One last post on Sarah Palin

I wasn’t going to talk about McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin again, but I felt compelled to share this one unique video and make a couple of last observations….

The video is a very rear glimpse of a republican operative speaking honestly about Palin (well about anything I suppose), a revealing look inside their thinking:

Not that it was not obvious, but here is a little hard evidence that Palin’s pick has nothing to do with competence or experience. Forget what this says about her, what does it say about McCain? This is his first serious decision as would-be president. I guess he choses his people the same way Bushco did and he thinks she’ll do “a heckuva job”.

The remainder of this campaign will see just how demolished the press corp actually is. Will the MSM drink this Kool-aid, will they accept this foul concoction offered to them without colour or flavour, the odor of cyanide wafting out of the kitchen long before the glass is placed under their noses? Or will they call a pig a pig, lipstick or no? (If I may borrow the phrase du jour).

In the meantime, Things Break runs down Sarah Palin’s multiple personalities when it comes to climate change.

4 thoughts on “One last post on Sarah Palin

  1. When he’s asked how the Democrats should act to counteract her appeal, he tells them how they shouldn’t, but will. IMO, the best way to “de-construct” her is to show people this video clip on how her appeal is based entirely on manipulation and not at all on content.

    It’s interesting how excited he is that he’s finally been sold a well-marketed piece of crap.


  2. Bottom line is that McCain went for an empty box with attractive packaging. Way to go, McCain! (And the worst of it is, the public is eating it up!) Too bad Hillary didn’t ‘get it’ that only packaging that matters. She wasted all that time thinking about the issues when she should have been out shopping for the right dress and having her hair done.


  3. Fair does. That’s what the Democrats did when they rejected the substantial candidate in Hilary andnominated a piece of eye candy in Obama. McCain is fighting empty glitz with empty glitz. Way to go.


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