A coming quiet time

Any day now could be the start of a quiet period on the blog as my wife and I are expecting our daughter. I have to confess that the general excited anticipation became a bit more nervous when we went to the local hospital and saw this:

Yes, that is an actual typewriter! I have not seen one in action for decades so it does not exactly qualify as state-of-the-art technology anymore.

Now, in my own defense for not having bolted and booked us tickets on the next train out of our undisclosed eastern european location, they do have computers and ultra-sound machines and excellent birthing beds and etc, etc. So I suppose the question is if it still does the simple job it is used for, why not?

Anyway, if suddenly no one hears from me, rest assured there is a good reason!

13 thoughts on “A coming quiet time

  1. I will also be away for a week or so some time this month. Unfortunately, my reasons are not quite as satisfying as coby’s – rather I will be spending a week in the desert counting dingoes. And yes crakar, I will probably be picking up a lot of shit – but we do use other methods as well!


  2. Congrats Coby,
    If it helps at all, my girlfriend’s dad and sister were both doctors in Eastern Europe and they know what they’re doing. Best wishes, I’m sure it will turn out well.


  3. Location is not everything. We had our kid in Atlanta, Georgia w/all the benefits of being fully vested members of the latter-day Roman Degenerocracy known as the USA. Wireless telemetry, disposable digital thermometers taped to every conceivable surface, decorator “birthing suite,” the works.

    Our (excellent and wonderful!) son turned out to weigh a little over 11 pounds when he arrived the natural way. Looked like a bomb had gone off “down there.” Surprise, surprise. Turns out the neonatal ICU staff crowding into our “suite” were not “everything’s fine, no problem” after all…

    It’s not -entirely- a matter of luck, but your chances are excellent for a safe, smooth, on-time arrival!

    Best wishes.


  4. Coby,

    All the best to you and your wife, dont worry about the type writer they are just trying to reduce their carbon foot print, of course if it is an electric type writer then you may have cause for concern.


    While the cats away the mice will play


    What desert are you going to? If you have trouble finding any i always found a snag off the barby is irresistible to them, have fun.


  5. crakar

    Going to a station called Cordillo Downs in the far north of the state. Its about as far away from anywhere as you can get.

    And the only snags they will be getting will include 1080. I have my own thoughts on that – but I am just a humble functionary in the big scheme of things.


  6. What the……

    Dont tell me the dingoes are killing the farmers sheep. Whats he running up there 1 sheep to 10 hectares do me a favour and slip a bit of 1080 into his dinner for me will ya.


  7. Generally the male response to the birth of its young is “HUNT!” so while the modern model is to cocoon and cuddle with a newborn, the urge to go be protective & productive is profound.
    Enjoy the miracle effect. Baby fever is a magical time and you either have it fade or accommodate so it is fleeting either way.
    Regarding the technology- humans have been born for thousands of years with no technology. Prenatal care from midwife level techniques and training reveals the vast majority of complications in advance. Birth is one of those aspects of life where appropriate technology is superior to the latest thing.
    Best wishes for a perfect arrival.


  8. Speaking from the other side of the process, hope everything goes well for mother and daughter.

    This falling in love with new baby time is wonderful for everyone.


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