A couple of discussions of Palin and Climate Change

This was Palin’s response when asked about climate change in Thursday’s vice-presidential debate:

I think the (rather blindingly) obvious point to any with the slightest sincere interest in this issue is that despite what she says the cause of the current climate change is completely central to the question of what to do about it. Real Climate makes this point whether you are wholly in the adaptation camp or wholly in the mitigation camp.

She mentions magical cycles as a possible explanation, one of the standard, easily debunkable lines. But as a young earth creationist, what cycles is she thinking of? Milankovich cycles are too long for a 6000 year-old earth. 6000 years barely get us back to the Holocene climatic optimum.

ThngsBreak discusses other implications following from her religious position. None of it bodes well for any meaningful progress on this issue in a McCain-Palin administration.

(Anyone else shudder when they say “McCain-Palin administration”…..yikes! It just happened again.)

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