2000 words

No, not how much I will write now, but the approximate value of the two pictures I will post, using standard conversion rates.

Eos 2101.JPG

(see Eli’s place for source and commentary)


(this one from Global Warming Art)

But don’t let your lying eyes and faculties of reason fool you, we are on the cusp of a new ice age!

5 thoughts on “2000 words

  1. There you go again, trying to fool us with your elitisty librul “facts” 🙂
    Besides, everyone knows the world is only 6000 years old, so the graphs must be bogus. But I enjoyed the colorful pictures.


  2. Birger Johannson, it’s hilarious that that fat polluter Gore calls his book ‘The Assault on Reason’. Truth in advertising!

    coby, your first graph is based on an extrapolation from the second. The second graph is based on the notorious ‘hockey stick’ (the inset). And the ‘hockey stick’ has long since been disproved. So every single one of your 2000 words is balderdash.

    Nice try, though.


  3. mad the swine evidently cannot read even the simplest of words.

    Which of the hockey sticks represented in figure 1 (You see the citations embedded in the upper left & central part of the picture) are you referring to in your newspaper article?

    Not even a decent try. 2/10.


  4. mad the swine,

    You’re obviously much smarter than me, so please explain why a hockey-stick is always the shape of the wrong answer?

    [H/T to Scott Mandia]


  5. I wouldn’t worry about ‘mad the swine’. He’s a well known blogger who hawks his opinions at multiple sites – I think he is woo, because he always says completely rediculous and controversial things no matter where he posts.

    And of course, you can see how rediculous he is right here. He takes the standard denialist line of thinking that a newspaper article somehow disproves legitimate science. And no-one with an IQ above 50 agrees with that line.


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