Watt’s so interesting about that?

Anthony Watt’s blog seems to be a rather high profile climate sceptic site that usually seems to at least try to have substantive content, but I can’t see watt’s so interesting about this article from The Province, a BC, Canadian newspaper.

The article starts off with this remarkable statement:

As evidence to the contrary started rolling in and one prominent scientist after another abandoned ship, the global warming brigade lost much of its sizzle in the past year.

I think I can guess what he thinks is “evidence to the contrary”, probably the supposed huge temeprature drop this year, the [cough] recovery of arctic sea ice, and the “lack” of warming over the last decade. All of it pretty shallow crap.

But who are all these alledged “prominent scientists” changing their minds? He could mean the APS (not) but that really was just about a glorified opinion piece by Christopher Monckton who has been singing that tune for a long time already.

Anyone have an idea who that’s referring to??

The rest of the article is just a bunch of argument by ridicule and association of politicians with scientific conclusions. Really not very imaginative, original or interesting.

Oh well. As long as it confirms your own bias, I suppose it is a great read….

One thought on “Watt’s so interesting about that?

  1. It’s always noteworthy when a criminologist makes shit up about climate science and the local tabloid publishes it. In your face, people who actually know what they’re talking about!


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