Caught up on Catching up

So this will be the last of my catching up posts, hope it was not too tedious. This one will not be article by article, I must succumb to the reality that I won’t read everything I want to.

So I have missed out on alot of fellow Science Bloggers stuff, namely Chris and Sheril’s last 40 posts, William’s last 17, and Tim Lambert’s last 23. (But don’t miss this gem, the definitive response to the “judge finds nine errors in AIT” canard.”

Gone are 61 posts from DesmogBlog, 84 from the Gristmill, 105 from Climate Progress, 8 from Climate Feedback (Natures blog, which seems to be getting going a bit better now) and 6 from James Annan.

But returned is a feeling, grounded in reality or not, that maybe life is a tractable problem after all….

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