Too funny to be real, or too real to be funny?

[UPDATE: turns out this one was actually too funny to be real…oh well, I can’t tell reality from satire since McCain put Palin on his ticket, his soulmate and all that…apologies and how embarassing and all that.]

If too funny to be real, or too real to be funny is what you find yourself wondering about this whole Palin for VP thing, then you have got to read this. It is Todd Palin live blogging the debate (or as much as he could watch before being so bored he starts channel surfing!) and it includes gems like this:

9:30 – OK, got a little lost there. I think that energy independence is going to prevent people from going bankrupt? I never claimed to be as smart as Sarah, she is definitely the brains in the family. Sometimes I cant really follow what shes saying, its at such a high level I hardly understand a word.

9:36 – OK on to homos. I got nothing against em I guess. Sarah is even more open minded, in fact one of her best friends is a gay. But shes right, marriage is between a man and a woman. Or between a man or a woman and Jesus, I guess (if one of them is a priest or nun).

I have to sincerely thank Things Break for pointing that out.

Now I know why I have such a hard time understanding her answers to Katie Couric, “its at such a high level I hardly understand a word”!

(apologies for laughing at someone I don’t even know, but this whole business is a real laugh or cry moment, and I’d rather not have anyone see me cry…)

8 thoughts on “Too funny to be real, or too real to be funny?

  1. I should have tagged it as “satire” instead of “humor”. I actually had something about it being a spoof in my draft post but thought it was unnecessary as the rest of the “blog” is ridiculously over the top.



  2. Boy howdy, time for you to buy a refurb satire sensor. This blog has been around since she announced, and it was fun for the first several posts to see how many people thought it was real. I haven’t read the comments for a while, and I suppose a few still pop up, but I am a bit surprised that you thought this was fer real. You must be working too hard or something. rb


  3. Coby, you are excused. When SNL can lampoon Palin using her own words, it makes the line between satire and truth hard to recognize.


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