Can they be serious?

Ever found yourself wondering (between gags) as you read some elaborate peice of climate change denialist tripe (debunking here)”Do they really believe all that c**p??”

Well, via Stoat, we can see that chances are not bad that they do not.

For thourough coverage of Lord Monckton be sure to browse Tim Lambert‘s good work.

3 thoughts on “Can they be serious?

  1. If you really want to read “climate denialist tripe”, then have a look at the forums here:

    Better still, join in the fight against the ardent reds who are still convinced that climate change is a big con and that any reduction in Co2 output will immediately bring about the end of the world economy…



  2. Some are serious. Some are naive. Some are children. Some are cooperating in disruptive strategies, you can figure those out with a quick Google for cut and paste blather.
    This month’s latest twickewy seems to be finding chunks of text, often from very old papers or taken without any context, and posting them without any citation or attribution, maybe claiming them as the deny-guy’s own writing — seemingly in hopes of convincing some over-hasty science blogger to attack the text as wrong.

    Then they whip off the cover and say Aha, that was written by Darwin Hansen, Founding Father of the Climate Evolution Religion, and you’re agreeing he was wrong ….

    Then there are the trolls.


  3. You need to catch up on the recent Monckton / Schulte / Morano v Oreskes thing.

    Monckton has now been at this a while, and is a recent unwelcome import to the US via Rob Ferguson & SPPI, which offers a whole directory of Monckton material:
    Anyway, this is all well covered in combination of Stranger Fruit, Deltoid, and DeSmogBlog, and some at Fergus Brown’s Old Man in a Cave, although Andrew Dessler’s “Hunting the white whale” had the best imagery.


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