Thank you Deltoid!

Poor me, I sat down to a relaxing Sunday morning breakfast last weekend here in Tasmania where I am on business and instead I was assaulted by an atrocious piece of crap “reporting” on the global warming “debate” that framed the whole thing as thoughtful concerned skeptics against True Believers. They even had pictures of burning witches at the stake, I kid you not. And the “investigating” reporter went so far out of his way to disagree with one side (the scientists representing the science as it is very widely understood and non-controversial among the experts), so out of his way that he actually said “I have no idea” when asked if he thought summer will be warmer than winter this year.

Apparently no one knows anything, not even why there are seasons or if the will ever come again!

Anyway, I have had a bitter ball of bile in my throat ever since and have not had the time to vent on the blog. But, thank you Tim Lambert at Deltoid, he has expressed it all excellently.

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