Happy LHC Day!

Just wanted to be one of the voices acknowledging day one of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. I know very little about it, but being a blogger I don’t let that get in the way of talking about it!

You can read about it on Wikipedia, The Source of All That is Knowable.

Two interesting factoids I learned from a Science Friday podcast:
1. it shoots 100’s of billions of protons at a time, thousands of times per second and accelerates them to 99.999999% o the speed of light! Sounds pretty fast.
2. it will not create something that swallows the earth or destroys the whole universe because the kind of collisions it is creating actually occur all the time as comic rays strike the earth (and I presume every other body in the universe). The difference is these are in a controlled and carefully observable environment.

Can’t wait to find out where all that anti-matter’s gone, but don’t know if I care too much about gravity and all that…

Don’t forget to watch the educational video I posted about it some weeks ago! : )

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