Repower America

My fellow climate bloggers over at Desmog Blog have notified me and asked me to pass it on to AFTIC readers that there is a very cool new online push by former Vice-President Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection called the “Repower America Wall.”

The idea is to have videos from thousands of everyday people – friends, neighbors and colleagues -as well as high-profile leaders from business, faith groups, politicians etc adding their voices to a collective call to action on climate change. These videos will be used as the basis of campaign ads on TV, print, billboards and online.

Kevin Grandia goes on to write:

As former Vice-President Gore says, “We know that the political will to transition America to a clean energy economy already exists. You are part of it. But now we must make sure our leaders know it too. The Wall will become our collective voice and thus transform the debate into action.”

It “officially” launches on Monday […] The Wall’s already up with thousands of people who have added their personal message. There’s some very high profile people already up on the Wall like:

Cincinnati Outfielder Chris Dickerson

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Founder and Chairman of the UN Foundation, Ted Turner

United Steelworkers President, Leo Gerard

New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg

Former US Army General, Wesley Clark

Singer/Songwriter, Sheryl Crow

That’s just to name a few, so check out the Repower America Wall and let me know what you think

One thought on “Repower America

  1. Do they have a similar project for Canada?

    I love how Bill Nye the Science Guy is still wearing his colourful bow tie while he discusses these very serious political issues.


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