Delusions of supression

A very frequent whinge from climate change denialists is that the big bad environmental industrial complex is suppressing any dissent from the pre-approved party line. This is never accompanied by any actual evidence beyond an occasional anecdote.

One such anecdote emerged last June in what was trumpeted as the EPA supressing one of its own internal documents assessing the state of climate science and refuting the IPCC party line.

Have a look at one of Peter Sinclair’s excellent Climate Crock of the Week videos below and see just how, yet again, the story falls to pieces with the most cursory fact checking.

You should also read Real Climates dissection of the “supressed” report.

As an aside, I would like to draw the attention of our regular detractors here to the clip of Dr John Cristy saying that there are 7 datasets of atmospheric temperature and the all are “all very very close together” and the earth is warming. So even the co-creator of the denialist’s favorite temperature record says there is no global cooling and the GISS record is not the extreme anomaly WUWT and his fans like to pretend. Interesting.

One thought on “Delusions of supression

  1. I hadn’t followed this story that closely, rightly assuming that it was just denialists making a big fuss out of absolutely nothing. So, this was pretty interesting, I had no idea that Carlin plagiarized some random denialist site. That makes the whole story even more hilariously pathetic.

    That being said, does anyone even watch Fox and Friends anymore?


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