CBS Journeys to the Bottom of the Earth

I was sent an email notice from an Eric Kuhn to pass on my potentially interested readers about a CBS News in-depth report on the Antarctic.

As follows:

CBS JOURNEYS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE EARTHi-114805af5cfa8e0c493a867b43258315-Journey_Bottom_Earth.jpg

This Monday through Wednesday CBS Evening News reporter John Blackstone is taking a journey to the bottom of the earth, for an in-depth look at Antarctica.

Check out the story we aired last night –

Tuesday Blackstone will explore scientific factoids about Antarctica from ice bubbles that are samples of the earths ancient atmosphere to scientific gadgets drilling down to detect particles from space that travel right through the earth…and may reveal how the universe was formed.

Wednesday Blackstone will go inside the hut of explorer Robert Scott that was built in 1901 and remains exactly the same today. He will also examine the issue of garbage in a country that brings recycling to a whole new level.

Hope it is enjoyable!

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