Lieberman as VP candidate?

I haven’t heard it from anyone else yet so let me go on the record as predicting McCain will choose Joe Lieberman as his vice-presidential running mate. Bipartisanship and all that blah blah balh (not that Joe is a Democrate in any non-technical sense)

Not something I would ever consider voting for….

4 thoughts on “Lieberman as VP candidate?

  1. I don’t see what Lieberman could add to McCain as he can’t switch many democrats (most democrats hate the guy), but I guess he could add some swing to NY. Could be a political tactic on the part of McCain to force Obama to pick Hillary for veep in order to shore up the NY vote.


  2. Lieberman gives McCain an angle, of which he has none ATM. “Vote for McCain/Lieberman”, “healing the nation”, “uniting not dividing”, “etc etc”, “blah blah”.

    I disagree that he would not sway many democrats, most Americans don’t pay enough attention to even know he is an antagonistic outsider to the party.


  3. I forgave Gore for coming up with the Fed’s Paper Reduction Act of 1998 when he was VP (a miserable failure as anyone who suffered under it at the lowest levels can tell you; a farce worthy of a play by Dilbert and Sullivan) and I’ve forgiven Gore for picking Lieberman and blowing the 2000 election (not Nader) and I’ll forgive him again in the future when we finally realize that CO2, while maybe a slight contributor to some aspects of warming, is not the most serious threat to the planet.
    I still like the guy. But he just has the ability to make thing more complex and convoluted than they are, while ignoring the actual complexity of the problem he thinks he’s gonna fix, something he has in common with Lieberman and most politicians who are all about settling on solutions that place themselves in pivotal positions where they can soak up some adulation and clout instead of having to confess that things are in a constant state of change so no solution will work the way it’s laid out no matter how thorough and burdensome the proposed solutions are.


  4. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy – every time I’ve talked with him he’s been extremely friendly and willing to make time for his constituents. However, Lieberman would not help McCain win an election, there’s a stigma against him after he ran with Gore. He’s not very well liked by most (at least in my experience), and the climate bill failing recently wouldn’t help matters on the environmental end of the campaign. It would just be exploited by the other side as something he failed at. I don’t think it would be in McCain’s best interested to pick him.


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