Experience by osmosis

Okay, when I first heard this about McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin:

I figured it was just an unscripted blunder by a marginal participant. But now I see this:

After I stopped laughing, I realized it is actually going to be one of their wingnut talking points. Sarah Palin knows about foreign policy because she lives close to Russia! Could you be any more ridiculous?

Now excuse me, I am going to go put a few particle physics texts under my pillow so I can solve the mystery of Dark Matter in the morning….

[h/t to Dispatches from the Culture War]

5 thoughts on “Experience by osmosis

  1. Obviously then, we should turn immigration policy over to the mayor of El Paso, Cuban policy to the governor of Florida and global warming policy to (who else?) the mayor of New Orleans.


  2. well, at least the last suggestion *might* be an improvement… :-

    I don’t think I would last long as a pundit interviewer, I would just burst out laughing too often!


  3. Hey! AK is not just close to Russia. It is sandwiched between Russia and Canada!!! Even more foreign relations!

    And given that Palin apparently supports Alaska seceding from the USA, she would then have even more foreign relation experience. Because presumably as president of the Alaska Democratic Republik (ADR), Palin would have close ties with it’s former colonial power, the USA.


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