A new way from the Old World?

I don’t like Prince Charles much, but that is just because of all the gossip the world was exposed to when Lady Di still walked this earth, so I can hardly be sure if he deserves that feeling.

So what? Well, it seems Charles is very into eco-friendly sustainability and all that dirty hippy stuff. I was offered a free copy of his new book “Harmony.”

Below is an exerpt from HarmonyTheMovie.com

Harmony Movie Trailer from Balcony Films on Vimeo.

Does anyone know anything about it? Should I get a copy for review?

4 thoughts on “A new way from the Old World?

  1. He does some good stuff, but he’s completely soft in the head: promoting woo like homeopathy as well as a totally delusional idea of a soft-and-cuddly Islam.

    I used to eat his “Duchy Originals” food: meat and dairy mostly, but also pre-made soups and some grain products like oatmeal biscuits.
    It’s the only time I’ve ever spent 15pounds buying one dead chicken! Bloody nice chicken though.


  2. He is a man in a powerful position and does have influence on some people. Thus I think it would be useful to review his book to see what he is saying and how useful and or unhelpful his suggestions and beliefs are.


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