Echos from around the local chamber

I know blogs are supposed to be all about up to the second news and gossip. but sometimes I just don’t get through my reading list in a very timely manner, what can I say?

So I thought I would just quickly share a small pile of good postings from around the local climate blogosphere, along with a smattering of pithy commentary (because if I’m anything at all, it is pithy 😉

Eli Rabbet is a masochistic bunny who likes to visit horrible places like Jenn Marohasey’s blog. Jenn is one of those “honest” sceptics who just likes to explore interesting alternate views of science, like maybe the laws of thermodynamics don’t exist, and maybe the greenhouse effect violates those laws (the ones that don’t exist). Eli sniffed around there the other day and shows nicely why you can’t trust Jenn or the scientists she loves to showcase.

Greenfyre has a good post on why, despite the denialists’ wet dreams, it will take a lot more than the “latest study” to overturn the theory of AGW. (I am planning a similar post to answer a recent commenter’s question to me about what it would take to convince me we have it all wrong.)

The Way Things Break has had a few good missives recently, this one showing how Anthony Watt misses the boat by bending over backwards to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory to shoot himself in the foot and…(just how many cliches can we pack into one sentence??). Things Break also bemoans the mainstream media’s use of the term “scientists” to give a false impression of a general view when actually discussing an extreme minority opinion from the usual suspects.

Tamino has a good page of RTFM links for climate data.

Stoat appears too eager to swim against the current of science journalism’s warnings about the rapidity and seriousness of climate change and has to acknowledge he was unfair to George Monibiot. I must say I was a bit disappointed to see him actually echo the “sea ice in the arctic recovered this year” point, well it’s not a point…um what’s the word for what that is…twaddle? Too eager to make his case I think, because of course he knows better than that!!

Deltoid is up to number 25 in his “Australian’s War on Science” series. This is a good one showing the lengths some will go to to claim persecution by the Climate-Industrial complex which we all know rules the world.

Back to Eli Rabett’s masochism, he is one of the few still bothering to visit Prometheus and surprise surprise, Roger is up to his old tricks still…I do check the Prometheus post titles in my reader but somehow the motivation to visit is gone. Too bad, there used to at least be some good discussion there, though Roger has never been a competent or fair debater.

In It for the Gold has been relatively quiet, perhaps too busy worrying about all the ethical questions the world faces.

Well, those are the highlights anyway, I have missed many I am sure. Happy reading!

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