Energy Grid: The Blame Game

By the by, I have another post up on The Energy Grid called The Blame Game.

This week’s question is one of finding fault. What brought us to the current confluence of crises? Was it a failure of the political, or the technological?

Unlike the beltway pundits and the political scoundrels they defend, who use the phrase “blame game” to mockingly to retreat from accepting responsibility for, well anything, I don’t think blame is just a game. Insanity is sometimes defined as trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, if you never bother to revisit your mistakes and find out what you did wrong, you might as well be insane because your behavior will not be much better. You can not correct things you don’t know are mistakes. We can call that “practical insanity”, not really insane, but what’s the difference?

So let’s play the blame game, but let’s be dead serious about it.

If interested, read and comment over there.

One thought on “Energy Grid: The Blame Game

  1. Question is not too much of ” how they arrived there there? ” but answer is perhaps in actual situation: Who brakes? Who prevents from taking out there? Why?


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