Catching up with Real Climate

There is of course no better source of climate science blogging than Real Climate. Their posts are seldom rarely read and forget or anything less than very meaty and informative. Thankfully for people who get behind (cough) they do not post every day or even every week. Nevertheless, I have accumulated 9 unread RC posts…

So reviewing from latest to oldest we have an article on the Younger Dryas, a climatic episode aroung 8K years ago during which time temperatures in and around Greenland dropped dramatically for some 1000+ years. It is an ongoing controversy as to what caused it and exactly how extensive it was (regional, entire northern hemisphere, global?). The article discusses a couple of new papers supporting the emergine front-running hypothesis that it was not global and gives some informative background. Next, we have an article about droughts and heat waves around the Mediterranean Sea, apparently Istanbul is brown and parched rather than its usual lush an dgreen. The Wall Street Journal is taken to task again, hopefully now that Rupert Murdoch owns it things will improve…(HA!).

In this piece, the RC scientists address the 9 “‘errors'” a UK court recently addressed in a ruling about An Inconvenient Truth. Here is a quick look at a new “survey” of climate scientist opinions from Steve Milloy, wording is everything as any good PR person knows. Next they provide some important definitions of the commonly misused vocabulary of CO2 equivalency, worth getting well versed in. OISM is up to its usual tricks.

And lastly we have an article about a sustainability conference held by 15 Nobel Laureates (in Fox Newspeak that would read “liberal elitists”) and one about the European Meteorological Society’s recent annual conference.

Which brings us up to date with Real Climate. Sadly (for me) with the hundreds of comments per thread I rarely even look through them. I say sadly becuase there are some real quality comments in there, and some interesting and heated discussions, but who has time to read, let alone participate, in every lively blog that is out there!

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