Catching up with Rabett Run

As with In It for the Gold, Eli Rabbet’s Rabbet Run is another quality blog that can’t be just marked as read. So I have no other option but to settle down for a bit of focused reading and catch up on Eli’s latest 19 posts!

(Eli, if you are reading this, you might want to update my entry in your blogroll to the new ScienceBlogs address!)

His latest is about the recent reports of a decline in oceanic absorbtion of airborne CO2 emissions. I am planning an article about that too, it is important news, so will leave it at that for now. Next, is a rather graphic examination of his toilet (no kidding!), I would not even mention it but it seems to have sparked the longest comment thread I recall seeing there! No accounting for taste, surely AFTIC has a much more discerning readership….

Moving on, Eli notes that yet again Al Gore was right on one of the points he is criticized over: ocean warming is causing increased coral bleaching, another point about which the IPCC is too conservative in its conclusions. Next, we have a nice exository on the difference between a film, An Inconvenient Truth, and an assessment report on a field of science, the IPCC AR4, and specifically how standards and purposes are delibrately confused. There’s some stuff on Cosmic Rays, Colbert’s interview with Bjorn Lomborg, a comparison of Stalinist rhetoric and climate denialism, a few articles about Al Gore and the IPCC’s Nobel Peace Prize, a good article full of liberal “facts” and “data” about sea ice, something about Norhaus, OISM is trying another fake poll of “experts”.

At this point I will note that 22 comments on the toilet thread is not really alot, Eli seems to be getting alot more well deserved readership. I would retract my snark above about the comparative quality of his and AFTIC’s readership, but as I type this, it has not yet been published so clearly there is nothing I can do about it. Moving on…

Some online reference material newly available, something about Jennifer Marohasey’s grief about Pat Michaels losing his State Climatologist title (I try to keep an eye her myself, but hey, that is one feed I have no qualms about flushing when I get behind…), some entertainment, a survey of Bush’s lambasting by world media over his fake climate initiatives designed soley to derail the UN’s efforts, stuff about Lubos Motl and Vaclav Klaus, and coming down the home stretch we finish with a cartoon strip and I am now back in familiar territory.

So let’s catch up with a few other fellow climates, briefer overviews this time, in the next post….

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