Another Week of GW News, May 24, 2009

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This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week’s Global Warming news roundup

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

May 24, 2009

Low Key Plug

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“Mother Nature doesn’t do bailouts. One day, Mother Nature shows up and blows out your knee caps.” -Denis Hayes

5 thoughts on “Another Week of GW News, May 24, 2009

  1. Ok, I get it, I am going to the suicide booth right now. I am going to press “Slow and painful death” 🙂


  2. Here is one you forgot:

    A political academic climate complex


    Also, the Antarctica ice is melting and we’ll all drown next Wednesday if we don’t give all our money to Obama now doomsday prophecy is crap. The lastest news out of this region is that the ice is actually growing.

    Let’s face it, the Sun is causing climate change and has caused it ever since it was created. It will continue to do so no matter what cars we drive or how many taxes we are forced to fork over to the goobers in Washington.


  3. Coby – Your refusal even to consider the pivotal role of the sun will come back to haunt you. I am sure you know that the deepest solar minimum in a century is continuing unabated. It is quite astounding that we are still debating ephemera, while ignoring this elephant in the room. When this winter turns out to be – as it surely will – yet another in which record cold temperatures are logged throughout the northern hemisphere, maybe at last you will give us as break from this ‘it’s weather not climate’ or ‘it’s only noise’ mantra.

    Incidentally, as I have just come back from a visit to your country, perhaps you will permit a Canadian analogy in relation to a recent thread, although I believe it is now officially closed. In forming your opinion of Prof Plimer’s book on the basis of comments made by George Monbiot, you remind me of someone justifying his views on the Montreal Canadiens by quoting the remarks of Maple Leaf fans.


  4. Let’s face it, the Sun is causing climate change and has caused it ever since it was created.

    Absolutely; the sun is what makes climate change possible. Without the sun, the temperature of Earth would be absolute zero, regardless of greenhouse gases, albedo and so on.

    But see, it’s possible to help the sun. For example, if you increase the bond albedo of Earth (i.e. you make it whiter), you reflect more sunlight into space, and make the planet cooler than it would normally be. Similarly, you can decrease the emissivity of Earth, and make the planet warmer than it would normally be for a given amount of solar irradiance.

    In fact, without an atmosphere, the planet would be 30C cooler, give or take.


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