Another week of GW News: October 11, 2009

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

October 11, 2009

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“It has become self-evident and actually clear that the intention of the developed countries is to kill off the Kyoto Protocol.” -Lumumba D’Aping, chair of the G77

“The reason why we are not making progress is the lack of political will by Annex 1 countries. There is a concerted effort to fundamentally sabotage the Kyoto protocol. We now hear statements that would lead to the termination of the protocol. They are introducing new rules, new formats. That’s not the way to conduct negotiations.” -Yu Qingtai, China’s special representative on climate change

“They [USA] are increasingly identified as a stumbling block for the negotiations and it’s up to them to dispel this perception and to show the real leadership we’re expecting from them.” -Fernando Tudela, head of the Mexican delegation in Bangkok