Got ten more minutes?

Just in case anyone out there has10 more minutes they are prepared to throw down the bottomless CRU Email hack hole, I found this YouTube video rather thourough and amusing:

One happy data point about this affair is that it clearly did not have much impact outside of the Denial-o-sphere. Copenhagen need no such aid to end in tatters all on its own.
On that note, have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Got ten more minutes?

  1. This video is one of a series made by Potholer54. I does excellent work, and I thoroughly recommend everyone have a look at all of his videos.
    He has two sets of vids on youtube under the pseudonyms potholer54 and potholer54debunks, where he looks at the history of life etc vs creationism.


  2. I know its saying something but this might be one of the dumbest drive-by posts we’ve seen.

    Its enough to make me miss Crakar–for real. When’s Australian day over?


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