(OT) Amazing ant engineering feat

Not really apropos to climate change, but I saw this and just had to share.

Ever wondered what it would look like if you could actually see the entire network of tunnels that make up a large ant colony? Well, all it takes is 10 tons of concrete and a few months of labour.

Oh yeah, it also takes a willingness to destroy what you want to study. I have always had mixed feelings about that.

4 thoughts on “(OT) Amazing ant engineering feat

  1. That really was interesting, Coby

    Its *kind* of apropos . . . I wonder if at any point during the concrete insertion that the majority of engineering ants arrived at a consensus that this was an extinction-level event, but a few “skeptics” insisted the models were uncertain and not to worry. The major difference is these poor bastards were gonners anyway–sacrificed for the glory of science. We still have a choice.


  2. I seem to recall that Discover magazine carried a piece quite a few years ago, about a researcher who looked for abandoned colonies, then filled them with a metal alloy to get something similar.


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