Water levels in the Whirlpool Corner wetland near Paringa are at their highest levels in more than 14 years
  389. 2011/02/08: ABC(Au): Floodwater from recent heavy rain in South Australia’s outback is expected make its way to Lake Eyre

    And in New Zealand:

  390. 2011/02/09: HotTopic: Just as the tide was flowing

    While in the Indian subcontinent:

  391. 2011/02/09: CCurrents: Environmentalism Of The Poor: What Democracy Is Teaching Us

    And in China:

  392. 2011/02/10: PostMedia: The $8-trillion clean-energy bill
    It’s not easy being green but it’s worth it, a panel of West Coast mayors told municipal leaders from across Canada gathered in Victoria this week. “China’s plan is to spend $8 trillion over the next 10 years on clean energy, on smart grid energy efficiency. That’s $800 billion a year -try wrapping your head around that number and compare it to what we have here,” Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson told delegates Tuesday at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities sustainable communities conference at the Victoria Conference Centre.
  393. In Canada, minority neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  394. 2011/02/10: CBC: Diesel, heating oil must have 2% biofuels: Kent
    All diesel fuel and home heating oil will have to contain at least two per cent biofuels starting in July 1 this year. Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent made the announcement Thursday in Hamilton along with federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.
  395. 2011/02/09: DeSmogBlog: Environment Minister Peter Kent Claims Climate “Plan Is Working” and Canadians Are “Proud” of Tar Sands

    The G20 controversy lingers:

  396. 2011/02/11: TStar: Police open criminal investigation into G20 arrest
  397. 2011/02/12: OrwellsBastard: Oh look, the cops are investigating themselves …again
  398. 2011/02/11: TStar: Police open criminal investigation into G20 arrest
    Police are opening a criminal investigation into the arrest of Natalie Gray, a G20 protester who alleges she was seriously harmed after she was shot at close range with two rubber bullets.
  399. 2011/02/11: DtPB: Toronto G20 protests – More police to be investigated for brutality and illegal arrest
  400. 2011/02/11: CBC: G20 lawyer wants charges filed against police
    The lawyer for a G20 protester who claims to have been shot with rubber bullets by police at a Toronto rally is calling for a criminal investigation of the officers who he says were involved. Clayton Ruby on Friday showed reporters a video that he says shows two officers firing three rubber bullets at Natalie Gray during an east end Toronto protest on June 27.
  401. 2011/02/10: DtPB: Bill Blair: big liar or most useless police chief ever?
  402. 2011/02/08: CBC: G8-G20 tops [CTF] group’s wasteful spending list

    The CRTC has proposed changing the criteria of facts in Canadian broadcast media. Much consternation ensues:

  403. 2011/02/08: BCLSB: CRTC Truth In Broadcasting Reg Changes: Enviro News Will Suffer

    In the AECL saga:

  404. 2011/02/08: PostMedia: AECL seeks another $175 million from taxpayers
    Canada’s beleaguered nuclear Crown corporation, Atomic Energy Canada Limited, is asking Parliament to approve $175.4 million on top of the $696 million it has already been granted for this fiscal year, according to federal financial documents tabled Tuesday.
  405. PetroChina is buying into Encana’s BC shale gas operations:

  406. 2011/02/11: CBC: Clement to review Encana China deal
    Industry Minister Tony Clement said Friday he will review Calgary-based Encana’s proposed $5.4 billion joint venture with PetroChina to develop shale natural gas properties in an area straddling the border of northern B.C. and Alberta.
  407. 2011/02/10: EarthTimes: PetroChina to buy 5.4-billion-dollar stake in Canada gas project
  408. 2011/02/10: BBC: PetroChina buys stake in Encana shale gas project
    PetroChina, the Chinese state-controlled energy firm, is to pay 5.4bn Canadian dollars ($5.4bn; £3.37bn) for a 50% stake in a shale gas project run by Canadian firm Encana. The Cutbank Ridge deal marks a further step in a developing energy relationship between China and Canada.
  409. 2011/02/09: CBC: Encana in $5.4B deal with PetroChina
    Calgary-based natural gas producer Encana announced a $5.4-billion joint venture deal with PetroChina Wednesday in which the Chinese state oil company will take a half interest in Encana’s Cutbank Ridge properties in northern B.C. and Alberta.
  410. They found a replacement for Helen Ingram on the tar sands panel:

  411. 2011/02/10: CBC: Sask. professor named to oilsands panel
    The Alberta government has named a University of Saskatchewan water scientist to its oilsands monitoring panel. Howard Wheater holds the Canada Excellence research chair in water security and is vice-chair of the World Climate research program’s global energy and water cycle experiment. Wheater also served as professor of hydrology and director of the Environment Forum at Imperial College London. Last week, Helen Ingram from the University of California Irvine resigned from the panel over concerns about “so few scientists” and the lack of First Nations representation.
  412. With Campbell and James both out, BC politics is even more spindizzy than usual:

  413. 2011/02/10: PI: Pembina Reacts: B.C. mayors call for climate leadership from Liberal and NDP leadership candidates

    Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  414. 2011/02/09: PI:B: Report to EU Commission confirms oilsands are high-carbon fuel source
  415. 2011/02/11: PlanetArk: Alberta Charges Statoil For Oil Sands Water Use
    Norwary’s Statoil ASA faces charges in Canada of diverting water for use at its oil sands operations in northern Alberta, the province’s government said on Thursday. Alberta said the Norwegian state-owned oil company contravened parts of its water license and provided false or misleading information regarding water withdrawals at its facility near Conklin. The province’s environment ministry said in a statement 19 charges relate to separate incidents in 2008 through 2010. It did not specify the penalties the company could face.
  416. 2011/02/09: TMoS: Forget About Reforming the Tar Sands
  417. 2011/02/08: OilChange: Posting the Wrong Message on the Tar Sands

    Ontario has it’s Green Energy Act, now comes the implementation:

  418. 2011/02/10: CleanBreak: A solar PV jobs fair in Guelph, Ontario… times have changed!
  419. 2011/02/11: CleanBreak: Toronto needs to take a serious look at turning its hard-to-recycle trash into energy
  420. 2011/02/11: CleanBreak: Ontario loses spine and backtracks on offshore wind, a HUGE mistake it will regret
  421. 2011/02/11: PostMedia: Ontario puts offshore wind-energy, home microFIT projects on hold
    Once a shining example of its renewable energy plan, the Liberal government turned its back Friday on offshore wind energy, announcing an end to all projects until further scientific research is conducted. Government officials said the decision was made to further investigate impacts on human health and damage to the natural habitat. Also Friday, energy officials said about 1,000 homeowners applying to its microFIT program are being told they cannot go ahead with their projects because of capacity issues on the grid.
  422. 2011/02/11: CBC: Ont. declares moratorium on off-shore wind farms
    Facing a court challenge, a growing backlash and an election, Ontario’s Liberal government imposed a surprise moratorium Friday on all off-shore wind farms until there is more scientific research on their impact. The government announced it would not go ahead with off-shore wind projects to generate electricity, saying there’s too little evidence on how they may affect people’s health.
  423. 2011/02/07: TStar: Ontario to launch $1 million blitz to explain soaring energy costs

    While in la Belle Province:

  424. 2011/02/07: CBC: Shale gas moratorium sought by Quebec groups
    Citizens groups in the St. Lawrence valley met in Drummondville, Que., Sunday with the aim of stopping shale gas development in the province. Premier Jean Charest’s government initially seemed positive about natural gas mining but has recently cooled its support, announcing in late January that it would wait to see results from a study by the provincial impact-assessment agency in February before deciding how to proceed. But the groups that met this weekend want a moratorium declared now.
  425. The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  426. 2011/02/04: AlterNet: Vision: How Small, Mostly Conservative Towns Have Found the Trick to Defeating Corporations

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  427. 2011/02/10: Grist: Care about population? About women? Then you should care that GOP is taking aim at family planning
  428. 2011/02/07: CSM: As world population heads toward a peak, Malthusian worries reemerge

    Apocalypso anyone?

  429. 2011/02/11: CCurrents: Can The Earth Survive “Overshoot-And-Collapse”?
  430. 2011/02/11: CCurrents: Food Bubble Collapse Threatens Survival Of Human Civilization
  431. 2011/02/08: CCurrents: Extinction Event?

    As for how the media handles the science of climatology:

  432. 2011/02/12: Deltoid: The Australian’s War on Science 59: Quote Mining
  433. 2011/02/11: RawStory: Former Fox News employee: ‘Stuff is just made up’
    A former employee of Fox News called the company a “propaganda outfit” that is determined to undermine the Obama administration and Democrats. “I don’t think people would believe it’s as concocted as it is; that stuff is just made up,” the employee, whose name was kept anonymous, told the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters.
  434. 2011/02/11: DeSmogBlog: Memo to Fox News: Science and Politics Don’t Mix
  435. 2011/02/10: SMandia: Forbes Magazine Uses Astrologer for Financial Advice
  436. 2011/02/08: KSJT: Beyond paper-of-the-week, beyond multimedia: Taking science coverage in new directions
  437. 2011/02/07: TreeHugger: How Fox News Debunks Global Warming
  438. 2011/02/07: JQuiggin: Picking up the gauntlet
  439. 2011/02/07: DeSmogBlog: New Scientist Weasels Out of Apology
  440. 2011/02/06: APSmith: Bad Journalism under the Microscope: Pearcegate

    Here is something for your library:

  441. 2011/02/08: EnergyBulletin: [Book Review] _The Tyranny of Oil_ by Antonia Juhasz

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  442. 2011/02/12: PSinclair: Gulf Coast Update: You are Being lied to
  443. 2011/02/12: PSinclair: Alex Loorz — “We Need a Revolution”
  444. 2011/02/12: TreeHugger: “Gasland’s” Oscar in Jeopardy?
  445. 2011/02/07: EnergyBulletin: Gas frackers attack fiery documentary
  446. 2011/02/11: Guardian(UK): Will Carbon Nation succeed where An Inconvenient Truth failed?
  447. 2011/02/10: TreeHugger: Noam Chomsky on Why America Can’t Tackle Climate Change (Video)
  448. 2011/02/08: SEasterbrook: Climate Change in a Nutshell
  449. 2011/02/08: HotTopic: An immediate halt to CO2 emissions is an absolute necessity…

    As for podcasts:

  450. 2011/02/12: HotTopic: Something for the weekend: poles, podcasts and Chomsky

    Meanwhile among the ‘Sue the Bastards!’ contingent:

  451. 2011/02/08: ERabett: Northern Exposure: Canadian Scientists in Libel Lollapalooza
  452. 2011/02/08: DeSmogBlog: Tim Ball Stands By His Slander

    Wrestling over a new energy infrastructure continues unabated:

  453. 2011/02/13: Grist: Why you don’t want gas to get cheaper [infographic]
  454. 2011/02/12: MTobis: Mind the Gap [energy]
  455. 2011/02/11: UN: UN partners with oil firm to promote access to sustainable energy in developing countries
  456. 2011/02/11: PlanetArk: Analysis: Costly Chile Power May Jolt Renewable Energy
    A long drought has dried up hydroelectric power production in Chile, sending electricity costs soaring and making renewable power sources like wind, solar and geothermal more attractive, particularly to energy-hungry miners reaping a copper windfall.
  457. 2011/02/11: Grist: The gobsmackingly gargantuan challenge of shifting to clean energy
  458. 2011/02/11: BBC: People power ‘overlooked by energy policies’
    The way that people use and live in their homes has been largely ignored by existing efforts to improve energy efficiency, a study has suggested.
  459. 2011/02/10: EarthTimes: Energy group Vattenfall’s annual net profit down 2 per cent
  460. 2011/02/10: OilDrum: Texas Electricity Blackouts Enabled by Feedback Loops; Reliance on Competition
  461. 2011/02/10: PeakEnergy: New Zealand [Kaipara] Tidal power station approved
  462. 2011/02/10: PeakEnergy: New Geothermal Power Plant Opens In US
  463. 2011/02/08: TreeHugger: Why Energy Companies Invest Next to Nothing in Innovation
  464. 2011/02/07: NBF: China’s wind, hydro, coal and other energy
  465. 2011/02/08: PSinclair: Graph of the Day: R and D Spending in the Energy Sector — and Chevron’s Irony Deficiency
  466. 2011/02/07: EarthTimes: Dark days for Nepal during energy crisis
  467. 2011/02/07: HotTopic: Here comes the sun: 100% renewables by 2050 [WWF]
  468. 2011/02/06: EnergyBulletin: Brave new world fuelled by clean economical energy possible and imperative by 2050 [WWF]
  469. 2011/02/06: EnergyBulletin: Fantasies of hyper-globalism: the WWF’s Energy Report

    Hey! Let’s contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It’ll be a fracking gas!

  470. 2011/02/12: TreeHugger: Change We Can Live With: Fracking Steers Us Away From A Coal-Fired Future
  471. 2011/02/10: PlanetArk: Buffalo Bans Hydraulic Fracturing
  472. 2011/02/08: EnergyBulletin: To ‘Frack’ or not to ‘Frack’?
  473. 2011/02/07: EnergyBulletin: Gas frackers attack fiery documentary
  474. 2011/02/12: TreeHugger: “Gasland’s” Oscar in Jeopardy?
  475. 2011/02/07: CBC: Shale gas moratorium sought by Quebec groups

    The answer my friend…:

  476. 2011/02/10: PeakEnergy: A New Twist on Floating Wind Power
  477. 2011/02/10: ABC(Au): Windfarms to generate power… and cash
  478. 2011/02/08: ScienceInsider: When Wind Is Reliable: Turbines Help Texans Avoid the Dark
  479. 2011/02/09: DerSpiegel: UNESCO’s Wind Turbine Problem — Mont-Saint-Michel’s World Heritage Status Under Threat
    The French island abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is at risk of losing its World Heritage Status because of plans to build wind turbines that could blight the spectacular view. Campaigners are up in arms, but French President Nicolas Sarkozy is determined to turn France into a world leader in wind power.
  480. 2011/02/07: Grist: Wind power now competitive with coal in some regions
  481. 2011/02/08: JBowie: Wind energy ready for the major leagues
  482. 2011/02/07: OilDrum: Norway Preparing for Balancing European Wind Power

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  483. 2011/02/09: Grist: Southern California Edison signs another big photovoltaic farm deal
  484. 2011/02/08: TreeHugger: Photovolatic Farm To Cosy Up With Wind Farm

    On the coal front:

  485. 2011/02/12: TreeHugger: Activists, Including Wendell Berry, Occupy [Kentucky] Governor’s Office, Demand End to MTR

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  486. 2011/02/09: RRapier: Butanol 101
  487. 2011/02/09: BBC: Palm oil deal points to corporate greening
  488. 2011/02/10: AlterNet: Energy Independence Goes Awry: Why the Ethanol Boom May Turn Conservation Land into Corn Fields
  489. 2011/02/10: Yale360: Growth of Wood Biomass Power Stokes Concern on Emissions
  490. 2011/02/08: EnergyBulletin: Are more people turning to wood heating?
  491. 2011/02/08: BBC: Palm oil deal aims to save forests and carbon
    A major palm oil producer is joining forces with environmental campaigners in a bid to ramp up forest protection. The giant Indonesian company Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) has agreed to work within new standards aimed at saving forests that store a lot of carbon. International environment group The Forest Trust (TFT) is partnering the company and will monitor compliance. The palm oil industry has regularly been accused of destroying old-growth forest as demand rockets. The new deal expands on existing standards agreed under the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an international alliance of producers, processors, retailers and environment groups.
  492. The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  493. 2011/02/10: Grist: How to bury nuclear waste for the next 100,000 years
  494. 2011/02/10: BNC: [mp3] ABC Counterpoint radio on nuclear costs, and new talks
  495. 2011/02/09: ABC(Au): A confidential report into Australia’s only nuclear reactor has made a damning assessment of its safety practises and called for a complete overhaul of its radio pharmaceutical operations
  496. 2011/02/07: BNC: Keeping solid information on nuclear energy on the ALP’s discussion agenda by Luke Weston
  497. 2011/02/06: JFleck: Energy and water, Utah edition

    Yes we have a peak oil sighting:

  498. 2011/02/10: CCurrents: Peak oil: We Are Asleep At The Wheel by Jeremy Leggett
  499. 2011/02/11: TreeHugger: Quote of the Day: Jeff Rubin On Alternatives To Oil (Or Lack Thereof)

    More people are talking about the electrical grid:

  500. 2011/02/09: PSinclair: Building the Smart Grid: Part 2

    And then there is the matter of efficiency & conservation:

  501. 2011/02/10: UCI: LED products billed as eco-friendly contain toxic metals, study finds — UC researchers tested holiday bulbs, traffic lights and car beams
  502. 2011/02/08: WpgSun: Russia fiddling around with Father Time
    Hard on the heels of having cut his sprawling country’s number of time zones to nine from 11, President Dmitry Medvedev decreed on Tuesday that Russia will remain on Daylight Savings Time in perpetuity.
  503. Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  504. 2011/02/11: AutoBG: Rising gas prices drive up consumer interest in fuel-efficient vehicles
  505. 2011/02/09: Grist: Report: U.S. in fast lane to put 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015

    In the gas and oil biz:

  506. 2011/02/10: EarthTimes: OPEC, International Energy Agency raise oil demand outlook

    Insurance and re-insurance companies are feeling the heat:

  507. 2011/02/11: PlanetArk: Extreme Weather Batters The Insurance Industry

    Who’s fielding the FAQs?

  508. 2011/02/11: Guardian(UK): How do trees and forests relate to climate change?

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  509. 2011/02/11: ClimateP: Climate and energy news for February 11…
  510. 2011/02/10: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for February 10…
  511. 2011/02/09: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for February 9…
  512. 2011/02/08: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for February 8…
  513. 2011/02/07: ClimateP: Energy and global warming news for February 7…

    Other (weekly) lists:

  514. 2011/02/12: RBroberg: Climate News and Blog Recap

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  515. 2011/02/12: Tamino: Maybe we’re getting through … ?
  516. 2011/02/11: Nation: Calling Out the Climate Cranks
  517. 2011/02/11: CCP: The Denial Machine Keeps Cranking… an essay
  518. 2011/02/11: DeSmogBlog: Tom Harris: Silly Petitions; Lies of Omission
  519. 2011/02/10: CCP: Lord Monckton attacked from all sides… by climate sceptics
  520. 2011/02/10: JKB: Peter Vereecke’s Belfort Group
  521. 2011/02/10: ClimateP: Charles Krauthammer: Global warming is a “religion” — Washington Post columnist catches Gore Derangement Syndrome
  522. 2011/02/11: SkeptiSci: Monckton Myth #10: Warming in the Pipeline by dana1981
  523. 2011/02/09: CCP: What’s Up With Watts – Climate Denial Crock of the Week by Peter Sinclair…
  524. 2011/02/09: ERabett: What Steve and Ryan Knew and When They Knew It
  525. 2011/02/09: HotTopic: Fools gold: cranks can’t count
  526. 2011/02/09: NatureTGB: Climate skeptic [Tim Ball] makes free speech appeal
  527. 2011/02/09: JQuiggin: Global warming takes a globe
  528. 2011/02/08: DeSmogBlog: Oily Strategists Mint Another Silly Climate Petition
  529. 2011/02/08: BBickmore: The Monckton Files: The Monckton Show
  530. 2011/02/08: SkeptiSci: Monckton Myth #9: Monckton vs Monckton on heat waves
  531. 2011/02/08: WtD: “Trust me, I’m a historian”: sceptic Gerald Henderson in the hot seat on Q&A
  532. 2011/02/07: WtD: The boy who denied wolf: climate change and story telling
  533. 2011/02/06: ClimateP: Fabricated quote used to discredit climate scientist — Sir John Houghton explains how the anti-science crowd operates

    Meanwhile in the ‘clean coal’ saga:

  534. 2011/02/07: KSJT: Phil Inquirer: A different take on a report of mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants

    As for climate miscellanea:

  535. 2011/02/12: BNC: Climate Change — it’s complicated, but it’s real
  536. 2011/02/11: RBroberg: UK MET: DePreSys — Natural Variability
  537. 2011/02/11: WtD: Generation [A]daptation: the new collaborative blog wants you
  538. 2011/02/10: MTobis: Not Actually Going Anywhere
  539. 2011/02/10: TCoE: Government inaction
  540. 2011/02/08: QuarkSoup: Best Science Blog
  541. 2011/02/09: Grist: Smackdown: climate science vs. climate economics

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  542. NOAA:PMEL: Carbon Dioxide Program
  543. Breathing Earth – CO2, birth & death rates by country, simulated real-time
  544. Chris Martenson
  545. NOAA: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
  546. RRI: Rights and Resources Initiative – Supporting forest tenure, policy and market reforms
  547. PLoS blogs
  548. Engineering the Future
  549. Wiki: Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
  550. Wiki: Permian-Triassic extinction event
  551. Hot Topic – Global warming and the future of New Zealand
  552. 350 Org
  553. AGRA: Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
  554. Wiki: 2007-2008 world food price crisis
  555. GlobalWarmingArt: Sea Level Rise Explorer

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