Late to the Party

Science Blogs had an event July 15 they called “Sizzle Tuesday” where a few dozen bloggers were given advanced screening copies of Randy Olson‘s new film “Sizzle“. Seems it went well, there are links to 46 reviews on the Sizzle Tuesday page.

I was supposed to have been in on all that but July 15th came and went and my DVD never showed up….well now I know why at least.

I finally received it yesterday, much the worse for wear. It seems that customs had held it up at the border for over a month. I hope they at least watched it a few times! They also assessed its value at over$150 ($151.58 to be exact) and charged me $12.58, which includes $5 for the priviledge of being serviced by them.

At first I was sure it was because George Bush has me on his activist um.. terrorist watch list but it was actually the Canadian customs, not US. I would like to know how they arrived at such a precise figure for value though…?

Anyway, I plan to watch it tonight and post a review tomorrow, better late than never. I have not read any other blogger’s review yet so as to keep my opinion unpolluted by other members of the “Cheeto’s brigade“.

Stay tuned….

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