How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic

Below is a listing of all the articles to be found in the “How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic” guide, presented as a handy one-stop shop for all the material you should need to rebut the more common anti-global warming science arguments constantly echoed across the internet.

In what I hope is an improvement on the original categorization, they have been divided and subdivided along 4 separate lines: Stages of Denial, Scientific Topics, Types of Argument, Levels of Sophistication. This should facilitate quick retrieval of specific entries. Individual articles will appear under multiple headings and may even appear in multiple subcategories in the same heading.

Please feel free to quote from, paraphrase, link to and otherwise use any or all of them in the best way possible to fight the good fight against mis- and dis- information where ever it appears! Email suggestions for new topics or links to more current scientific information to “a(dot)few(dot)things(dot)illconsidered(at)gmail(dot)com” or leave them in the comments.

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Stages of Denial


    1. There’s nothing happening
      1. Inadequate Evidence








      1. Contradictory Evidence














      1. No Consensus








    1. We Don’t Know Why It’s Happening
      1. Models Don’t Work




      1. Prediction is Impossible


      1. We Can’t Be Sure




      1. Prediction is Impossible
    1. Climate Change is Natural
      1. It Happened Before






      1. It’s Part of a Natural Change








      1. It’s Not Caused By CO2










    1. Climate Change is Not Bad
      1. The Effects are Good
      1. The Effects are Minor


      1. Change is Normal
    1. Climate Change Can’t be Stopped
      1. Too Late
      1. It’s Someone Else’s Problem


      1. Economically Infeasible


Scientific Topics


    1. Temperature













    1. Atmosphere
    1. Extreme Events
      1. Temperature Records




      1. Storms


      1. Droughts
    1. Cryosphere
      1. Glaciers


      1. Sea Ice
      1. Ice Sheets


    1. Oceans
    1. Modeling
      1. Scenarios


      1. Uncertainties




    1. Climate Forcings
      1. Solar Influences


      1. Greenhouse Gases














      1. Aerosols


    1. Paleo Climate
      1. Holocene






      1. Ice Ages


      1. Geologic History





    1. Scientific Process















Types of Argument


    1. Uninformed









    1. Misinformed


















    1. Cherry Picking










    1. Urban Myths








    1. FUD






































    1. Non Scientific










    1. Underdog Theories


    1. Crackpottery




Levels of Sophistication


    1. Silly







    1. Naive

















    1. Specious




































    1. Scientific







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510 thoughts on “How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic

  1. This cannot be real.

    No one says the same particular molecules “stay up for hundreds of thousands of years”.

    To what “measurements” do you refer?


  2. I realise i am one of the dumb bastards Skip is refering to but when i launch a radiosonde i fill the balloon with Helium, of course i could use Hydrogen. I dont use oxygen becuse the balloon wont rise but based on the pearls of wisdom i have read here it appears i could use CO2. Imagine all the money i could save…..wont Julia be happy.


  3. crakar

    You are obviously lying about the Helium. Being lighter than air, it would have risen to the top of the atmospheric column and out into space billions of years ag


  4. Oh for Christ’s sake, Crakar!

    Are you endorsing this stupidity?

    I would have given you–even *you*–more credit.

    Please, man!


  5. Sorry Skip, it is real.

    I earlier suggested a layer cake atmosphere, ozone as a pastry base, CO2, then big thick slabs of oxygen and nitrogen, icing would be water vapour – all topped off with methane sprinkles.

    This is a gift a bit like Auntie Edna’s handknitted socks. She **will** keep giving no matter how many people give her the unsubtle word that such gifts were never welcome in the first place.


  6. Mandas,

    The helium i use comes in a bottle, once the balloon reaches its bursting height is suspect the helium would continue to rise to who knows where. The point is the balloon rises because it is lighter than the air it is released in. If i filled the balloon with CO2 what would happen?


    i am not endorsing anything but maybe you can answer the same question i posed to Mandas.

    By the way this page opens very slowly so why dont you two reply in another CO2 related thread.


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